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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / An Ode to Financial Terrorism - featuring Max Keiser \m/ on: April 02, 2014, 01:35:14 PM
Just noticed this video when looking at Max's bitcoin fight night video.

I think Max missed his calling as a lead singer of a rock/metal band!
2  Other / Off-topic / Breaking news! Bitcoin Hardware Giant KFCMiner AB Files for Bankruptcy on: April 01, 2014, 12:42:39 PM
Bitcoin Hardware Giant KFCMiner AB Files for Bankruptcy
By Mr A. Venger

"It went wrong so quickly" laments Samson, CEO of the now bankrupt mining company. "We took over $44 million in pre-orders for Neptune and thought we could do no wrong. As a treat to all our staff who have been working so hard, we decided to have a team away day in Amsterdam. I made the mistake of taking a company credit card. And the rest, as they say, is history".

KFCMiner sprung from nowhere in early 2013, offering high end bitcoin asic miner hardware for sale to an eager community of bitcoin enthusiast. "Once Alex told us he wanted to work for us, we put him on the payroll instantly. It paid off. His open day field report brought in over $7 million dollars worth of orders the next day" Samson wistfully recalls. "That and with him spending at least 11 hours a day on the forum telling everyone we were legit and competent made our job very easy. All we had to do was deliver the hardware".

Sadly, shipping thousand's of faulty boards to customers soon soured the enthusiasm. "What did they expect - fully working machines for the price they paid? We were working day and night and all we got were emails saying 'My rig doesn't work, my rig doesn't work'. We didn't have time for that. We got new customer service team to tell them that we had overdelivered and they would just have to live with whatever faulty boards they had. We were not willing to spend the money to provide them a functional product. It would simply cost too much to keep these whiners happy".

Fast forward to the team away day in January 2014. Samson continued "We all arrive in Amsterdam on Friday afternoon. By Saturday morning, everything had changed, everything was over. We went straight to a coffee shop and I demanded they provide the strongest weed money could buy. The cafe owner asked if we had smoked before and I bluffed and said 'all the time'. He gave us a massive bag and we all sat down at a table and fumbled to make our joints". Samson laughs "None of us were very good at it".

"I insisted the weed was rubbish and having no effect, but Andraes insisted it was good and to just wait. I couldn't stop myself - I rolled larger and larger joints, smoking them back to back. Then it hit me. Soon, my head was spinning like a pig on a roast. The weed was stronger than I could ever imagine. I started to panic and people took me outside to get some air."

The next day, Samson woke up to find the company had placed an order for over $112million of Jupiter boards for a new "datorhall". "I don't speak Swedish, so I didn't even know what that was. It turns out that all us directors got so stoned we figured we could be "as big as Facebook". After 6 hours of smoking Super Dank, anything seemed possible. Unfortunately, we paid the board manufacturers so much money they started the production line first thing on Saturday morning. The train had already left the station and there was no way to stop it".

The story continues to get even stranger. "As a fan of the movie Superman 3, I was always interested in the concept of 'salami slicing' - where you shave off a few insignificant digits that people wouldn't notice and put it into your own account. I always remember that scene where Richard Pryor turns up the next day - after pulling off the salami slicing scam - in a shiny red car. I always wanted that shiny red car. Another one of our masterplan's concocted on that weekend in Amsterdam was to create our own kfcwallet and slice 2% off every transaction. No one would notice, but it would certainly add up for us."

"Although initially shocked at our stupidity, we were optimistic at the start things would turn out alright. Sure, we lied to all our existing customers, but their welfare is not our responsibility. If they are stupid enough to provide us free loans to run our business, we are happy to take it" Samson joked.

As the price of Bitcoin continued to plunge, things took a turn for the worst. "We started to realise that all the money we put into the datorhall could not be mined back. People were losing confidence in our company fast, demanding refunds and our plan of keeping them in the dark did not work so well this year as it did last year."

"Wives will turn a blind eye to business deception and fraud, but they won't to a man's growing interest in a women's handball team. We sponsored the local club in Boden, as they were the only good looking women in town. We thought if we owned them they would be more willing to spend time with us. Our wives did not see it that way."

"They have gone to the Swedish tax authorities with a full account of how much bitcoin we have mined in the past year. As an anonymous currency, we figured no one would ever figure it out which was ours and we would not have to pay tax. Sadly now, the Skat have sent us a bill for 200 million Swedish kronor ($30million) and we do not have the funds to cover it entirely. We can use the Neptune and Titan preorder money to pay off some of it and to avoid jail, but our customers will never see a dime of their money returned."

"It's all over" laments Samson. "As Shakespeare said 'These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triump die, like fire and powder'. I can only apologize to the people who have lost all their money and the women's handball team we promised to sponsor. I was looking forward to seeing them every week in their little outfits".

With that, Samson starts to panic. He says he can see the police coming down Birger Jarlsgatan and they have parked outside. He says he has to go and hangs up the phone.

Hardware from the KFC datorhall will be put on auction via in the coming weeks, everything starting at 1 kronor. Perhaps the loyal KFC customers will finally get the hardware they desire, at a reasonable price.

April Fool!

3  Other / Off-topic / Announcing "Uranus" 5TH/s (+-100%) ASIC Bitcoin Miner **In Stock!** on: January 12, 2014, 10:14:51 PM
You guys are crazy to spend some BTC on mining hardware.

Which is great, because it's time to reveal some amazing news ... I have been working on my own asic bitcoin miner.

And as is traditional, here is a concept drawing of what the miner will look like:

Here is the real surprise - I taped out in October and this baby is ready to ship - today!

So you know I'm legit, here is a picture of my production facilities in China:

They've been super busy making sure each ASIC has the correct number of AS's and IC's.

Gentlemen - Avenger Industries are proud to present our first bitcoin mining offering -

>>> Uranus <<<

Technical spec
Uranus hashes at 5TH/day (+-100%). More importantly, each order comes with a free "I love Uranus" t-shirt!

No pre-orders. Order now and get Uranus hashing today!

First release of Uranus only BTC49/unit. Discounts available if you want Uranus in large quantities.

Avenger Industries - we'll sell Uranus to anyone!

(Disclaimer: All sales are final. Refunds will be made in South Yemeni dinar only. Avenger Industries accept no responsibility if Uranus malfunctions or explodes. )

Order List:
Username              Amount         Order Number      Product             Quantity       Payment

kurzer42               BTC49               100001              Uranus           1
kurzer42's mom      BTC49               100002              Uranus           1
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Bitcoin Lost due to KNC's Late Shipping on: October 16, 2013, 01:19:45 AM
So KNC's "All current paid orders will be shipped no later than October 15th" commitment has been and gone.

No apology, no updates, nothing. It's incredibly disrespectful and unacceptable treatment of customers, as far as I'm concerned. We KNC customers are the angel investors who created and paid for KNC to exist as a company. And this is how KNC pay us back for our money, loyalty and trust.

I guesstimate about half their orders have shipped by 15th. That means it could easily take exactly the same amount of time - another 15 days - to ship the rest of their units, royally screwing their customers who they pledged would be hashing no later than October 15th.

Here is what a 550GH/s (sic) jupiter would earn you at current difficulty. In other words, let's see how much bitcoin I/we KNC customers, who were lied to about shipping dates, are losing:

15th October +3 hrs: 0.18BTC (~26.24 USD)
15th October +12 hrs: 0.73BTC (~104.68 USD)
15th October +14 hrs: 0.85BTC (~122.12 USD)
Woo! Massive difficulty change - we are losing less per day now, right? Wahey!
16th October (post diff change) +5 hrs: 0.22BTC (~31.76 USD)
16th October +10 hrs: 0.43BTC (~63.52 USD)
17th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
17th October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
18th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
18th October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
19th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
19th October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
20th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
20th October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
21st October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
21st October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
22nd October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
22nd October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
23rd October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
23rd October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
24th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)
24th October +24 hrs: 1.03BTC (~152.45 USD)
25th October +12 hrs: 0.52BTC (~76.23 USD)

Overall: 10BTC (~1481.52 USD)
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / KNC Countdown to shipping all units - 15th October on: October 11, 2013, 02:19:44 PM

All current paid orders will be shipped no later than October 15th.

Timer removed. End time: 2013-10-15+18:00:00CEST

As KNC are keeping all their customers in the dark, not giving us ANY updates on production schedule or shipping, I think it's appropriate we keep an eye on their 15th October shipping pledge.

Their customer service team are still giving customers who ring/email this date, so they are obviously expecting us to hold them to it.

We are.

(Countdown is to 6pm Swedish Time on 15th, close of business, no further shipping possible that day)
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Obfuscation - only to be used by wizards in magic spells, not cryptography on: September 23, 2013, 02:02:45 PM
I've been reading up on bitcoin wallet security recently and there is no clear winner. It seems to me that there are a whole lot of complex solutions that involve encrypting volumes, memorising long passwords etc. There are many points of failure.

It seems to me that a much simpler method has been overlooked. I see this as a lo-tech solution, that can be widely used by everyone. You only have to memorise 4 or 5 steps to entirely encrypt/decrypt your private key.

You could call it "hiding in plain sight with obfuscation".

Instead of complex software encryption, you can simply take your private key and obscure it with a few personal, easy-to-remember obfuscation rules. Then, simply save the obscured data as a text file, email it to yourself or print it out and you don't have to worry whether anyone steals it or not, as it would be garbage and undecipherable to them.

Take this private key:


1. Add/Subtract x to each number (e.g. +5)
2. Shift characters along x places (e.g. +7)
3. Take a memorable name and swop first with last letter and add symbol to the first letter. So if your cat is called fluffy, you could replace every "F" with "y$". You could mix it up by having a personal rule to alternate the symbol with case, so F->y$ and f->y#

4. Replace a number with a line break (e.g. 4).

5. Transpose lines (e.g. 3 and 2)

Now you have a totally obscured private key that is IMPOSSIBLE to hack without the hacker knowing your obsfucation steps/rules.

If you memorise the obsfucation steps, you now have a totally secure private key, that you can store in plain sight.

The amount of steps you choose is up to you and you can make up your own rules. Maybe you will add another step where you always replace the 10th character with an "M".  It's up to you.

If you feel you HAVE to write the steps down (try not to!), they need to be obfuscated to.

The above could be coded as

Save it in a text file, write it on a piece of paper, carve it in a tree.

Then you keep the calculations in a separate place, which could be written as

Save it in a different text file, write it on a different piece of paper, carve it in a different tree.

I highly suggest you create your own shorthand notation, which will obfuscate further. There are many ways you can do this, but Google translate is your friend here Wink Obviously use words you understand. kurang, מינוס

Decrypt with rules in reverse:

The Avenger
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Did anyone notice that $1 million (7500BTC) transaction today?? on: September 01, 2013, 05:18:44 PM

Big things are happening, but who knows what?
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