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1  Economy / Securities / [BTC-TC] Nasty-PT 100 shares = 1 Nasty Fans seat - Closed on: August 05, 2013, 09:08:44 PM
See this post for complete details.

100 shares equals 1 Nasty Fans seat.

The Pass-Through:
This pass-through will allow investors an easy alternative to purchasing seats outright.
100 shares is equal to 1 Nasty Fans seat.

Before purchasing, please make sure to read About Nasty Fans and the Nasty Fans Policy. Also check the Nasty Fans forum OP for up to date mining info.
Shares have no voting rights. Management will vote in the best interest of the pass-through.
Shares can not be traded or exchanged for Nasty Fans seats. Nasty Fan seats can be traded for shares.
95% of donations received will be paid out to shareholders. Though Nasty Fans usually receives donations on Fridays, dividends for this pass-through may be held and paid up to 6 days later.

Transparency/Proof of Nasty Fans seat ownership:
First the pass-through will purchase seats through Nasty Fans. Only after seats are owned would shares be put up for sale. 100 shares will be issued for each Nasty Fans seat owned by the pass-through.
Seat ownership can be verified by looking at the current list of seat owners and checking for NASTYPT.

1% will be donated back to Nasty Fans.  
4% will go to management fees.

Due to market conditions, Bitcoin network fees, and exchange fees; the price per share may not always equal 1/100th of the price of a seat.

Pass-through Closure
Management reserves the right to close this pass-through for any reason, giving 30 days notice. All seats will be sold on Nasty Fans and proceeds paid to shareholders.
2  Economy / Securities / [BTC-TC and BF] MININGCO.ETF - Closed on: January 02, 2013, 11:49:42 PM



The purpose of this MiningCo.ETF (the fund) is to allow investors to instantly diversify among higher quality mining assets.
MININGCO.ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund that holds assets that are invested in mining Bitcoins where mining equipment is owned by the shareholders. Only assets with a proven track record of steady dividends and upholding their shareholder contracts will be considered. There is equal weight to all assets in the fund, no trading will occur outside of rebalancing the fund.
The Fund's portfolio will be public (where available) to show proof of ownership of underlying assets.

The fund seeks maximum transparency by fully disclosing all assets held in the fund at any time. All dividends accrued and paid will be disclosed. All management fees will be disclosed.

Assets to be included
Only mining assets where equipment is owned by the shareholders will be included in the fund. Only assets with a proven track record of steady dividends and upholding their contracts will be considered. Assets on Bitcoin Trading Corp. with a total score of 6 or higher will be included in the fund.
When a new asset meets these criteria, it will be included in the fund, following balancing rules (see Balancing). When an asset no longer meet these criteria, it will be removed from the fund, following balancing rules.
A motion to add or remove assets from the fund can be requested by the shareholders.

Bitcoin Reserve
A portion of the fund will be held in Bitcoins. Not more than 20% of the entire fundís value may be held in Bitcoins. The Bitcoin Reserve will be used to balance the fund and to offer share buybacks.

All assets in the fund, except the Bitcoin Reserve, will be weighted equally based on Bitcoin value. Assets in the fund will be kept in equal weight less the Bitcoin Reserve by periodically rebalancing the fund. This occurs through the manager utilizing the Bitcoin Reserve, when necessary, to trade underlying assets. This can not be maintained all the times with 100% accuracy. Rebalancing will occur not less than once per month, and not more than once per week. Acceptable tolerance for balancing is a 10% margin of error of entire fundís value for each asset. Balancing to a higher degree will incur unnecessary exchange fees and might depress low volume underlying assets. Exchange fees will be kept to a minimum by trying to perform direct transfers between asset issuers and the fund.

Dividends will be paid only from dividends accrued from the underlying assets. Dividends will be paid weekly at most, no less than bi-weekly.

Share buybacks
Share buybacks will be offered on a very limited basis at 90% of the current Net Asset Value per share buy placing bids on the market.

Net Asset Value
The Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of all assets in the fund plus the Bitcoin reserve.
The Net Asset Value per share is the value divided by number of shares outstanding. This is also known as NAV/U

Management Fees
Management will be compensated in with 6.9% of all dividends paid. 6.9% will be paid to management from all accrued dividends before being paid to shareholders.

Underlying Asset Motions
Underlying assets held by the fund may periodically raise motions to vote. This fund will vote on motions on underlying assets favoring the best interest of the fund. Shareholder may request a motion for proxy voting the fundís shares of an underlying asset.

Risk to shareholders
Although research has been put into each underlying asset, Mining assets in the past have been unpredictable. The fundís value relies on the the value of the underlying assets. If the underlying asset value decreases, the entire fundís value will also decrease. Additional risks to Mining assets include the price of Bitcoin, the price of mining equipment, the difficulty mining Bitcoins the Bitcoin reward per block, mining equipment upgrades, as well as many other risks. This fund does not hedge against any of these risks. Each shareholder must understand these risks before investing.

Fund Closure
Management reserves the right to close this fund for any reason giving 30 days notice. All assets in the fund including unpaid dividends will be liquidated on the respective markets and paid to shareholders.
3  Economy / Securities / [BTCT.CO] BTC-GOLD: 100 shares = 1 gram gold bullion - Closing on: September 18, 2012, 07:55:29 PM

My Goal is to increase strength of Bitcoins and Litecoins, by allowing the free and simple trade between the currency and Physical Gold Bullion without all of the hassle and added expenses of procurement and sale of bullion.
Each share is equal to 0.01 grams of gold bullion.


By investing in BTC-GOLD you are investing into Physical Gold Bullion. Various forms of Gold Bullion will be obtained by the operator (myself) ranging in brand, size, and form, but all gold is guaranteed to be at least .999 pure. The amount of shares in circulation at any time will only reflect the amount of gold I have held physically in grams at any given moment. One share is and will always be equal to 0.01 grams of physical gold bullion.


You may request to have your shares withdrawn as physical gold bullion and shipped to you.
You must issue requests in 500 share (5 gram) increments.  To do this, please send the operator a message and I will give further instruction. I will also require that you pay a 15 share handling fee and the entire shipping expense, which will be calculated upon your request for withdrawal. Payment for shipping will be accepted in additional Shares, Bitcoins, Litecoins, BTC-E Code, and MtGox Code.
You will be responsible for the cost of all shipping features you desire, be it insurance, or the use of another shipping company. (ie UPS or Fedex) After the entire shipping expense has been paid, I will guarantee that all gold bullion withdraws requested will ship out on my end, and I will provide appropriate tracking via the carrier at no additional cost, when available. However,
although rare, the carrier can lose your packages. I am not liable these mistakes, and it is your responsibility and highly recomended to request appropriate insurance if you feel it necessary. It is also your responsibility to check all of your country's laws about bullion importation. I will be shipping from the USA, so please look into local laws, and be prepared to pay
any applicable taxes, customs or fees imposed by your country.

Exit Strategy:

If for any reason I am unable to continue my obligations here, I reserve the right to shut down operation. In that case, the first option available will be to receive your Physical Gold Bullion via the mail. The above shipping terms still apply, but the handling fee will be waived in this case. For those that do not want to receive their Physical Gold Bullion, I will liquidate the remaining bullion and pay out your share value at current Gold spot market value.


Your investment is 100% backed by Gold Bullion. No shares will be issued unless an equal number of grams is held in storage. In theory, your stock value should never be worth less than its weight in gold. Of course, gold has its own price fluctuation up and down, but it is your duty to make your own informed decision as to whether or not this is an investment that suits your needs. I recommend you do some research into gold economics, look at the price trends, and decide for yourself whether Gold Bullion is the best choice for you right now.

Condensed Version

This is a Gold Bullion mutual fund, operated and managed by myself.  Each share being worth 0.01 grams of Gold Bullion. I will buy .999 pure Gold bullion, and will first take pictures to prove the total asset amount, and will then release an equal amount of shares to how many total grams of gold bullion are in the fund. The gold bullion will then be placed in a secure location, and locked away until needed. Another feature that this investment has, is the option to physically withdraw from the Gold Bullion asset. In this case, I will send you your physical gold bullion in the mail, of course I will require that you pay shipping and customs/duties, and there is a small fee, but that is listed in the shipping terms above.
The best part being, since there will never be more or less shares owned and on the market than I currently have in the vault, everyone could withdraw at once if they really wanted, and no one would have to wait, and there would be no "bank run." Although, I will mention, your best deal is to just own the BTC-GOLD shares, and not have them physically shipped. The whole idea of this asset is to give a liquid Gold to currency asset, where you don't have to deal with your own country's taxes (VAT to be specific) and you don't have to deal with the shipping cost.
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