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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Transaction stuck in unconfirm status for over 20 hours on: January 08, 2014, 11:24:59 PM
like the title says, this was a transaction of a small amount, (.o4btc) to a gaming site (btcvideocasino). It has been since last night waiting, which is strange since most if not all money i send to that site end up in my acct within seconds. I dont know whether it is an error on the site side or on the blockchain network side. The network propogation is stcuk around 0-2% very poor. What do I do? I sent an email to the casino admin, however so I send an email to blockchain as well? If it stays stuck, will it eventually just get lost? Thanks for answering.

P.S. Every time I check it, it says it will be confirmed in like 6 hours, then I chek again and it says it will be cofirmed in 11 minutes. Then I check again and it goes back to like 10 hours. Whats the deal?
2  Economy / Gambling / Satoshidice 50% address ripping me off. on: November 26, 2013, 11:27:43 AM
I am quite sure the SD 50% is ripping me. I kept betting in a Martingale style over and over thinking id eventually get a win. After 9 times, no win and .80 btc shorter. This has got to be a mistake. I looked up the sd address on bchain and it was in the NEGATIVE!! This has gotta be the problem right?
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Coinbase Reversal...Reversed on: October 11, 2013, 02:46:56 PM
Has anyone experienced this situation as well? Instead of them reversing for high risk, the trans. was reversed by the bank. Now when I log to Coinbase I get this message:

"  Purchase (X) BTC to restore your account. "

Just had a few Q?'s to those who have had this occur; such as what happens when you buy them, do you get them as normal or do you get nothing?

BTW: As usual I messaged them several times; still no response. This happened around a week ago.Guess they aren't too concerned....?
4  Economy / Goods / Selling 50$ Applebees Gift Card- .25 BTC obo on: October 10, 2013, 12:08:45 AM
Title says it all. I will mail it to you in escrow, perhaps a custom listing on a btc goods buying site or through a reputable escrow person. Or Let me know what you'd prefer.
5  Economy / Goods / WTS GTA V XBOX 360 Brand New Unopened .40 BTC OBO on: October 08, 2013, 01:51:55 PM
Relative bought me the Xbox version but I only own ps3. Not gonna bug her to return it, figured I'd just sell it and buy the ps3 one later. Let me know what you think. I will use escrow on this..
6  Economy / Service Discussion / Is out of payout money? on: September 27, 2013, 09:37:31 AM
Been about an hour since I recieved a payout. It sucks cuz Im ahead by like 3 btc but its hard to play when all my winning bets havent been given back to me yet..

mount    Lucky
Details   2013-09-27 09:33:37   lessthan 32768   b9893ddf   0   bee8e900   1A85Gg2      0.49995000   WIN   0.97840215   14544
Details   2013-09-27 09:32:45   lessthan 32000   ab567f8e   0   462913d9   1A85Gg2      0.19995000   LOSE   0.00099975   32835
Details   2013-09-27 09:32:13   lessthan 32000   fbce99c5   0   000f5ea8   1A85Gg2      0.19995000   LOSE   0.00099975   45849
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:42   lessthan 2000   a836f46a   4   429c5a0e   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.02000000   LOSE   0.00010000   64476
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:40   lessthan 24000   a836f46a   0   49697e34   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03995000   LOSE   0.00019975   59936
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:39   lessthan 12000   a836f46a   2   4f265b48   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.05799950   LOSE   0.00028999   44301
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:33   lessthan 1000   a836f46a   5   611a4c94   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.01000000   LOSE   0.00005460   11785
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:32   lessthan 8000   a836f46a   3   5952fcda   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04999950   LOSE   0.00024999   31533
Details   2013-09-27 09:30:30   lessthan 16000   a836f46a   1   7f89e440   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.12925000   LOSE   0.00064625   47126
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:52   lessthan 24000   301f0c6f   0   a97ceac1   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03995000   LOSE   0.00019975   61037
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:51   lessthan 1000   301f0c6f   5   42e513ce   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.01000000   LOSE   0.00005460   46176
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:49   lessthan 12000   301f0c6f   2   7b30bad4   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.05799950   LOSE   0.00028999   17710
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:45   lessthan 8000   301f0c6f   3   7e1141ed   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04999950   LOSE   0.00024999   9083
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:44   lessthan 2000   301f0c6f   4   29bfdae9   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.02000000   LOSE   0.00010000   24564
Details   2013-09-27 09:28:41   lessthan 16000   301f0c6f   1   f9facd6c   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.12925000   LOSE   0.00064625   32421
Details   2013-09-27 09:21:08   lessthan 32000   fbbef8cb   0   bdbc53c8   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.39945750   WIN   0.80045211   9299
Details   2013-09-27 09:14:49   lessthan 8000   eeac0929   3   7aed3241   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04250000   LOSE   0.00021250   45691
Details   2013-09-27 09:14:47   lessthan 16000   eeac0929   1   a6243dc1   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03999500   LOSE   0.00019997   58652
Details   2013-09-27 09:14:46   lessthan 12000   eeac0929   2   b299e773   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04395000   LOSE   0.00021975   30687
Details   2013-09-27 09:14:45   lessthan 24000   eeac0929   0   c3b2917b   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03395000   LOSE   0.00016975   37735
Details   2013-09-27 09:12:01   lessthan 6000   e99698d6   0   f75f62cb   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03995000   WIN   0.42608763   2399
Details   2013-09-27 09:10:07   lessthan 6000   fc986042   0   c76e7adf   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03984698   LOSE   0.00019923   63449
Details   2013-09-27 09:08:05   lessthan 6000   df188e3e   0   a9093793   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.02350000   LOSE   0.00011750   28161
Details   2013-09-27 09:07:08   lessthan 52000   f966e0e9   0   73133b03   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.59500000   WIN   0.73486088   913
Details   2013-09-27 09:01:03   lessthan 32768   cf3d7049   0   0c6406ac   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.24999995   LOSE   0.00124999   41599
Details   2013-09-27 09:00:57   lessthan 16000   cf3d7049   2   405adbe6   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03900000   LOSE   0.00019500   36205
Details   2013-09-27 09:00:55   lessthan 24000   cf3d7049   1   4703d5c2   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.03190000   LOSE   0.00015950   52421
Details   2013-09-27 09:00:54   lessthan 8000   cf3d7049   4   6263f263   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04999940   LOSE   0.00024999   36920
Details   2013-09-27 09:00:51   lessthan 12000   cf3d7049   3   3ab66228   1A85Gg2   UNKNOWN   0.04000000   LOSE   0.00020000   22309
Details   2013-09-27 08:56:25   lessthan 32000   d093d39b   0   8b2900c2   1A85Gg2   CONFIRMED   0.39950000   WIN   0.80053727   26034
7  Economy / Lending / Need a 24 hr loan for 1-1.5 BTC. on: September 25, 2013, 07:38:39 AM
In dire need of someone who can lend me the above amt's immediately. I have alot of neccessities I need to meet in the next 24hrs and I need to supplement my liquid cash holdings. I am planning on selling these on my trusted Localbitcoin acct only with cash deposit. I have coins in transfer atm (over 5 ) but they wont be here soon enough to cover some urgent daily things and I need to just bite the bullet and pay for an advance. I will be able to pay a flat 15 bucks plus a 5%vig on top of that for however much volume the loan you wish is. As far as escrow, I would be open to most anything that could work in a short time frame as poss. I am a reliable member I think and I have LBC account and verified PayPal, and Facebook, ID, college login and email, etc  Open to negotiations, but not to scams.
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Would A Cointerra unit be a good purchase at this point? on: September 24, 2013, 04:34:24 PM
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / REVELATION I JUST HAD ABOUT BTC!!! Read This on: September 17, 2013, 09:27:52 AM
So I am constantly seeing a series of dillemmas on these boards about the various mining products and services they got all hyped up over enough to preorder and when they were told they would get it, the company in question stalls. What they are most times doing is using the preorder scam. It is an old school ponzi type thing where they will take money now for promise or goods/returns later. Why can't people realize they THEY have the power to change this, not these greedy companies (BFL knc, etc....) All you do is don't preorder! That simple. That way the company actually has to give you a product at the time of purchase (neat concept huh)

Why can't you all see this?
10  Economy / Services / ----Ghostwriter--- on: September 15, 2013, 10:00:30 PM
Looking for a break from your studies? Want to go out and see a movie with friends instead of doing that research assignment? Well I'll be glad to help you out, I am a well seasoned writer and have always out-performed in any and all college level courses I've taken and several times the teachers have used my work as the student sample templates to guide other students. I would be glad to let you see some samples of my work, just PM me. Well-versed in MLA, APA, and other academic formats. Price is a flat $20/page in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. If it is a research heavy assignment that will be an additional .1 for each source required. You can trust me with your grade, I personally guarantee at LEAST a 90% or more (most likely 95%+). Cheers.
11  Economy / Goods / WTS- PS3 with dozen games, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Ipod nano 6 gen, $400 TR Jeans on: September 15, 2013, 09:38:43 PM
Title says it all... All cables are incl. Ps3 works fine, would rate it as Fair/poor cond though, kind of been through the ringer, had it for a year and some months. Samsung is basically in mint condition, barely used maybe 5 times. True Religion Jeans luxury designer denim, these are the Billy Super-T in light wash, size 32 waist(they run 1 size big) paid 300 bones for these and they are damned comfortable. Ipod nano was never used in shiny new cond., I never finished programming it etc.. too much work lol.

Looking for some people to throw out some numbers on these (in USD just so I know how to weigh it properly). I will be willing to go VERY low on some of these...
12  Economy / Lending / Looking for short term loan on: September 14, 2013, 02:23:51 AM
Hi, I am in need of some quick cash and I would like a loan if anyone could help. I have a nice chunk of change coming on oct 18th for my fin. aid and I will be able to quickly pay back principle plus an 8% vig. Looking for anywhere from .5btc up thanks.
13  Economy / Gambling / Satoshidice offline? on: September 13, 2013, 04:04:43 PM
I placed a few bets yesterday night and checked satoshidice afterward. I noticed it was not online and both my bets returned nothing. Is this a gitchj and what happened to my bets how can I prove they went through I am a little sketched out?
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Big bet sites claim main reason to not adopt BTC: "Gamblers Arent Demanding It" on: September 05, 2013, 02:42:36 PM
What can we do to better push btc towards these gambling users into favoring and, in fact, demanding bitcoin as their preferred wager/payment method. This would be a monumental step in giving it a major foothold in the global economy. This woudl be one of the single biggest catalysts towards legitamizing it ironically. List some ways we as a community could push this event to fruition. Perhaps dissenters could explain their reasoning as well. Personally I look at it as an investment to see ways to increase the pool of BTC buyers and enthusiasts worldwide, therein raising the price drastically and keeping it as a major and much more "stable" (relatively), long term force. Maybe one day there will be over 7 digits of USD contained in a single BTC if it were to continue it's pathway.
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / Coinbase looking pretty grim in the customer abuse dept.... on: September 04, 2013, 11:44:26 PM
Many many abhorrent actions have been taken against me by the lovely staff at coinbase. Including this gem: when  I log in today to see how many days I have left til verified, I noticed someone over there has totally reset my verification wait when I was a week away from lvl 2 verification.A Another wierd thing I just now realized was that one of my bank acct infos that I had added when I registered has gone missing, perhaps deleted totally WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. Isnt that illegal? I can't help but think that that is tampering with a users private account info, no? Oh yea  they also cancelled a "high risk" 1.5 btc deposit from me and I lost a bit in appreciation. Got an email literally a few hrs before it was set to be delivered. If I knew even a day before I could have saved a lot (to me its a lot..) I don't think its a coincidence that with each subsequence dealing I have with them, the experience gets exponentially worse. What do you all think about this company.
16  Economy / Service Discussion / COINBASE.COM STRIKE ME AGAIN!!!! RESETS MY ACCOUNT AFTER 18 days VERIFIED on: September 04, 2013, 10:58:06 PM
So my whole motivation for ordering from them was the whole, instant deposit/withdrawal service which in theory sounds great. Unfortunately this is not the savior of the bitcoin community that they would let us believe. After a few bad transactions with them recently, one in which I was not informed until a few hours prior to my btc I bought a week prior getting deposited one of the checking account I linked had no funds on it. Which sucks because the coins appreciated at a significant rate and I lost all of that earned appreciation with no notice at all, and I easily could've bought them with my funds in my other acct. So I chalk it up as an L and move on. But today I log in and see this:

"It's been 16 hours since your 1st bitcoin purchase. Come back in 28 days and we will verify your account"

DOUBLEHUHWTFHuh!! I registered over 2 and a half to 3 weeks ago and was on my was to being fully verified, was practically counting the fukking days. I hate these people. Should I cancel my account? I try contacting them, but there is no number I can find to a service dept.

What do you all think? What would you do?
17  Economy / Service Discussion / COINBASE CANCELS MY 1.5 BTC ORDER FROM AUG 29TH!!!!!! on: September 04, 2013, 12:44:37 AM
So I am livid right now. I log in today to check my bitcoin wallet, when to my shock it is nowhere to be seen. I remember with photographic memory what time and date that it was supposed to show (1.5btc to be deposited at 7:08pm) and now it is completely gone! No record in the transaction history besides the 3 or so orders I placed following it, and I did not record the transaction # stupidly as I had not the faintest clue that they would pull something like this. Is this a phenomenon that has been observed before? I remember buying them at roughly 118-124 a peice and now the order is erased. I am totally pissed and am trying and scrambling to find a contact number but cannot. Needless to say I am NEVER going to continue doing business with COINBASE.COM. I will continue to spread the word of this ridiculous and unethical behavior as long as bitcoins and/or their company exist. I need to hear from someone on here about their direct line where I may phone them now or in the a.m. If you are considering doing any significant amount of business with, heed this warning now. Something fishy is going on......I am emailing but I doubt I will hear back from them in a timely manner....
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