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1  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / heat recycling on: June 29, 2011, 09:22:23 PM
hi miners,

is anyone of you recycling the heat of your mining rigs/racks? is anyone using (custom)
Heat-Pipe-System / (solar) Tube collector hardware?

New Heat exchanger Smiley - sounds great

any othere ideas about that topic?

2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / bitcoin generation using bash shell (poc) on: May 30, 2011, 01:35:57 PM
hi forum,

I tried to develop a bash shell based bitcoin miner poc for a better understanding
of the crypto stuff. Can someone please tell me how I can find out or compute
test or verification values (mindstate/data/hash1/target) - with a target match?
...still haven't figured out the verification details yet :)

I used the following versions of dependencies:
GNU bash, version 4.1.5
curl 7.21.0
OpenSSL 0.9.8o

(no target check yet - unproofed crypto!1)

# bitcoin poc 0.1
#  by sead (1B91ZzpVrs7wq3pYdeDLFoKVWQuxPngZSk)
# deps: openssl, curl, xxd, bitcoind

getwork=`curl -s -u $rpcuser:$rpcpass -d '{"params": [], "method": "getwork", "id": "json"}'`
mindstate=`echo $getwork | awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $8 }'`
data=`echo $getwork | awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $14 }'`
hash1=`echo $getwork |awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $20 }'`
target=`echo $getwork |awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $26 }'`

while [ $i -le $((16#ffffffff)) ]
  h=`printf '%s%s%08x%s' $mindstate ${data:128:40} $i ${data:176} | xxd -r -p | openssl sha -sha256`
  printf '%s%s' $h $hash1 |  xxd -r -p | openssl sha -sha256

3  Bitcoin / Mining / HD5970 + HD6990 experience on: May 27, 2011, 05:20:05 AM
Hi forum,

I just want to tell you some experience with mining on a system. Just in case you are planing a system like that.
Here is the system relevant hardware list:

AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
Chieftec APS-1000C (1000W / 900W for pciE)
OCZ Vertex2 E 2,5" SSD 60 GB
19" 4HU

XFX 2GB HD5970
XFX 4GB HD6990

overall price around 1600 EUR (January 2011)

I am using bitcoin-0.3.21 and m0mchil-poclbm-06cf386 on a Linux ubuntu 2.6.35-24-generic. I don't like ubuntu
but the installation of the AMD (GPU) SDK simply works. I lunch 4 times the in parallel because you
can not specify multiple devices. I think using dual gpu cards - nice and easy - is still not really supported by the
SDK - but from my coding experience with it - it works to start 4 kernels on 4 gpus but this will decrease the over
all computation speed - at least for me...

Just a quick note about overclocking the gpus. I decided not to do that simply because (I may be naive) I hope
the card will have a longer lifetime :-) I did some test with like 100-150mhz on the core and this increased the
fan noise "exp" :-)

Adapter 1 - ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series
Current Clocks :    550           1000
Current Peak :      725           1000
Configurable Peak Range : [550-1000]     [1000-1500]
GPU load :    100%

Adapter 2 - same

Adapter 3 - AMD Radeon HD 6990
Current Clocks :    830           1250
Current Peak :      830           1250
Configurable Peak Range : [500-1200]     [1250-1500]
GPU load :    99%

Adapter 4 - same

Speed results (running 48h+):

26/05/2011 X, 194437 khash/s < HD5970
26/05/2011 X, 194408 khash/s
26/05/2011 X, 340399 khash/s < HD6990
26/05/2011 X, 340302 khash/s

My experience:

I think this - "oh the complexity increases so far because of the gaming gpu kids" - is very overrated.
1. If you do not have a dedicated system for processing it is in my opinion impossible to use or (play Smiley with the system
2. My room temperature (20sm) increased like 5 degree (C) - air moisture down
3. It is impossible to sleep next to system - i am a nerd i am used to sleep next to case-less mb only systems (like 10 y ago) -
   but - if you are a computer guy - the noise of my system can be compared to a:
   - Vacuum cleaner full on
   - NetApp/EMC 4HU head (storage)
   - Old cisco or juniper cores
4. Maybe a 2nd system like that would fit in my room - but I thinks it is very impossible to have more
   than 2 or these systems in a room without climate control
5. The hashing speed of the 5970 started with ~250 mhash and decreased constant to 194mhash after like 10min - I am not sure
    for the cause - maybe I don't have enough power - don't know
6. if you are richy rich you can buy some custom water cooled extensions for the HD cards Smiley don't known like 500-600 EUR for both.

I did not plan this system for bitcoining but a dedicated opencl computation system... I am
working with cuda/cal/opencl sind 2-3 years mainly with crypto. I am trying to optimize because in my opinion
you can have a big speed up by having kernel run times of 5-7 seconds each - of course this only works on a dedicated system
without needs for gfx refresh rates Smiley)

If you have questions please ask.

If you have tricks for increasing/optimizing the computation speed without overclocking please tell me Smiley

happy computing

(sorry for language difficulties not a native speaker)
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