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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTS Bulk NXTcoinsco assets for BTC - 25K minimum on: October 13, 2015, 11:56:04 PM
WTS bulk NXTcoinsco for BTC only - 25K minimum

send PM with offers
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ME.TOO :: descendant of NXT - 4 billion coins on: January 19, 2014, 03:27:15 AM
"ME.TOO is a New Economy Movement, one of the reasons ME.TOO is groundbreaking is because it gives the economy back to the people and re-establishes them as their own sovereigns over their destiny.  An economy is an expression of a political ideology.  Do not mistake us as just another cryptocurrency.  We are more than a movement because we are a New Economy Movement."

ME.TOO :: descendant of Nxt  -  ME.TOO - New Economy Movement

Complete Fair Distribution - Zero Cost Buy In!

ME.TOO is a fork of Nxt code. I am an ambassador of NXT and I admire the brilliance and vision of NXT inventor BCNext. He has a idea in the world of decentralization and that's why we should have more clones of his work such as ME.TOO.

ME.TOO is the first 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) currency.  Coins are earned solely by charging transaction fees.  Unlike other currencies with PoS mining, ME.TOO's PoS mining does not cause monetary inflation.  The total amount of ME.TOO in circulation is 4 billion.  ME.TOO is resistant to +90% attacks via its transparent mining algorithm.

ME.TOO improves different features of Bitcoin, removes some disadvantages (e.g. bloated blockchain) and resolves a big environmental issue.  Time between blocks is one minute.  This increases the rate of orphaned blocks, but makes it more convenient for the users.

ME.TOO doesn’t use so-called “scripts” aka predicates.  This simplifies and accelerates transaction processing.  Advanced features like multisig will be created on top of the core as 3rd party services.

ME.TOO is routable through Tor and I2P anonymous networks.

ME.TOO improves on Nxt by providing the following enhancements:

Block Chain stored in database.  Unlike Nxt,  ME.TOO does not fail due to out of memory errors.
Secure Wallet.  Unlike Nxt,  ME.TOO does not expose the wallet to the open internet.
Bitcoin like Addresses.  Unlike Nxt,  ME.TOO adds checksums to addresses so some random number can't be confused as being a NEX address.
Multi Precision arithmetic.  Unlike Nxt,  ME.TOO allows up to 8 decimal places.  Nxt does not have decimal places.

ME.TOO supports the following features:

- Decentralized Alias System / DNS - Complete
     Register names and assign them to URIs.  URIs can be anything from web addresses to NEX account numbers.  These aliases will be tradeable in the near future.
- Basic DDoS Protection - Complete
- Decentralized Asset Exchange / Colored Coins - Done, but not yet implemented.
     This allows gateways to issue assets on the NEX network.  These assets can include cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, etc), fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RMB, etc), stocks and other assets.
- Transparent Mining - Complete.
     Transactions are encrypted.  Only PoS block generator can decrypt transactions.
- Arbitrary Messaging - Complete. Implementation on block 40,000.
- Instant Transactions - Requires peer review
- Decentralized Marketplace / Auction - In progress
     Buy or sell goods/services in a distributed manner.  All listings are broadcast to all nodes on the network in P2P fashion.
- Distributed Storage - In progress
- Multi-signatures - In progress
- Blockchain Shrinking - In progress
- Two-phase Payments - In progress
     Software supported escrow transactions
- Voting System - In progress
- Reputation System - Will be implemented after Voting System
     Account trust rating system.  Check if sellers on the distributed exchange have a good history, if stock issuers pay dividends and if gateways honor their asset redemptions.
- Decentralized Mixing Service - Concept not ready - Cryptographers please contact core dev team members
- Distributed Computing - Concept not ready
- Smart Contracts - Concept not ready
- Hardware Wallets - Conceptual Stage - Java smart card developers please contact core dev team members
- Advanced DDoS Protection: Project Kharon - Conceptual Stage - Neural net programmers please contact core dev team members

ME.TOO need you to spread the words. The sources can be taken from NXT or its clone NEX

We inherit code from the "open source" or "decompiled" version of NXT

Unlike NXT,  all the decompiled code can be found here:  for your review and scrutiny.

Please Run a ME.TOO Node

If you can run a ME.TOO node, it will help us stabilize and secure the network.  If you have invested in ME.TOO, it is beneficial to you to run a VPS to help to secure the ME.TOO network.  Hallmarking your node helps the network, but is not necessary.

How-to directions on running a hallmarked VPS ME.TOO node

Easily Deploy ME.TOO on Thousands of your VPSs

How-to run ME.TOO on your Raspberry Pi

ME.TOO Videos
ME.TOO Introduction
What is ME.TOO? Discussion by Tai Zen and Leon Fu (24:56)
How to Mine ME.TOO
How to Use ME.TOO Client
How to Register Alias Tutorial
ME.TOO Explained in Russian!

For all the hyper-links, you can go to our clone brother

Security Tips

- Do NOT use the passphrase for your ME.TOO account on a VPS client.  Only use your ME.TOO passphrase on a local ME.TOO client.  Even if you connect to your VPS securely via SSH, you are still not safe because all VPSs have backdoors.
- 7874 (tcp) is used for P2P communication, the http web client and API commands.  This is the only port that needs to be open to run ME.TOO.
- 7875 (tcp) is used for the https web client.

Please leave a message here if you want a part of the 4 Billion coins that will be issued! That's right there will be 4 billion of ME.TOO instead of 1 Billion. That's because we think NXT is like gold which can be used in valuable transactions meanwhile ME.TOO is like silver and can be used in everyday.

There is no cost to acquire coins, only your interest would suffice and remember for your interest you can get four times the amount of NXT or NEX you can get.

We have good news to share!!

ME.TOO will be cloning this NEM announcement thread.

What this means for you?

If you're in the NEM genesis block, you'll automatically be included in the ME.TOO genesis block.

The only difference is ME.TOO will not require any contribution from people  ME.TOO is 100% free!!

We have complete faith in utopianfuture's integrity, so we believe donations and contributions to NEM are safe, and utopianfuture will put them to good use. And when he does, ME.TOO will clone all the good features of NEM, so we don't have a need for a budget for development & community building at this stage.

We just want your 'love', and we promise to try and grow ME.TOO into a top 10 NXT clone.

NXT is that nice crisp $50 in your pocket, NEM is a $20 .... ME.TOO is a crumpled up $5  ... but if ME.TOO establishes itself in the top handful of NXT clones it'll end up being useful, and valuable.

So to summarise, if you're 'interested' in NEM, then we're assuming you're 'interested in ME.TOO.

And we're going to copy and clone everything we can from NXT & NEM & NEX so our development costs will be smaller, so we'll try and cover those from our own pockets. We might need some help later on, so feel free to offer, but for now we're not looking for any donations.

ME.TOO will have a large number of accounts in the genesis block, and we've got a few marketing ideas that should insure we have enough people interested in ME.TOO to run the client software.

ME.TOO people know the power of community  Grin

ME.TOO is going for bronze!!
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