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1  Other / Beginners & Help / [General] How to block someone? on: July 03, 2019, 09:10:04 PM

I have a user from Discord who decided to stalk me to this platform to harass me more in attempts to get me banned.

The user made insults of me when I simply asked for help, and then when I verbally defended myself starts crying and tries to get me banned on every platform they can find me on (which is harassment)

I have looked all over for a "block" option, but I cannot find it?

I've blocked them on Discord, but how do I block a user on this forum?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WANTED] Thread/Posting Graphics Designer on: January 17, 2019, 04:36:35 AM
Hey all,

I need one of those graphic postings that people usually put as their main thread (example:

I may also need image slicing done for some possible buttons or links within the image.

Basically I want to use this style / format as a website I am making to keep it simple (for now)

Depending on the quality, cost and assessed risk, I may be willing to pay up-front.

Please post your offer, as well as some examples of your work.

I will take the lowest bidder with highest quality work.

I will edit the OP when position is filled, and we will use this thread as tracking of the success of the transaction.

3  Economy / Exchanges / [PSA] Livecoin lost me > $150 USD - is it SCAM or bad business practices? on: April 14, 2018, 04:19:27 AM
Hi everyone,

I was a member of Livecoin for a while, and I lost about $150 because of them.

If you want an exchange which will ban you for a suggestion, an opinion or something you say in a forum posting or comment, go ahead and sign up for Livecoin and risk your own ASSets.

It happened a few days to a week ago. I was pretty sick for a while and still licking my wounds so was unable to post for a bit.

If you have seen me begging people for ETH, this is the situation that got all of my assets "stuck" into TRX inside MEW - I had to convert all to TRX and withdraw or else I lose my assets!

I purchased:

0.00700000 BTC worth of REEcoin (367363.74525853 REE)
0.00175000 BTC worth of OMG (1.1645782 OMG)
0.00150000 BTC worth of ENT (61.49095898 ENT)
0.00150000 BTC worth of VRC (15.82585205 VRC)
0.00099821 BTC worth of TRX (0.00099821 TRX)

all of which were too small and costly to withdraw, so I had no choice but to keep on the exchange.

I noticed the withdraw fees on Livecoin were astronomically high, compared to the actual current transaction fee.

BTC Withdraw Minimum: 0.01 BTC - which is $80ish at today price
BTC Withdraw Fee: 0.001 BTC - which is about $10

TRX Withdraw Fee: 84 TRX - Which was about $3.86 when ETH GAS cost was a fraction of a cent

When I had posted my opinion here and maybe made a few mistaken quick judgements regarding livecoin and the maker/taker fee being done on purpose, livecoin sent me a message:

Any exchange which forces a user to leave based on a overall POSITIVE opinion with a few suggestions for improvements to leave is SCAMMY.

I had no choice but to leave, so I had to liquidate my positions at a loss, and convert over to TRX and withdraw it - which just proved my point about the fees being way too high.

Within 48-72 hours I saw this message:

They lowered fees after kicking me out - Which again, proves my point about the fees being way too high.

All because I pointed this out, I was demanded to leave within 24 hours and never come back (or else I lose assets)

I had to liquidate all my assets at a loss, the total that livecoin owes me in BTC is: 0.00955631 BTC

Livecoin also took 5 referrals from me which they also are profiting from even more now that they have banned me.

@Livecoin: Please deposit reimbursement to this address: 1BiMPPwj46yZAewdKqRhS4dYfRCATFjnou and post public apology in this thread.

Livecoin, it is very SAD that you have to force users to leave who have suggestions to improve your service. Regardless of whether I am right or wrong about you taking the spread on the TX fee, your response to demand me to leave was not only childish, but very unprofessional. It costed me 0.00955631 BTC to sell what I had and move out within 24 hours. You can't just tell people to leave and then "take it back" afterwards.

ALL evidence and records of transactions can be downloaded here:

If anyone wishes to help me recover my losses via donation please send BTC here 1MGqfsv4tmDmzt3fGKdELbfAHZFUsno6CA
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Help pls, I have 1,700 TRX stuck in MEW on: April 13, 2018, 06:27:44 PM
Hi everyone

I have a problem, I was forced to move out of Livecoin because they forced me to close my account. I had no choice but to close out my positions on other ALTs and convert them to Tron and send to MEW.

I never used ETH before and I was unaware that I needed ETH to send TRX. I figured I just pay fee in TRX.

However this is not the case! To transfer any ERC-20 token you need ETH.

So now my TRX is stuck.

Can anyone either donate some ETH so I can move it out, or maybe I can Interac Email Transfer $5 or $10 for some ETH? If someone could donate some and we can work out a way to pay it back that would help me a lot... I can also send TRX back to you to cover the donation / TX fees. If you want reimbursement please message me before you donate anything.

The faucets are too slow to get enough for the TX fee, it will take a week or more Sad

ETH: 0xbeb8da5bc2e684d40f6a077e2ae3b972c2bf795e

I am sorry if this is against forum rules, I am stuck and need help Sad If it is please message me and I will delete my posting

If anyone knows another way to send my TRX from my wallet without begging for a loan or donation, please let me know. Otherwise I am stuck begging until either I get it or a faucet pays out enough for a transaction.

Thanks Smiley
5  Bitcoin / Electrum / sdfsdf on: January 26, 2018, 06:12:28 AM
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