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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Block Explorers/Chain Analysis | Only $7/mo for Explorer Hosting on: September 24, 2015, 08:45:09 PM

I'd better put together an official announcement for my block explorer service located at provides a more robust and unique analysis of crypto-currency blockchains. Specializing in Proof of Stake and Proof of Work analysis, we provide a first-of-its-kind platform to see what addresses are generating coins, the stake weight for PoS coins, the hash rate for PoW coins, market capitalization charts and more. We also provide hash rate charts for our coins that have Proof of Work mining, something that many coins and explorers do not have access to. View the richlists to see how you stack up compared to the rest of the coin holders, see your total amount minted or mined, and give you the ability to claim your address using your cryptographic signature. Get up to date exchange order books consolidated on our easy to read master orderbook in our markets page. Find addresses, transactions, and blocks to get the details you want.

Awesome Homepage
Each Coin's Home Page has all the most important information displayed in one easy place

Detailed Richlist with Ability to Claim Addresses
Richlist page tracks total minted and mined (for PoW hybrids) and lets you claim your address using cryptographic signatures

Address Page
View your address balance and transactions. This page contains a chart of your total balance over time and also a conversion of that balance into bitcoin equivalent.

Detailed Chain View
The chain view lets you see exactly what is going on in the blockchain. Display up to the last 2000 records. Addresses are automatically associated with a name if it has been claimed. See difficulty, stake weight consumed, coins minted, etc.

'Master' Depth Chart
See different exchanges orders all in one place.

Market Capitalization Charts
See you market capitalization chart in one easy place.

Nodes List
See a list of nodes sorted by protocol version, all in an easy to copy and paste format

API comes standard, 3rd party websites like can easily query the explorer to get the information they need

This explorer service is a work in progress. I have been adding features at a pace of 1 or 2 per week. continues to add additional coins at a competitive price (especially considering that this explorer tends to have way more features and analysis than the average explorer). Contact me for pricing or more information Smiley
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [XRA] RateCoin | PoS | Unique Generous Rewards | Low Supply Inflation on: July 12, 2015, 04:46:35 PM


RateCoin (XRA) is designed for long term oriented minters. XRA uses Proof of Stake to secure its blockchain and is designed with long term sustainability as its primary focus. Stake rewards are generous enough to encourage holding and minting of the currency, but are low enough that inflation problems should not emerge. RateCoin gives incentive to long term holders to take coins away from exchanges and stake them long term, in theory this should create an upwards pressure on the exchange rate between XRA and BTC or other currencies.

XRA is also designed to scale long term. Small time intervals between blocks creates blockchain bloat and can lead to a nearly impossible chain to sync after a year or two of operation. Large blockchains take lots of resources such as disk space and memory. RateCoin is designed with a 3 minute block target, meaning that approximately 480 blocks are added to the chain per day, 175,200 per year. Compare this to coins that have a 30 second block time that add 2,880 blocks per day, 1,051,200 blocks per year. The problem is that when a node syncs it has to scan and store every block. It is fairly easy to download the blocks, for example getting them all in a bootstrap.dat file doesn't take too long, the problem is scanning all of the blocks which can take days for certain nodes if the chain is too large. A large chain can prevent an exchange from implementing the coin and can make users hesitant to run the coin. RateCoin is designed to avoid these problems and easily scale over a long period of time.

XRA's Reward System

High Rewards for Long Term Holders: XRA calculates stake rate based on the age of the input that is used in the stake transaction. The reward rate starts at 0.25% for any input that is less than one day old. If the input is over 1 day old the stake rate bumps up to 1%. For every doubling of days the stake rate moves up by 1.5 times (up to the top bracket of 25.6289% after 256 days).

Minimum rewards given to ensure the network remains competitive: If XRA only gave generous rewards to those that lock away their coins for long periods of time, the network difficulty would be very low and there would not be enough available outputs to stake to keep the blockchain moving. For this reason XRA gives a minimum reward of 100 XRA to any stake input no matter what the size. This means that if you are able to stake an input of 100 XRA, you will get a reward that doubles your input. On the other hand if your input is old and large enough it will well exceed the minimum reward and default to the normal age based rate brackets.

Ticker: XRA
Coin Type: 100% PoS (with PoW launch)
Block Header Algo: X11
Last PoW Block: 20,000
Block time: 3 minutes
Coinbase maturity: 50 blocks
PoS Minimum Age: 4 hours

Stake Rate:
(minimum reward of 100 XRA)
0-1 Days Age: 0.25%
1-2 Days Age: 1%
2-4 Days Age: 1.5%
4-8 Days Age: 2.25%
8-16 Days Age: 3.375%
16-32 Days Age: 5.0625%
32-64 Days Age: 7.5938%
64-128 Days Age: 11.3906%
128-256 Days Age: 17.0859%
256+ Days: 25.6289%

RPC Port: 35850
P2P Port: 35851



Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi -

Block Chain Bootstrap
     Usage: extract bootstrap.dat into data directory (for Windows go to "run" and type in %appdata% and find RATECoin folder), remove blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat. When you fire up your QT wallet, it will automatically detect the bootstrap and begin to work. Bootstrapping may take an hour or two depending on the machine, please be patient, the bootstrap happens from the splashscreen, and clicking on it while bootstrapping may cause it to quit. Please note that it is common for coin clients to jump out of bootstrapping at certain blocks. If you client does this, simply turn it off. Go back to your datadir and rename bootstrap.dat.old to bootstrap.dat and restart your client, it will pick up where it left off.
If you are using the daemon you will need to enter the following startup switch: ./RATECoind -loadblock=bootstrap.dat

Explorers (not on updated chain)


Italian ANN

July 23rd Hard Fork

Fork Change Log
- Hard Fork Scheduled for July 23rd 01:00 UTC
- Time Drift max @ 90 seconds
- Bump protocol version and reject outdated clients after fork
- Change target spacing to 3 minutes
- Change PoS rewards
- Max stake age to 256 days (after this stake weight will remain constant)

New reward scheme is designed to give higher reward % if you take longer to stake your output. If you stake in less than 1 day, you will get a 0.25% rate. If you stake in over 1 day less than 2 day you will receive 1%. For every doubling of days after that, you will receive 1.5 times more rate, up to 256 days for a reward of 25.6289%. There is also an added minimum reward of 100 coins. If you would like to save some of your coins for a certain amount of time, simply go to coin control and right click on the coin and select "lock" and it will prevent it from staking.

if(nAge > nTimeDay * 256)
nRewardCoinYear = 25.6289 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 128)
nRewardCoinYear = 17.0859 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 64)
nRewardCoinYear = 11.3906 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 32)
nRewardCoinYear = 7.5938 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 16)
nRewardCoinYear = 5.0625 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 8)
nRewardCoinYear = 3.375 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 4)
nRewardCoinYear = 2.25 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 2)
nRewardCoinYear = 1.5 * CENT;
else if(nAge > nTimeDay * 1)
nRewardCoinYear = 1 * CENT;
nRewardCoinYear = 0.25 * CENT;

Original locked the thread.
3  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / [ANN][HYP] HyperStake | 750% PoS | Koin Termutakhir dalam Pengend Wallet | 3 Pas on: September 17, 2014, 05:45:31 PM
Crypto Lebih cepat dari kecepatan cahaya

Coin-coin Yang Memiliki PoS Tinggi Seperti HBN (100%), CAP(200%), TEK(500%) Tidaklah Cukup! Masuk Ke HyperStake, coin Yang Memiliki Teknologi Tinggi Dan Proses sangat Cepat.

Apa Itu HYP?
HyperStake ini di maksudkan untuk pengujian yang Lebih Ekonomis Dalam Hal Mata Uang Digital. Apakah anda sering mengalami kekhawatiran dalam keadaan yang sulit, Maka raih lah fitur terbaik ini sebelum orang Lain melakukannya? HyperStake Hadir Untuk Anda.
Tujuan utama HyperStake's adalah menciptakan mata uang digital yang mampu menyajikan banyak keuntungan juga mengamankan rangkaian blok tanpa menimbulkan inflasi yang besar. Sekarang ini inflasi di atur melalui upah stake maksimal dari 1000 HYP per stake. Dan diharapkan dalam waktu dekat ini HYP akan bercabang untuk mengurangi jumlah ini serta mengatur inflasi dalam waktu pendek.  HyperStake pun bertujuan untuk merestruktur bukti saham/stake yang fundamental, yang saat ini berlomba-lomba untuk menciptakan PoS yang lebih efisien and lebih masuk akal.

  • X11 PoW blok telah dikeluarkan secara bertahap
  • Hanya bukti dari blok saham
  • Umur blok 90 Detik
  • Umur Minimal - 9 Hari
  • Umur Maximal - 30 Hari
  • Jumlah Keuntungan Tahunan - 750%
  • Stake Maximal Subsidi - 1,000 HYP
  • Ukuran Block Yang Di rekomendasi - 1,600-4,000 HYP (lihat tutorial untuksplitting blocks)

Mengapa Anda melakukan pencabangan dari coin yang telah ada?
Setelah membeli TruckCoin dan melihat pengurangan tingkat penukaran/rate disebabkan kurangnya dev support, kami memutuskan untuk melakukan hal-hal tersebut di tangan kami . Kami memberikan komunitas TRK kesempatan untuk membuat coin mereka berharga kembali.  Kami bergegas menciptakan coin sendiri melalui relawan dan terobosan dan kami berencana untuk menambahkan banyak fitur dari waktu ke waktu. Bergabunglah bersama kami dalam pengujian.  HyperStake telah sukses di cabangkan dari TRK di block 31781.

Bagaimana Pengatur Inflasi Bekerja?
Pengatur inflasi membatasi jumlah maksimal yang dapat anda stake hingga 1,000 HYP untuk tiap bloknya. Ini berarti bahwa anda akan membagi HYP blok menjadi 4,500 atau kurang. Lihat bagian spliting tutorial sebagai panduan.

Akankah HyperStake Dapat Menjadikan Aku Kaya?
Silahkan Baca Post Ini

Lihat juga Artikel Kami wiki Untuk Lebih Jelasnya Tentang HyperStake

Version 1.0.5 : Windows, Raspberry Pi -

Version 1.0.4 : Windows, Raspberry Pi -

Version 1.0.3 : Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi -

Silahkan ajukan permintaan fitur dan bug report disini:

Source disini:

Perhatian dalam Syncronisasi: Ketika syncronisasi database transaksi, clien offline terkadang macet di block 21,000 & 21,500. Biasanya cukup me-restart client sekali atau dua kali dan dapat dilanjutkan. jika tidak, cobalah bootstrap.

Block Chain Bootstrap
Melalui block 71,600 -
     Penggunaan: Letakan ke data dir dan gunakan perintah: HyperStake-qt.exe -loadblock=bootstrap.dat

OTC Trading - Buyer Beware, Please Use Escrow!

CryptoSpread - Abe Explorer - Ace Explorer

Rich List - With Address Identification Features
Rich List - backup

Bounty Thread -
Bounty Wallet Address - pAvP3gYfuyDVbUt98ToMbwU9rwEdBV1dHW
##hyperstake on freenode -

Presstab's Stake Journal -


- Singgahlah ke channel IRC kami kapanpun untuk mendapatkan tip ataupun rain melalui bot kami
- waxo dari poloniex trollbox akan melakukan giveaway di trollbox sekitar sehari sekali

HyperStake CoinMarketCap
HyperStake CryptoCoinRank

International HyperStake ANN Threads
French Thread

Português Thread
Indonesian Thread
4  Local / Criptomoedas Alternativas / [ANN][HYP] HyperStake | 750% PoS | Carteira Com O Controlo De Moeda Mais Avançad on: September 17, 2014, 02:44:49 PM
Cripto Mais Rápida Que A Velocidade Da Luz

Moedas com PoS elevado como HBN (100%), CAP(200%), TEK(500%) não chegam? Aqui tens HyperStake, a moeda anos-luz à frente.

O que é HYP?
HyperStake pretende ser uma experimentação em Economia de Cripto Moedas. Gostas da emoção de viver sempre "à frente" e aceder à tecnologia de ponta antes dos outros? Então HyperStake é para ti.

O primeiro objectivo de HyperStake é criar uma Cripto Moeda que entrega um retorno generoso pela segurança da block chain sem uma inflação massiva. A inflação é actualmente gerida pelo máximo de recompensa de 1000 HYP por stake. É esperado que num futuro próximo, HYP seja bifurcada para reduzir este montante e conter a inflação de curto prazo. HyperStake pretende também redesenhar os aspectos fundamentais com o Proof of Stake, e estão a ponderar-se formas de tornar o PoS mais eficiente e razoável.

  • Blocos PoW X11, já terminados
  • Blocos Proof of Stake apenas
  • 90 Segundos por bloco
  • Idade mínima - 9 dias
  • Idade máxima - 30 dias
  • Juros Anuais - 750%
  • Recompensa Máxima de Stake - 1,000 HYP
  • Tamanho de bloco recomendado - 1,600-4,000 HYP (ver tutorial dividindo blocos)

Porquê Bifurcar Uma Moeda Existente?
Depois de ter comprado TruckCoin, e observando a constante queda nos mercados por falta de suporte da parte do programador, decidimos tomar as rédeas da moeda. Estamos a dar à comunidade TRK, a possibilidade de fazer as suas moedas ter novamente algum valor. Tomámos as rédeas desta moeda por meio de uma bifurcação voluntária, e planeamos adicionar muitas funcionalidades ao longo do tempo. Junta-te a esta experiência conosco. HyperStake bifurcou com sucesso de TRK no bloco 31781.

Como Funciona O Controlo De Inflação?
O controlo de inflação limita a recompensa máxima de stake, a 1,000 HYP por cada bloco. Quer isto dizer, que deverás dividir os teus blocos de HYP em unidades de 4,500 HYP ou menos. Para mais ajuda, vê o tutorial dividindo blocos.

Vou Ficar Rico Com HyperStake?
Por favor lê a seguinte mensagem:

Vê a nossa wiki para detalhes mais específicos sobre HyperStake

Versão 1.0.5 : Windows, Raspberry Pi -

Versão 1.0.4 : Windows, Raspberry Pi -

Versão 1.0.3 : Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi -

Por favor submete pedidos de nova funcionalidade e relatórios de erro ou bug aqui:

Código Fonte Aqui:

Aviso Sobre Sincronização: Ao sincronizar com a rede, a carteira pode bloquear nos blocos 21,000 e 21,500. Normalmente, basta reiniciar a carteira uma ou duas vezes para conseguir avançar. Caso não resulte, tenta com o ficheiro de inicialização aqui fornecido.

Ficheiro de inicialização da Block Chain
Até ao bloco 71,600 -
     Utilização: coloca o ficheiro de inicialização no directório de dados do software de carteira, e arranca a carteira com os seguintes parametros: HyperStake-qt.exe -loadblock=bootstrap.dat

Trading No Mercado Aberto - Toma as devidas precauçōes!

CryptoSpread - Explorador Abe - Explorador Ace

Lista de Ricos - Com Funcionalidade De Identificação De Endereço
Lista de Ricos - Segurança

Tópico De Recompensas -
Endereço Do Fundo De Recompensas - pAvP3gYfuyDVbUt98ToMbwU9rwEdBV1dHW
##hyperstake no freenode -

Diário de Stake do Presstab -


- Aparece pelo nosso canal de IRC para apanhar uma gorjeta ou chuva do nosso tipbot
- O waxo na trollbox da Poloniex, costuma fazer ofertas na trollbox uma vez por dia

HyperStake CoinMarketCap
HyperStake CryptoCoinRank

Tópicos Internacionais de ANN HyperStake
Tópico Francês

Tópico Português
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [HYP] HyperStake | Generous Reward Staking | Advanced Staking Controls & Wallet on: July 06, 2014, 01:03:17 AM
Faster-than-light crypto

What is HyperStake?
HyperStake is meant to be an experimentation in cryptocurrency economics. HyperStake's primary goal is to create a cryptocurrency that provides a generous return for securing the block chain without massive inflation. Currently inflation is managed through the maximum stake reward of 1000 HYP per stake combined with a block target of 90 seconds, this means maximum coins per day of 960,000 HYP. HyperStake is a very safe and easy to use coin that has withstood the test of time. HyperStake is 100% Proof of Stake and uses no Proof of Work mining.

Why HyperStake?
HyperStake aims to be the best cryptocurrency to use for staking. Advanced staking tools within the wallet allow users to have complete control over their staking strategy and ability to maximize rewards. HyperStake has the most advanced wallet and tools for staking available anywhere. The ultimate goal of HyperStake is to become the #1 coin within the Proof of Stake category. When someone mentions Proof of Stake, HyperStake is what should immediately come to mind. A stage of aggressive development of HyperStake has begun and the quest to become the most notorious Proof of Stake coin continues!

Getting Started Guide - Video Guide - Written Guide

  • Proof of Stake Blocks Only
  • 90 Second Block Time
  • Minimum Age - 8.8 days (rounded)
  • Maximum Age - 30 days
  • Annual Stake Rate - up to 750% (see for avg paid rate)
  • Maximum Stake Subsidy - 1,000 HYP
  • Recommended Block Size - 15,000-30,000 HYP (see tutorial for splitting blocks)


How Does Inflation Control Work?
Inflation control limits the maximum amount you can stake to 1,000 HYP for each block. This means that you will want to split your HYP blocks into the appropriate amount of HYP if you want to receive 750% reward, or else you will have your reward capped at 1,000 HYP. Reward is calculated by the following formula:
Reward = min(HYPamount * (7.5/365) * days-to-stake, 1,000)
Many of us have come to the conclusion that with such high difficulty, it is worth using bigger block size that will definitely hit max reward of 1,000, but will stake faster because of large size.
See the splitting blocks tutorial for assistance. Also visit the inflation control wiki page and the inflation prediction website.


Wallet Features:
- Custom Themes: HyperStake currently has 6 well designed themes to choose from. The wallet themes are able to be switched on the fly.  When ZeeWolf designed the custom theme code for HyperStake, he made it so it would be easy for normal users to copy an existing theme and edit it to create their own theme. You can edit and add themes on the fly with no compilation needed.

- Advanced Coin Control: HyperStake has the most advanced version of coin control that has been implemented in any cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet allows you to easily select coins in mass via our coin filter box. The HyperStake wallet provides much more information than the standard coin control implementation, displaying columns like Age, Stake Weight, Estimated Days to Stake, and Potential Stake Value.

- Block Splitter: Split your coin blocks (our name for UTXO's) in one simple transaction. No need to use multiple transaction to split a coin block of 100,000 HYP into 20 coin blocks of 5,000 HYP. See this quick tutorial video for an overview.

- RPC Coin Control: We have added the ability to use the complete coin control tool-set via RPC. This means that users that run the daemon will not be left behind.

- MultiSend: MultiSend is a rebuild of what used to be called Stake For Charity (s4c). MultiSend allows a user to automatically send a percent of their stake reward to as many addresses as you would like. The MultiSend transaction is sent when the staked coins mature (30 confirmations). The only current restriction is that you cannot choose to send more than 100% of your stake using MultiSend. MultiSend is a perfect tool for sending reoccurring payments to a friend, sending part of your stake to a dice site, sending part of your stake to IRC, or even sending part of your stake straight to your exchange address. View the MultiSend Wiki Page for more information.

- Stake Split Threshold: HyperStake tries to give the user more control over every aspect of staking possible. By using the "setstakesplitthreshold" RPC call you are able to tell your wallet when you want your staked coins to split or to stay combined.

- Disable Stake: The HyperStake wallet allows you to disable your staking if certain parameters are met.  Currently you can set your wallet to disable your stake by monitoring your wallet stake weight or network difficulty.

- liteStake : Previously the staking process would continuously rehash the same hashes over and over, needlessly taking up valuable CPU power. HYP added a std::map that tracks the block height and the last time the wallet hashed on this height. Depending on your staking settings, the wallet will not begin a new round of hashing until after a certain amount of time has passed, or a new block is accepted. This means that there will be 1-5 seconds of CPU hashing once every minute, compared to continuous CPU hashing.

List of HyperStake Custom RPC Calls
cccustomchange <address>
ccselect <output hash><output index>
ccssend <HYP address><amount>
delete <address>
disablestake <true/false><conditions>
getconfs <txid>
getmoneysupply <height>
getstaketx <txid>
hashsettings <drift/interval><seconds>
multisend <command>
setstakesplitthreshold <1-999,999>
strictincoming <true/false>
strictprotocol <true/false>

See our wiki for more specific HyperStake details

Version 1.1.4 : Windows -

Version 1.1.2 : Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi -

Source here:

Nodes -

Syncing Notice: When syncing the chain, the client can get stuck occasionally and need to be restarted in order to continue syncing. Please consider using the bootstrap for the quickest sync.

Block Chain Bootstrap
Bootstrap file updated every hour -
     Usage: extract bootstrap.dat into data directory (for Windows go to "run" and type in %appdata% and find HyperStake folder), remove blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat. When you fire up your QT wallet, it will automatically detect the bootstrap and begin to work. Bootstrapping may take an hour or two depending on the machine, please be patient, the bootstrap happens from the splashscreen, and clicking on it while bootstrapping may cause it to quit. Please note that it is common for the bootstrap to load 90k or so blocks at a time and jump out of bootstrap mode (fixed in v1.1.3). If you client does this, simply turn it off. Go back to your datadir and rename bootstrap.dat.old to bootstrap.dat and restart your client, it will pick up where it left off.
If you are using the daemon you will need to enter the following startup switch: ./hyperstaked -loadblock=bootstrap.dat

Raspberry Pi Install Instructions -
Raspberry Pi Install Script -

HyperStake/Bitcoin - HYP/BTC


Rich Lists Richlist (with address claim)                                      

Official Media/Social Outlets - Auto Invite        
##hyperstake on freenode -

Coin Announcements (Mandarin)

International HyperStake [ANN] Threads
Chinese Thread (Mandarin)
Russian Thread
French Thread
Português Thread
Indonesian Thread
Greek Thread

Inflation Predictions -

Media Coverage

Dice - AlterDice
Dice -
Dice -

Market Capitalization and Statistics
HyperStake CoinMarketCap
HyperStake CryptoCoinRank
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][HBN] HOBONICKELS GPU CONTEST – WIN A FREE XFX 7950 on: April 21, 2014, 07:40:36 PM
Alright fellow HoboNickelers the time has come to start a fun contest/drawing.  I have a used XFX 7950 that is in good hashing condition that I am donating to this drawing. The winner will be shipped the card.  I will throw up some pictures of the card soon.
Here is how the contest will work:
- On Sunday, April 27th the first Proof of Stake block accepted by the network will be used as the official drawing.  How it will work is that the hash of the block will be taken and the first 7 numbers that appear in the hash will be the official drawn number.  So for example if a block has the hash 240f3bf3bbf0be2fff428e3a20e4855ef83006ebb216baac90372977d878826d the official drawn number will be 2,403,302.  Whoever has the closest number will take the prize. The guess can be above or below and still win (not price is right rules).
- Each user will be given one free guess.  Each user will need to have an account on Cryptocointalk or Bitcointalk that was created before the date of this post.
-Each guess should be a 7 digit number.
-Guesses will need to be sent via private message to Presstab on cryptocointalk
- Additional guesses can be purchased for 30 HBN
- In order to win you must post in the introductions thread I created here.  This is simple and is simply a way to show the HBN community who you are.   If you did not post here, you will forfeit your win.
- Time zone is UTC and will be as is reported by
-As this card is my own, I have the right to change the rules at any time. I am fair and will only change rules if there is an unfair exploit.
The card will be shipped to anywhere in the US for free, and for international shipping I will give a $15 credit and the rest of shipping will need to be paid by winner.

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