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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / What do you guys think? on: September 23, 2022, 06:14:39 PM
What's up guys,

So I stumbled upon a project that was very different than any other crypto project I had ever seen.  You guys probably know that a lot of projects have issues with prices going up because their total max supply is just too high, yet when they say they do 1-2% burns, it just gets transferred to the dead wallet, keeping the total max supply the same. 

This project called "PYROMATIC - PYRO" is a true burn.  What it does is every time someone buys or sells, 6% will be taxed deducting the total max supply.  That's 12% total.  There's no marketing wallet so it's community driven and from the looks of it, it does have a lot of potentials to grow. 

I have a video that you can see if you are interested. 3min Video.  Again you don't have to invest in it, but look at what it's doing each and every day.

They have two different supplies, one is total max supply and they also have a uniswap supply.  Once the total supply runs out, it will start to burn from the uniswap supply.  As the supply decreases, this coin has the potential to even surpass Bitcoin and Xmon (that one hit almost 100K per coin).  Again, not financial advice, but please look into it.

It started with a 1 million supply on July 21, 2022 (sadly I missed it) and now it's at 634K. If it keeps burning at this rate every day, it's just a matter of time before it explodes.

Etherscan Link: Refresh it each day and you can track it yourself.

Here is the video, timelapse of what it's doing:


Anyways, enjoy.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / The New Fast-burning Hyper-deflationary Token on the ERC20 Blockchain! on: September 05, 2022, 12:47:22 AM
Hey guys,

I'm not the owner of this project, I just invested in this project recently cuz its not like any other coin I had ever seen.  You guys don't have to buy but it would be nice if you guys can look into this and if I can get your input on it.  I copied and pasted this part below from somewhere.

$PYRO Token Steps Up the Heat with Fastest Burning ERC Strategy, NFT Collection and Telegram Burn Bot

Revolutionary (True Burn) Technology 10000x Gem

(September 3 2022) – Tokenomics taken to a hot extreme brings ample rewards, as the newly launched $Pyro token reveals. Based on a pure True Burn Technology, $Pyro is the fastest burning token on the ERC20 ecosystem, with over 34% tokens burnt to date, and more being turned to ashes every second.

$PYRO is by definition a fast-burning, hyper-deflationary token. Naturally, the laws of demand and supply make its value rise continually with every buy or sell. That’s because 6% of the buy or sell tokens are burnt (truly removed from the total supply and never to be seen again). Completely burned of the Etherscan/Blockchain This is not a tax, but a value-add, as the burning causes floor price of the token to increase, bringing in greater rewards. The total supply of $Pyro is limited, and thus the net effect is an increase in value over time.

The hot fire of the entire platform can be tracked easily with the Telegram Burn Bot, similar to the hugely popular Bobby Buy or Bubble buy telegram bots. Every time a buy or sell takes place, the Burn Bot alerts the community of how many tokens were burnt. The bot keeps the community informed and entertained, letting everyone know that the platform is working smoothly and how prices are increasing.

“With $PYRO, we are bringing a fresh dimension to hyper deflationary tokens, which until now were not so effective. Our strategy is called the “$PYRO burn principle”, and the flames will continue to burn forever,” said a spokesperson for the project.

If external projects want to use the Burn bot, they too can get access and use it for community engagement. Developers and project managers can get the burner contract by using the custom burns $Pyro contract where 2% will go to the Pyro project from buy and sell transactions. This will add an extra push to the prices of $Pyro. The bot will also feature ads from the project.

How does the burn phenomenon work? The team behind the Pyro strategy reveals that it has to do with the ‘gamma squeeze’. When the number of tokens keeps falling with every burn, it creates a $Pyro supply shock, which rapidly pushes up the token price of every single token due to scarce availability.

$PYRO at a glance:

Total Supply: started with 1,000,000 $PYRO

    Several hundred thousand have currently been burned off of the Blockchain totally burned off of Etherscan forever.

    6% auto-burns on every buy/sell

    0% developer/marketing taxes

    Ownership is fully renounced

    To add to the hotness quotient, the project will also release a special collection of $PYRO NFTs for the diamond hand $PYRO holders. NFT themes include specially designed “Firebreather”, “Lonezombie”, “The Ring of Fire and more.

$Pyro is for those who know how tokenomics works behind the scenes. The project will not distribute any tokens to the team, so no worries of pump and dump or early sell out. The liquidity remains locked, and the ownership has been renounced. The extra push given by a tightly organized marketing campaign will add more fuel to the fire. Beyond NFTs, there will be merchandise too and an exchange listing. Fans and followers should stay tuned to more promotions coming soon and new utilities.

About Us

$PYRO is a fast-burning hyper-deflationary token that gains value with every buy and sell transaction.

To know more, please visit:






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3  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Looking to buy LocalBitcoins Account on: January 01, 2018, 11:53:17 PM
Hey guys,

I want to buy btc from people on local bitcoins but I need an account with good feedback. Looking for 100% with 30+ trades minimum and positive feedback with email access also.

Please let me know.
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