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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Proof that ClearHash.Net is a ponzi on: March 17, 2015, 09:11:20 PM

It's a pure ponzi.

1DXxLzocfWXTHVYv4MTai4LLtXZgcJDknZ is the payout address. 1AFjgfnUhAYp4eh2GhbbLkCXY5xK25qJmQ  is the recipient of a payout from that address.

1AFjgfnUhAYp4eh2GhbbLkCXY5xK25qJmQ sends 0.04 BTC to 15VtSFggB1UkVT6zEVneDGYJV7H6AJcacW which sends 0.0399 BTC to 1DXxLzocfWXTHVYv4MTai4LLtXZgcJDknZ which sends 0.0005295 BTC back to 1AFjgfnUhAYp4eh2GhbbLkCXY5xK25qJmQ.


According to WalletExplorer, 1DXxLzocfWXTHVYv4MTai4LLtXZgcJDknZ, 1HR8oRzocY7PVu1CyKmne2z8BBQyyr8p1C and 19g9exzmtJ2sQbBBB3x2PiY9pReVCm8HqA all belong to the same wallet (block chain analysis also confirms that).

As you can see in the image below:

1HR8oRzocY7PVu1CyKmne2z8BBQyyr8p1C sends to 1BXZ68nofhfHusikEy5GCUDSWkiokdugyQ which sends to 19g9exzmtJ2sQbBBB3x2PiY9pReVCm8HqA and 19JTLtBSZWoHAbaaC6ymWT89hm7kbz8cWd.

19JTLtBSZWoHAbaaC6ymWT89hm7kbz8cWd then goes on to send funds to Eobot.
2  Other / Meta / Airwolf spamming the securities sub-forum on: March 17, 2015, 04:26:55 PM
This guy got ripped off in the AM fiasco and I understand he's trying to do something to get his money back but he's created 9 threads in the securities sub-forum all about this issue. All the involved parties have their own thread and this issue is currently being discussed in those threads. There is actually no need for AirWolf to make any new threads to discuss this but I can understand the desire to have a thread where information specific to this issue can be collected. There is simply no need to create 9 threads about the issue and keep bumping them daily though. That's just spamming and something the mods should be taking action against.

If this is allowed to continue, pretty soon the whole front page of the securities sub will be related to AM and Havelock.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Proof that BitCloudMine is a scam. on: March 01, 2015, 11:48:51 AM
Dear Miners,

Our engineers sent the pictures that you were asking.

BitCloudMine has updated some pictures of its mining farm.
If you have any questions you could send email to:

Thanks for your interest.

Nice Sundays!
Bitcloudmine Support

Here's one of the pictures you posted of "your" farm:

That is quite clearly a picture from Genesis Mining's farm, not yours, as shown in the video below:

4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Cloud Mining Website sends funds to Eobot on: January 21, 2015, 05:51:00 PM
Cloud Mining Website's payout address is 1LKW6fiftaQg8UPp32ptdgJW587XXCDk3p. The first payout from that address was on 2014-11-10 13:09:18 to the following addresses:

1S5jZoMaCAXU5ouCJUdqNqa91JyndhsKY - (Spent) 0.01383072 BTC
1GeMdyJAh89tYLKkMNwMq8NfSSuB8nubdq - (Spent) 0.00050792 BTC
13PqrhREgP7UtGCMfSmPFwSqonGfbwnBg4 - (Spent) 0.0005 BTC
1HVuXwqaTVbSyavVBUdERAzX23pdtJbSTz - (Spent) 0.00188095 BTC
1Gxx7hKXHHsYQqLemjrm9yxq7fyBpRmn6n - (Spent) 0.0167636 BTC
1Cuq6oPjmCAHYvf8P261X1kQtFSRYWxH4L - (Spent) 0.00050792 BTC
1AWH3FFgVmGkYqi6XXEBGWHxZh4jprimA8 - (Spent) 0.00380958 BTC
1PiVXGLoCZxkAXQoE1tgWUGcFNE4nxMMGp - (Spent) 0.01685437 BTC
1sXep2dchasM93tz5b4nVwKxyAwBC6NaL - (Spent) 0.00253972 BTC
1NUYC1Yn6D5QnbdJhrnfggrgMr9MxvZeHV - (Spent) 0.00787452 BTC
1PJsyKj7MFcDU2NhVGxzZwkACQm3kWSy4q - (Spent) 0.00380958 BTC
12VNyzMs2phSHieU8tn9tHJ12paBBYrkVs - (Spent) 0.0005 BTC
12sC4856yLHCVejxzDx9t2uFvqgSp93141 - (Spent) 0.00787452 BTC
1KtpNadiW7T9abF76auqaxiDRDXUsfS1Yy - (Unspent) 0.00078742 BTC
1GKjwnAoTNXeyGxyAuQj6RHVmdwX8PKHqy - (Spent) 0.00050794 BTC
1EyC24bBTjFQ97ro5Kbo1tZFAaxo2r2aEU - (Spent) 0.00256524 BTC
1ka4QPaJeKqpy27ta6Rich3YQhwPiUxia - (Spent) 0.00050792 BTC
1KzCLHBzih4AjDnqUXLoVmS8pVeCfrnGek - (Spent) 0.00393726 BTC
1MqXA26UJrMPHr8YqyQCa2wnpn3nJSyw5b - (Spent) 0.00064766 BTC
134RkePAuZzYqPBMhcbjyUgmQPnfjn11zn - (Spent) 0.00507944 BTC
1LKW6fiftaQg8UPp32ptdgJW587XXCDk3p - (Spent) 0.00861372 BTC

The following addresses go on to send funds to Eobot and include 1LfpedDQLqqEmSDZ9B7v2sPzz5NeeDhXec (a CMW collection address for incoming payments) in a transaction:

134RkePAuZzYqPBMhcbjyUgmQPnfjn11zn > 18Xb24a6uxjQoFU4UM7Sf4qnBLGihshYMA > 1EDQxwFYbwkk7Q64PatJaGbmrLGTV8hFg7 > 12gE6HhtuT2HQyWUn7uRUCjCLFWM1zbUg9 > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1EyC24bBTjFQ97ro5Kbo1tZFAaxo2r2aEU > 1trK54PHRtDkgyM8KfNHkvd8vCFfC8Xp9 > 1CDqWP7q6qVJnqUQUPPE1CegA2KJfY5Fn > 19SAkgM7vtkDn3jK3v8uJCFLethkp3hRpw > 1Bd6HCqnep7R1LjKQdkkGx5dEKBsk49xrJ > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1KtpNadiW7T9abF76auqaxiDRDXUsfS1Yy > 1PYb6PX2R7wzKos2MGAVs2kYwaZbHF3VUk > 1MjC3Pmj2UjZWwNx4wML87ksPswQYDznDD > 15R9sp6pZf3m8tJutpwZHSSyBPuzuBZr1s > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1NUYC1Yn6D5QnbdJhrnfggrgMr9MxvZeHV > 1CrGgHK1SuG6F5XE7DkeeVR3mS8EojzivM > 1CC4shQ5AKrLZdY4yZsje9soXNVS1xMYb5 > 1KDdqF1uUW9G3XDKQDSPjPLPMPg4tXzD7G > 1GC9SfN7dYonyuGSHrhVxtMbYcuXFR9Koj > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1PiVXGLoCZxkAXQoE1tgWUGcFNE4nxMMGp > 1JPG7aob1p7HstxgfExbyittzeUcNXpQjC > 1HbPVgQLxqgWDk3DLi9rngNBNX8wVbhnqG > 1GTFsNgN2HVgY55xKEonbYcQWyJViRA2vG > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1HVuXwqaTVbSyavVBUdERAzX23pdtJbSTz > 1E5Ru8dkRsUzJtdHugTDo1yL9s47S2dsyG > 1NszG3hZFKPXEsCUnUTCZnhGu2fUZQLUHg > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

1GeMdyJAh89tYLKkMNwMq8NfSSuB8nubdq > 19Z8GBHzC2adEHfgDkfvqCBwTrNPmijPJt > 1Mvie3e49r5LsbittvaLPodYz4mR1ZZUgx > 19NojCdwPMksCN4SWYtGCdM7RHGrPaf1Ka > 1Pz4zyH9aJJy2XeyTbQMGbroyn8eryvsHB > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

And that's just from the first payment! Here are another two as well:

1NkVkNiNdn4bXJ34U7BZo8aK1qPLiQnnvM (krunox123) > 1EtatR2NRht9JFjmF9x99i6oztFHfM839V > 1LFHUrUwjUydvPx9uCVjq4m6uQ7gaHALh3 > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

13RJvPMzxdAyzXQNnLAAimrMQBGseRJRmC > 1F91HzJaQZ1WGU9NG2ZhFaXctZD6vMsV3L > 1GNmnxWkComFYF7k8EBeKtgQz2sprUGYvM > 1MPxhNkSzeTNTHSZAibMaS8HS1esmUL1ne (Eobot)

Cloud Mining Website is quite clearly sending customers funds to Eobot.

There's another cloud mining website called "" which has the same transaction structure as above.
It has been pointed out that they're also running a signature campaign without escrow.
5  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / A quick question about change addresses. on: January 17, 2015, 04:32:39 PM
Are change addresses always the last output in a transaction?
6  Economy / Service Discussion / I'm looking for some software or websites. on: January 16, 2015, 07:26:15 PM
Does anyone know of any software or websites that allow you to input 2 bitcoin addresses and find a chain of transactions between the two if there are any?
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Proof that MineThatCloud is a Ponzi on: January 16, 2015, 03:43:15 PM
The payments were made form 1844aNo5gAssVSmUmLwk6qG61uBNdQswH3 as shown in the payout history on their website.

0.0087 BTC was sent from 12wmRSVf1e6MTpmvGuUxreEXxbaRHkepuC to 1JgxteZWCuZLu4FnPUWv3Jxgj89QkFXLvX which sent 0.0087 BTC to 1844aNo5gAssVSmUmLwk6qG61uBNdQswH3 which sent 0.0001402 BTC to 12wmRSVf1e6MTpmvGuUxreEXxbaRHkepuC.

In other words, payouts are funded from new customers buying contracts.

More (found by jimmothy):

1PdvNQYCnWP9NftxE6gu5DvYVSnkgwnXu3 > 0.0087 > 1GSWxmZU3oHiyBA7PhoqE5ZrAN5YHtjbYx > 0.0087 > 1844aNo5gAssVSmUmLwk6qG61uBNdQswH3 > 0.0002804 > 1PdvNQYCnWP9NftxE6gu5DvYVSnkgwnXu3

1PdvNQYCnWP9NftxE6gu5DvYVSnkgwnXu3 > 0.0087 > 1LTcF4xkch1d5Gb5yTkbGCUsjspHp9KWVp > 0.0087 > 1844aNo5gAssVSmUmLwk6qG61uBNdQswH3 > 0.0002804 > 1PdvNQYCnWP9NftxE6gu5DvYVSnkgwnXu3

1s3DP7QaqwsRrTEn6UQBd9zPCmmvv6KW3 > 0.0087 > 1DzwbKnTXSJtnW2QXjE5EtV1TSSa5bDfki > 0.0087 > 1844aNo5gAssVSmUmLwk6qG61uBNdQswH3 > 0.0043462 > 1s3DP7QaqwsRrTEn6UQBd9zPCmmvv6KW3

Edit: The website was been redirected to Cloud Mining Website on Jan 22/23 2015.
8  Other / Meta / Are there any rules for what you can put in your signature? on: January 16, 2015, 10:06:25 AM
Could I change my signature to say something like "WARNING: X service is a ponzi" or would that be against some site rules I'm unaware of?
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Proof that MineThatCloud is a Ponzi on: January 15, 2015, 08:18:07 PM
And you thought CEX.IO had high maintenance fees!

What are your maintenance fees?

Also, will you be providing any of the evidence puppet asks for in his Cloudmining 101 thread in order to prove your legitimacy?

Hi Thank You for your post.

We just noticed puppets post and will be providing evidence shortly.

As for maintenance fees.

Datacenter in UK.

6,608 Per Month, We have 4 Full Racks Rented out
0.17 Per Kwh

Datacenter in France.

8,526 Per Month, We have 4 Full Racks Rented out
0.26 Per Kwh

17p per kWh is 0.26 $/kWh. On average, at the current difficulty you'll mine 0.00001144 BTC/GH/day. At 0.26 $/kWh, a 0.5 J/Gh miner would cost 0.00001752 BTC/Gh/day to run at a price of 178 $/BTC meaning you would lose 0.00000608 BTC/GH/day. In fact, with a 0.5 J/Gh miner you'd lose money unless the bitcoin price was above 273 $/BTC.

Let me know if I'm understanding this correctly.

You pay ~$18,000 USD per month for hosting of your 154 TH/s.

154 TH/s earns $315/day or $9500/month.

So you are asking for $25,000 for 154 TH/s which produces a loss of $8500/month for 12 months? (assuming difficulty doesn't increase which it will)

This is my second time asking these questions. Please answer:

Can you show your mining address to prove that you actually have the stated hashrate?

What company and/or individuals are running this business?

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

If you refuse to provide evidence of legitimacy, why should people believe you are legitimate? You said you would provide such evidence but have failed to do so. All you have provided is proof of payments.

So where's the evidence? Just like every collapsed cloud mining ponzi, they've got none and will delete you posts if you point that out. So, feel free to discuss the service here.

10  Other / Meta / How about a cloud mining sub-forum? on: December 21, 2014, 05:26:32 PM
I think a cloud mining sub-forum would be very beneficial. At the moment cloud mining services are being promoted and discussed in the following sub-forums:

Service Announcements
Service Discussion

If there was a cloud mining sub-forum it would be far easier for potential customers to compare services and make informed decisions, and cloud mining services could promote their services more effectively.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / confimed as a scam by on: December 16, 2014, 09:30:20 AM
I emailed support asking whether or was partnered with as they claim on their website. Here's the response I got:

Hey xxx,

Please do not get involved with this company, they are not a partner of ours, this is a scam site who are using our site names illegally.

" / ECC This scamsite originates in Russia. The promised returns aren't possible, and the stats are bogus. 08/12/14"

Let me know if you need any more help with this question.

Best Regards,
CEX.IO Support
12  Economy / Service Discussion / Cloud miners, why did you pick the cloud mining services you are using? on: December 06, 2014, 02:11:50 AM
Just trying to get some insight into why you chose the services you chose. Was it the up-front cost? Maintenance fees? Give-aways? Referral schemes? Reputation? Competitions? Random pick? Etc. Let me know.

13  Economy / Service Announcements / AMHash Christmas bonus - upto 6% extra hashing power. on: December 06, 2014, 01:22:19 AM

We decided the final pricing of AMHash3, large buyers can order hashrate by depositing BTC to official address directly:

1. Tiered bonus:

Normal bonus

20TH+ can get 1% bonus;
50TH+ can get 3% bonus ;
100+TH can get 5% bonus.

Christmas bonus for Direct Investors

Direct Investors are people who ordered at
20TH+ can get extra 0.5% bonus,namely, 1.5% bonus in total;
50TH+ can get extra 1% bonus,namely, 4% bonus in total;
100TH+ can get extra 1% bonus,namely, 6% bonus in total;

2. Ordering Process

Visit to finish the following steps;

1) pay 1.2 (BTC/TH)*X(TH) to the official address,X is the investment quantities;


2) Send email with you payment address, its signature and the amount to or;
3) We will confirm your orders and give you the final hashrate  with bonus;
4) Customers will get the dividends before every 12:00 PM(GMT+8) once you finished above steps.

3.Declaration is the unique official web, and our team is the unique one for amhash selling, others who don't have the indorsement by Friedcat or AMHash are not our team members.

4. The revenue history of amhash investments

AMHash Team

Also, check the official AMHash thread for more information.
14  Economy / Service Announcements / AMHash (ASICMiner) - The ONLY cloud mining service you need to consider. on: November 17, 2014, 07:16:42 AM
Does lowest up-front cost and no maintenance fees sound to good to be true?
Does the cloud mining service try to hide their maintenance and trade fees until you've already bought a contract?
Does it refuse to provide proof that they even have any miners?
Are you concerned that the cloud mining service is actually a ponzi?

Well, now you can get cloud mining direct from ASICMiner, one of the earliest manufacturers of Bitcoin ASICs. There's no question about these guys actually having miners and they provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Cost: 1.2 mBTC per Gh/s
Maintenance fees: $0.00163 per Gh/s per day
Trading fees: 0.4% when selling

Official Forum Thread
Purchase from Havelock
15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / SP v AM v S3 was Re: [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - carrier grade, data center ready mining rigs on: September 22, 2014, 03:12:22 PM
Based on static conditions - 300 Ph/s network hash rate, 0.1 USD/kWh, $500 USD/BTC and immediate mining start, AM's new Prisma overtakes the S3+ and closes the gap on the SP35:

SP35 costs 4,035 USD inc. PSU + shipping for 6 Th/s at 3.5kW, it would take 147 days to break even,
10 x AM Prisma costs 9,250 USD inc. PSUs + shipping for 14 Th/s at 10.5 kW, it would take 158 days to break even, and
S3+ B9 costs 320 USD inc. PSU + shipping for 453 Gh/s at 355W, it would take 173 days to break even.

Also, here's how much profit they'd make each day (mining income - power costs):

SP35 = 4.6 USD/Th
AM Prisma = 4.2 USD/Th
S3+ = 4.12 USD/Th
16  Economy / Reputation / RoadStress Reputation Challenge. on: September 21, 2014, 03:06:56 PM
Praising SP-Tech, maybe, but talking rubbish no. Since you refuse to show some examples I am sure that you, as an AM shareholder, have a different way of digesting the reality and the facts when presented to you and that's why you see it as talking rubbish. Until you will present some evidence of talking rubbish your statements are worthless for me.

Put your bitcoin where your mouth is then. Let's have a 1 BTC bet. If I can provide a quote of you talking rubbish about AM in the AM shareholders thread I win and you owe me 1 BTC. If I can't provide such a quote, you win and I owe you 1 BTC.

Edit: For the purpose of the bet, talking rubbish is defined as trolling, telling lies, spreading rumours, presenting opinion as facts.
17  Bitcoin / Project Development / Using the blockchain for software update alerts. on: August 19, 2014, 03:14:58 PM
The blockchain could be used to provide software update alerts in a decentralised manner. The software would be coded to check for transactions on a specific address. Each transaction to that address would correspond to a software update. The transaction would be using OP_RETURN followed by a 20 byte torrent infohash for the new update. The software would check the transactions and compare the info hash of the current software (which could be stored in a settings file) with the infohash from the latest transaction. If the infohashes are different then an update is available and the infohash can be used to download the update over bittorrent.

How do you bitcoin developers feel about using the blockchain in such a manner?
18  Bitcoin / Group buys / [EXPIRED][UK ONLY] Assembled ASICMiner Tube (1.25 BTC) on: August 19, 2014, 03:54:21 AM
This offer has now expired due to lack of interest. The tube can now be ordered pre-assembled and the price for round 2 sales has been reduced.

This group buy is for the UK only. It has 20% added to the cost due to import fees.
This offer does not include an Ethernet controller which will be offered separately as they can be used to control up to 4 Tubes. The Ethernet controllers cost 0.0828 BTC each (including 20% VAT). A link will be posted offering the Ethernet Controllers if there is enough interest.
This offer does not contain any power supply units.
This offer does not include delivery costs which will be arranged by yourself so you can choose the delivery service you like or you can collect them in person.
At least 10 people are required for this group buy to go ahead. If enough interest is shown I will post a payment address.

If you are interested, make a comment containing the number of AM Tubes you would like to purchase.

Cost breakdown:
AM Parts: 0.971 BTC
VAT: 0.1942 BTC
Assembly Fee: 0.0848 BTC
Total: 1.25 BTC

For 1 AM Tube and 1 Ethernet controller, the total cost would be 1.3328 BTC + P&P.
For 4 AM Tubes and 1 Ethernet controller, the total cost would be 5.0828 BTC + P&P.

Hash Rate: 800-850GH/s.
Power consumption: ~0.9 J/GH board-wise.
Power Input: 1-2 6pin PCI-E plugs per hashing unit.
Size: 25cm x 12cm x 12cm.
Weight: 5.2kg.

Further product information can be obtained from the ASICMiner Tube Sales thread.

Here's a picture of the assembled miner:

Orders - 2 (minimum of 10 required):

Me - 1
monkeynutts - 1

19  Economy / Securities / AM Self-mining on: July 30, 2014, 11:20:13 PM
When AM's percentage of the network hashrate fell to near 0, solo-mining was pretty much a waste of time resulting in no dividends. So how would you prefer AM's mine to operate?
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Pronunciation on: May 04, 2014, 04:00:48 PM
How do you pronounce uBTC?
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