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1  Economy / Goods / [WTB] ---> PSP <--- on: August 01, 2011, 08:37:50 PM
So, anyone looking to unload their PSP?  I don't particularly care how old or new it is.  It must be in working order and have the cables though...

I really just want something (with buttons) to play all my NES roms on.  I've seen dedicated players, like the Gemei on Bitcoin Deals today, but I figure a used PSP would be just as cheap and capable of playing some more modern games too.  I just can't get into playing these games on my Droid without buttons, and I don't want to carry around a WiiMote or some other controller.

2  Other / Obsolete (selling) / Kindle (3rd gen) cases made from actual hardcover books [NOW ONLY 2BTC!!!] on: May 23, 2011, 01:57:20 AM
My 2:
Bitcoin is pretty cool, right? The power it gives back to citizens across the world is nothing short of amazing and it has a fantastic community to support it. After reading all about it, I naturally arrived at the big question: how do you really particpate? Well, I don't have the money to set up a mining rig, so thats out. I'm not interested in just plunking down some cash to speculate on the exchange rate, so that's out too. I am pretty handy at making things though, and contributing a material good to an emerging economy seems truest to the spirit of Bitcoin anyway. I bought a few supplies, invested some time, and built something with the sole intent of selling them for Bitcoins. Its a small act, but with it comes membership in something truly revolutionary. So, without further aggrandizing, I present to you, the Kindle 3 Case - Analog Style

Kindle (3rd generation) Case - Analog Style
6.50 BTC plus actual shipping costs 2.00 BTC including shipping within continental U.S.

Simple, elegant design.

Holds and protects a Kindle while adding a bit of nostalgia.

The exterior is from an actual hardcover book. To offer protection there is a fabric lined piece of 1/8" closed cell foam on both sides.

The Kindle is held securely in place with two elastic straps.

The cover is kept closed with a simple elastic strap.

All of the controls and connectors are still accessible.

Comes in a variety of colors!

The Current Collection For Sale (6.50 BTC plus actual shipping costs 2.00 BTC including shipping within continental U.S.)

No Title, purple and black cover, burgundy corduroy

"An Illustrated History of Seaplanes and Flying Boats", purple and black cover, burgundy corduroy lining SOLD!


"Night", grey and black cover, red corduroy lining

"The Whore's Child", dull orange and black cover,  dark grey twill lining

"Nancy Drew: The Curse of the Black Keys", glossy, illustrated cover, burgundy corduroy lining

"The Storyteller", dark navy blue vintage cover, dark grey twill lining

"Who Moved My Cheese?", red and blue cover, red corduroy lining

"Fear in the Forest", pale blue vintage cover, burgundy corduroy lining SOLD!

"House Recycling", black cover, red corduroy lining

Bitcoin only, including shipping costs! Price for each case is 6.50 BTC plus actual shipping costs 2.00 BTC including shipping within continental U.S..  Send me an email, or post in this thread to claim your cover and arrange payment and shipping.

A Few Notes:

All of the cases can be folded back (in half along the spine) when the Kindle is being used.

Two of the cases, "Nancy Drew" and "Who Moved My Cheese" are only as wide as the kindle itself.  These cases still offer excellent protection against scratches and most other damage.  They are however, more susceptible to damage from being dropped since the edges are more exposed.  These would be great for an "around the house" cover, but for serious travelers or rough users, one of the larger cases might be a better choice.

These were designed specifically for Amazon's Kindle (3rd generation) eReader.  I have not tested wether they would work with the Nook or any other reader.  If the dimensions of the other eReader is close, one of these cases would likely work, but I'm not making any promises.

Shipping Details:

Buyer pays actual shipping costs. FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.  On day of shipping, I will  use the Mt. Gox exchange rate to convert the shipping costs to Bitcoins.

I will ship internationally.

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