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1  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] 268 Bitcoin Gold(BTG) on: October 24, 2017, 01:35:49 PM
Hello I would like to sell 268 BitcoinGold coins. Currently it is being traded for:
0.075BTC per BTG on (839BTC volume)
0.026BTC per BTG on (749BTC volume)

I would like to sell it @ 0.04BTC per coin. I will not sell less than 25BTG per trade, and I will only use escrow.
It is currently not possible to make any BTG transactions (it will be possible on the 1st of November) so to avoid abuse from both sides we will have to both deposit coins into the escrow.

For example you want to buy 250BTG @ 0.04BTC you will have to transfer 10BTC to escrow and I will have to transfer 1BTC.
If I for some reason cannot transfer you the BTG in 2 weeks after the official launch of BitcoinGold network the escrow will confiscate those 1BTC from me and send it to you for compensation.

I can sell it for cheaper if you would like to buy more coins (100BTG+)
2  Economy / Auctions / ► FOR RENT ◄ ► signature space | Legendary member | trusted | 2300+ posts | ◄ on: July 10, 2017, 10:16:41 AM
I'm auctioning off my signature. I make around 100 posts per month so the buyer gets maximum visibility for his website or business:


I have the right to reject bids or advertisements.
The winner must provide payment and the signature ad code within 48 hours.
The signature space is rented for 30 days.
Your signature will have an "Paid Advertisement: " text before it:


< Place your advertisement here>

The minimum bid is 0.05 BTC, the bids should be evenly divisible by 0.01 BTC. The auction will end on July 20th.

3  Economy / Digital goods / ► WTB ◄ ► Amazon gift card 100-300$ ◄ on: July 05, 2017, 08:59:06 PM

I want to buy a gift card for Amazon.
It must work to be redemeed in Europe.
Only trusted sellers. If you don't have a high trust score you are required to provide the card first, I redeem it and if it is accepted by Amazon, then you receive your payment.
Send me your offers.
4  Economy / Currency exchange / ► Exchange BTC to PP ◄ ► [H] (0.114) BTC - [W] (1:1 exchange) Paypal ◄ on: July 05, 2017, 07:17:00 AM
I have 0.11412667 BTC

I want to exchange it for Paypal funds (1:1 Blockchain exchange rate)
The buyer pay Paypal fees.
Only high trusted members (DT1 & DT2 members)!
5  Economy / Services / ►Hire me ◄► social marketing manager | website, chat, email support ◄ on: June 27, 2017, 01:02:28 PM
I can work 4-6 hours per day (or more if we agree for a specific schedule).

About me: I am a member of the community since 2013, I have experience in crypto, bitcoin, gambling, social media, Google Adwords certified, Facebook partner.
Previous jobs:  moderator (chat) on
Location: I'm located in Europe (GMT/UTC + 2:00h).
Rates: My rates are starting from 4$ per hour.

I'm waiting for offers from those interested in my services.
6  Economy / Digital goods / ► FOR RENT ◄ ► signature space | Legendary member | trusted | 2250+ posts | ◄ on: June 20, 2017, 07:16:15 AM
I will rent my signature space.


The price is 0.05 BTC (the price is valid for 1-st month).
I have the right to reject bids or advertisements.
The buyer must provide payment and the signature ad code within 24 hours.
The signature space is rented for 30 days.
Your signature will have an "Advertisement: " text before it:


< Place your advertisement here>
 |   Websites advertised in my signature are not endorsed by me.

7  Economy / Currency exchange / WTS [H] 0.114 BTC - [W] Paypal on: June 09, 2017, 07:19:20 AM


I have 0.114 btc and I want to exchange it 1-1 (Preev rate) for Paypal (the buyer pay the Paypal fee)
I deal only with people from DT1 & DT2.

8  Economy / Games and rounds / ► ◄ ► Giveaway - Free lottery tickets ◄ on: May 16, 2017, 09:29:39 AM - it is a provably fair bitcoin lottery website.

Some of our features:

- Provably fair
- Instant payouts
- Tax-free
- Multi-currency
- Anonymity and transparency

We offer a FREE ticket for our lottery to to the first 2 players (for each draw)*
You double the chance to win!

How to get it:

Buy a ticket (choose the desired ticket value: 1$, 5$, 10$) on and post you bitcoin address here.
We will send you a coupon (which can be redeemed on with the same value.

* The offer is valid only when there is a minimum of 5 (five) tickets sold for that round.  In order to benefit from the promotion, the winner must have only 1 (one) ticket in the respective round.
9  Economy / Gambling / ► Bitcoin Lottery ◄ ► Provably fair | Anonymous | Multi-currency ◄ on: May 15, 2017, 07:29:45 AM

We present you - a provably fair bitcoin lottery website.
We make it simple, safe, transparent.
No registration, no accounts, no confirmations - all you need is a Bitcoin address.  

Main features:

- Provably fair
- Instant payouts
- Tax-free
- Multi-currency
- Anonymity and transparency

We offer 3 options to participate in our lottery:

► Bronze - 1$  (paid in bitcoin/altcoin).
► Silver  -  5$  (paid in bitcoin/altcoin).
► Gold    - 10$ (paid in bitcoin/altcoin).

Select your ticket level, send the bitcoins to the generated address and you are in.
Also you can deposit using Altcoins (through Shapeshift).
You can check the list of participants and the value of prizes in real time.
Every 3 hours a draw is made, and a winner is selected (we allow our users to check the integrity of every draw here: Provably fair verification).
The prize is sent to the winner bitcoin address.

Play and win on

Good luck to all!

* Please make sure you pay an appropriate fee so that the transaction is confirmed quickly.

10  Economy / Services / ► Quick 3 days contest ◄ ► Logo & banner design ◄ on: May 12, 2017, 12:16:58 PM

I'm the marketing manager for is a provably fair bitcoin lottery website.
We need a logo and a banner (728/90 size) for our website, so we invite all talented people to join this quick contest (3 days).
The contest ends on Sunday 14.05.2017  (23.59.59 GMT+2)
Please post your samples here (logo + banner).
The logo & banner should be lottery/bitcoin/gambling related, modern, match with website design/colors.
The winner receives a prize of 50$ (paid in Bitcoin at exchange rates).

Good luck!
11  Economy / Digital goods / ► Sell ◄ ► Pokemon Go website ◄ ►Great potential ◄ on: April 16, 2017, 08:45:14 AM
Pokemon Go was the best game/app in 2016 and continue to be on top in 2017.

I sell one of my websites:
It has a great potential but I don't have time to continue/manage the development.
It is Adsense ready and can be monetized immediately.

The buyer will receive:

- domain (registered with Namecheap, expire Aug 24, 2017)
- the website (files, articles, images, db)

Offer me a decent price and we have a deal!
12  Economy / Exchanges / ► sucks ◄ ► They closed my account without any reason ◄ on: April 11, 2017, 07:39:28 AM has decided to close my 4 years old account 100% verified (they have my national ID, driving license, proof of address, bank statement, credit card statement, etc).
I made xxxxx$ transactions in the past without any problem (buy, sell, deposit, withdraw, exchange bitcoin).
A week ago I made a exchange btc to eur (344.59 euro) and requested a withdrawal.
After 7 days they sent me this:

Dear XXX  XXX,

After careful consideration, Bitstamp decided to terminate Your access to Your Account in accordance with our Terms of Use. Your account will be terminated from the date of this notice having been received by you. This notice shall be treated as having been served upon completion of the transmission of this email.

The decision to terminate your Account has been reached following a close examination of your recent account activity and information which you have provided. It is our view that any continuation of our relationship would not be appropriate at this time due to internal policies.

Your account balance will be returned to the bank account specified in your last withdrawal from Bitstamp, costs withheld.

No reason, no explanation, nothing ...
They sent me 319.59 eur to my attached bank account.
They take 25 euro fee ... for a SEPA transfer which normally costs 0.15 euro cents.

Conclusion: Bitstamp sucks!
13  Economy / Currency exchange / ► Exchange PP to BTC ◄ ► [H] (200$) PP - [W] (200$) BTC ◄ on: March 27, 2017, 04:38:45 PM

I have 200$ in my Paypal (full verrified account).
I want to exchange it for 200$ BTC
Only high trusted members!
14  Economy / Micro Earnings / ► SCAM ◄ ► ◄ ► DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! ◄ on: March 18, 2017, 02:02:16 PM
In the last days I saw multiple threads, comments, refrral links for a new scam:

They promise high rewards for just a few clicks:  you must complete simple tasks (choose a logo and then select 4 options)
They offer 6$ (5+1) just for sign up and 0.3$ to 1$ per task Smiley
The website say that you can make 30$ per day with just a few clicks.

Yes, you can make it, but the problem is you will never receive something from these scammers!
There is not even a single payment proof (they should pay on 16.03).

15  Economy / Currency exchange / ► WTS 50$ in BTC for 50$ in Paypal ◄ on: March 15, 2017, 08:51:08 AM
Hello members,

I need 50$ in Paypal
I offer 50$ in BTC at rate.
I can send first - only high trusted members please!
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / Bitbox (gambling platform - - SCAM - many users scammed on: March 08, 2017, 06:34:18 PM

I will tell you the short story:

One of my (recent made) friends entered in the bitcoin world.
He is a newbie and he called his new friend (me) to help him with some advices: how to earn, buy, exchange/trade bitcoins, mine, bet, play games for bitcoin, etc.
He know that I own and he wanted to buy it for 1000 eur and make his entry in bitcoin advertising world.
I told him I wont sell it (now I regret), and he asked me in what he can invest some money (a bitcoin related project).
I suggest to my friend to make something related to Bitcoin gambling.

I found these guys - - - they have a bitcoin platform for gambling, my friend saw it, like it and since he does not speak english (well) he told me that I must talk with Bitbox support, buy the platform and take care off all the necesarry stuff until is ready to be launched.

I have contacted @bitcoinplay_xyz (;u=726116) and chat with him via Skype.
After a long talk we agree to buy their platform for 300$ (they offered a Christmas discount) paid in 3 equal parts.
They sent me a invoice (attached) and I paid 100$ as we agree on 28.12.2016:
They start to "work"

They "worked" for 20 days, they installed all kind of shits on my server, fu*ked my other websites, and finaly they told me that their software can't run on my dedicated server and they will transfer the files to their servers wich are 100% compatible (and they will offer 1 year of hosting)
Another 7-8 days and in the end they made it. The website url is: (now is offline, because the scammers are gone)
My friend was happy.
We paid the second invoice for 100$ (attached) on 31.01.2017:

The website was live on 18.02.2017.
After 3 days my friend call me (it was desperate) and tell me that someone won 10 btc on his website.

I have contacted BitBox, they admit that there was a big bug in Crash game, they removed that game and they told us that it will be fixed soon.
We continue the conversation with BitBox team via email (when they answer) and I told them that they ruined our reputation and we agree that they will make a roulette game integrated with Moneypot.
They offered a 300$ price (50% discount) and they deducted 100$ remaining payment from the intial project.
My friend agree, they send us a invoice (attached) and we paid 300$:

After we pay the last 300$: no more replys from Bitbox (12 days passed) via email, PM on Bitcointalk, Skype

Now they are gone!
In my opinion these bugs can be placed by BitBox itself in order to scam the future casino owners.

The result: 500$ lost and our reputation altered because of these scammers.

We know that there are other users which are scammed too (some of them posted in Bitbox thread)

I will post all the proofs (all we know about these scammers) and I will add more proofs as soon I have here:

Invoice 1:
Paid here:

Invoice 2:
Paid here:

Invoice 3 (Moneypot):
Paid here:

Email conversation 1:

Email conversation 2: hosting infos (same digitalocean server in Germany): hosting infos (same digitalocean server in Germany):

A working copy of their script - the domain ( is registered by ITBOX UG:
They are stupid too ... they did not changed the admin login infos:

username: demo
password: demo

Their Website (Croatia):
Some resources on their website:
BitBox Skype support ID:

Zagreb Office

ITBox d.o.o
Ivana Zahara 3
10000 Zagreb
(385) 989653089

17  Economy / Digital goods / ► WTB ◄► Bitcoin related domains ◄ on: March 05, 2017, 10:15:43 AM
Hi guys

I'm looking to buy quality bitcoin related domains.
I prefer .COM but I'm open to offers for other TLD's too if the name is good.
You can post your domains here and I will reply with yes/no/we could negociate, or if you want privacy you can send me a PM.
Important: all domain must be Adsense ready. You can check your domain here:

Thank you all
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / ► WTS ◄► 50000 ICB (ICOBID) at good rate: 999 Satoshis per coin ◄ on: January 04, 2017, 08:11:54 PM
The actual rate for 1 ICB is 1500 Satoshis  -
I sell 50000 ICB for 999 Satoshis (per coin) - the total amount is 49950000 Satoshis (0.4995 BTC)
I sell it batches too (minimum 10000 per batch).
I accept escrow if you don't trust me (the buyer pay the escrow fees)
19  Other / Off-topic / ► Happy New Year 2017! ◄ on: December 31, 2016, 01:44:14 PM
As the New Year approaches us with hopes a new, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.
Happy New Year bitcoiners!

20  Economy / Digital goods / ► WTS ◄ ► Bitcoin games & faucet website ◄ ► $150 monthly profit ◄ on: December 21, 2016, 03:09:42 PM
The Santa has come with a great offer: is for sale! it is a bitcoin games & faucet portal very popular these days.
The stats for the last 30 days: over 127000 unique visitors and over 503000 impressions.

There are 6310 active registered users and 360 of them are banned (for using bots or multiple accounts).

The website offers multiple games and opportunities to play & win:

- Hi-Lo Dice -  bet your bitcoins, roll the dice, and watch your money grow.
- Fortune Hunter - increase your bitcoins by hunting for treasures.
- Roll Dice -  just roll the dice and earn up to 0.02500000 BTC and free lottery tickets.
- Bitcoin Snakes - it's fun and a time-killer!

Also there is a lottery where users can win bitcoins and a faucet which "drip" free bitcoins.
All games are provably fair.

The website is monetized with Cointraffic, CoinAd, and receive a revenue of 250$ per month (I can provide revenue proofs at request)

The buyer receive:

- the domain (great .com domain name - short and brandable)
- all files, the DB with all users.

I accept decent offers.   The snow is free Smiley

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