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1  Economy / Services / Lifetime hosting! WOW! on: September 30, 2013, 05:31:30 PM
I noticed that some leasers of GH hosting was for 1 year 2 years whatever... but offers lifetime hosting.  And the prices aren't bad!  So you're assigned a device, and if it lives for 10 years, you got hosting with it for 10 years!  BTCBTCBTCBTCBTC

beats the other promises for 1 year.  I mean, they get the machine afterward, only the really overly skeptical on difficulty would want that right?
2  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Open] 1.8 [btc] = 30GH/s with lifetime hosting on: September 19, 2013, 07:20:32 PM
I've made over 40 sales now on ebay:

So far we're working on the 4th device queued at Sept 23

Device Names and Status

Cointraction : Full
Excavator: Full
Minero: Full
De-Crypter: 28/100  (last update on Oct 9)

Mining starts in January 2014 If you would like to hop on board here's the pertinent information:

Terms and Ebay payment method:

bitcoin payment:  13zxWKU9oAuxDLDPfi2xXnggSCMmeTBFj3

.9 btc = 15GH/s

Message me transaction information if you pay with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Payments to you:
Bitcoin payments to you will be made Monthly or sooner.  Payment will be in bitcoins based on your GH ownership and how many Bitcoins our machines were able to collect (we will be using a very low/no commission pool).  

How the hosting works.  Lets say you own 30GH, and you earned 1.200 bitcoins for the month then we subtract 20 cents per GH equivalent as per the going rate of the bitcoin value (value is determined by the leading bitcoin trading site, currently mtGox).  If the bitcoin value is $125 then the total hosting fees would be .048 bitcoins, leaving you with 1.162 Bitcoins after hosting fees.
Why Does it need to be hosted?  Since there are several part owners for one device the item needs to be hosted at one location and maintained, and have a secure payout method to the owners.

About our ASIC Miner:
We're looking for reliable delivery, cost effectiveness, and quality with the miner.  We are guaranteed an on-time delivery and the mining will start in January.  This is a Terracoin device.

Certificate of Ownership:
Upon payment I will mail out a Certificate of Proof of Ownership, with the following:
Device name you own a part of
Contact name
Contact Code (to put in the header of emails with requests)
Contact Email  
Notification of how many GH you own and have running for you.
The hosting rights and ownership is lifetime (life of the device), and is tied to the code on the document mailed to you.  Do not lose the certificate, or share your certificates code, the recovery process may be difficult.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
3  Bitcoin / Mining support / Shared mining 1btc = 15GH in January 2014 on: September 19, 2013, 07:05:58 PM
I have a lot of buyers on Ebayers already who are buying this deal with USD.  But I was hoping to extend the offer here for those interested.

We have a forum here:

Pay with Bitcoin:  1NWw8s3ir8Xg7eNxrvFjEDUqCmyzoNj4Xf  and message me to get started

Pay with CC:

For details on how this works you can visit the ebay link provided above.

This is for lifetime hosting at 20 cents per GH.  Hope to have you hop on board.  Please feel free to ask questions.
4  Bitcoin / Group buys / [OPEN] 100GH / 7.5 btc --------- Cointerra 50% complete! on: September 11, 2013, 11:45:08 AM
Cointerra machine needs $8K more.  Selling 8 lots in increments of 100 GH per $1000 or 7.5 btc

We already have $6K from several buyers.

Hosting is 20 cents (USD based) per GH per month deducted from bitcoin earnings.  We're looking for up to 8 orders.  Here's a link if interested in going an ebay route (see more of the terms/maintenance):  Links  Smiley

We are hoping to get an earlier shipment so the sooner the better.  We can use your help!


Payments Methods:

Paypal:  (leave a message with your email address)

(Email me your sending wallet address before sending payment) Bitcoin Wallet: 13zxWKU9oAuxDLDPfi2xXnggSCMmeTBFj3

5  Other / Beginners & Help / Brief recap of Bitcoin on: September 11, 2013, 12:20:24 AM
Hah, when I first heard of bitcoins I thought it was just something to brush off, I didn't understand it or cared to much really.

Then my brother started looking into it more... and I know this about James (being his brother), if he thinks something has promise (technology wise) he's right.  At least he has been so far.  So I gave it another look.

Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, from what I understand, a very complex formula for computers to solve is created, one in which there are chunks of answers that when found are worth X number of bitcoins, once found other computers can no longer find them because its taken.  There are only 21,000,000 possible bitcions in existence, no more.  It's like the total sum of gold in the earth that can be found is 21 Million.

So people are using their Hashing Power to solve these complex equations, and collect bitcoins.  The more Hashing power trying to claim bitcoins the more difficult it is to receive them, so that a certain number of bitcoins (or close approximation) is obtained over a certain period of time.

Every 4 years the bitcoins received after finding a block is halved.  This halving happened in 2013 (I think it was 2013) so instead of 50 like it originally started with, is now 25, but the value of the bitcoin jumped to about 10 times, reaching beyond $100 per bitcoin.

Now bitcoins can be mined with devices called ASIC miners.  Which are computers specifically designed for mining bitcoins.

Some sellers of ASIC devices are:

The most economical version is the Cointerra 2TH device.

Here're some help guides to calculate its potential:  (you can set the parameters here)



My project (where you can get lifetime hosting at 1GH/$10 a very good deal from what I've seen (I'll give you 25GH/$250):
6  Bitcoin / Mining / Bitcoin Buddies (stake your claim) on: September 10, 2013, 10:24:00 AM
Hello fellow bitcoiners.  There's something interesting I got started that I think will be found as a great solution for those who don't care to run the machine but want the bitcoins. 

There's a lifetime agreement at least through ebay, that you can consider, where you can own a portion of a single efficient machine (20GH).  I can't afford this huge 2TH at $15K but I know it's worth it.  It'll cost me about $7/GH but since I would like a little compensation I'm selling it at only $10-13/GH.

Do you guys think that's a good deal?  I mean, I try to be fair, and it's a much better deal than the other options I've seen.  I run the machine and promise repairs like Fan fixes, and Power Supply running out.  Then there's the electricity that's just deducted at 20 cents per GH per month from the Bitcoins.  So like 20 GH would be $4 per month which covers the electricity and maintenance.

Here's more information here:

Running out of slots for buyers.  But I still was hoping to make cointerras December delivery date so the sooner the better.

Here's cointerra:

Couldn't find anything to beat that.  Does anyone know a better machine for large/combined investments or option for small capital investors?

Here's the forum for this particular Ebay deal:

7  Other / Beginners & Help / Buying a joint Machine on: September 10, 2013, 01:50:53 AM
Are there others like me and noticed that you can get much better deals if you get a machine with others?  Got to have trust of course, but Ebay may help with that with ratings and w/e.  what do you think of ebay item: 181210411210 ?
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