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1  Other / Politics & Society / Texas GOP To Gov. Abbott: 'Don't Mess With Texas!' on: September 23, 2020, 07:14:11 PM
This is a Ron Paul Liberty Report video presentation. However, it is audio only... which doesn't really matter. Most of these Liberty Reports are basically talk only, anyway.

Texas GOP To Gov. Abbott: 'Don't Mess With Texas!'

In a rare - perhaps even unprecedented - move, the Executive Committee of the Texas Republican party has passed a resolution condemning Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott for continuing to keep Texas partially closed down while picking and choosing which businesses can open and which cannot. Governor Abbott is facing an increasing rebellion in his own party, especially as the coronavirus numbers in Texas continue to plummet. Also in today's program, the CDC flip-flops again, this time on whether coronavirus is airborne. Can we trust a single thing they say?

2  Other / Politics & Society / To Trump Aides: You Have no Idea How deep the CDC Scandals Go on: September 19, 2020, 04:45:40 PM
The BIG point is, there are something like 333 million people in the USA. But there are only a few hundred elected officials. And appointed officials don't really make it much more.

So, how do the handful of elected and appointed officials do their job of governing 333 million people? They do it by trying to find trustworthy people and companies to administer the everyday "life" of governing. But they can't monitor all the "trustworthy" non-elected, non-appointed administrators. And the bad administrators know this. So they get away with literal murder (like the CIA) in the name of government.

The CDC is one that has been getting away with literal murder. They have been killing innocent people across America. How do they do it? They do it by publishing the truth about what they are doing. But they publish so much detail, that only heavy duty researchers can find the places in their literature where the CDC admits that they are killing us.

To Trump Aides: You Have no Idea How deep the CDC Scandals Go

Trump aides and CDC loyalists are at war over the CDC's handling of COVID reports. Charges; counter-charges. [1]

A core issue is the veracity of CDC weekly updates on case and death numbers.

These are included in the "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)." [2] This is a long-standing, highly regarded, and widely referenced CDC publication.

Medical professionals (who aren't known for their ability to think straight) rely on these CDC numbers.

Now that Trump aides are taking issue with the MMWR, defenders are circling the wagons. One such defender called the MMWR "the holy of holies." [3]

So I had to write this article.

I had to revisit the 2009 Swine Flu case-counting fiasco.

You see, that summer, while the CDC was reporting thousands of Swine Flu cases in the US, they had secretly…

Stopped counting the numbers of cases. [4]

The person who discovered this was Sharyl Attkisson, the star investigative reporter for CBS News.

And Attkisson found out what was going on.

3  Other / Politics & Society / If ... The Democrats ... Lose the Election, These 20 Actions Will be Unleashed on: September 18, 2020, 05:48:13 PM
Are you a Democrat? Will you vote for Biden? Do you have any guts as an American?

The wealthy supporters of the current Democrat Party are planning destruction for you if Biden loses. What do you think? What are you going to do? Wake up NOW, while there still is time.

Six things that the Big Dem supporters of the world will do if Biden loses, are listed below. Go to the site to read the rest.

If It IS Determined That The Democrats Will Lose the Election, These 20 Actions Will be Unleashed...

These kinds of articles are very difficult to write because there are so many moving parts.  I have gathered facts that I have been told by so-called "insider sources" about what is coming.  Some of the expected Deep State insurrection has been rehearsed by local, state and federal law enforcement. Much of what follows comes from these types of sources.

I want to emphasize that there are rehearsals that are currently being practiced by the traitors and their in-country foreign assets. However, most of what is anticipated in this properly labeled, Bolshevik Revolution, is assumed by the modus operandi of the embedded foreign assets in our country and what has constituted past practice.

If It Is Anticipated That Trump Will Win On November 3, 2020, These Are the Anticipated Deep State Actions

Unbridled violence will be unleashed if Trump is declared the winner on election day. If the traitors steal the election, the violent response will be slower to come to fruition. There are certain parts of the military that will react.  Let's break down what I have learned.

Traitor's Strategies

One of the questions that I frequently ask many of media guests is "what do you think that the extremists will do to regain power over government?"  The most common answer I received is that "there is nothing that they will not do".


1. If the Democrats/Deep State determine that the Democrats cannot win. Extreme violence will be enacted in a nation-wide coordinated manner. I have been predicting this for 3 years. We will be living in 1992 Bosnia and 2014 Ukraine. There will be snipers on the roof. Random cars and people at events will be attacked with deadly precision. Randomized IED’s will be unleashed.

2. MS-13 has been quiet but their day is coming. I have often thought about what would have happened to the four DC officers who rescued Rand Paul and his wife if MS-13 was active. Answer, they all would have been killed and for dramatic effect, I believe their trademark of machete-induced-deaths would have been employed. Alt media, opposition media, loyalist military officers, key politicians at all levels of government, most if not all Constitutional Sheriffs, conservative police chiefs, key conservative educators will be assassinated. Many of these lists have been intercepted and the targets are known. There are too many people to protect.  As I stated that a TET Offensives is coming. However, the government knows this and Continuity of Government has been enacted as key people will be isolated. In fact, and over 5 months ago, I reported that the military heads of Northcom and Southcom are basically quarantined.

3. A series of mini-911 events are planned. They are being rehearsed in such places as the Portland Federal Building.

4. Cartels will militarily move on small town police forces and execute all police officers that they can get their hands on. In print, 5 years ago I printed just such a warning from a high ranking and anonymous Texas Ranger. He concluded that we no defense against such an event.

5. The security at nuclear power plants will be tested.

6. Random and murderous home invasions will take place so the fight is carried to middle class and even rural America.

4  Other / Politics & Society / Petition To Prosecute Pelosi Draws Thousands Of Signatures on: September 12, 2020, 05:50:20 AM
Actually, the petition is rather small so far. But depending on how serious her damage to the salon owner is, it might be worth it. Seems she is not even owning up to her mistake. Check the site for emphasis, links, and a video.

Petition To Prosecute Pelosi Draws Thousands Of Signatures

At time of writing, the petition hosted at media action network has garnered over 25,000 signatures.

The petition, addressed to SF Police Chief William Scot, states:

Laws aren't just for the "little people."

Not only did Nancy Pelosi knowingly violate health ordinances, but just destroyed a business because she couldn't take a ounce of responsibility.

The salon owner gets death threats, while Pelosi has paid ZERO price for her hypocrisy.

At a very minimum, Nancy Pelosi must be prosecuted by San Francisco for her flaunting of COVID regulations. Now!

The footage of Pelosi was leaked last week, showing her walking around the salon without a face mask. All the while 'ordinary' people are not even allowed to go to hair appointments because salons are still all closed in SF under coronavirus rules.

After several days, instead of apologising, Pelosi claimed that she had been "set up" by the owner of the salon.

"I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I've been to over the years many times, and when they said, 'We're able to accommodate people one person at a time.' I trusted that," Pelosi told reporters.

"So I take responsibility for falling for a setup. And that's all I'm going to say on that," Pelosi declared, even adding "I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up."

If ever there was a time for the old adage 'one rule for them, another for everyone else' it is now. Pelosi's reaction also betrays how over privileged and out of touch Democrats have become.

5  Other / Politics & Society / What Texas is all about regarding Covid on: September 11, 2020, 05:03:42 PM
How bad is Texas Covid? This county is like 99% Covid symptom free. About 99% of people with symptoms or not, are sent home. Those that go to the hospital don't necessarily die.


Message To Governor: Open Texas Up! With Judge Mark Keough by Ron Paul

Fresh off a viral video on Facebook, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough joins today's Liberty Report with a clear message to Texas political leaders from local mayors all the way to the Governor's office: the measures taken to fight coronavirus in Texas have not made one bit of difference. Masks or no masks, lockdowns or no lockdowns, the survival rate for those infected with the coronavirus is more than 99 percent. It is time to open Texas up completely. 100 percent! Also, Judge Keough explains why Governor Abbott's "mask mandate" is no such thing.

Message To Governor: Open Texas Up! With Judge Mark Keough

6  Other / Politics & Society / Portland becomes the first U.S. city to ban companies using facial recognition - on: September 11, 2020, 04:29:52 PM
My question is, why should anybody care about facial recognition? If people don't like it, simply wear more extensive face masks... since they are required in the pandemic anyway.

- Portland's city council also voted to ban local government bureaus from acquiring or using the controversial surveillance technology
- Mayor Ted Wheeler expressed concern that the technology would be used to monitor protests
- City council commissioners voted unanimously for the ban
- The ban begins immediately in the Portland city government

Portland becomes the first U.S. city to ban companies using facial recognition software on customers after the mayor said it could be used for surveillance on protesters

Portland on Wednesday voted in favor of the first-ever ban in the United States on private entities, such as restaurants and retail stores, from using facial recognition technology in public places in the city.

Portland's city council also voted to ban local government bureaus from acquiring or using the controversial surveillance technology. City council commissioners voted unanimously for the ban, CNN Business reports.

The ban begins immediately in the Portland city government and on January 1 for private uses not allowed under the rule.

Several U.S. cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, have previously banned government use of facial recognition.

Facial recognition software can identify individuals in photos and videos based on a database of known subjects.

The technology has won over businesses and police in the last few years despite objections from those who say it invades people's privacy and exacerbates racial and gender biases.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler expressed concern that the technology would be used to monitor protests, which the city has seen since the death of George Floyd in May.

'Technology exists to make our lives easier, not for public and private entities to use as a weapon against the very citizens they serve and accommodate,' he said.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it hoped the passage of the legislation in Portland would spur efforts to ban the use of such surveillance technology across the state of Oregon.

They added that the prohibiting of the technology 'is necessary and prudent to protect the interests, privacy, and safety of individuals and our communities.'

7  Other / Off-topic / Linux, How to diable all mouse-over tooltips infotips ??? on: September 07, 2020, 03:48:00 PM
With each version of Linux, how does on disable all tooltips and infotips. In Windows 10, this is not possible to do without going through the registry, and changing every little piece of Windows. And maybe then it is not possible to do.

The Windows way is to place a delay on the mouse-over, so that the tooltips/infotips won't show until after so many seconds. By that time, you are already out of there, and the hover directive has been cancelled.

The Microsoft people are quite ingenious in the ways that they have done things. And I don't know if this was done intentionally by them - that you can't get rid of the tooltips/infotips - or if it was one of the goofs in thinking that they had when they made Windows.

The question is, since Linux is trying to outdo Windows, why do the various Linux people copy the Windows weaknesses? Is it required for an OS to have the tooltips/infotips showing all the time, even in Linux? Or is it just too complex of a problem to have an on/off switch so that we can get rid of the whole batch of them? OR... is there a way to do it that nobody has brought out into the open enough so that you can search for it and find it without searching all month?

We stimulate ourselves to work around annoying things throughout our lives. Why not get rid of some of them rather than working around them? Does anybody have an answer for Linux in general? Or for Ubuntu in general?

8  Other / Politics & Society / MLB Ratings Crash As Wokeness Takes Its Toll on: September 06, 2020, 11:22:16 PM
Are you even interested in sports? Of course not. You wouldn't be posting here in Bitcointalk if you were. You'd be out sporting or something. Check out what Trump has to say about it... at the site, of course.

MLB Ratings Crash As Wokeness Takes Its Toll

The league joins the 'highly political NBA,' which has turned off a large portion of its audience and seen ratings suffer as a result.

According to Breitbart:

Sunday, baseball's flagship primetime night, has been particularly bad. As Sports Media Watch reports, last Weekend's edition of Sunday Night Baseball was down 30 percent over last year.

The site reported that the "Braves-Phillies earned a 0.8 and 1.20 million on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball (including ESPN2 Statcast coverage) — down 30% in ratings and 33% in viewership from week five of last season (5/5/19: Cardinals-Cubs: 1.1, 1.81M), but up a tick and 2% respectively from last year's comparable date (9/1/19 Mets-Phillies: 0.7, 1.19M).

 Saturday wasn't much better - with Sports Media Watch reporting that "FOX averaged a 0.9 rating and 1.36 million viewers for regional Major League Baseball last Saturday afternoon (Braves-Phillies or Indians-Cardinals), marking its smallest MLB audience in two years."

9  Economy / Speculation / There Bitcoin goes again. on: September 01, 2020, 09:39:50 PM
As of this writing, 2:45 Eastern, USA, she's at $12,000 again.

10  Other / Off-topic / Here's something BIG we will never see in general use. on: August 26, 2020, 12:13:31 AM
Why won't we see it in general use among the people? Because Big Oil will collapse the development of it somehow. They always do such with new technology that could save the people.

Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it

California company NDB says its nano-diamond batteries will absolutely upend the energy equation, acting like tiny nuclear generators. They will blow any energy density comparison out of the water, lasting anywhere from a decade to 28,000 years without ever needing a charge. They will offer higher power density than lithium-ion. They will be nigh-on indestructible and totally safe in an electric car crash. And in some applications, like electric cars, they stand to be considerably cheaper than current lithium-ion packs despite their huge advantages.

The heart of each cell is a small piece of recycled nuclear waste. NDB uses graphite nuclear reactor parts that have absorbed radiation from nuclear fuel rods and have themselves become radioactive. Untreated, it's high-grade nuclear waste: dangerous, difficult and expensive to store, with a very long half-life.

This graphite is rich in the carbon-14 radioisotope, which undergoes beta decay into nitrogen, releasing an anti-neutrino and a beta decay electron in the process. NDB takes this graphite, purifies it and uses it to create tiny carbon-14 diamonds. The diamond structure acts as a semiconductor and heat sink, collecting the charge and transporting it out. Completely encasing the radioactive carbon-14 diamond is a layer of cheap, non-radioactive, lab-created carbon-12 diamond, which contains the energetic particles, prevents radiation leaks and acts as a super-hard protective and tamper-proof layer.

11  Other / Politics & Society / Another 1.4 Million Americans Apply for Unemployment Benefits on: August 21, 2020, 03:40:16 PM
I wonder how long this will last before something breaks. Even though the system is designed to steal from the people, it had to be built to look good. This is the reason for UI. But the looking good part wasn't built to be prepared for something like this pandemic.

Another 1.4 Million Americans Apply for Unemployment Benefits

For an unprecedented 22 straight weeks, over a million working-age Americans filed for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

Once again, the Bureau of Labor Statistics understated the true number — officially reporting 1.1 million.

The actual number was 1.4 million as explained by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). See below.

Based on how US unemployment was calculated pre-1990, the true figure today is 31.2%, not the phony BLS reported 10.2%.

EPI explained that 892,000 Americans "applied for regular state unemployment insurance (not seasonally adjusted)" in the latest reporting period.

Another 543,000 "applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)," adding:

12  Other / Politics & Society / A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts on: August 20, 2020, 04:27:44 AM
If you thought you were living a peaceful life anywhere in the central United States, here come the wealthy from the coasts. They are going to turn your peaceful, little world into a nightmare. Prices will go up.

A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts

Homelessness, crime and drug use were already on the rise in many of our large cities prior to 2020, but many big city residents were willing to put up with a certain amount of chaos in order to maintain their lifestyles.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic and months of civil unrest have finally pushed a lot of people over the edge.  Moving companies on both coasts are doing a booming business as wealthy and middle class families flee at a blistering pace, and most of those families do not plan to ever return.

Los Angeles is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  Once upon a time it attracted wealthy and famous people from all over the globe, but in 2020 it is "a city on the brink"…

Today, Los Angeles is a city on the brink. 'For Sale' signs are seemingly dotted on every suburban street as the middle classes, particularly those with families, flee for the safer suburbs, with many choosing to leave LA altogether.

British-born Danny O'Brien runs Watford Moving & Storage. 'There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,' he says.

13  Other / Politics & Society / The Attempted COVID Coup Of 2020 on: August 15, 2020, 01:34:56 AM
The damage has been done. The people believe the lies. It will be difficult for them to accept the truth... that their doctors and leaders lied to them. How many disastrous rules will go into effect before the people realize the truth? However, we are starting to wake up.

I see and talk to average people who are starting to understand about the lies. But I also talk to many masked morons, average people who won't hear of it. How long will it take? Some people are starting to sue their governing representatives... not many, yet, but more will follow.

The Attempted COVID Coup Of 2020

In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) presented the coronavirus to the Western world as a danger equivalent to the plague. But China's experience, which its government obfuscated, had already shown that COVID-19 was much less like the plague and more like the flu. All that has happened since followed from falsifying this basic truth.

Americans were led to believe that the virus was unusually contagious, and that it would kill up to one in 20 persons it infected—a 5 percent infection/fatality rate (IFR). Today, we still lack definitive, direct knowledge of COVID-19's true lethality. The absence of that knowledge allows bureaucrats to continue fearmongering.

By May, a  host of studies in the U.S. and around the world showing that the vast majority of COVID cases cause mild symptoms or none, and showing the IFR to be equal to or lower than that for most flus, forced the CDC to conclude that the lethality rate, far from being 5 percent, was 0.26%––double that of a typical flu. Instead of amending their recommendations in the face of this reality, the CDC and the U.S. government tried to hide it by manipulating the definition and number of COVID "cases."

14  Other / Politics & Society / The real reason why Big Pharma hate Hydrxychloroquine on: August 13, 2020, 09:55:40 PM
Watch the below video. You have heard of reading between the lines. Watch between the frames. What are you watching for? Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a cure for multitudes of diseases and viruses.

The first 40 minutes alone will show you how HCQ is killing off all kinds of diseases... if you watch between the frames.

The US medical leaders are intentionally, for profit, denying us the use of HCQ as much as possible. But...

Watch further through the video. You will come to a page where there are listed a bunch of medicines that do approximately the same thing as HCQ. Not all these medicines are blocked by your pharmacist like HCQ is. You can get many of them by mail from overseas.

Wanna get well from Covid and all kinds of stuff... or not get sick? Watch the video and get one of the medicines. Or travel to Mexico and get them just over the border in Nogales, south of Tucson, or San Louis, just south of Yuma (be sure to check out the locations before making an expensive trip).

Watch the video.

America's Frontline Doctors Summit- Session 2

15  Other / Politics & Society / Striking Decline of Premature Births and SIDS During COVID on: August 11, 2020, 03:30:00 AM
Looks like the lockdowns have reduced the number of vaccinations done to mothers, babies, and expectant mothers. The results are fewer SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and fewer premature births.

Striking Decline of Premature Births and SIDS During COVID

Unusual reductions have also been reported in other countries, including Australia, the Netherlands and the U.S. The Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, for example, had about 20% fewer preemies than is typical for March.11 As noted in the Irish study, posted on the preprint server medRxiv June 5, 2020:12


The meta stats have been telling us forever that infant vaccination is risky.  This informs as to how risky.  The big news though is that the lockdown flushed this all out in the form of decling death rates.

There may well be a safe vaccination protocol.  Right now we do not have it, but instead a criminal CABAL selling the MEME any which way.

Yesterday we learned that COV 19 in combination with quinine is a plausible cure for cancer.  It certainly will suppress cancer cells while protecting normal cells.  Does it get better than that?  Now watch the CABAL attempt to stop this.

16  Other / Politics & Society / Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own on: August 09, 2020, 02:34:57 PM
Centralized money was never the way it was supposed to be done. The reason why we have centralized money is twofold:
1. In the past we needed the organization of centralization;
2. So the big bankers could rip us off, and control the world.

Presently, the local people realize that we need something without the ripoff, and yet something that can be used locally and still traded around the world. That's what they are starting to make by cities printing their own money.

Adding this new kind of money to a bunch of blockchains might prove difficult. But if it can be done, it would solve the decentralization problem, and maybe the bloated blockchain problem that Bitcoin has presented us with.

Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own

In a back room of the Tenino Depot Museum, a modest sandstone building in a city of less than 2,000 in Washington State, there is a rickety old machine that officials believe could help save the community from looming economic collapse: With it, money is literally being made from trees.

Printed on postcard-sized sheets of planed maple veneer by Tenino's only resident expert using an antique 1890 Chandler & Price letterpress, these "wooden dollars" are being handed out to locals suffering financial hardship. Pegged at the rate of real U.S. dollars, the currency can be spent everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations and child care centers, whose owners can later exchange them.

"We want this to be a symbol of hope," says Tenino's mayor, Wayne Fournier, of the City Hall-funded program. "We preach localism and investing in our local community, and the idea with this scheme is that we'll stand together as a community and provide relief to individuals that need it while fueling consumption. It's in our city's DNA."

Indeed, the wooden currency is a reboot of a Tenino program that dates back to the darkest days of the Great Depression. The logging city's only bank at the time had closed, and local businessmen decided to establish a wood-based scrip to allow commerce to continue. Tenino's 1931 program was the first of its kind in the the U.S.

17  Other / Politics & Society / Petition to have Fauci of the CDC Executed for Mass Murder, and... on: August 03, 2020, 10:02:16 PM
... some of the State Governors, as well. Why?

There are doctors around the world having great success fighting Coronavirus using HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.

Six countries in Africa were having, like, one Coronavirus death per million or less, at the time that that the USA was having over 400 deaths per million. Why? Because everybody in these countries was using HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE for malaria already.

Dr. Fauci did tests on HCQ way back in 2005, and he knew that it was a cure for Coronavirus. The thing he didn’t know was if it would work for Covid like it did for the other Coronaviruses.

So, he re-tested with 2400 mg per day, which was way, way, way too much, and that is why the recent tests even killed a few people. But he knew or could have checked to see that the proper dosage was 200 mg a day, a dosage that cures everybody - EVERYBODY - if they are caught in the early stages of Covid/Coronavirus.

Why execute governors? Because they should have checked into the reports months ago, and should have ordered their States to REQIURE HYDROXYCHLOROQUIN for everybody... but at least they should NOT have blocked it at any level, as they have.

What this means is that people have died who could easily have been saved. And it is the fault of Fauci, the CDC, State governors, and the FDA, for blocking and lying about Coronavirus.

Proof? Start seeing the proof for yourself by watching these two videos: and Then contact the doctors in the videos, and get copies of the actual reports that they are using for their information.

The petitions haven’t been started, yet, that I know of. But it’s time to get them going. Execute the Coronavirus mass murderers, be they in the medical, or the government, or Big Pharma.

Any ideas about where the best place to start is?

18  Other / Politics & Society / VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST: The Virus Hoax created by the Pharma Cartel on: July 31, 2020, 06:47:31 PM
We are finding out that what we have been looking at for a long time is exosomes. Google "exosomes" and "exosomes vs. viruses." The article below doesn't talk about exosomes at all. But what they talk about is the fact that many doctors and researchers have found that viruses are something that doesn't fit nature and illness, and that these researchers are being silenced by Big Pharma, out to make a buck off society.

VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST: The Virus Hoax created by the Pharma Cartel

Viruses do NOT exist.

This fact has been known by many qualified biologists and MD's for many years. Owing to peer pressure, this very important fact of how diseases are caused, lay hidden under wraps for many decades.  UNTIL NOW.

The word 'VIRUS' originates from Latin. It means "POISON". Diseases are caused by POISONS.
There are two kinds of poisons.

These are the toxic substances they spray on fields, DDT, and such. When these poisonous chemicals enter the body, they cause a reaction at the cellular level, which results in all the diseases.

These are the negative effects of electrical and microwave radiation on our bodies.

The human body is electromagnetic in nature. Your hair, your skin are one big giant antennae. Every small fluctuation in the electro-magnetic fields influences your body. If these radiations are harmful, it will result in the body reacting with diseases.

Consider for example these 'co-incidences' :

In 1918 telecommunications radio waves were deployed. (Spanish flu. )

1940s radar technology was deployed.( Influenza epidemic. )

2003 3G was deployed. (SARS epidemic. )

2009 4G was deployed. ( H1N1 epidemic. )

2019 5G being deployed. ( COVID 19 epidemic. )

Hoaxes are created when they know that the general public will find it difficult to prove the hoax.


How did the idea of a virus come into existence?

Koch's French counterpart was Luis Pasteur, the scientific fraudster employed by the French.
As the French were at war with Germany in 1872. The dead were later declared as victims of a smallpox epidemic. The Germans claimed it came from France, the French said it came from Germany. But he knew what bacteria can and what they cannot do, and has earned some merits for this.

But the same Pasteur, who KNEW that bacteria cannot cause diseases, applied a trick. To hold up to the model of the doctrine of juices and disease which the entire western medicine is based on, a disease-causing toxin had to be postulated. Especially since this concept of pandemics was used many times to suppress upheavals, to kontrol starvation situations and so on.

19  Other / Politics & Society / Del Bigtree's "The Highwire" dumped from Youtube on: July 30, 2020, 04:29:34 AM
Wanna follow The Highwire? Go to and sign up to receive emails.

Want to watch a bunch of the old videos, including the new one coming up tomorrow? Go to Also, try

We'll see. Youtube reverses its decisions at times. Not that anybody cares. Giants start falling slowly, and gain momentum as the get closer to the ground.

20  Other / Politics & Society / Covid will take your money on: July 29, 2020, 12:19:40 AM
One of the dirtiest things in the world is money. Each bill has been handled by thousands of people. So, the government will state that money is spreading Covid. They will require you to turn in your $dollars. All the big stores will go along with them and not accept money any longer. Your money will be replaced by an electronic system... maybe a debit card, or maybe they will chip you, or maybe it'll simply be a barcode on your forehead or in your hand. Less chance for you to spread Covid. This is coming starting 2021.

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