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1  Other / Politics & Society / Men and their weapons on: June 01, 2017, 02:27:08 AM
Ever since history was recorded for the first time by our ancestors in caves. Men stood above others with their tools. Perhaps we elevated those tools as they did elevate us.

As an alchemical symbol the sword is a symbol of purification. Here we experience the metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the spiritual soul of man. This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to ethereal (enlightened) freedom.

In Buddhism the sword symbolism deals with discrimination of thought. In this light, swords cut away ignorance.

The swords of the Congo tribe in Central Africa are deeply symbolic of transition.

In Chinese symbolism dreams of swords indicate birth gender.

Freud would have us believe the sword in our dreams is a phallic symbol.

FOCUS: Please, do you share your opinion on meaning of handheld weapons. Perhaps share your favourite one (factory made assault rifles, nukes and aircraft carriers, while admirable piece of technology, do not count). How do they make you feel? Do you believe men should feel comfortable with them?

2  Other / Politics & Society / Putting North Korea and Syria into perspective of an Eagle. on: April 24, 2017, 11:46:05 PM
So, the internet in these past weeks got all worked up through possiblity that United States will intervene in Syrian civil war. Just a week later, once doubts about perpetrators of gas attack surfaced, US naval fleet started manuevering close to shore of North Korea with mutual shit talking ensuing. After several days and conference with Chinese, aforementioned fleet seemingly vanished into thin air and "rusty giant" of NKs went back to sleep.

What does this mean precisely? Many of initial detractors of Trump (despotic, slavery approving Saudi Arabia afterall gave Clintons nearly 350 million USD for campaign) applauded this risky game, Germany and France congratuled Trump. Japan aswell feel reassured after show of force. Domestic opposition in the US establishment for the time being seems muted, as deep state seems to take liking to Trump - clearly limiting manouvering space for George Soros and his sponsored Antifa and BLM thugs.

And the other hand many supportive of new administration - Russians, but also US military veterans, now look on with confusion. What does Trump really want?

I have an idea. In military terms word of "reconnaissance" is used for testing your competition through provocation and possibly skirmirsh. Think short quick jabs in the first round of a boxing match. Quite different from Obama/Clinton style color spring (read, fifth column style putsch). Competition in this case being Russia (through Syria) and China (through North Korea). After Trump got reaction, he stopped exposing himself or his servicemen. He got what he wanted.

What is peculiar and quite unique: International policy is dictated as a custom by domestic politics. In this case it is vice versa. New administrations actions didnt do much but reassure regional allies and happened without any impending danger to local power balance, but its impact on domestic US politics was disproportionally huge, prompting public debate. Meanwhile, both Russians and Chinese are holding their positions, staying exposed but openly unwilling to escalate. They are just as confused as average American.

I could be wrong, but there is something almost admirable about managing to do so much with so little...
3  Other / Politics & Society / Solution to immigrant crime? on: April 10, 2017, 08:58:08 PM
I have been thinking about issue with migration, legal and other. Specifically, its criminal, urban element.

Obviously, certain level of migration has been natural through out history. In some cases beneficial both for those migrating and their hosts.

What we are seeing today in western Europe are gangs of disenfranchised second and third generation migrants breaking laws, attacking property and bystanders in tragically misguided bravado as to somehow give their life some meaning.

Now, as living standarts in the west have been stagnant for the past several decades and affirmative action already took its toll on natives, it is obvious we simply cannot just provide limousines, whores and cocaine to every deprivated young man, who feels entitled to such "high standard".

What we can do is to respect culture these men from middle East, Africa and Asia came from.

Those cultures are all still clan based, scoffing upon individualism as a sign of weakness and decadence.

In historical Japan, peace and stability was upkept through collective guilt. If someone from your family committed serious crime, it was not only him but also the head of family (that failed to keep in line) who was held responsible. Through, individually perhaps unjust, the system after decades of civil war brought upon peace that lasted for hundreds of years. Your family, your responsibility.

There is only one thing, unruly yougsters in the west fears today and it is not police. It is not debts aswell, as you cannot take away from someone who owns nothing. They fear each other, their parents and cousins.

What I propose is value system, that rewards individuals for their personal archievements and punishes the clan for failures and crimes.

Your thoughts are most welcome, gentlemen.

EDIT: Just highlighted the focus, so not everybody will start to order mortar for sky high walls.
4  Other / Politics & Society / Human Rights aka New Church? on: March 12, 2017, 09:35:53 PM
It crossed my mind recently, that (trans)human/animal rights in certain regions have long ago ceased to be aimed at defending interests of common men and nature. Instead they became increasingly selfserving and often work side by side with corporations and governments as their "soft power" appendage.

May it be possible, that indeed, NGOs are turning into sort of Church, with Karl Marx their Saint and cultural marxism their doctrine?

Corporations as the new aristocracy, NGOs as the new Church, population enslaved by guilt shaming and ever rising taxes and work hours.
5  Other / Politics & Society / Illegal Migrant Crisis in Mediterraean on: June 05, 2015, 12:19:48 AM
This year, aprox. 600 000 new asylum seekers are expected on EU borders, analysts already predict perhaps one million next year. This is nothing new, for years thousands were migrating towards Europe, searching refugee, better life or just piece of its welfare system. However current crisis is unlike any other for following reasons.

- Western Europe has been trying (and failing) its romance with multiculturalism for decades now, integration of millions of its "new citizens" has to large degree failed as we can see in cities such as Malmö, London, Paris, Calais or suburbs of Berlin. Letting in one million of foreigners with completely different value system every year might be just irresponsible.

- As direct result of the above, euro comitee now wants binding quota, that would force smaller countries to also take in refugees - this of course disregards the fact, that new member states such as Poland or Czech republic already took care for tens of thousands Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Roma. That just doesnt count.

- In most progressive countries such as Sweden or Austria, even small towns are now forced to take in migrants under the threat of government sanctions. In Austria, every town has to take in atleast 1 migrant per 266 inhabitants, in Sweden it is 1 migrant per 300 inhabitants.

- As result of the state sponsored multiculturalism (which all but replaced religion in northern-western Europe), any criticism of either immigration or Islam is seen as criminal offense in Sweden, starting from 1/1/2015.

- Cant speak for westerners, however in my country (Czech republic), 92% of population is against the quota and for self-determination and voluntary help. Regardless, local goverment already assured its citizens, that quota will be accepted in the future, it is only question when.

- Current euro asylum system is quite motivating for people smugglers (who already take aprox. 6000 dollars per migrant, before they allow them to board their ships). Recent tactics, is to throw (!) passengers overboard, when ship from some european nation appears on horizon, forcing the euro crew to rush to rescue. Job done, money already received.

- In places such as southern Italy, large mobs of visitors were leaving detention camps, occupying buildings, throwing out inhabitants if any were found inside. All areas heavily hit by migration start to heavily resemble Detroit.

- In northern France drivers and policemen are frequently attacked for preventing migrants to cross La Manche into the Britain - and its welfare system. Along with the fact, that 80% of these people are young men under the age of 30, it begs the question: Is their absolute majority fleeing from something or rushing towards it?

- Main donor countries: Kosovo, Eritrea, Nigeria, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia. Rich and culturally close countries (Saudi Arabia, Quatar, UAE) refuse to take them in. Countries responsible for unrest in middle East (vast majority of them english speaking) also do not take them in.
I ask for civil discussion on the matter. Thank you.
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