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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Must Read: Newbies and Merits on: February 04, 2018, 07:32:37 AM
A lot of new users are asking how to get merits so I have compiled some "tips" that I have observed that is newbie friendly.
I joined just few days before the merits so yeah I'm one of those users that was not lucky enough to rank up before merit system came.
This thread is like Tips on how to get merits for us newbies.

As you can see I have no merits yet. I think I have already commented and made few post already. I tried to be helpful and answered some question few newbies raised but none of them are merit worthy as per the readers. I really thought that if you help answer some questions you'll get merits but I think I was wrong.

I have been a member of some forums in the past and they also have this system but a bit different, only mods can add merit and they will merit almost 100% of your post that answers questions from newbies or users. So I thought maybe I will get few merits by helping since users have been giving away merits to some post that I myself would think doesn't really contribute to the community and that it's not really a quality post and that those post that got merits are usually something that users have agreed.

My observation:

  • So I think to be able to gain attention to your post you have to post something that people can relate into(I don't think my post are relatable to those with smerts because they are those that are high ranked and me as a newbie cannot really contribute much that is relatable to them or to their likings)

  • If you agree on a certain post your positive comment should explain further why you agreed to the post make it more specific
  • For users that are poor in English like me, try to post something "helpful" in Local Threads (I post sometimes in Local thread but giving merits there is not really popular so this one doesnt work for me)
  • Post on something controversial, hot topics and the likes[/b]. Those Topics that gets much and attention and plenty of replies. Hight ranked guys and merit sources usually read those thread for argumentation or maybe just for laughs
  • Make your post easy to read and presentable, If necessary you have to make Use of the font size, style, colors and other formatting available in the forums
  • Always try to make post that can positively contribute to the forums like for example you want to report someone for doing shady stuff on forums. Make sure to create a post like that and gather evidences

Please feel free to add more tips on your observation I'd like to hear other observation from newbies especially those that already got plenty of merits legally (not given by friend/trading/purchased)

2  Other / Meta / Merit Giveaway Thread? on: January 25, 2018, 05:28:40 AM
I have a suggestion or maybe a crazy idea for some. Since the launch of the merit system, there are plenty of people wondering about its effectiveness against spammers and there's the threat of selling/trading merit that 'may' defeat its purpose. Plenty of people agreed and said that its a good idea and some are hesitant because its just give High Rank account more advantage and also newbie creating good post might likely be ignored and wouldn't be given merits.

So I'm wondering if a Giveaway thread be allowed? Making newbies and other forum members participate a friendly discussion/debate or whatsoever in which they can reply a quality post meant to be merited if and only if the thread starter/admin/mod find his/her reply a good one. Shitposters that clearly just post shit will immediately earn negative Merit or neg Trust. This can be a Thread or a Section or a Contest?

Newbies who likes to comment quality post will have a chance to be noticed on this thread since the thread is for merits. I see people commenting on the Merits post on theymos that most likely they will just be ignored and wont be given merits even if they have quality post, so this might solve that.
People will try to engage on that certain thread to reply in good quality and we will have a good conversation.

Smerit People - they won't be having difficulty looking for good quality post since there's a thread in which you can browse and can freely giveaway your smerit if you feel like being generous. Of course you can still give smerits to other sections or threads on forum.

I know the idea is flawed but if people can add something with this idea it would be great. I'm not good in conveying my thoughts so probably I will never get a merit to any of my post which I think is the problem with other people or newbies here but I would want the merit system to be more newbie friendly or atleast for those that try to engage and have a quality post.
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