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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] DIGM Audio Album Marketplace & Listener Rewards Platform | $DIGM $PARA on: October 29, 2020, 02:01:27 AM
Fandom Gold Society

P2P Music Marketplace & Listener Rewards Platform

DIGM is a music revolution via platform (or hosting framework) integration with the Fango peer-to-peer network,
whereby Elder Nodes will serve catalogued music to Fango GUI wallets using their remote XFG payment connections. Allowing for any independent artist to upload & sell their own audio or music album(s) - and keep 100% of revenue earned.

By default, we plan to offer Para Rewards Radio (Para Dio) using singles submitted by artists from album(s) they are selling in DIGM marketplace. Both artist & listener receive rewards in Para for streaming radio airtime.

Prototype will also be reserved for Desktop as we have discussed making hashpower (at minimal levels) a simple requirement for any track-specific plays/skips or perhaps to use the streaming platform, in general.
Diverting special purpose hashpower from platform listeners could open up a number of economic opportunities.
Any Fango blocks mined from this diverted hashpower could serve as ‘proof of listener’ and be used to pay DIGM artists a distribution % according to number of streams/plays during each 30 day cycle in either XFG, DIGM, PARA, or USD.

Marketplace payment for albums will naturally be on-chain & exclusive to XFG by using built-in (fango) public addresses for each hosting artist or label* of artists.  (Elder-node service addresses)

(*) DIGM hosting Elder Nodes could even serve as an artist pool
(think mix between record label and mining pool) where they could host content for, and distribute streaming rewards to, a roster of different artists.

We’ll need only a basic Insert Coin style payment integration of simpleledger protocol somewhere in the config for DIGM-hosting Elder Node’s menu functions.
1 DIGM required every month to continue. Perhaps even offer a way to pay in advance at a discounted rate. (Bounty coming soon)

Will also need to program a backend integration for Stellar with GUI wallets only in the way of voucher, in other words to be able to turn listening data (or mining? node uptime) into a PARA-on-Stellar voucher equaling to 10 para (picoPARA (10^12) = para) for every second passed listening. Maybe auto-cash out to Para voucher each time user accumulates 100k para or ever so many hours.
And then need to work out how to redeem vouchers from the distributor account wallet. Also thought of a halvening style for Para rewards...starting at like 100 para per second for early adopters, eventually reducing to 1 para per 1 second.?
(Bounty coming soon)

DIGM tokens will be offered initially for the purpose of developing the DIGM Music Marketplace, while in the future they will be used for provider access to host/share/sell content on the platform.
By launching 100,000 DIGM as a maximum*, there will always be a limited number of artists selling music on the platform at any given time fixed with supply. (*)Excluding the possibility of providers burning tokens.)

The only issuing platform for DIGM will be on Bitcoin Cash simple ledger protocol.
Other tokens will NOT share the common utility of provider access to host & profit from content made available to platform users -  as only these DIGM tokens will represent.

PARA tokens launched on 2 platforms will each be 1 whole coin per platform (utilizing sub decimal atomic value of 12 decimal place picoPARA or 0.000000000001 = 1 ‘para’) and will be used for listener rewards. (See below)

Our goal is to further recruit and build a platform for top independent talent of the future, along the way. (both in Computer Programming & Music)
Development resources will be devoted to bounties for talented programmers & technicians in general.

Token id : 8261c44c396fb1120b699b10de708f37a72f8b0339752d4dba67e193dbf898eb

DIGM token availability begins on 5 November 2020
Token offering price ~ 1 dime USD -rates may certainly vary from time of OP
1 DIGM @ 0.10 USDT on
1 DIGM @ 0.00021 BCH on
1 DIGM @ 0.00008 ETH on
1 DIGM @ 5 XFG (direct message for p2p txn or by tipbot in FANGO discord)
DIGM Reddit

DIGM Telegram

No financial gains are guaranteed nor offered from participation in the DIGM platform crowdfund in any way. Not financial advice. Forward looking statements, Etc. etc. titles, titles.


Link to slp DIGM token
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / FANGO (XFG) - Decentralized Privacy Cryptocurrency Network on: January 09, 2018, 01:00:40 AM
In order to follow this project thread properly -&- as intended, Cinzel font is recommended.


Launched: Jan 8 2018
Consensus: Proof Of Work
Algorithm: CN variant 2 Monero V8
Max Supply: 8000008.8000008 (8M)
Difficulty Algorithm: Zawy's LWMA-1
Emission:~480,000 remaining
Block time: 480 seconds
Decimal Places: 7
Atomic unit: Orb
Dev Taxes:  0
Premine:  0
Ticker: XFG

Fango is a decentralized peer-to-peer network & privacy cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol which can be used to securely transfer, *create, & store monetary wealth- privately; functioning as a free & open alternative to centralized banking. Fango is built by sound money advocates & fandom enthusiasts - however, thru it’s decentralized design, the network is owned by no one and it’s utility is available to anyone.

Fandom Gold Society is focused on the open-source development of Fango’s network codebase and general perpetuation of the XFG currency.

Galaxy Map

Reduce Fango network minimum fee  ✔️
Add Txn Optimization ( v1.8 )
Add P2P Messaging ( v1.8 )


DIGM Audio Album Marketplace
+(Paradio): a streaming p2p radio paying both artist & listener rewards

Deflation is the only roadmap.
Let maths be ye compass.

Daily Exchange Rate

(all markets)

Block Explorers and Pools

(No KYC)

New Exchanges, Pools, or Services using XFG please notify for increased exposure.

Fork History

Fango’s origin story began as one known by {Dragonglass} DRGL, launched Jan 8 2018 by æjontargaryen, ultimately with the belief that a currency should maintain or increase in purchasing power naturally over time, so long as stability endures and debasement (inflation) is avoided. As network stability is a cornerstone for cryptocurrencies, the Fango blockchain network has- and will continue to periodically update in order to remain stable & secure.

The first of these major updates occurred @block 147959 {Hardhome} to implement new Zawy Difficulty algorithm changes. Successfully updating again @block 154322 {Longclaw} {Dragonglass} adopted full code base elements of Karbowanec for general interoperability and further advancement of original CryptoNote technology. Beginning with Oathkeeper release, transaction private keys were implemented, giving users a way to provide proof of payment - while keeping the details of identity private & anonymous. The Dracarys update release @block 300001 implemented a slightly newer version of Zawy difficulty (LWMA1) patching a potentially dangerous mining vulnerability, along with the precautionary 'burning bug' prevention. Ironborn release @block 324820 began proof of work mining algorithm changes from CN-Classic to CNv7, and later with Ice&Fire release to CNv8 @ block 345678 -- making {Dragonglass} the only network not directly forked from Monero, to be using the CNv8 algorithm... Later  {Dragonglass} was officially renamed to Fandom Gold or “Fango" XFG.  Introducing, after block 657000, default privacy for all transactions, and a new block target time of 8 minutes.

Current Core Release

Download Fango-Wallet GUI


    Community Links    



Project development contributions &/or sizable funding donations by:
                Bitmarssky                 æjontargaryen                 Galapagos {WindowSlayer}           c6mining
       Latitudes                  cryptonomicon25              MaddestHatter                    gameparadise007
    freecircl                Sosuke                JerMe404                ncoredump              Morpheus

ÆJT - FounderID ,   FounderID

Donate to Fango Development:

XFG:  fango4Uxurg6s7mTd7r7aZeMxkdrsPNYQM4yPjmX6rTRh4VZx4QGqe3K29vKB9sEBxMztybnbj3ZvNgGS7ztzLZ88x83hM3GwYD
BCH:  1A8M6Nz8QFQUJLnywV8qJtjfmXVpcrbcUM
BTC:  1BTFDsFhR8cDd9WYtaaQbuocxcwk6PZpaZ

Bosys bantis amāzis, se morghor zijomy amāzis.
Meri kīvio dārilaros ōz maghagon kostas.

Privacy is the shield that guards the realms of men.

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