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1  Economy / Lending / ✅ IamNotSure Lending Service - ASK FOR BITCOINS, WE SATISFY EVERYONE! ✅ on: August 08, 2017, 09:30:38 PM

BTC BTC BTC IamNotSure lending service BTC BTC BTC


1) I accept Loans from everyone, also newbies, buy you MUST have valid collateral as specified in the rules.
If you don't have collateral don't even try to apply for a loan or i will put you in my ignore list.

2) I accept any kind of loan requests up to 10BTC (or whatever will be the total amount of BTC available to lend in the time)

3) I deserve the right to accept or refuse a loan on my sole discretion.

4) If debtor doesn't pay back in the given time without any direct contact to me I deserve the right to sell your collateral,
a part of or whole, and I apply a 1% interest on every day after the payback date.

5) My interest rate is variable and subject to change at my will (excluding active loans).

6) Physical collateral accepted at my sole discretion

x) Don't try to scam me


Just copy this and fill in your details

[b]Loan Amount:[/b]
[b]Reason for Taking out a Loan:[/b]
[b]Amount to be repaid:[/b]
[b]Repayment Date:[/b]
[b]Type of Collateral:[/b]
[b]Bitcoin Address:[/b]



   Amount Available to loan: 30BTC

Proof of funds with signed message:

Text: owned by IamNotSure 03 April 2018

BTC address: 151VDYZMGK8v82jZB93crAGiuRnSkqBD1W

Public keys: 0290bf10a9918a22874632e67ffed6492bcb03dc3567ecbb0ff79cbef15fa94771

Signature: ILX0gyIg6rnO/OZz3DblUR369g3nvJ4kBYyniO1PfVmvZhG7B8q3hR0R8igGfVzQTEBAya/51TIGVypC6tknnwg=

   Amount Loaned in total: 0.1175 BTC (3 Loans)

S.No.         Username                  Amount Loaned                  Repayment Amount                  Repayment Date                  Status*

01 chromosoma BTC0.10.115BTC11 Aug 2017PAID

02 FaididBTC0.010.011BTC25 Aug 2017FAULTED

03 bixbem90BTC0.00750.0085BTC5 Sep 2017PAID
2  Economy / Auctions / [AUCTION] 0.3% Share in Satoshibones Monthly Revenue on: February 29, 2016, 12:28:00 PM

I want to sell my stake in the SatoshiBones house revenue.

More info here

I currently own 0,3 percent of the stake (bought for 7,5 BTC) , which yields 0,3% of the monthly earnings.

Owner of the site has paid the dividends all 1st of month and has never failed one payment. (address 1pixe1UftiakbCTXnQdF6mtk1o7nKfHMb)

Last 6 payments for this stake were (all this can be verified on the blockchain and on the address above):

Jan 2016 : 0.41305344 BTC
Dec 2015 : 0.22655820 BTC
Nov 2015 : 0.16724186 BTC
Oct 2015 : 0.2239621 BTC
Sept 2015 : 0.138786 BTC

So basically, if the share of the stake is valued today at 10 BTC, it would yield between 1 and 5% / month

This has been my best investment in BTC so far. I want to sell because I wan to liquitadate all my assets in BTC.

Starting bid : 7.5 BTC

Buy it now : 15 BTC

End date and time : 15 March 2016 1PM CET (so you will receice the payment for march)

Payment methods accepted : Only in Bitcoins

Additional information

As soon as the winner of the auction is known, the transfer of ownership will involve the owner of Sathoshibones (who is anonymous but has proved to be trustworthy so far) and we will arrange the transfer with him. Most likely the address listed in the shareholders will be replaced by one the buyer own. This can be done with an escow to accomodate any level of paranoia the buyer would have.

Don’t hesistate if you have any question.
3  Local / Actualité et News / "Le Bitcoin à l'article de la mort" article publié dans la presse belge on: February 25, 2014, 02:49:39 PM
Sauvons le pour bien rigoler dans quelques mois !

Ce qu'il ne faut pas lire...
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