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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Newbies helping newbies using escrow to build trust. on: June 12, 2011, 09:03:42 AM
You're new here.
Me, too.
How can we build trusted reputations for ourselves?

The purpose of this topic is to match newbies with other newbies to do small trades using escrow.
And then we can post about each other to the list of honest traders:

If you're a newbie here, and you want to experiment with escrow, let's discuss in private message.
I may be willing to be counter-party in your first trades, using escrow.
And others who are willing to do newbie escrow trades, I hope will post here, too.

Here's one Bitcoin escrow service:
What other escrow services are suitable for newbies?
2  Other / Off-topic / Kitco Murdered (by Revenue Quebec) on: June 11, 2011, 04:15:57 AM
Kitco Charged With Massive Tax Fraud Scheme, Business Viability In Question
By Tyler Durden

"Claiming widespread tax fraud in the gold refining and trading sector, Revenue Quebec ... targeted ...Montreal location of Kitco, a major buyer and seller of gold ... Revenue Quebec said that by converting pure gold into a gold object and then refining it back into a pure state ... used “artificial transactions” to obtain refunds of taxes that were never actually paid."

Kitco is dead.
It may still show a few vital signs, but it won't survive that government attack.

Kitco provided gold and silver -- alternatives to government fiat paper currencies.
Bitcoin also provides an alternative to government paper money.
And there is similar risk for very Bitcoin point of concentration: exchangers and market-place web sites.
What can they do to protect themselves, and to protect the spreading Bitcoin meme?
Without exchangers and market-place web sites, Bitcoin dies.
And if Bitcoin goes, so goes a big chance, maybe the last chance in this generation, for finding a path to personal liberty.

The raid on Kitco is ominous news.
I hope Bitcoin exchangers and market-place web sites take it as motivation to prepare.

Links to sources:
3  Economy / Marketplace / Clever tricks starting to appear: buying and selling on: June 10, 2011, 03:10:37 AM
Fascinating to see tricks starting to appear in various Bitcoin markets.

One seller is charging $6.00 "shipping" for Bitcoin on eBay -- added to the final auction price.
Clever trick to boost his selling price without it being noticed too much.
Not really a scam, since fully disclosed on the auction page.
And if he can get it, why not?

That seller on eBay is "ViperPray" in Syracuse, New York, United States.
Here's a link to one of his auctions:

More tricks are sure to appear on both sides: sellers and buyers.
Useful to expose more of them.
I hope others will post on this thread the tricks they observe -- we'll all benefit.

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