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1  Other / Meta / bitcointalk trust list? on: May 25, 2013, 07:26:09 AM
Can someone explain to me how this works?

I see I have "DefaultTrust" in my list, which I'm assuming is what generates the "DefaultTrust" in my trust network. How do I add new trust lists, and then populate said list? Can I untrust someone in someone elses list? Are there any other cool things this does I didn't realize?

Thank you for providing this. I'm really excited about it.
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / Klondike heatsink sourcing on: May 17, 2013, 04:31:59 PM
I am speaking with manufacturers to have heatsinks made for the Klondike board. Having heatsinks made is going to be less expensive than purchasing and modifying any current solution. I need to know who is planning on purchasing boards, what quantity, and whether or not they would want a heatsink.

Specs are:
3mm base
1mm fins
2mm spacing
6000 series aluminum
4 mounting holes drilled, located in center of each 4 chip group.
Flat base/underside

This is a one time deal. Enough heatsinks need to be purchased to cover all the boards, with a few extra. Purchasing additional heatsinks in low quantity will be prohibitively expensive. These heatsinks will not be made available to the general public. They will only be made available to those offering bulk purchasing as I cannot sell these piecemeal. I will be offering them as part of a package to those who purchase chips through me.

Group buy coordinators, Large private buyers, and Klondike resellers need to contact me ASAP.
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Liquid Synergy Designs Inc. -ASIC mining hardware on: May 01, 2013, 10:58:42 PM
      Update: 12/3/2013

      Current status update here

      Please visit for information regarding setup and troubleshooting. Website credit to Zipiju.

      Offering affordable, efficient, easy to use miners to the community.

      When considering a purchase, it is the responsibility of the consumer to analyze all risk factors involved, including but not limited to: costs, projected ROI, vendor reputation, and possible delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.

      Summary of services offered:

      • Chips:
        • Avalon 110nm ASIC chips, producing 282 mh/s.

      • Klondike K16 mining unit: Utilizes 16 ASIC chips to produce 4.5gh/s per unit.
        • Assembly: Includes assembly of ASICs, PCB based on the Klondike K16 design, and necessary PCB components.

        • Full kit: Includes the assembly service and a DIY kit which includes: heat sink, standoffs, fan, screws, thermal paste, and USB cable.

        • Fully assembled unit: Includes assembly of one Klondike K16 ASIC board and all DIY kit parts fully assembled.

      • Testing: Includes one fully assembled Klondike K16, firmware pre-installation, and stability testing. Free with fully assembled unit.

      • Hosting: Rent space in a secure, monitored, climate controlled environment while retaining full ownership of unit.

      *All services may be used separately or in conjunction with other offers, including chips or assembly purchased from an outside source


      • Chips:
        Avalon ASIC chips may be ordered for BTC0.086. This fee is due immediately upon order placement.
      • Assembly:
        The total price for assembly is $95. This includes $35 for the PCB and board related components, and $60 for assembly, to be paid in BTC.
      • Assembly and DIY Kit:
        The DIY kit and fully assembled PCB are $123.5, to be paid in BTC.
      • Fully Assembled Unit:
        The fully assembled unit, including all necessary hardware, is $133.5, to be paid in BTC.
      • Hosting:
        Hosting fees include 8% of miner revenue production, plus $.06kw/h for electricity used. A setup fee of $15 per unit is necessary to help defray the initial infrastructure costs.
      • Testing:
        Free with the purchase of a fully assembled unit.

      * Assembly, Assembly and DIY Kit, and Fully Assembled Unit prices do not include the price of Avalon ASIC chips, and are not due at the time of chip purchase.

      *Prices do not include shipping.

      *Power supply not included.

      *The prices above, not including the ASIC chips, are tentative and subject to change pending finalization of all parts required. This includes Testing and Hosting.  Each item whose price has not been finalized includes an increased margin reflecting this uncertainty, and may be reduced.

      *Any USD fees incurred from receipt of ASIC chips from Avalon will be calculated upon arrival and distributed evenly based on the amount of chips purchased per person, payable in BTC prior to shipping to final destination. These include but are not limited to import tax, customs duties, and merchandise processing fees associated with receipt of shipment from Avalon. Depending on the HS code Avalon uses in shipping, the estimated total is $404.82.

      *All purchases are processed in a First in, First out queue.

      *Hosting requires fully assembled units.


      As per Avalon’s documentation, batches will be shipped 9-10 weeks after purchase. Below are the previous batch order dates:

      Batch 1: Order #10177, Purchase date May 1,2013. Expected delivery date early July
      Batch 2: Order #10265, Purchase date May 11,2013. Expected delivery date mid July
      Batch 3: Order #10325, Purchase date May 22,2013. Expected delivery date mid/late July.
      Batch 4: Order #10425, Purchase date May 28,2013. Expected delivery date late July, early August.
      Batch 5: Order #10553, Purchase date June 5. Expected delivery date early/mid August.
      Batch 6: Order #11253, Purchase date July 6. Expected delivery date mid September.

      Production of assembled units is scheduled to begin the day of delivery given early arrival. Assembled units are scheduled to begin shipping 24 hours after batch production begins, with full shipment of non-tested units within 72 hours.

      Chip only orders will begin immediately upon delivery from Avalon

      The following are the shipping times and prices and for chip only orders.
      Shipping time:
      |2-3 days|
      |6-10 days|
      |3-5 days|
      |6-10 days|
      |3-5 days|
      Chip Amount:
      |US Priority|
      |US Express|
      |Canada Priority|
      |Canada Express|
      |Int'l Priority|
      |Int'l Express|

      Shipping prices for purchases other than chip service are subject to final unit weight and dimensions, and will be released once finalized.

      Purchase instructions

      To calculate btc required: Multiply the number of chips desired by 0.086 (cost=chips*0.086)
      Send payment to: 1KSZGQg4WuXT3sj1dwDb79X7f94ghKH3T9
      Email: ASICbuy[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject “Chip TX”, and the following information in the body:

      Forum Name:
      First Name:
      Last Name:
      Street Address:
      Zip Code:
      Shipping type:
      Phone Number:
      Email Address:
      Chip amount:
      Payment amount:
      Assembly type: (none if chip only service desired)
      Hosting: (none if chip or assembly only service desired)
      Sending Address:
      TX ID: *See FAQ for questions.

      *Note* Do not send funds from an address you do not control. You will be required to prove ownership of the sending address upon request.

      • Full payment including all USD based fees is required prior to shipment to final destination.
      • Address signing is required for dispute settlement.
      • All sample chips will be given to open source hardware developers to facilitate production.
      • We assume no responsibility for any issues that may arise due to circumstances outside our control, including but not limited to Avalon failing to ship, shipment being seized by customs, shipment arriving late, etc.
      • All chips purchased are sold AS IS, with no warranty of any kind.
      • You may choose to change your address a maximum of two times.
      • In order to change your shipping address you must sign the change order with the purchase address.


      Emails received regarding questions outlined in this FAQ will be asked to review the information contained herein.


      What is a TX ID?
      A transaction ID is a number that is generated every time coins are moved from one address to another. In order to find the TX ID of your purchase you can right click and select “show transaction details” within the bitcoin-qt software, or go to and enter your payment address.

      How do I sign a message?
      In order to sign a verification message, you must use a wallet that supports this feature.
      To sign a message with bitcoin-qt: click File, Sign Message. Input your sending address and message, and then click sign. The sending address, message, and signature must be included to verify the message.

      When including a signed message, please use the following format:

      Sending address
      I, (insert name here), forum member (insert forum member name here), am purchasing (insert chip amount here) Avalon ASIC chips for (insert BTC price here) from forum member Steamboat

      Do you accept reservations?
      Chip purchases are on a first come, first serve basis, and all orders must be paid in full.

      What do I do with chips?
      Chips require assembly in a PCB designed specifically for them. You may choose to have your chips assembled with an independent third party, or through us for decreased shipping times and administrative load.

      Can orders be split and/or transferred?
      We are not responsible for any splits or transfers negotiated after purchase of the chips, nor will we facilitate any trades.

      Can I add to my order?
      Assuming chips are still available, you may add up to 100% of your initial purchase without losing your place in the shipping cue.

      Can I pay with (Insert anything other than BTC here)
      BTC is currently the only accepted form of payment.


      How do I pay for shipping?
      Final fees, including shipping, will be calculated once the batch has arrived from Avalon, and will be denominated in BTC

      Do we get discounted shipping if we all ship to a dev?
      Yes. In the event multiple people ship to a single assembler, the total shipping cost will be calculated and divided evenly based on chip amount per sender.


      How quickly will finished units be produced?
      Fully assembled miners are expected to ship within 72 hours of delivery from Avalon.

      Can you guarantee Avalon ships the chips on time and undamaged?
      It is not possible for us to guarantee something outside of our control.

      What happens if I don’t have enough chips for a full board?
      In the event an order was placed which does not produce a whole number of boards, additional chips will be made available for purchase so long the amount needed does not exceed 50% of the total chips needed per board, and there are enough chips in reserve.

      We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
      Copyright June 3, 2013

      The original thread post and updates may be found in the third post of this thread.[/list]
      4  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] BTC, cash deposit to your bank on: May 01, 2013, 03:55:22 PM
      Buying coins. Paying MTGox -6.5% $1000 total. Cash deposit to your bank within minutes.

      Banks accepted:
      Bank of America
      Bank Atlantic
      Wells Fargo

      Edit: changed terms
      5  Economy / Speculation / Is this a coordinated attack? on: April 12, 2013, 04:25:12 AM
      I've been thinking for a while now about possible scenarios where those that stand to lose the most by bitcoins success would attack it. I find it hard to believe the world powers are dumb enough to not recognize the implications of bitcoin succeeding, and have been watching with a keen eye since before the '11 bubble. At the very least, the FBI and ECB papers give an estimate on when they began to monitor it. So I thought to myself, what would be the most efficient way to destroy bitcoin?

      51% attack: This would require extensive infrastructure, even for an attack when we were at 21th/s. this would be expensive and time consuming; and while there certainly are ways to hide it, would increase the attack footprint with specialists required to set up and maintain the cluster, which runs the risk of a leak, giving bitcoin more credibility. they would also, as I understand it, need to amass a significant amount of old coins in order to continue the attack, which would only last as long as their reserves of coin.

      Attack on companies offering bitcoin related services: persistent, coordinated attacks on web sites offering bitcoin services would reduce confidence in the sites, making it seem like they are run by a bunch of amateurs, reflecting poorly on the bitcoin marketplace.

      Propoganda: This one is fairly obvious, and doesn't really need to be actively funded. The world governments and CBs have already invested countless dollars and man hours into brainwashing the masses. The media coverage of bitcoin is a shining example of how difficult it is for the general public to comprehend the idea of a free market and monetary system. People I have great respect for surprise me time and time again with their views of what money is.

      Market manipulation: The bitcoin market is brand new, small, and fragile. It would not take much money, money they can (and do) print by the truckload every day, to orchestrate a massive pump n dump to shatter consumer confidence. The beauty of this attack is its difficulty to detect. The community would be so focused on the growth of the market and increased value they wouldn't notice the slow accumulation of wealth spread over multiple accounts. All it would take is a sudden dump of all the coins amassed to tank the value, destroying confidence in the market.

      Illegal: this ones tricky due to the nature of bitcoin. It would take an unprecedented amount of coordination to make it illegal in every country, which would at best only slow adoption. History shows how difficult it is for governments to eradicate something if society demands it.

      Regulation: this is a better alternative to making bitcoin illegal, though difficult given the nature of bitcoin. The easiest way would be to regulate the exchange into and out of bitcoin and fiat currencies. Vendors that accept bitcoin could be taxed on all purchases made with coins. I'm sure the government can come up with creative ways to ensure they get a slice of every pie we buy.

      I believe we are currently under attack by a mix of these approaches combined to be the most effective. Who stands to gain by DDOSing bitcoin services? Who has the money to buy million dollar plus market value chunks over and over again? Greed, fear, and the inability of the current market to sustain the level of trading certainly had a large part to play in the recent crash/correction/whatever you want to call it, but what if it was something deliberate? What if someone knew the gox trading engine was maxed and they could cause a panic sell by lagging it out? How difficult would it be to spend $100 million in fiat to pump n dump the economy. Not to make a profit, but purely to destroy it? Do I have my tinfoil hat on too tight?
      6  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory does not appear to be scanning chain on: April 03, 2013, 04:15:39 PM
      To start, computer specs:

      AMD b55 quad core 3.8 ghz
      16g ram
      Win 7 64 pro

      I'm using qt .8.1 and armory .87.2. I was originally running qt .7 on a different computer. I installed qt .8.1 on this computer, xferred the data files and rescanned. Qt is now showing my correct wallet balance, as well as being up to date (green check mark in bottom right). I then installed Armory and opened in online mode, and it has been showing "offline while scanning the blockchain" for hours, with "Connected (0 blocks)" showing in the bottom right corner. I have restarted Armory, restarted the computer, run in administrator mode, and nothing seems to work. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or been able to successfully pair Armory with qt v .8.1?
      7  Economy / Gambling / Bet that 420 is a ponzi scheme on: March 11, 2013, 03:42:10 PM
      Just gonna put this here

      *walks away backwards slowly*
      8  Economy / Speculation / Difficulty or price. Which one is gonna give? on: November 29, 2012, 03:27:32 PM
      9  Bitcoin / Mining / fluctuations in total network hashing speed on: May 29, 2012, 02:10:23 PM
      I've been watching the total hashing speed daily and i've noticed it fluctuating between 8.9-14.7 th/s, and looking on the forums for an answer to what's causing it. Does anyone have any ideas other than botnets? Almost a 40% drop seems a bit much to chalk up to pools and/or personal miners losing connectivity.
      10  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / newegg 5830's for sale on: April 02, 2012, 05:43:52 PM

      11  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / pcie x1 and x16 risers in south florida on: March 27, 2012, 09:10:51 PM
      i posted this in the marketplace as well but figured i'd post in here as well. any of you that live in the south florida area (jupiter to boca) happen to have extra risers i could buy from you?
      12  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB pcie x1 and x16 risers in south florida on: March 27, 2012, 05:56:05 PM

      anyone in south florida from say, jupiter to boca happen to have any risers laying around? USPS jacked one of my shipments and i need to get some fast.
      13  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / pcie riser cables on: February 16, 2012, 06:00:09 PM
      I'm building a BAMT rig using 6x 6950's and a gigabyte ud7, my question is this, do i need to buy powered risers or will non powered suffice?
      14  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / headless linux rig question on: February 10, 2012, 04:27:38 PM
      hey all, i'm coming back to mining after a brief pause and would like to set up a headless linux rig. my question is this: do i need dummy plugs or xfire bridges on my cards, or will linux recognize populated cards? sorry for the noob question, thanks for the help.
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