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1  Economy / Gambling / What is the best frequency for a Bitcoin lottery? on: November 21, 2013, 11:03:48 PM
We are interested in getting the Bitcoin community's input on designs for games we are looking to bring to the market.

Let us know your thoughts!
2  Economy / Gambling / [UPDATE] NEW LIVE UI *** Bet the blockô at BLOCKBETS.COM! on: November 21, 2013, 12:21:28 AM

The easiest to play, independently verifiable Bitcoin jackpot!

An easy to play game that is fun to follow along using our network game interface!

How to play this simple and fun game:

  • Send your wager to our pool address and wait for the bitcoin network to mine the predetermined game block.
  • The first public key of each valid wager is compared to the block hash of the game block.
  • Our system pays out the pool to the public key that best matches that block hash!

Basics of the game:

1. What is a valid wager?

Any transaction sending .001 BTC to our pool address and having one confirmation by the time the game block is mined, is considered a valid wager.
Multiple wagers from the same public key will not increase the odds of that public key winning.
You must wager from an address which you control and which you can receive your winnings to.
Wagers less than the minimum amount are not considered valid but the funds are added to the pot.

2. How is the winner determined?

The first public key of a valid wager transaction will be compared to the game block blockhash. Each of the last 27 characters of your public key is compared versus all digits in the block hash in Base58 encoding. Each time one of those 27 characters from your public shows up in the Base58 version of the blockhash your public key gets gets one point. The public key with the most points is the winner.
Pots will be split among the winners if there are multiple keys with the same score.

3. Payouts

Our system will send all of the funds in the pool less the house take of 5% to the winner(s) public key. It is very important the anyone playing our game control the key that they are sending their wagers from, as payouts will be sent to that key.
Additionally each non-winning address sending a valid wager to our system will receive back .0001 BTC as a confirmation of receipt of the wager.

Payout transactions will be sent to the network immediately following the issuance of the game block.

Current games:

Our system is playing games every block number ending in zero.


Follow out game LIVE using our network game interface at

Send valid wager transactions to our public key for your chance to win:

Visit to learn more!

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