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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 6 reasons why future ICOs will use Byteball instead of Ethereum (+screenshots) on: August 21, 2018, 05:39:30 PM

1. No need to code and audit the smart contract.

With Ethereum developers need to first code the smart contract and then have it audited.

This process takes several weeks or longer. There is significant opportunity costs incurred, as developers are spending valuable time writing and auditing the ICO contract when they could be developing the actual product instead.

This problem does not exist in Byteball.

2. Launching an ICO on Byteball is far faster than Ethereum.

Due to all the manual steps required, launching an ICO on Ethereum can take 3-6 months (as many ICOs launched using Ethereum have shown).

With Byteball the process takes less than 1 week.

3. Launching an ICO on Byteball is far cheaper than Ethereum.

Again, due to the manual steps required on Ethereum, Byteball is a way more cost effective solution.

The costs listed here include both direct costs for things like programming and auditing, and indirect costs calculated based on the opportunity cost of having the ICO team work on the integration of the features list.

4. Unlike Ethereum, the Byteball wallet has integrated identity verification feature

Raising ICO funds without verifying the real world identity of investors is illegal in many countries like the USA. ICO’s using Ethereum have to manually setup and run KYC checks, a slow and expensive process.

With Byteball, KYC checks are performed from within the wallet in minutes via the partnership with Jumio. Better still, users identity is stored privately in wallet, with only a hash of the personal data stored in the public DAG.

5. Unlike Ethereum, the Byteball wallet has integrated accredited investor features

An accredited investor is an investor with a special status under financial regulation laws. Most countries restrict access to risky investments and make them available only to accredited (qualified) investors.

For example, in the USA, you can sell unregistered securities under SEC Rule 506(c) if all investors are accredited.

Selling unregistered securities to normal investors in most countries is illegal. However there is no easy way for ICOs using Ethereum to prove investors are accredited.

Since April 2018 the Byteball wallet has inbuilt functionality with, which means accredited investors can easily prove their status.

6. Much easier for investors to participate.

Obviously the easier it is for investors to participate in an ICO, the more likely it is to raise the funds needed.

Unlike Ethereum, the Byteball wallet is translated into 24 languages and has many inbuilt features which make is super easy for anyone to participate regardless of previous ICO investing experience

For example, each ICO has its own bot in the Byteball wallet bot store:

(In-wallet Bot Store, where ICO bots are listed)

To invest in the ICO, users simply buy using simple point and click. Users can even purchase the ICO tokens using their credit card:

In addition to in credit card payments, IBAN bank transfers are coming soon.

Unlike Ethereum there is no danger of users sending funds to the wrong address, through typos, as the address is pre-set.

Investing in ICOs through Byteball is also secure from phishing attacks as the buying is done in wallet.

(Example of how easy it is for investors to buy ICO tokens from the personalized ICO bot)

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Jesus shames Roger Ver for sins against Bitcoin - video on: February 07, 2018, 03:16:17 PM
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