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1  Local / Mining et Hardware / Soutenez un developeur Francais de firmwares !!! on: March 13, 2022, 12:39:31 AM
Hello a tous ! si vous avez des asics, arretez de payer trop de fee et venez esseyer mes firmware, support assuré sur discord ! Wink

Notez que je ne suis pas un debutant, et actif du coté anglais Wink
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / Antminer 19 serie HYDRO on: June 21, 2021, 08:20:22 PM
HI all , see :

Any idea ?  Grin
3  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] L3+ hashboard for parts on: April 29, 2021, 08:03:43 PM
Hi all, i search L3+ hashboard for parts in EU.

If you have this, please make me your offer Wink

thanks !
4  Local / Mining et Hardware / Firmware deverouillé antminer T17 / T17+ / S17 / S17E / S9 on: March 27, 2021, 10:22:39 PM
Salut a tous ! je propose mes firmware pour ceux que sa intéresse, je propose également des frais en deçà de ce que l'ont a l'habitude de voir ...

et surtout, j'assure mon soutien pour sont utilisation en personne Wink

n’hésitez pas pour toutes questions ou autre Wink

voici mon discord :
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 17 series for parts on: March 06, 2021, 05:56:37 PM
hi, i search all parts or miner complet for parts on UE,

please make your offerts Smiley

thanks Wink
6  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / S17 / S17E / T17+ / T17 custom firmware - Free Download only 1% fee on: July 30, 2020, 04:23:41 PM
Hello everyone, I made S17e Custom Firmware, installation is now free and available to everyone!

Edited, now ready for T17 / T17+ / T17e / S17 / S17Pro / S17E / S17+ with lowered fee !

-----FIRST custom firmware for the Antminer S17e-----

- Custom Freq : From 30TH, up to 80TH and more (runs in all conditions)
- Custom Voltage : From 1500mV to 2050mV
- Downclock up to 35 W/TH or better efficiency
- Monitoring Voltage / Freq ratio for best efficiency
- Fan fixed / auto
- Signature disabled / You can restore original firmware at any point
- Performance and Efficiency + 15-30% (all ASICs are different)
- Working perfectly on all pool, original cgminer
- Small DevFee 2% 0.9% ,


This picture are no fees, is normal, is beta before releasing.

-------------------------------------------FREE DOWNLOAD-----------------------------------------

---Instruction if your miner is locked by original firmware---
1 - Power down your miner
2 - Format your micro SD Card as FAT32
3 - Download this file ( SDX17X ) - intermediate firmware (needed to unlock)
4 - Unzip the files, and paste all unzipped files on your SD Card
5 - Insert SD Card on miner
6 - Power on, and wait until GREEN and RED light start flashing then power down miner
7 - Remove SD Card and Power on the miner
8 - Now flash Custom S17e Frimware ( )
-----PS : Miner will change IP address, it's normal-----

--- Contact : or Telegram Djay firmwares ---

-------------------------------------------FREE DOWNLOAD-----------------------------------------

Link :


I leave the pleasure to Favebook to make review about my firmware Wink (that I thank very much for giving me access to his miner for all the tests!)
Contains no malware of course,
it is original firmware but patched Wink

Thank you for your trust.  Wink
7  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / S17e / T17e Custom firmware on: July 27, 2020, 05:07:13 AM
Link for S17E Final Version :

Hi all, i have developed custom firmware for all T17 / T17+ / S17 / S17pro /S17+ with success ... but i don't have T17E / S17E on my hand, i search on guy to agree for give me access with teamviewer for test, if success, i ofer my custom firmware for him Wink

thanks Wink
8  Economy / Computer hardware / T17 fixed firmware, no dev fee ! on: June 14, 2020, 08:58:47 AM
Hi , i selling my own firmware for T17 with ANY DEV FEE !

Feature :

- Fixed Frequency
- Fixed Voltage
- Overclock / Downclock
- Fan speed fixed / auto
- Allow up to 50th / down to any speed you want
- Allow down to 40w / th (or better if you have good machine)
- Dev fee FREE
- Based on original firmware with secure

If interessed, please pm me Wink
9  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / S9K Stock firmware SSH unlocked + Control fan on: June 07, 2020, 06:11:16 PM
Hi all, i'm happy to share my moded files with all ! Please read all before installing !!!

Feature :

-Stock firmware
-SSH unlocked
-Fan control unlocked
-LPM unlocked (but not working on this miner)
-Statut miner page include my mod for monitoring healt miner Smiley

For install :

1 : just try upgrade this ! if not work, jump to "2"
2 : Power off miner
3 : Make all this file on SD card and inser on miner (SD Unlocker 17 Family)    ----- -----
4 : WARNING : this files is taken on T17/S17 firmware, please unplug all data cable on all hashboard before power on miner ! (just for inssurance for save hashboard eprom probably)

5 : power on miner, and wait GREEN and RED led flashing
6 : power off miner and remove sd card
7 : power on miner , and flash my firmware ! ----- ask me -----
8 : If all is ok, power off miner, plug all data cable again, and POWER ON !!!

Enjoy !!!  Cool

If you want donate, do not hesitate !!! lol  Grin
10  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Litle tweak for monitoring overclock/underclock T17 / S17 on: May 21, 2020, 02:19:47 PM
Hi all, i have make (take on mp test firmware) litle tweak for monitoring value, and i have modified this for more compatibility and english ... this is util for validate your value (Voltage and Freq tuning)

You just need past this code on your miner at "www/pages/cgi-bin/miner_stats.html" and replace this. (Need SSH unlocked).

Exemple : Monitoring in progress

Exemple : if you need more voltage !

Exemple : Test passed, your freq and voltage is ok Wink

This mod monitoring HW number, Fan speed, GH speed according to freq ... if is one is not on tolerence, showing error Wink

I thinks this mod is not bad for good tweak T17 ... i don't have tested on S17 but i thinks is working to ! (idealGH = frequency * 675 * asic_count * miner_count * 0.98 / 1000;)

With pleasure Wink
11  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB Control board antminer Z9 / Z11 / V9 / S9K / S9SE on: April 10, 2020, 09:21:24 PM
Hi all, i search on controler board, i need fast if possible Smiley UE

For : Z9 / Z9mini / Z11 / S9K / S9SE / V9 (all is same)

Please make offer Smiley i pay by BTC,  Thanks !
12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Inside APW9 (T17 / S17) on: March 18, 2020, 09:43:22 PM
Hi all, i want try to mod fan APW9 for reduce the noise, i thinks is very easy, just make resistor on positive wire on each fan Smiley , just monitoring temp to not going over ! lol

Just for fun, i share here a picture !

13  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / S9 Hydro custom firmware (who is interested) on: January 07, 2020, 06:05:37 PM
Hi all, i have found code on original firmware on S9 and T9+ for take control fan / freq / voltage

I thinks, almost sur, the S9 hydro are same "error" from bitmain ...

who is interested ? if interessed, tell me about Wink If you have acces to SSH , i give you my personal files (only text files, absolu no risque for miner) for testing Wink

My mod is here :  (make this on firmware update on your miner webgui)

Is make for running miner on FIXED mod ! so, take control FREQ + FAN ... is possible you take VOLTAGE control if you running on MULTI-OPT firm Wink

PS : NO CONTAIN BMMINER !!! so ... no problems !

If you have any problem, reflash your old firmware !

If update not work (no signature), you need take files manualy ... so ... open my mod and paste files on your miner by SSH : (/etc/init.d)
-minerConfiguration.cgi + minerConfiguration2.cgi + set_miner_conf.cgi (/www/pages/cgi-bin)
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / My S9 Heater version on: December 31, 2019, 04:05:26 PM
Hi all, i try to recycle part of miner ...

I have take all parts, is funny Smiley :

-T9 case
-T9+ controler
-S9 hashboard
-My custom firmware (but compatible with LPM for exemple or other)

I try at :
-525mhz/850mv (max temp 62)
-700mhz/910mv (max temp 80)

Just look fan speed and temperature Smiley , ambient temp is arround 22c , Very good resultat !!! and very low noise, the psu make more noise :p, by very low cost (free) just make 2 hole (arround 50-60mm) Smiley

Just for precision, on my "calculs' is very important do no make more larger of hole for assure to make air pressure at center hashboard at low speed fan, make hole at perfect center of miner at two side (look picture, so in absolute, juste turn the "in" fan).

For finish, VERY IMPORTANT, air flow for the two fan point external... so, air flow take on miner ant outake external ! the fan blade need place in interne... just see picture ! for assure, on power on, the air need to outake on 2 fan ! no admission, admission is NOW on two news hole ! Wink

And, VERY IMPORTANT to, you need TWO SAME fan !!! if not, the air flow is not correct, and is possible one part of hashboard is not in air flow, and overheat !
15  Economy / Computer hardware / (WTS) (EU) parts of miner D3 / T9 / T9+ / S7 on: October 02, 2019, 09:37:02 PM
Hi all, i sell part of miner see list :

1 x S7 complet run good
1 x S7 complet for parts

1 x D3 complet run good
1 x D3 partial run with 2 hashboard

3 x T9+ hash board for parts + case (same S9)

1 x T9+ complet, run partialy (arround 6th)

1 x Control board D3/L3+ run good

If you need only one part, is possible ! just tell me. So if you need picture, is not problem, juste tell me you need Wink

I accepte escrow, but is utile ? the price is low lol
If interessed, just propose me a price Wink
16  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Downgrade Antimner S9 , Remove security firmware on: April 14, 2019, 07:50:05 PM
Hi all, most member here are problem for this !!! I propose everybody working here Smiley

I past my message for other member :

Do you want try it ? i take lastest firmware , and only replace the firmware with old firmware S9J without signature, and i old secure files with compatibility ... i thinks no risk for your miner, but i thinks you need know it Wink (i recompiled firmware update 2019 but i just replace the file by S9J firmware 2018)

DL : (Edit, not working)

After download, rename on "test.tar.gz" (upload as renomed my file)

For me, i'm not ready for test it so my miner in not in my hand...

But anybody have a bad controler or miner for part, ready to test it ?
17  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Exploit Antminer S9 and T9+ Firmware ASICBOOST original moded , FREE RELEASE ! on: April 02, 2019, 04:07:45 PM
Hi all, I took a big decision, I decided to release my custom firmware for the symbolic sum of 0.005BTC WITHOUT ANY DEVFEE as often requested by the comunity ... a single purchase, has unfolded unlimited!
I know that once released, he will browse the web, thank you to try to respect my work with a purchase or a donation there after;), 0.005btc is not much ... I'm going in the direction from the community and I did not include any hidden fees;)

HI ALL !!! After reflextion, i take big decision, and KILL ALL firmware S9 !!! not paid for me ? is not simpaty for my work, not problem, so, S9 is now old machine, i take with pleasure donate  Cool

Way for install this :
1 - you need unlocked firmware (before 2019) if not, downgrade by SD Card with T9+ firmware (see on
2 - Install original firmware S9J mode low power/hashrate (containe the bmminer with full control coded, Yeah !!! error by bitmain)
3 - install my patch for take full control ! (contain bmminer not modified, if you want, open my patch and take only other files than bmminer by ssh for proof !) i included bmminer taked on S9J firmware only for more facility to flash on other miner)
4 - ENJOY !!! and thanks me lol

download link : S9 / S9I / S9J
- Original firmware for S9J (compatible with S9 / S9I / S9J) : Please download S9J 2018 firmware on bitmain, with low power mod
- My patch (need flash S9J firmware before) :

download link : T9+
- Original firmware for T9+ ONLY : Please download T9+ 2018 firmware on bitmain, with low power mod
- My patch customised for T9+ (need flash flash T9+ firmware in the link for unlock all feature) :

Release :

- Compatible with S9 / S9I / S9J (auto or not) and (T9+ available by other files)
- ASICBOOST (On / Off)
- ORIGINAL Bitmain Firmware
- NO DEV FEE !!!
- Frequency control
- Voltage board control (By increment 5mv)
- FAN Fixed / Auto
- Show PCB temp
- No Problem on all pool supported AsicBoost
- Is original firmware, absolut no problem for reflash other original firmware
- Same perform with all other custom firmware, TAKE FULL CONTROL ! down to 75w/th and up to 18,5th

Do not ask me the sources, I do not have them, for the good reason that I work with a BMMINER of origin bitmain (drawn in a firmware), then bypassed the system via the other file ... nothing 'is hidden Wink

I am not a noobie here, have confidence in me;)

Ps : Kano, is for you !!! kiss !!! and now, all detractor, please stop broken my burns !!!  Cool

Donate :

LTC : LgTLyhXEeF3p6oshxPwcacfCXezpdNXjhc
BTC : show on my firmware
18  Economy / Computer hardware / Search ASIC for part (UE), S9 / S11 / S15 / T9+ / T15 / L3+ on: January 17, 2019, 05:26:23 PM
Hi all , all in title ! i search asic non working, or part (hashboard or controler), i need only asic non working even burned :d at very low price ...

Shipping to europe.

Thanks Wink
19  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Bitmain Release AsicBoost for T9+ on: November 26, 2018, 09:02:08 PM
Hi, bitmain come to make public AsicBoost for Antminer T9 +!

I just tested it, and it's a disaster ... 4.5 Th / s for 800W !!! I had to go back on a stable firmware without asicboost ... (with no dificult)

It would be interesting to share your opinion here;)
20  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Antminer T9+ Mod Eco FREE POWER : FULL FREE on: November 17, 2018, 05:53:26 PM
Hi everyone, I decided to share my Bmminer edit for T9+ (and tested), here are the mods:

- Reduction of the consumption of 300W approximately !!!
- Delete Pic Flash ERROR (now working)
- Custom Fan Management, run with VERY LOWEST NOISE !!!

The usual procedure:
Rename the Bmminer Bmminer-Old in / USR / BIN to be able to restore it if needed .... Then replace it with mine, do not forget to give it the right to execution "RWXR-XR-X"


All the reviews and your comments are welcome !!!!!!
And for a small donation do no hesitate to contact me in PV Wink

Thanks !!!
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