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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / binaryFate & Caesium's Mystery Box Transparency Thread on: September 20, 2013, 02:29:17 PM
Hello, first off sorry if this is the wrong area, feel free to move it, I couldn't see a better subforum.

This is a public declaration of my intent to resell the 'mystery box' as we'll call it, to binaryFate, and an audit trail for others to see payment is made etc.

The 'mystery box' is, to the best of my knowledge, a box of USB miners being sent from ASICMINER. I have reason to believe there's 20 in it, going by: and
and also given that I also purchased 4 blades in batch 2 (you can dig out my winning bid in that crazy second auction thread yourself, it's non-editable anyway.)

We've hashed out some details in PM, so here goes:
- I have DHL tracking saying package is enroute from Shenzhen, I expect to get it in a week or less.
- binaryFate has agreed to send 1 BTC to 1Gh5SG1A6n8Nrw4pCG9Jf4AECFF7ko4tYd as payment for it this evening. This covers both the importation fee and cost of reposting it onwards.
- I'll pay the 58 importation fee as soon as 1 BTC received (if no BTC received, I'll just refuse delivery in a week and have it sent back).
- Fluctuations in BTC value between now and reposting the box have no bearing on this agreement, I won't ask for more if BTC drops to $1, binaryFate won't ask for a refund if it soars to $300.
- I'll provide binaryFate with the DHL tracking link at this time as well.
- I'll relabel and send onto binaryFate the unopened box the same day it arrives (please PM me the address binaryFate)
- I'll use the best available postage within reason, to try and get some tracking details (I know this is ambiguous, but I don't know what's available to send a package of unknown size to an unknown address right now, all I know is the destination country!)

I've added a few extra points in besides what we discussed in PM so please read those over binaryFate (notably the BTC value and the tracking link)

from PM:
- 1 BTC is ok. (I can pay upfront).
- In exchange of the payment, you'll get the box, and send it to me. The box should not be open so I know nothing will be missing. Whatever is in the box is not part of the deal, so you agree not to change your mind even if you knew what is inside, I agree not to complain if there is not much in it.
- Yes, if we do things right, a public thread would be perfect. Could you create it?
and I hereby agree with the above statements.

If anyone sees any detail I obviously missed please point it out.

If you're happy with all that binaryFate, please quote me and send payment, will confirm once received and be in regular contact on this thread Smiley
2  Economy / Computer hardware / 4 ASICMINER blades (second auction) up for sale on: May 13, 2013, 10:27:09 PM
Hello all.

Offering for sale my 4 asicminer block erupter blades I won in the second auction round.

I've decided I'd rather have liquid BTC on hand than be in for the long haul and have to watch these on a daily basis to make sure everything's working ok (which they have so far, fwiw, they've not dropped a beat and have been mining for nearly a week at high clock just fine).

I'm not looking for a quick flip profit on these, so I'll accept a realistic 48 BTC ono per unit.

I really want to sell all 4 together so to encourage that I'll throw in the power supply that's currently running all 4 and the fans that are cooling them if all 4 go together. Will also consider offers for all 4.

These are in the UK near Birmingham, so I'm looking for a UK buyer.

Preference will be given to buyers near Birmingham (not necessarily the first poster), and if you're within 3 hours drive I'll personally deliver them and sit in your lounge drinking a cup of tea (can bring own teabag) while you test them and send me some BTC. I'd be willing to do this tomorrow if you like. So you could have these in hand in less than 24 hours.

If there's nobody nearby I can deliver to then I will accept escrow, preferably via John K but I haven't checked if he can do it for me as of yet.

er hope that's all, if there's any important details I missed let me know, I'm a reasonable person :p
3  Bitcoin / Pools / [CLOSED] on: July 05, 2011, 09:49:23 AM
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