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1  Bitcoin / Pools / [help] Slush's pool, stopped mining. Less than 0.01 left. Asking a "favour" on: January 01, 2014, 05:09:24 PM
Final update : it's been solved. Ignore (or delete..) this post

I stopped mining and I have 0.00598239 BTC left in slush's pool (edit), minimum withdraw amount is 0.01.

If anyone's interested pm me :

- I give you my account info
- you login, change pwd, insert & lock your wallet address, enable two-way authentication, continue mining
- you wire me 0.00598239 less whatever you want to keep, whenever you want... or you can just go away with all of it. Yah, that thing called "thrust"...

It's time consuming sure... maybe not worth the hassle.

I think it's "fair" in the sense I won't be able to login and "steal it back". The only thing is that I'm not able to change the linked e-mail address for pwd resets.

I hope I'm not breaking forum's rules.

edit2 Bring those mBTC's back in the markets...
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