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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / My Ubuntu full node is only using 10 connections (fixed) on: May 20, 2014, 10:52:44 AM
I recently set up a full bitcoind node in Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Here's the bitcoin.conf excluding rpc info:


The node is behind a NAT. External IP is written correctly in the config. I've had to change to port 8334, but it is forwarded fine and I'm getting more than 8 connections. The node is listed at as well and should be reachable and should be functioning correctly.

However, I'm only hovering around 10-11 connections. The node is on a dedicated machine with a decent fibre connection and I want to allow 100+ connections and support the network.

I tried simply waiting, but after 24~ hours its still at 10 connections, sometimes 11.
I have a Windows machine behind the same NAT that has port 8333 forwarded and its connection count is currently at 59.

What am I doing wrong? Smiley

2  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Dirt 3 Steam Gamecode (50 SC) New price! on: August 25, 2011, 08:31:07 AM
I'm selling


Dirt 3 Steam Gamecode - Price: 50 SolidCoin
Dirt 3 Steam Gamecode - Price: 50 SolidCoin

If interested, please reply to this topic, and I will contact you via PM.

I have never sold anything on here before, so I cannot show you proof of successful previous trades. However I'd have no interest in getting a bad reputation here, since I'm an avid user of these forums Smiley
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / 2x XFX 5850, both no POST on: June 07, 2011, 04:08:55 PM
Now, I know what you're about to write, but me let me stop you before you start and explain first Wink

2x XFX 5850 cards (egg cooler). Both won't POST. (no POST = fans start spinning, nothing else happens)

Tried 2 different PSU's. 600W (corsair CX builder) and an 850W NorthQ which runs a GTX 480 without breaking sweat.

Tried 2 different motherboards.

Both cards plugged in seperately every time.

Tried several BIOS versions on motherboard #1. Motherboard #2 is my main and has the newest BIOS.

BOTH XFX 5850 (ZNFA ver 3.3) refuse to pass POST.

Either XFX is an extremely crappy brand, or I'm missing something completely here.

Anyone had any experience with XFX 5850's no POST'ing?
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / HD5770 with SDK 2.1 (x64) on: May 31, 2011, 12:42:53 PM
Hello miners

When I started mining, I just went with the newest Catalyst (I'm now at 11.5) and newest SDK. This seemed to work great for me, have been getting 214Mh/s with my HD5770 OC@965Mhz and 300MHz RAM.

However, my curiosity has gotten the best of me, and I've been trying to install the ATI Stream SDK 2.1.

Problem is, even though i completely remove all SDK 2.4 related stuff, the SDK 2.1 installer installs everything and gives me a green OK at the end, but doesn't actually enable OpenCL functionality on my machine. 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 are all able to install just fine and work with my HD5770, but 2.1 refuses to enable OpenCL.

Any clues? Smiley

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate SP1)
XFX Radeon HD5770
Catalyst 11.5
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