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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ELF] Aelf - Scalable Blockchains: Multi-Chain / Parallel Processing on: February 24, 2018, 09:27:38 PM
DISCLAIMER : I'm not involved into the aelf team
The aelf team have locked one thread ( and locked the other to its personnal use as they delete all posts (
So this post will be no-censored and will contain discussion about aelf

ælf : The New Generation of scalable Blockchains: A new platform enabling developers to construct a multi-chain structure with parallel processing

Whitepaper   Website   Twitter   Telegram  Facebook  Medium  Reddit  GitHub

Binance  Bitfinex  Bibox  BCEX  BigONE  CEX  KKEX OKEX  OTCBTC  GOPAX

We’ve started making bi-weekly progress updates to give investors an insight into current developments:
1. First report (Jan 14th 2018)
2. Second report (Jan 28th 2018)

Our new candy system (Azeroth) has officially launched, in order to sign up for the bounty system you will need an invitation code.
For more information check our Reddit


ELF tokens are used to pay resource fees in the system, such as the deployment of smart contracts, operating and upgrading
of systems (transaction fees, cross-chain data transfer fees). It also enables the community to vote on major decisions, such as
electing mining nodes, introducing new features to the system and other major decisions.

Max Supply: 1 billion ELF
Circulating Supply: 280 million ELF
Private Sale Price:1 ETH = 4,545 ELF (ETH price @450 USD by the end of private sale)

Token Contract Address: 0xbf2179859fc6D5BEE9Bf9158632Dc51678a4100e
Token Symbol: ELF
Decimals: 18

- A complete guide to Aelf
- Why Aelf chose for DPoS
- Thoughts on the first week after Aelf token distribution written by our COO Zhuling
- “What is Aelf”- The Merkle
- “Explaining Side Chains, The Next Breakthrough In Blockchain” - Forbes
- “Aelf Creating A Silent Revolution In The Blockchain World” - Valuewalk


Cosmos (CMC universe coin) is a continuation of ideas put forward by the multi-chain system, the Satoshi's PoW consensus
algorithm replaced by Jae Know's Tendermint consensus algorithm. Tendermint, a Byzantine-fault-tolerant algorithm, is
optimized for PBFT and requires only two rounds of voting to reach a consensus.

Essentially, it contains multiple blockchains (running in the zone) using separate instances of Tendermint, and a chain of
hubs using de-trusted communication. Cross-link communication is limited to the transfer of digital assets, this cross-link
communication can return data and path, such as sending the sender information of the transfer status.

Aelf's cross-link communication is not only capable of transferring digital assets, but also able to pass any other information.
For example, aelf’s sidechains can trigger contract execution on other sidechains.

In addition, Tendermint did not come up with a parallel processing model on a single chain, so a chain also has its own
limitations. CMC performance is limited to a single machine, scalability will only be reflected when using multiple instances of

Aelf has proposed that parallel processing on a single strand will dramatically increase the upper limit of single-strand processing


Both EOS and aelf have proposed to use parallel processing to handle transactions, but the difference is that EOS only processes
in parallel on the main chain, while aelf's parallel processing framework enables parallel processing on all side chains.

By doing this, parallel processing will be performed on both the backbone and the sidechains.


Ethereum has no scalability, no isolation of resources, and the popularity of CryptoKitties, CryptoZombies and more games to
come will block the transfer of the entire Ethereum network.

Aelf adopts the architecture of resource isolation to ensure that the surge of traffic on one chain will not affect the efficiency
of any other chain.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]Crowns[CNS]Neoscrypt[ASIC Resistant]|POW|60% Masternode|Secure on: February 21, 2018, 12:00:01 PM
As the original post is self-moderated, this one won't censur comments.
For me, it looks suspicious :
- Newbie account created a few years ago
- MN auction (yeah, it's really original) to FOMO the sales, with obviously high ROI for MN
- "Our office is located in Silicon Valley, California with 4 developers working on Crowns." But they don't even a website, and don't expect a whitepaper...

In fact, it seems like a lot of recent launchs (RIP Normandy...)


Masternode Presale 2/21/18@12pm(All Presales from Masternodes will be used for listings( and Exchanges)
Blockchain and POW Phase Launches 2/21/18@10PM
Windows Wallet Release 2/21/18@10PM
Join Us at Our Discord Channel for more Info


Crowns is a cryptocurrency that is focused on security and anonymity for the community. Crowns is backed by POW and Masternodes to ensure a powerful, transparent, and secure network for the people. This guarantees a stable return for miners and masternode holders alike. We ask you to join the Crowns community as volunteers and developers so together we can mold its future!

About Team

Our office is located in Silicon Valley, California with 4 developers working on Crowns. We are planning to hire 2 more developers in the short-term and many more in the long-term as we add features to the network and increase the workload.


  • Secure Network
  • Darksend Mixing
  • Instant Transactions
  • Anonymous


  • Ticker - CNS
  • Algorithm - Neoscrypt
  • Block Time - 120 Seconds
  • Block Reward - 35
  • Masternode Reward - 20 CNS
  • POW Reward - 10 CNS
  • POS Reward - 5 CNS
  • Max Supply - 25,000,000
  • Premine - .05%(125,000 CNS)

*Premine will be used for Exchange Listings, Bounties, and Airdrops
*Masternodes keep our transactions lightning fast and powers the Darksend Feature, as well as increases the security of the network entirely
*Masternode Payment Start @ block 50 and require 1000 CNS
*POS Start @ block 50


Q1 2018
  • Crowns Blockchain Starts
  • Bounties
  • Website
  • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet Release
  • Getting listed on 2 Exchanges
Q2 2018
  • Crowns Whitepaper
  • Release of new Crowns core version and wallet
Q3 2018
  • Online Marketplace
  • Mobile Wallet Release
Q4 2018
  • Atomic Swaps


Windows - Coming Soon! Release date (2/21/2018 ~10PM EST.)

Linux - Coming Soon!

Mac - Coming Soon!

Mining Pools

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!  
Join our Discord to help determine which exchange Crowns goes to first!


  • Translation Bounty - 50 CNS
  • Mining Pool Bounty - First Pool 200 CNS, after 100CNS
  • Website Bounty - Contact Dev on Discord
  • Wallet Bounty - Contact Dev on Discord
  • Block Explorer - Contact Dev on Discord

*Please claim all bounties on Discord/Bounty channel
*Post finished bounties on Discord


Coming Q2 of 2018!


Discord -
Block Explorer - Coming Soon!
Github - Coming Soon!
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Whitepaper for scammers on: February 15, 2018, 10:17:13 PM
We can't do nothing about scammers. Yeah, we can report their threads, but as my reported threads are not all deleted despite evidences and that scammers could open dozens threads by hour without the thread to be banned (because of the rules bitcointalk doesn't ban scammers), I will inform them to avoid errors they do for now. So they will be scammers, but good scammers not a bad copypasta scammers.

The simple part, I call it "the part when we use our hands" :
1. choose an announcement already written
Example 1 : -> wallet 0x2cE3a2c1670562759dA59831FADbf60880bAa8e9
Example 2 : -> no wallet

2. quote these ann to copypaste the ann

3. replace or add your wallet to receive free money from people
Example 1 : (cache : -> replaced by wallet 0xAAcE6D5d3cC361c3991B5e3585b36eeE6bbA5D3E
Example 2 : (cache : -> added by wallet 0xAAcE6D5d3cC361c3991B5e3585b36eeE6bbA5D3E (and BTC wallet 36LedV8SBCPprzTy8iJMJxLcxkyHqhrrqP)
Example 3 : -> wallet 0xAAcE6D5d3cC361c3991B5e3585b36eeE6bbA5D3E (and BTC wallet 36LedV8SBCPprzTy8iJMJxLcxkyHqhrrqP)

So now the most difficult part, I call it "the part when we must use our brain", or errors to avoid :
A. Be discreet. Posting 5 times the same scam into different local sections will alert the scam hunters. Example :;u=1555277;sa=showPosts

B. Never use the same wallets. Make a wallet by scam. How could they justify that you use the same wallet for 3 differents projects from 3 differents teams.

C. Scammers don't know how work the smartcontract. So when they replace with their wallets, they don't know that we could check if the walled indicated in their scam thread is not linked to the smartcontract. So for example 1:

And voilà ! Now you're a good scammer who cannot be banned and who get free BTC without doing nothing (or maybe just stealing works from someone and money from someone, but if you don't care don't worry your bad karma will remain bad).
4  Local / Annonces / [ANN][VTAR] Vantaur - Masternodes | PoW/PoS | InstantX | DarkSend on: February 10, 2018, 01:42:13 PM
▼ Vantaur ▼

Vantaur (VTAR) est une crypto-monnaie – une forme de monnaie numérique sécurisée et distribuée par un processus cryptographique connu sous le nom de minage. Le code de Vantaur est basé sur DASH, introduisant ainsi InstantX et les transactions DarkSend, aussi bien que la technologie Masternode permettant la stabilité du réseau, fournissant des  services supplémentaires au réseau et récompensant les possesseurs de masternodes (environ 75% des récompenses de bloc).

Nom: Vantaur
Type: Preuve de travail/Preuve de participation
Algorithme: Scrypt
Temps de bloc: 120 secondes
Maturité d'un bloc miné: 100 blocs
Stock maximal: 500,000,000 VTAR
Entrée Masternode: 50,000 VTAR
Déclenchement des paiements MN: Après 1000 blocs
Période de maturité MN: 24 heures
Préminage: 0.5% (sera utilisé pour les plateformes d'échanges, les récompenses, etc.)


50-500: 500 VTAR
500 - 10000: 300 VTAR
10000 - 50,000: 200 VTAR
50,000 - 300,000: 100 VTAR
300,000 - 600,000: 50 VTAR
600,000 - 1,000,000: 30 VTAR
1,000,000 - 3,000,000: 25 VTAR
3,000,000 - 6,000,000: 15 VTAR
6,000,000 - 10,000,000: 10 VTAR
10,000,000 - Infini: 5 VTAR

0- 1000: 0 VTAR
1,000 - 25,000: 1,500 VTAR
25,000 - 50,000: 1,250 VTAR
50,000 - 100,000: 1,000 VTAR
100,000 - 500,000: 750 VTAR
500,000 - 1,000,000: 500 VTAR
1,000,000 - 1,500,000: 250 VTAR
1,500,000 - 3,000,000: 125 VTAR
3,000,000 - Infini: 50 VTAR

Récompenses MN: 75% MN / 25% PoS

  • (à venir)



À partir du 11 février, chaque jour à 3:00 UTC, des enchères de 50,000 VTAR vont se tenir sur le la section #auction du Discord Vantaur. Les ventes seront limitées à 4 MN par jour. Un total de 16 MN est prévu d'être vendus pendant ces enchères.

Prime de traduction:
1. Traduisez le post
2. Contactez vantaurdev avec votre adresse Vantaur et le lien de votre post.

Chaque traduction réservée est éligible à recevoir 400 VTAR.

Prime Twitter:
Pour participer:
1. Vous devez avoir au moins 100 abonnés sur Twitter
2. Suivez @vantaur sur Twitter
3. Retweetez ce tweet, et ajouter votre adresse Vantaur dans votre tweet pour pouvoir être payé
Vous recevrez 100 VTAR pour avoir compléter la prime avec succès



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