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1  Economy / Collectibles / [Auction] [LLCOINS] 2015 1,000 XMR 1oz Gold Coin on: June 07, 2016, 11:10:36 PM
Some backstory:
About 14 months ago, some acquaintances and I decided to make some pure gold physical XMR coins. I led the effort, and 9 others agreed to "pre-order" 1 each (10 total), which would cover most of the upfront costs. Depending on how things went, the plan was to offer an additional 5-10 (max 20 total) for public sales. Long story short, after many hardships and delays, all coins are in their owners hands and fully funded with 1,000 XMR, save one: a few months ago one of the guys backed out. Due to a variety of factors, I've decided not to make any more of this 2015 series (there may be something new for 2016/2017 in gold and/or platinum though!). This coin (#10) is all there will be for public sales of this series. All coins are vanity-generated to start with "4Au1", "4Au2", etc.

The buyers of coins 1-9 are:

1. luigi1111
2. fluffypony
3. dnaleor
4. binaryFate
5. Lloydimiller4
6. djjacket
7. wpalczynski
8. othe
9. saddambitcoin

This is a "buyer funded" coin, but the funding transaction must be created to my technical specifications. By doing this I can ship the coin unfunded to its final destination and store no private keys, yet still have its funding/spent status provable to a 3rd party. A certificate with all the details necessary to prove funding status is included.

This coin's address is (0/zero doesn't exist in base58):
4Au1oNBDiYCXRjvYUyPCmyWm5mshnZv1cWa6NSK8dxY9LMDT6ZNm4DnYWomuAS3NisZP1YGaYNuGr84KM4fB L9bHMdHT27r

Some pictures:

The coin is quite small, and the text, especially on the obverse didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, both in pictures and on the coin itself. The date also has an error; it's slightly off its intended location (all 10 coins are like this).


Who are you? Why should I trust you?
You shouldn't. The other buyers will vouch for me, however, you should still DYOR.

Do you accept escrow?
Sure, though it's safer to stay away altogether as only roughly 60-70% of the final value can be ensured by escrow.

What is the gold content?
1oz 0.9999 purity

What does it say? I can't read the text.
The obverse says "nenia libereco sen privateco", which is Esperanto for "no freedom without privacy". The reverse says "forto en nombroj", "strength in numbers", and "unu unco .9999 oro", "one ounce .9999 gold".

How does funding work?
The exact final details will be worked out with the buyer. The funding transaction must be constructed in a particular way to match the details at 1,000 XMR for funding must be in escrow before the coin ships.

How does the coin store Monero?
There is a hexadecimal seed on a piece of paper under the hologram. The digital form was never saved to any disk; the only other paper copy was destroyed after the coins were assembled. To redeem, peel the hologram and enter the seed into the provided conversion utility on the coin's page: The format of the seed is standard for Monero private keys, not proprietary, so any number of tools could offer conversion if the site were to go offline.

How is this being sold?
By auction, starting now and ending next Friday the 17th at 20:00 UTC (4PM EDT). Bids should be in XMR in minimum increments of 25 (1,000 funding amount not included). A 15-minute grace period applies at the end. I reserve the right to refuse your bid, cancel/move/extend/change the auction, etc.

What about shipping?
Shipping will be flat-rate: $25 in USA, $50 outside, payable in BTC or XMR.

Update: auction over. Lloydimiller4 has won for at 1,800 XMR bid.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ★[GIVEAWAY][MTC] / Don't post your address here! / ★ on: January 28, 2014, 01:42:07 AM
★[GIVEAWAY][MTC] Help us get MTC listed on Cryptsy!★

Under new rules, giveaways aren't allowed on this forum.

Please go to:,9.0.html

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ★[GIVEAWAY][MTC] Help us get MTC listed on Cryptsy!★ on: January 25, 2014, 09:40:48 PM

Hello! We are attempting to promote and distribute MTC, and hopefully get it listed on Cryptsy. We need your help!

If you want to learn about MTC (Metiscoin), check out it's [ANN] thread here.

You can see the current price of MTC at

We have 500 coins available for this giveaway to start with.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Go to and *LIKE* and *RESPOND* to the thread (this giveaway is for new replies only; if you have already posted, I appreciate it, but this giveaway is not for you).
2. Post your username, the page where your post appears, and your MTC address in a reply here.
3. Enjoy and spread the word!

The first 50 people will get 2 MTC for their efforts; everyone after that will get 1 MTC (450 spots total).

Have a great day!

UPDATE: The first 50 spots went fast, but you can still get 1 MTC for your efforts!
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