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1  Local / Новости / Facebook разрешил рекламу Coinbase on: July 21, 2018, 06:19:27 PM
Крупнейшая в мире социальная сеть Facebook добавила американскую компанию Coinbase в список одобренных рекламодателей.
Еще в конце прошлого месяца в Facebook заявили, что для получения разрешения на публикацию рекламы продуктов и услуг в сфере криптовалют рекламодатели должны предоставить данные о лицензиях, листинге на фондовых биржах и любую важную публичную информацию о своем бизнесе. Тем самым полный запрет был существенно ослаблен.Отметим, что клиенты процессинга Coinbase Commerce уже получили более $10 млн с помощью сервиса.
2  Economy / Services / How Pump Groups Work in a Telegram on: July 21, 2018, 04:17:15 PM
Trade groups are most often organized through Telegram. This is not a chat room for five people. You yourself probably saw that some of them are very numerous, 20,000 each. There are groups of 200,000 people. All these people are going to buy the chosen coin, for example, XYZ, at a certain time - it's a pamp-process. When the price is "pumped up", there is a dumping part. The price increases, there are sales after rapid growth - a dump, or dumping. Let's say that the XYZ coin has a small market capitalization and a relatively constant price. The group gives a signal to the pump and indicates the target price. A coin is enough for relatively small infusions to move the price and pay attention to it real investors who will already invest not at a signal. For large projects, such as ETH or BTC, you need a lot of money and this trick just will not work.  The selected stock exchange is occupied by pampers. It is also expected that subscribers will advertise shitcoin on social networks to create a buzz around him. Sometimes fake celebrity tweets or fake news are created.
Harsh reality: as the pamp group throw traders.
1. Admins of the channel very long start to gradually buy these coins at the lowest prices, so as not to cause outbursts and they could not clearly be caught in a preliminary purchase. After all, according to legend, channel admins must start buying up a coin along with the whole group.
2. Half a day before the pampa on the channel there are messages "6 hours before the pump. Getting ready "and so every hour, then more often.
3. The administrator throws in a crypto-currency pair, which is planned for pumping and in which he has already opened warrants for sale.
4. Those who join the group buy up the coins put up by the admin for sale, the price for them grows, a high green candle is received, but no one can sell these coins, because they want to buy units - members of the group that have been overtaken or by the flight miners and beginners.
5. The channel publishes beautiful percentages of superprofits based on the results of the pampas, as if all members of the group received it, not just the admin. It will be a seduction for another batch of suckers.
The result.
Let's sum up: these events, it's by and large the next dishonest turn for earnings on the trust of simple, unprepared philistines and beginners, due to the growing interest in the crypto-currency world. To our regret, such factor as earnings on pampa signals takes place and, despite the fact that there are paid and free resources, this factor does not play any role. Paid signals are an even more sophisticated method of squeezing even more money out of inexperienced traders, in which you also voluntarily pay for deception. In both cases, the algorithm for the development of events is the same.
Be attentive and vigilant, do not let yourself be deceived, save and increase your funds relying on technical and fundamental analysis. And lovers of risk want to recall a small truth: "Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap." BTC
3  Local / Новости / Если SEC одобрит биткоин-ETF, то это взорвёт курс B on: July 15, 2018, 10:56:02 AM
В начале недели чикагская биржа CBOE подала новую заявку на открытие первого биткоин-ETF в Комиссию по ценным бумагам и биржам США (SEC). Эксперты уверены, что согласие комиссии поднимет курс биткоина. Источник (прочитайте статью)
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