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1  Economy / Goods / BTCDeals - Get the Humble Indie Bundle #3 with Bitcoins - pay what you want! on: July 28, 2011, 02:48:54 AM
I love the idea of the Humble Indie Bundle - and the third such bundle just recently launched. The concept is that 5 indie developers are releasing their games, DRM free, with unrestricted licenses for Windows, Mac and Linux for whatever you are willing to pay for them. The games are of great quality and while not being released by major game publishers, they deserve all the attention possible.

For 48 hours, BTCDeals will be acting as a service to purchase your copy of the Humble Indie Bundle #3 using bitcoins. The minimum price is 0.25 BTC - only because I don't think these games deserve something - if you want to pay less you can always go directly to Smiley

All orders are redeemed via a gift code that will be sent within 2 hours (unless I am sleeping - give me at least 6 hours then). The breakdown of the donation sent to Humble Bundle is as follows:

55% will be allocated to the developers
15% will be allocated to the EFF
15% will be allocated to Child's Play
10% will be allocated to Humble Bundle as a tip
5% will be kept by BTCDeals for service fees

More details on the Humble Bundle and the games available on or the Humble Bundle site at

Wether you use BTCDeals to get it, or not - it's worth checking out and supporting this cause. It encourages indie developers to make great games, offer great cross-platform support and gives some to charities that matter.
2  Economy / Marketplace / Profitable BTC site potentially for sale... on: July 16, 2011, 05:09:49 PM
I have had a lot of fun running however it is starting to take up a lot more time than I have available which equates to a negative experience to the customer if I can't keep up with emails and orders in a swift and timely manner. The site is profitable, and a great following of customers who often make repeat purchases. I don't want to let it go and this is may not lead to a sale, but I am entertaining any legitimate offers if they are made.

This would be perfect for someone who has approx 8 to 10 hours a week available. As little as that sounds, working startup hours, commuting 3 hours a day and maintaining a married life does not easily afford me that time. This might be better suited for a single person, a college student, or someone who just can manage time more efficiently than I can.

What you would get:

  * The domain
  * The SSL certificate
  * The whole site's source code (PHP for the site, Perl for the automated emails and price updater)
  * The Amazon micro EC2 instance that it is running on that contains everything needed (site, db, scripts, bitcoind)
  * The mongodb database dump (of products and order history, past customer names and addresses would be stripped)
  * The Google Apps setup that hosts the email for
  * Some info on products, hints on maximizing your profits and other info
  * Support on the code and system for up to 3 months after hand-off

Details on actual profits, stats etc are available in PM for interested parties.

This is not going to be a quick thing or even anything at all - I will entertain offers, but in the end I might not sell at all unless it seems worthwhile.

If I were to sell, I would ideally want to sell to someone who is known in the community as at least being reliable. I have built this site up with a reputation to the customers and do not want to have it tarnished even if it's no longer mine.

To my existing customers - if I were to sell, IF - then all orders would be handled by me until a public hand-off would happen. I would support past orders after a sell off, and would not be passing your information on to the purchaser of the site except for leaving the order number and price paid. Address and name information would be cleared before handing off the site.

If anyone has any questions (potential buyers, or even concerned customers) feel free to shoot me a PM or via the contact form on or even in this thread... but please keep offers and talks about stats private.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Bitcoin tracking to specific origins on: June 22, 2011, 02:49:23 AM
It's obviously old news that some people have lost a massive amount of bitcoins due to all the various hacks going around. Obviously the goal of these hackers is to make off with a profit - which realistically is anything over a penny. With mtgox down for the count for now, and tradehill currently down, it wouldn't suprise me if some of these hackers will make purchases with their stolen bitcoins. While it's none of my business where or how one of my customers gets their bitcoins, and I am not trying to play big brother - but I do care about how these hacks will affect the bitcoin economy.

Anyhow, a useful tool would be a way to track a bitcoin's origin to any of the large bitcoin heists - i.e. something that could keep a record of flagged origins, then a simple entry of a bitcoin address could see if it belonged to that original wallet. Could also be used to trace back if someone has a piece of the infamous pizza purchase funds as well. I know blockexplorer can be used, but it would be time consuming to do so manually (and I have no time to develop something like this).

Any thoughts on something like this?
4  Bitcoin / Project Development / Announcing Affiliate/Referral Program on: June 11, 2011, 05:34:20 AM
So it's been a great first two weeks - has seen a steady increase in visitors as well as customers and it's been great to see people giving suggestions on how to improve the site.

One thing I keep noticing on the forums, in a drastically increasing rate, are new bitcoin users looking to earn a couple of bitcoins. Additionally, one suggestion I received was to advertise the site in the person's signature in exchange for bitcoins - well - I didn't want to go the advertising route alone - instead I have created an affiliate program - simply create links using your affiliate ID or use the generated banner image and you will earn a percentage for each sale that comes in via your custom affiliate code. So add your link to your signature, put the banner on your websites, tweet it - however you want to promote the site - and you will earn some bitcoins as well!

It's still in beta and might be rough around the corners here and there - I am open to any and all suggestions as this program gets worked on and improves over time! Affiliate Program


5  Economy / Marketplace / M:TG old old series - interest? on: June 03, 2011, 01:20:59 AM
Just noticed a thread DavidCastle posted about him selling his M:TG cards... And instead of posting there and thread-jacking figured I would post seperatly...


These are all from Zendikar, Worldwake, Eldrazi, M11, and Scars. I have a few cards here and there from urza's, the alara block, and a handful from Mirrodin Besieged. None from new phyrexia srys.

Wow I must be showing my age, but I have never heard of any of those...

I got out of MTG when Ice Age came out... If I were supposedly even to find them - is there even still interest in Alpha, Beta, Arabian Nights, Legends and whatever other pre Fallen Empires series there existed but that I am probably forgetting the names of? (I know I have dual lands, and some other interesting cards, but I sold off the real good Alpha/Beta stuff ages ago like Black lotus and the Moxies(?))
6  Economy / Marketplace / on: May 30, 2011, 06:23:15 AM
Just launched

Eventually this will be a BTC only deal a day site - but as I start things out the products will be on the much cheaper end to gauge interest and test things out. In the beggining I may not change the product every day either - but hopefully I will be able to pick up rather quickly.

Products will be electronic/computer/gadget related. Products will launch at midnight EST and run for 24 hours. The price in BTC will be determined based on the previous days Mtgox average.

Feedback and comments are welcomed - this is my first site dealing with Bitcoins, and it's basically a weekend project though I think I managed to get it quite polished in that time. If you have any questions feel free to leave them on here or via the support form on the site.
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