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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Maya Preferred 223 Backs Bitcoin With Gold And Silver on: June 24, 2019, 02:10:31 PM
Maya Preferred 223 remains a stable coin. Every token in this coin gets a support of about twenty-three thousand dollars worth of silver and gold. It is the first time for anything of this nature to appear on the internet. Maya Preferred 223 was launched last month and will help boost the crypto world efficiency. To be factual, the amusement and effectiveness of the coin is highly relating to bitcoin. 

One amazing thing about this crypto coin is that it has received appreciation since lunched last month. In the first month of launch alone, the price of Maya Preferred has risen to five hundred percent. Do you know that the Maya Preferred coin has better value than bitcoin? The actual price value of this coin today surpasses whatever you know about bitcoin. As bitcoin continues to experience some ups and downs, Maya Preferred is above 10,000 dollars and growing.

The value of this new and innovative cryptocurrency is a product of the support from silver and gold. The gold and silver that backs this digital asset comes from eight different sources in Mexico. The goal of Maya Preferred 223 creator is to boost the number of sources of gold and silver. It will help to increase the rate of producing the Maya Preferred coins to every user across the globe.

The UK Financial Limited is the registered organizer of the innovative crypto coin called Maya Preferred 223. The organizing firm for this digital currency is popular throughout the crypto world today. One great advantage of trusting the UK Financial Limited is their revolutionized creativity. The firm is currently backing its own assets with the best support that users deserve. Apart from that, the UK Financial Limited also has future plans to back and support other cryptocurrencies.

Another thing to know about the team at the UK Financial Limited is that the first cryptocurrency will be backed with its own token. It implies that bitcoin will soon be backed and supported with Maya Preferred 223 token. Will Maya Preferred 223 in conjunction with bitcoin revolutionize the crypto world? Without any iota of doubt, this new digital asset will change the face of the earth and how people do business. How is this possible? Well, the UK Financial Limited will make a transfer of twenty-three million Maya Preferred 223 tokens.

The tokens from the organizer will be placed in a secure escrow wallet. The amount is also the value of the bitcoin that miners will get. It implies that every bitcoin generated will be having about twenty-three million dollars worth in silver and gold. Join Maya Preferred 223 investment today and don’t miss out of its great benefits.

Watch the Video to know more:

MAPR President Interview:
2  Other / Meta / Why Some Moderator is targeting my thread? on: April 23, 2019, 12:01:37 AM
Hello everyone, I like to ask simple question. Why is some Moderator consistently targetting my thread -

There is no option to see "WHO" the moderator "IS" but we are getting targeted "CONSISTENTLY.

Whenever there is any news provided, our post is deleted or are merged with old post, so that no one sees it.

I like to ask the "ADMIN" whether the Mods are "BIAS" or what?

This is our ANN thread and how is sharing something about the company is offtopic?

We are not posting 10-15 times daily. There is posting only done when there is update or some important information to provide and that mostly is 24 or 36 hours after the previous one. Whenever there was any update made within 24 hours, the "EDIT" option was used.

So same question, "WHY" is Moderator is targeting this thread? Is it just "BECAUSE" we did not bow down to some people "HERE" or what?

Anyone can explain "WHY" this unfair approach towards us?

And "BEFORE" anyone puts the rule book here, "BEWARE" that I can add 10-15 links of the "THREAD", which are breaking a lot of rules but moderators are "FINE" but only we are the problem.
3  Other / Meta / Suggestion for the Admin (Admin please read) on: April 03, 2019, 03:07:44 PM
Hello everyone, I really hope Admin reads this post once, it would be really "HELPFUL" to make the forum "BETTER".

My suggestion is to have some system which "DISABLE" Signature on important sections like "META", "SCAM ACCUSATION" and some others anyone got in mind.

Right now, people are "PROMOTING" by creating scenes on such sections by keeping their signatures and acting all good.

Here are some Examples - (NOTE) - I have removed the text, as I simply wanted to show the Signature, all these are in "SCAM ACCUSATION" and "META" section.

And the below examples are just "FEW", the whole section is only filled up with these Promotion.

The Most interesting part of this is that BESTMIXER.IO promoters have SAME LINK, which is this -

I know writing this is easy and doing it something very very hard, but probably IF "ADMIN" can look into it and see IF this is possible. I believe it will make those sections "BETTER" and will help beginners getting targeted "LESSER".

Let see what others feel about this suggestion?
4  Other / Meta / Scam Accusation board or merit stealing zone? Comment on the system on: April 02, 2019, 05:56:51 PM
Hello everyone, as we know after recent changes by Bitcointalk forum, there is a new system, where a lot of people now got the facility to leave feedback.

So I like to ask the Admin in particular, and other members that is this system really working right and has made this community better?

What I am sharing is NOTHING to do with my issue that I am facing but I have simply opened because a lot of people like me might suffer at the hands of these people who claim that they make this place better, but that's far from it instead they are master at bullying newbies.

Here is the one example -

Avirunes -;u=175302

Ariunes as his name! He left the Feedback just on the Basis of seeing the thread is created!

NOTE - the feedback was made within hours of the thread appearing, without even waiting for my response.

He basically had no time to review anything but HAD time to leave the feedback. And why not, who is going to listen to someone newbie like me?

So, I at no way has started this thread because of anger or anything. But I just want to honestly ask the Admin, is this place become BETTER? I know many will say I am Bias because I got feedback, but just check the thread and even other people with how the system is working not just in terms of feedback but people able to EASILY create scam accusation threads. It only take a minute or moment for these people to do it for their own sake and to have "MERITS" easily.

So it would great if Admin just take 1 minute to basically reply to tell whether he feels this is the way it has made this forum better.

Note - I am not asking anyone to give their views on the feedback on me or my problem, I am just asking the views on this SYSTEM whether you guys feel it's working or not.
5  Economy / Reputation / (SCAM ALERT) Lovesmayfamilis/Avirunes/Coolcryptovator - Merit/PROMOTION Scheme on: April 02, 2019, 03:50:11 PM
What happened: FREE Merit Collecting SCHEME and Promoting BESTMIXER.IO through Signature

Taking out projects, and pointing random things in trying to get appreciation from the community.

Lovesmayfamilis Profile:;u=1982152
Avirunes Profile:;u=175302
Coolcryptovator Profile:;u=1980983

FAKE Accusation:

Here is what is claimed by Lovesmayfamilis - Plagiarized Whitepaper

This is the said whitepaper -

We ask EVERY Member here give their views as what is wrong with this Whitepaper.

The genius Coolcryptovator says that it's Plagiarized copying someone's text and putting as your own idea, which is a reference to us having definition of Blockchain and other General aspects. So, basically the problem is (according to them) that we claimed that Blockchain is OUR creation, and with our Whitepaper we are fooling people that we have created the Blockchain technology and other aspects mentioned.

Our Response:

After repeatedly asking to show 1 (ONE) part, which we have copied from other Whitepaper or any aspect of our own project is copied from someone else. But everytime same answer comes up and that is that you have copied.

Any sensible person explain how do we explain our users term Blockchain and other Crypto aspects without using the reputed sources? Every ICO or majority have it and some even have it in their FAQs section as well. So is this really Plagiarized?

Not just that, the ICO phase was FINISHED long time ago. We are ALREADY listed on Exchanges, and more to be added in next few months.

So where exactly is SCAM part comes?

FAKE Feedback:

Next Avirunes -;u=175302

This guy is even more AMAZING! He left the Feedback just on the Basis of seeing the thread is created!

So, he basically had no time to review anything but HAD time to leave the feedback. And why not, who is going to listen to someone newbie like me?

And of course, this IMAGE should say a lot -

Maybe BOTH are SAME?

We REQUEST every reputed and sensible member of this Community along with Admin, to kindly find a balance instead with the feedback and allowing people to create threads like that on SCAM Accusations section, as it has become a joke with people opening it just to get MERITs with leaving majority at the MERCY of some of these nut heads, who are running their own shop at the cost of others respect, dignity and reputation.

We are also going to message every other ICO owner facing same issue due to these people who come up with such threads and act like they are Admins. We request ALL ICO owners who are honest and facing this issue to create threads shaming these people and forward message to the Admin.

It's a long process and this post is UNLIKELY to change anything, but at least it will be a start against these people.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] 🔥 Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) 🔥 Gold & Silver backed on: March 31, 2019, 11:24:19 PM


Gold and Silver Backed Cryptocurrency


Listed Exchange

  |     |     |     |     |  

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U.K Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide.

Maya Preferred is also backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new “gold and silver standard” and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors.

Maya Preferred 223 is trading live on the FatBTC exchange as MARP/BTC pair at $2,500 per token. And for those who find this unrealistic, should understand that $18,500 worth of gold and silver backing each token which makes this value incredibly low to what it could achieve in coming months!

This listing on FatBTC marks the first step in the development of the Maya Preferred ecosystem. As the Maya Preferred team concentrates on other upcoming listings and partnerships that are anticipated to raise the price and profile of the asset. Maya Preferred is currently negotiating with 5 additional mining operations outside of Mexico, who control considerable amounts of precious metal stocks. There are several more exchange listings on the way along with long-term media partnerships.

Why Maya Preferred?

Gold and Silver Mines Backing Maya Preferred 223

Maya Preferreds Coin Listing

To give you some brief idea about Coin Maya LTD – we are one of the largest OTC desks in America specializing in digital asset and commodity trading. We trade across 20+ time zones around the world. Not sure if you are aware of the advantages an OTC desk could bring. If you’re looking to trade for a large volume on an exchange, you would have to look into the order book depth to determine how deep you have to go in order to have your trade size fulfilled.

If you’re going in too deep, the pricing may steer towards an unfavorable direction, resulting in a price that is far from the market. But for Coin Maya LTD, owing to our wide network of industry connection and very deep pools of liquidity, we’re able to facilitate instant execution of large volume trading, with a price that is close to the market. Please note that our minimum trade size of Octagon Strategy is USD 100,000 or equivalent and we charge a 5% trading fee only with no deposit or withdrawal fee and we offer same day settlement services.

If you’re interested in trading with us, kindly register an account at, and submit the necessary documents for account verification. Let us know when the submission is completed so that we could fast-track your account verification. Upon successful verification, we’ll create a designated chat group with you and our traders through your preferred channels – Bloomberg / WhatsApp / Telegram / WeChat / Skype, where you could get direct quotations on digital assets.

MAYA Mobile App

The Expert Team

James Dahlke (CEO & CO-FOUNDER)

James Dahlke, a licensed Certified Public Accountant, has filled the role of President and CEO of the Maya Coin venture. Mr. Dahlke will use his experiences in the public financial markets and keen business relationships to build a powerhouse management team for the Maya Coin Holders. You can expect to see a vast array of changes and additions to the management team as mergers, acquisitions and Maya’s business plan are being executed.

Rodrigo Arvide (Vice President)

Rodrigo is an entrepreneur and investor with more than 12 years of successful experience on creating and managing companies in different countries. A bold approach to solve worlds challenges has helped him and their investors to constantly make profits in sustainable busineses over the years. He currently owns a private hedge fund and is fully committed to take Maya preferred 223 to the entire world.

Keith Christiansen (Head of Blockchain Security)

Mr. Christiansen is fully licensed to provide a variety of professional investigative services, process services, and surveillance for most legal reasons. Mr. Christiansen will use his 40 years of experience in multiple levels of security training to ensure all Blockchain transactions and ERC 20 tokens MAYA creates are fully protected with the most up-to-date anti-hacking programs. Mr. Christiansen will play a huge role in protecting MAYA’s upcoming project of creating MAYA’s own cryptocurrency exchange from any unwanted trojan horses or cybercriminals. Fully insured and bonded, Mr. Christiansen protects the interest of his clients and now all Maya Coin Holders to the best of his abilities.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Mithril (MITH) Partners with – Taiwanese Adult Industry Platform on: March 27, 2019, 06:13:48 PM
MITH, the token for Mithril has partnered with, a mobile amateur adult social platform with over 1.5 million registered users and over 600 new models onboarding each month.

The company announced that they will accept MITH as payment for SWAG Diamonds starting Q2 2019, giving their users another way to provide payments apart from the four fiat currencies accepted today — US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and New Taiwan Dollar (NT).

Mithril is founded by Jeffrey Huang, an A list Asian musician from Taiwan. They give tokens as rewards for great content, with Mithril aimed at the social media side. Users who get lots of likes and attention for their posts can now earn through what Mithil calls, social mining.

SWAG, according to their website, is a pay-to-view social messaging application service that allows users to create, publish and potentially earn money for their exclusive photos and videos.

This is not the first time the adult industry has got involved with crypto. According to research conducted by the porn studio VogoV, as of 2018 about 470 adult video sites, 50 webcam platforms, and 35 sex shops worldwide accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The move brings yet another usage for MITH tokens. The coin is currently listed on over thirty exchanges and the companies have many partners planned for their ever-growing ecosystem in the future.
8  Bitcoin / Meetups / Invitation to Crypto Boot Camp Workshop - 4th & 5th May 2019 on: March 26, 2019, 10:11:39 PM

Although people generally have a receptive attitude towards cryptocurrency, lack of knowledge of cryptocurrency and its ability is hurting the world so much since people’s insufficient knowledge about this new innovation has made it practically impossible for them to really maximize the potentials offered by digital currency.

The Institute of Trading and Finance (IOTAF) and CoinsWatch, have planned a 2-day workshop from May 4 at 9 PM – May 5 at 4 PM EDT, it serves as a stage for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to replace their ignorance with full knowledge of digital coins.

IOTAF is an elite trading school based in Montreal that fosters student success with one-on-one mentoring and top-of-the-line facilities, technology, and educators.

CoinsWatch is a one-stop hub for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency related. We offer education, consultation and research solutions for individuals and corporations.

The workshop event is presented by Nabil Rochan, whose journey in finance started in corporate banking as an investment specialist and financial markets analyst, before taking an interest into day trading.

The workshop will discuss the following topics and aspects:

•   Monetary system flaws that led to Bitcoin

Some flaws in our monetary system made room for the creation of an alternative to fiat currency. Such flaws include the difficulty of transaction, lack of transparency, and what have you.

•   Understanding the blockchain technology

All the benefits associated with cryptocurrency are as the result on the platform on which it was built: the blockchain technology. The workshop will give you a peep into this technology.

•   Bitcoin 101: Protocol, network, and currency

What is Bitcoin protocol? How much do you really know about the digital currency? This workshop will teach you more about the first and the most popular cryptocurrency.

•   What are mines and nodes?

Mines and nodes are powerful tools for cryptocurrency mining. What are they? You don’t have to wait too long before you get an answer to this.

•   Different types of wallets, what to look out for when choosing one

Just as you keep your fiat currency in a regular wallet, digital currency can also be stored in e-wallets. What are the different e-wallets you can choose from and what are the qualities of a reliable e-wallet?

•   Exchanges

What are the roles of cryptocurrency exchanges? You will get a satisfying answer to this question and more in the workshop.

•   Altcoins: ETH, XRP, LTC, XMR, and others

Apart from Bitcoin, what other digital currencies do you know? Well, you will learn about the over 1,000 other digital coins known as Altcoins.

•   What are hard forks?

Hard forks are also important in cryptocurrency mining. Their significance will be the major focus when discussing this topic.

•   Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – the good, the bad, and the ugly

You probably have heard about ICOs. Well, the workshop will discuss both the pros and cons of this concept as well.

•   Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

Security of transaction is one of the most important benefits of cryptocurrency over fiat currency. This is assured through Proof of Stake or Proof of Work. Which of these is superior to the other? You will learn the differences between the two during the workshop.

How to register:

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of cryptocurrency with a view to getting the best out of this powerful alternative to fiat currency, it is advisable that you attend this information-packed workshop.

You can get the details of the event from

Registration is extremely simple as well. You can also put a call to 514-439-8644 to book a space and enjoy the workshop.

You are just a call away from this life-changing workshop that starts on May 4th, 2019 at 9 PM – May 5th, 2019 at 4 PM EDT.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / CloneStorm Trader - A platform that is different! on: March 23, 2019, 06:04:38 PM

Most trading platforms you come across are based on the fundamentals of individuals studying the trade market and trying to assert the perfect bull’s eye for a profitable trade. With the constant fluctuations of most cryptocurrencies, it would take more than human expertise to strike the trade iron while it is burning hot.

Introducing Clonestorm

Clonestorm is an online trading platform that combines the efficiencies of both human expertise and machine precision. This hybridized system provides members with a trading platform that helps them to maximize and take advantage of any trade while maintaining the perfect radar aiming for the next loophole. This platform has the habit of assisting its members in growing their assets exponentially.

Why Clonestorm Trader?

Every online trading platform has some elements of risk attached to it, but Clonestorm has the edge of good risk management. The Clonestorm platform is based on some management rules that protect the interest of every client.

Every client matters

Under the trading platform of Clonestorm, the primary assignment is to accumulate assets for every client within the restrictions of a well-guided cost implication. The risk limitation on the clonestorm trading platform sees to it that every client’s capital stays at the verge of profitability.

Adapting well with market fluctuation

Given that crypto-currencies are never stable, the Clonestorm platform has proven adaptive strategies that are poised for garnering assets irrespective of market fluctuations.

You are always in the know

With the combined system of artificial intelligence and strategic analysts, you will always be kept abreast with trade information. The Clonestorm platform allows its traders to access market info at will; it is like a private banker accessible for all.

Expert trading

Every crypto-trading bot assigned to trade on your behalf is an automated replica of an expert trade made by an expert trader. This expert trading was based on strong technical and fundamental strategies. This AI trading gives you the benefit of profiting directly from an expert trade.

Automated Failsafe

Every crypto-coin traded with is governed by a capital preservation strategy; this means that when the market is poised for losses your trade will automatically activate stop-loss settings that preserve your capital and minimizes risk.

Other than activating stop-loss settings, Clonestorm trader leverages on an automated Bitcoin crash failsafe that changes all your Bitcoin into stablecoins. This Bitcoin crash failsafe stops trailing to maximize profits. These stablecoins are used for repurchasing when the market balances up maximizing your capital accumulation.

You own the rights to your funds.

Clonestorm trader only has trading access to your funds, and it’s secure because it is trading on your account. You reserve the right to withdraw your funds at will. Trading is only done via the exchange link. When you are assigned a bot, you also have the right to determine how much is reserved for exchange and how much should be traded with. You can always change this in your settings.

The exchanges that are supported on the Clonestorm platform are considered safe and are quite difficult to hack. The Clonestorm platform lacks the rights to withdraw, and even in exceptional cases of the breach of data, hackers can’t access your funds on the exchanges you linked to the bot. In this regard, you can choose an exchange trade that you are quite comfortable with.

Trade passively 24/7

With an assigned bot, you have the benefit of trading passively. You don’t need to monitor market prices or fluctuations as the bot will always be at your service. You may likely keep other jobs or may be involved in other businesses and still trade. This is one of the unique features of Clonestorm that most trading platforms lack; this feature would be of immense benefit as it affords you the ability to multi-task.

Compatible with any operating system

Clonestorm isn’t a techno-racist as it runs on any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and similar sorts.

The user interface of the Clonestorm trader is very easy to use and understand. You can create your account this minute and navigate through it like a pro as tutorial videos are available to aid your understanding.  The Clonestorm trading platform is quite easy to set up. You only need to attach the tool to your chosen exchanges where you wish to trade with your crypto-currencies and pick a trading technique.

Once your unique bot is set up, it will purchase and sell signals on the exchanges you selected. Once this is set up, your trading is set on auto-pilot. But you can always change the settings anytime you deem fit. You also don’t have to stay logged in to trade as the bot performs every trade on your behalf. API keys are automated to key-start your bot once your account is created and trades are done on your behalf following expert signals.

Multiple exchange support systems

Clonestorm has a secure exchange system that is available in multiple countries and has proven to be hassle-free in the funds transfer. The Clonestorm team is always working on improving the exchange support system, and all its members will be informed once a new exchange has been added to the Clonestorm Trader system. However, if your favorite exchange isn’t listed on the Clonestorm exchange list yet, but you would still like to be able to partake in its trading techniques or strategies, create an account and transfer some Bitcoins in one of its supported exchanges.

Adaptive marketing strategy

The Clonestorm trading strategy encompasses a mid to long term profit accumulation. The Clonestorm trading invests in altcoins and sells them when the demand is high for a higher price to boost your Bitcoin profits. The Clonestorm trading platform is based on the analysis that Bitcoin would indeed bloom again and would be quite expensive so every strategy is targeted towards accumulating Bitcoins that would be sold expensively at a later time when Bitcoin thrives again.

AI Assisted Expertise

Experienced traders and technical strategists vividly analyze all trades on the Clonestorm platform. All trades done are scrutinized by an AI platform that reduces the risk of human error ensuring that a profitable trade is never missed.

If you are searching for a trading platform where trading is carried out seamlessly without necessarily having to monitor the trend in the market, then CloneStorm remains your best choice as the bots are there to assist you in getting the best out of the crypto trading market.

Official Website:
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cryptocurrency: Mithril (MITH) to Get Tickets for Ed Sheeran Concert in Taiwan on: March 19, 2019, 05:12:35 PM

For many, the world of cryptocurrency still feels distant; a cold and unknown place awash with jargon, and run by elite tech-heads. What most don’t realize is that the entire point of cryptocurrency is, in fact, to provide more choices and convenience to the masses. Anyone following crypto news over the past couple of years will have noticed a growing trend in articles telling us more and more how our new digital tokens can be used to purchase an increasing number of everyday things.

Recently it was announced that Mithril (MITH) will be among the payment options for purchasing Ed Sheeran concert tickets. This adds yet another item to the growing list of purchases available to holders of cryptocurrencies. More importantly than that, it is another sign of the growing reach, legitimacy and viability of decentralized cryptocurrencies to challenge and even replace fiat currencies. In short, it is a consumer revolution.

Announcement from Mithril’s official Medium Account

Today it may start with Ed Sheeran tickets, but after that what comes next? Already cryptocurrencies can be used for purchasing Windows and Xbox content (2014), Starbucks coffee (August 2018), home furnishings on Overstock (2014), gift cards at, luxury goods like at The White Company, and even to make charitable donations. Not only is the list growing, but the revolution is gaining mainstream attention. Back in March 2018, CNBC published an article detailing the increasing number of ways to use Bitcoin. In the same year, The Guardian newspaper in the UK also published a detailed feature on cryptocurrency. This is no longer a “fringe” industry. It has thrust itself into the mainstream, increasingly proving sceptics wrong and placing itself firmly outside of the “passing fad” category.

As cryptocurrencies like MITH continue to gain momentum, and usage becomes more commonplace, another revelation is emerging — the miracle and marvel of blockchain-based technology. It is now becoming clear that as crypto use enters our everyday lives and becomes increasingly normalized, a greater number of people are seeing the benefits of decentralization. The security and lack of room for manipulation are particularly attractive, and even more that finally the power of currency could potentially be put into the hands of the masses rather than the elites.

The sector isn’t without its challenges, however, and we should all remember that one swallow does not a summer make. Using crypto to purchase concert tickets is another small victory in the long road to meaningful and widespread implementation of cryptocurrencies in the everyday lives of the general public.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Invest Theory - The dream for every trader with 7 days FREE trial available! on: March 11, 2019, 07:17:54 PM
In today’s life, the biggest challenge we are witnessing is maintaining financial stability. Since the majority having a single job is not helping, given they are based upon limited income, which makes it highly challenging to meet the demands and needs of a person or even the family for that matter. And then with the little space left for savings and luxuries, life is becoming as stressful as it ever could become!

With things becoming so unbalanced, there’s the need for answers, but the majority are unable to find it! But that’s exactly what this thread is all about! It’s about giving you something that won’t just work on bringing that stability in your financial condition but also giving you the room to enjoy your life, as you only get it ONCE!

The solution to multiple problems is one and that’s Invest Theory.

Invest Theory is a creation that’s life-changing for Stocks and Options traders. However, it’s not a creation to do miracles, it’s a design that to do something that’s very much routine yet the majority are incapable of doing due to lack of knowledge, experience and more importantly, the lack of time!

This is where Invest Theory is the solution for people who desire to achieve financial freedom! In the business like Stocks and Options, there’s an obvious requirement of knowledge and experience aside from a quality strategy. But that’s the beauty of Invest Theory, which allows a person to make money with just common sense and simple ways. And it works even for a person starting up the very FIRST time in this field, as it helps people learn the ins and outs of trading.  

However, it is not an educational center to make you achieve success, it’s a system through which you get REAL-TIME Option/Stock Alerts with entries and exits on your phone/email from the best of the BEST professional traders which makes success within a touching distance! And that’s not ALL, you can communicate with a massive community of professional traders easily with the LIVE Chat Room and Forum, which is entirely dedicated to helping people starting up!

If you are STILL uncertain about this and consider it might not be anything special, then try out the 7 days FREE package, which is available for EVERYONE! And even with FREE package, one is able to participate in the monthly contests to win several prizes that include Shares of companies, Amazon gift cards, Pizza Delivery and much more!

So now is the OPPORTUNITY to try something where you don’t have ANYTHING to lose, but everything to gain and that not just for yourself but for your family with becoming financially independent.

Check all the further details about Invest Theory below:

Official Website:
Official Community:
Live Chat Room:
Free Trial Page:

12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Do you compare before joining any Crypto broker? on: March 05, 2019, 01:31:26 PM
There are MANY people here who do Crypto trading via exchange but also a lot of people who prefer Crypto Broker. So, how do you make your selection of a broker? Do you make comparison before joining up any broker?

I certainly do, and I consider it extremely important as well. I find it simpler with this site, where all brokers are AVAILABLE to make comparison. Although, it got all types of brokers available with their reviews, but with Crypto brokers, it makes comparison so much easier!
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Eblock Coin: A Sure Coin To Help You Purchase Hundreds of Different Gift Cards on: May 12, 2018, 04:43:04 PM
Have you ever thought of where to buy your gift cards with success? Well, Eblock Coin remains your surest bet. With EBC, it is easy to purchase various gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, hotel, gas stations, restaurants, spa, travel, airline, etc.

Eblock Coin does not only help you buy gift cards, it also rewards you with two different types of rewards and bonuses. With EBC, you easily get great return on investment. Visit their website to get information on how to participate.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Will you guys use this in future? on: February 12, 2018, 01:02:18 AM
Mostly whenever we need something that is out of the country or out of the city, it is done through friends or relatives, as we basically request them that please do this for me or do that.

Mostly it is about bringing something like electric items or even famous food or basically those stuff. Often, there is urgent requirement of money when we are outside the country, so we request it from friend and all that.

All this takes SO LONG, but this thing called Coins4Favors is cutting it all in short with their concept that is based upon just this. With their platform, it will give us the option to locate people from that area where our work is to be done and we simply hire them which is kind of mini-job and pay them via Favorscoin (name of Coins4Favors token).

It is going to start the presale from 1st March, so still time. Will you use something like this in future? I certainly believe this is a brilliant thing and I will certainly use it. What do you guys think?

They have this video that explains everything
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