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1  Economy / Economics / Economical Politics by an insane guy is the reason for this crash! on: May 16, 2021, 08:36:30 PM

What's the level of trolls in front of these two, and specially Elon Musk?

All of these are examples which show how an insane guy's personal revenge on a whole community could lead to unexpected losses. I want to ask those institutions' lovers, do you still want them in crypto? Do you want them to make crypto their hedge all their losses and when they will take out their profits, everyone in crypto will lose? Isn't everything in crypto getting under their control, which means it is being centralized?

Anyway I thank Elon as he is selling all his $1.5 billion worth btc in the markets causing this correction, thanks to him we will be buying his btc more cheaper. Smiley
2  Economy / Speculation / Get ready for the inevitable, huge correction coming. on: May 16, 2021, 07:14:21 PM
Btc had been nicely being accumulated but all the mess that had been created by Elon and other institutions that are selling their btc in the markets shows how dangerous can it be when institutions create panic in the markets. No, don't think that I am going to say it's the end of btc and crypto, it is not. They are just taking their profits till the areas where they can buy back more btc with their profits so cheap that the next cycle will break all limits for btc and it will reach $100k. As of now, btc should get to an area where it can not only be profitable to just traders, but to the spenders too who spend their btc and pay very high fees. Want cheap fees? Want cheap btc? Time is coming. 36k soon.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Shopping time guys. Fill your bags now. on: May 10, 2021, 08:31:01 PM
We have been thinking and waiting for a big big dip after watching markets going constant upwards. Now is the time you should buy your favorite alts and wait for their recovery, this is not a financial advice so do your research before buying anything and stay away from futures, so many traders got rekt few minutes ago. You can wait too if you think the markets are going to present more circus before the dust settles.
4  Economy / Economics / Are institutional investors capable of selling their bitcoins? on: April 25, 2021, 08:30:39 PM

Please visit the link above first before reading anything here.

After visiting there, all of you can see that how institutional investors are 'blindly' collecting bitcoins and adding more and more btc to their treasuries. I am too much curious and confused to understand how they will manage to sell all of their btc if some day a big dump arrives, or if their investors start to take out their investments and ask them to sell the btc and pay them. For an institution to pull out their btc from their wallets and sell, there needs to be an institution or a very big whale on the other hand to buy all that and they will also need that much big liquidity for the same.

Now, a very common logic, which institution would like to buy btc at $100k or even at million dollars when the seller institution is already taking out big profits in fiat by selling their btc to the buyer Institution? Won't that btc be coming with an impermanent loss if the price dumps later? Do you think there is any point where a stagnancy of liquidity or financial crunch may affect the price of btc so badly that it can reverse down like it did in the 2018 crash?
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / One of the top 10 btc wallets hacked? on: November 03, 2020, 11:47:51 PM
According to my source (Blockchain Whispers), there was a wallet that was on sale at dark markets 'and no news have come into the markets yet' but it looks like the wallet has been decrypted and it had over a billion USD worth of btc in it and all the funds have been moved. Has it anything to do with the elections? Will there be a price hit 'or one of the biggest dumps in btc's history' to follow? A secret news brought to you exclusively by me and BCW, I will do everything to get into the roots of it. Don't panic till you officially see this at some reputed crypto news website, but save your ASSes by maintaining your open positions if you have any, seems huge volatility coming around.

More news to follow...

EDIT: News from the source - "1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx - this wallet moved their funds. You can check for yourself. This wallet was featured on Vice as one on sale by hackers for decryption in September. I got the info SUPER EARLY. The first really... thanks to follower D... minutes after... just I was checking info for you. Now we wait for major sites to figure out what happened. That's why I'm writing the wallet for them. as they want to act smart when reporting... here you go guys!"

Source -


1. The very first transaction received on the hacked wallet was of BTC69471 in April, 2013 -

2. The very first transfer done through the hacked wallet to 1PLbnu8oYYyyXftkCBW4so6KHNKkpnexCB with 0 fee was of BTC101 in April, 2015 -

3. The hacked wallet tested sending BTC1 to bc1qa5wkgaew2dkv56kfvj49j0av5nml45x9ek9hz6 with BTC0.05775 as fee (over $800 as I'm writing this) on 04/11/20 -

4. The hacked wallet finally sweeps away the remaining BTC69369 to the same address bc1qa5wkgaew2dkv56kfvj49j0av5nml45x9ek9hz6 with just $12 in fees for a transfer (move) of a billion dollars worth btc -

This is the power of transparency and a public ledger. And don't forget, we were the first and even the fastest news breakers (even before a professional crypto news website published it). Enjoy the low-side ride.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / How far will you go when you sent btc to a site with high fee but... on: October 30, 2020, 12:32:54 PM
As I couldn't complete the question in the title, below it is:

How far will you go when you sent btc to a site with high fee but could not get it into the site because either the fee was low based on that time or they credit it after some confirms. Fee has become the talk of crypto nerds and everyone thinks that it is already so high. What will happen when price is high and miners increase fee, mempool is clogged and you have your favorite winning bet available right there on the table but your btc is in your wallet and you want it to reach the gambling site anyhow to bet and win? Give your valuable opinions as they matter.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / If btc > $150k, will you still gamble it? on: October 29, 2020, 09:57:19 PM
After so much positive speculation, optimism in markets, accumulation by institutional investors, too many analysts predicting a new ATH for btc, let's say if everything goes good and btc reaches extremely high price, will you still gamble it? Or will you 'be able' to gamble it? Won't the fees distract you from using it in gambling?

Take the poll and share your opinion.
8  Other / Meta / With money, comes fame. True words. A "Thank You" message inside. on: September 30, 2020, 11:09:23 AM
This thread is a type of SALUTE to those highly-occupied and well-versed people in their own areas where they shine the most. I am talking about people like LoyceV, DdmrDdmr, TheBeardedBaby, Suchmoon and many others.

But, how does that relate to the topic?
Well, can't you see there is something common between all of them? Umm.. And what is that?

A classic service in its own kind, unmatchable till date and had been advertising on this forum for years now. To be honest, I don't think that it was just money that motivated these users to post superior quality posts but their hunger of helping the community with something new every single day is what brought them the fame they deserved. While there are/were some users who gained a lot of popularity through the Chipmixer campaign where this rule of 'With money, comes fame' applies, most of them have started from scratch and LoyceV, DdmrDdmr and fillippone are the three most mind-blasting examples of how they made it to becoming a Legendary from a newbie when merit system was already implemented. Chasing that rank had never been easier for them but their hard work paid them off, both via money and fame. Actually their fame is all because of their consistency in helping each and every community member in any way they can 'and let us not forget that these guys go deep down the ground to come out with a groundbreaking reply even in scam accusations area'. This is not about the merits, not the money and definitely not their fame, it is actually about their true level of hard work which made a lot of things at one place for a newbie or any rank member to just go through their posts and learn what they (newbies) lack in themselves.

P.S.: I am very much thankful for LoyceV's enormous work towards the forum and a sincere gratitude towards TryNinja's supernatural bot.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Can I call this the "right way of mixing"? on: August 30, 2020, 08:54:38 PM
I have been sending my coins to some gambling websites and casinos which, at the moment, do not have my KYC and I think they won't ask for that in the future as my coin sizes and winnings are not so big.

So, what do I do?

I send them to a gambling site of my choice, play there and keep my coins there for some time, then withdraw them to another address which is fresh and new but on a different wallet that was newly created.

So how can this be mixing?

Well, I get a new address every time I send coins to my casino account. Next, I send those coins from casino to my personal wallet but the one that I create every time I need a withdrawal or else, I just send them to the exchange where I sell them. If I cut that exchange part, where is my identity revealed? And if I'm anonymous during this process, shouldn't I call this a way of mixing?
10  Other / Beginners & Help / BTC got stolen. Once again! :/ on: April 07, 2020, 02:06:08 PM
This may not be the right board to discuss this but I wanted to make you guys beware of what I went through, a few days ago. I was actually sick a lot due to which I couldn't come up with this to you quickly, but I downloaded a cracked version of Quick heal Total security and did exactly as that guy told me. Nothing happened to Quick heal and its trial just expired, what happened ahead was more shocking. I lost my BTC as my laptop got hacked and I had my seed stored in it somewhere. I would urge you not to save your seed and not even your private key inside a PC that goes online by getting connected to the internet daily. If you have a spare PC and have a highly secured OS installed, then only keep these things in it and always let it remain offline. Though, I would not ask you even to do that and just write down these things on a paper and keep it in a safe place, or buy some hardware that can store your BTC or a hardware material which can store your paper wallet.
11  Economy / Service Discussion / Do you know any websites allowing PAMM services in crypto? on: February 11, 2020, 08:40:46 PM
I had been a forex trader and I was fond of investing instead of trading myself, and so I found a way we call as PAMM (Percentage allocation management module) where we put our money on stake in a trader's PAMM account where he can only trade and keep the profits we agreed upon 'which already gets allocated to him after a successful profitable trade'. Are there any PAMM account services available in crypto trading too? Don't confuse PAMM accounts with copy-trading.
12  Economy / Economics / Bakkt is done? on: January 29, 2020, 06:45:41 PM
We were all waiting eagerly for its release and since it launched its Bitcoin options on December 9, a wave of happiness was spread among everyone that now BTC will be moon, now we will lambo and what not. But, what happened defines a very different story and we can't deny how badly the last 10 days went for Bakkt when zero trading volume knocked their doors.

Go there and read, how calmly the ICE's spokesperson said during a recent interview that Bakkt continues to see “strong” interest in both its bitcoin options and futures products.

If that is the case, why their working product is yet not being used since 10 days and why the volume of institutional investors is so low at Bakkt compared to CME futures?
13  Bitcoin / Electrum / Aware of this issue in Electrum while downloading 3.3.8? on: December 25, 2019, 05:18:17 PM
I tried to update my Electrum from v3.3.4 to v3.3.8 as I was suggested by Electrum to do so, from their website. I downloaded it and while trying to install it, I saw this:

Error opening file for writing:


Click Abort to stop the installation,
Retry to try again, or
Ignore to skip this file.

When I retry, it shows me this error continuously.
Will it be good for my wallet if I ignore this file and try to download the wallet anyway? Is there a solution for this?
14  Economy / Speculation / Why didn't Bakkt launch bring $25000 on the table? on: December 16, 2019, 11:50:18 PM
We all had high hopes since the time we knew that a major stocks trading provider was set to launch this Bakkt since it was going to bring big buyers and 'institutional investors' to the table. There is no doubt that Bakkt had been setting records one by one after its launch and had brought Bitcoin a greater volume in Future trading. But, was that enough? What happened after the launch and why couldn't Bakkt deliver what we were expecting highly from it? The rise in price of Bitcoin? Didn't you think it the way I did? What could be the reason for this continuous decline that BTC is facing?
15  Other / Meta / Post count issues going in forum? on: December 15, 2019, 02:22:53 PM
Your bitcointalk profile link:;u=153776
Your current posts count (including this one): 2246
Amounts of merits that you earned in the last 120 days: 24
Your correct BTC Address: bc1ql4gn6r75sydqwe99qz6nc44mvkzcfc4hqwqn3y

I know this is an application and has nothing to do with this thread, but it can work as a proof here.

Including that application post, my post count was 2246
During first week of my participation in this campaign, I could only make 4 posts which tallied to 2250 (check the sheet here)

Now, I made around 7 posts this week totalling it to 2257 but 1 of my posts got deleted and my post count is now 2256 (after this post, 2257 again) but if you check my post history, scrolling down to this application, you will see that this application is on #9 (will be on #10 after this post) but according to my post number, I should have 6 posts this week instead of 4 posts based on my post count number. I don't know which 2 of my posts are missing for this week but I think there is some issue with either the number of posts the forum is showing or my posts are missing. Are you facing the same problem?
16  Other / Beginners & Help / [WARNING] Newbies, do not click links blindly. on: November 21, 2019, 01:56:55 PM
When you go for shortcuts while in a bounty, you just blindly click a link to check a tweet/post made by a user to get some content for your tweet/post on Twitter/Facebook as such are those campaigns. Have you ever thought that if a user, who intentionally wants to infect your PC/phone with malware, will just add a different link inside the URL part and show you a different link here? My advice would be to first hover over any link you click on this forum or just tap and hold a link, tap on "Copy link address", paste it somewhere (but not address bar) and check the link. Only visit the link if it does belong to the website it is supposed to be.
17  Economy / Gambling / Can you believe that this dice is real? on: October 31, 2019, 01:46:09 AM

Watching the image above, I hope you have already got a glimpse of what I'm going to talk about - Yobit dice. Yes, while browsing different sections of the exchange, I decided to visit the dice part of exchange and what I saw was completely unbelievable. I am shocked to see such enormous amounts in BTC [yeah, all those bets are in BTC] are being played over Yobit dice while we cannot even search for the provably fair part of the played games or 'bets' specifically. Alike me, I think you will also be shocked if you visit that part of the exchange and see it yourself. Do you believe what you see there is true? Do you think there are are real players sending those big bets or is it just a big show from Yobit to lure us to play their dice game?
18  Economy / Reputation / Did I spam? Report me right now. #RMRN #RaiseYourVoice on: October 21, 2019, 07:28:35 AM
Do you have a feeling that I am a spammer and you think you can prove it? Ok, taken, challenge accepted. If you think I spammed, I take the dare here and ask you at front to show up, report me either to the moderator or via this thread and let me know how and when did I do it? It will do nothing but help me improve my skills and abilities to post better. I challenge any one of you 'who are spammers' to take this dare with me and play this reporting game. Enough now, let's start.
19  Other / Meta / Why don't you stop SPAMMERS yourself, admins? #RaiseYourVoice on: October 20, 2019, 11:36:38 AM
When you have the balls and you know you have got mods to spread them in, why don't you give these moderators the power to limit these spammers from posting in the boards they spam in?

Simple, let's say if a spammer posts too many shitposts in gambling area of the forum just because of the specified limits to be reached to get paid from the signature campaign he/she is enrolled in, why to ban them or their signature? Why not just take such board/s/ off-limits to these spammers? How will they post there then? And once removed from the campaign, do you think they will actively participate in other areas of the forum? Keeping a list of all spammers who are limited from posting in specific areas will also help moderators to give you a final report while such users have spammed in the remaining boards they were allowed to post in or not, and then you decide whether to ban these users or to allow them to post again in those limited areas on the basis of their posting behavior.
20  Economy / Service Discussion / A humble request to Yobit Officials! on: October 15, 2019, 03:52:33 PM
After starting a serious discussion with the users of the forum about what should be done to prevent spam as well as unwanted bans and seeing some fellow members expressing their views, I decided to write this out as I couldn't resist.

Dear Yobit (or Cryptotalk) Officials,
I want to ask you some questions and share some suggestions herewith to make you know what kind of shitposting is still being carried on here.

Were any steps taken or research done on why your previous campaign failed and got banned here?

Would you mind if a participant of your campaign who is not happy at all, wants to suggest you some changes? And if you are open to suggestions, will you just hear them from one ear and throw it out of the other or you will give a damn, look out for the possible changes and work that change here?

Why don't you guys:
+ Add more rules to the campaign?

+ Limit the boards so that the users don't shitpost everywhere 'this is for those who do', even if they do then that will be for their own interest sake and this will show how much balls they have got to post for free!

+ Set max limits to 10 instead of 20? Yahoo is proposing 5 but I think 10 is fine because there are many competitive campaigns that pay well to their users for less number of posts and those interested in the good of forum will not spam and deserving posts should be paid

+ Set a minimum merit requirement for each member type trying to join and remain in the campaign?

+ Decide that a fixed set of users will only be able to join this campaign? For example, set a fixed amount for Sr, Hero and Legendary spots?

+ Set a fixed post limit instead? Or even if with Max posts per day, can't you increase the pay? That'd only let high quality users remain in the campaign. I have seen many campaigns paying even BTC0.015 or higher with just 25 posts taking the pay per post to around BTC0.0006

+ Can't you follow for e.g. Yolodice? Well I selected them because you both begin with the word Yo)

Give Sr BTC0.00025 and Hero/Legendary BTC0.00035 per post? If you have a higher budget, you can go for even more Wink

10 posts per day (my proposal) * BTC0.00025 Sr member rate * 7 days of a week = BTC0.0175

10 posts per day (my proposal) * BTC0.00035 Hero/Legendary member rate * 7 days of a week = BTC0.0245

Or less pay per post or keep it the same.

You cannot really ban and stop a lot of users here because that will be a huge workload on your side. Why can't yobit set limits for boards to post in? They can, if there are some local posts restrictions, there can be more.
Another thing based on my personal opinion, you cannot ask us to make n number of posts because you think that's fair, until Yobit implements the same as there may be users who post well and deserve to be paid well, it's just that they were not lucky enough to get themselves a seat in a high paying campaign for less posts. Rather, I had a request here that instead of banning people from campaigns, why can't you decide which posts should/should not be counted for? Let Yobit not pay us for at least 48-72 hours even after our earnings get credited there! Is that much time sufficient for you to decide what should we be paid for? I mean if that is possible for you at the very first place. So at least this won't stop a user from posting any number of posts daily based on their interest and not just to earn that buck.
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