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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Please stop treating as accurate on: September 29, 2013, 09:57:57 AM
In Nov 2011 gmaxwell a forum moderator made this thread
I recently asked in for to lift their game re accuracy.
Their disclaimer
"The graph below shows the market share of the most popular bitcoin mining pools. It should only be used as a rough estimate and for various reasons will not be 100% accurate. A large portion of Unknown blocks does not mean an attack on the network, it simply means we have been unable to determine the origin."
does not deter people from using inaccurate data :/

For block finders kinlo made which is accurate over the last 2016 blocks, please refer to it.
2  Bitcoin / Meetups / Graet: East Coast AU tour Sept 2013 on: September 02, 2013, 01:05:17 PM
Hi folks,
Finally getting to do something I have been trying to for almost 2 years
A tour of the East coast of Aus to meet up with Bitcoiners!

Arriving Melbourne Thur 12th Sept leaving morning of Sat 14th
Arriving Canberra Sat 14th heading to Sydney 15th
Arriving Sydney Sun 15th heading to Coffs harbour 17th - I'll find the old monday meetup venue and see if there is any life Smiley
Arriving Coffs Tue 17th leaving 18 or 19th
Arriving Bris 18or 19th going to meetup
Heading Sat home 21st

Melbourne Fri 13th ~6pm a few people are showing interest now Cheesy

If any  Bitcoiners but especially Ozcoin miners or Weexchange customers would like to meet up, I'm keen.
I'll be bringing some Bitcoin stickers and badges to give away, some surplus t-shirts and keyrings to sell Smiley

I would have liked to attend the Sydney Wednesday meetup but my schedule doesn't allow it - if any of the people looking at setting up a Aus NFP Society could contact me I'd appreciate it and hope to meet, myself and some others started towards this late 2011 but interest dropped (saw an article somewhere but it didnt say a lot).

Cheers and hope to catch up soon

Proposed public meetups
Melbourne Thu 12th
Lunch in the city (venue TBA)

Sydney Mon 16th
3  Bitcoin / Pools / [ANN] Solopool BETA on: July 26, 2013, 05:49:25 AM
Announcing Solopool BETA

Many miners want to gamble on solo mining, unfortunately not all have the skills to setup solo and the stats they would like.
Why Solopool? We aim to offer a "pool like" experience but blockfinders will be rewarded 24.5+(1/2 transaction fees from block)BTC ie: rewards will not be shared among other miners.

Only miners with 100Gh/s or greater hashrates should apply - a good rule of thumb is: if your hashrate will not on average generate a block within a difficulty period you should not be solo mining.
Currently:<gribble> The average time to generate a block at 100000.0 Mhps, given difficulty of 31256960.7278, is 2 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 54 minutes, and 56 seconds

Stratum only
Variable difficulty set at 50 on connect
Manual payouts daily of confirmed blocks at approx 1230UTC
The Bitcoin address entered on signup can be used as worker name
Individual stats
No coins will be held on solopool servers
WebIRC or IRC on freenode #solopool for real-time support

Coming soon:
Idle worker emails  
User settable difficulty


Please consider if this is the best option for you before registering
Thank you and good luck
Graet, Blaksmith and Wayno

Note: Solo mining either on Solopool or by yourself is a high variance mining method - we can not be responsible for your luck!
4  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] Graet.Loan - Paying 0.05% interest daily on: May 28, 2013, 01:06:22 PM
Loan to Graet (Graeme Tee)

Owns and runs Ozcoin Pooled Mining Pty Ltd and
Australian Director WeExchange Australia Pty Ltd

- Shares shall pay an interest of 0.05% daily.

Shares value:
- A maximum of 200,000 shares will be issued
- Shares have a face value of 0.01 BTC
- Shares retain a minimum of $0.1 USD value each.

Should any event make Bitcoins become valued at less than $1 USD per Bitcoin or impossible to be transacted, you may request to redeem your shares for $0.1 USD instead.

Redeeming Shares:
- Shares can be redeemed at face value anytime upon request.
- Redeeming shares may take some time to liquidate positions or procure more BTC.

This loan is to hold and/or use BTC for on-demand needs for my projects, such as OzCoin, CrownCloud, etc.
This loan is not tied to the success or failure of any business.
This loan should not be defaulted on unless personal bankruptcy is officially declared.
Consider it a personal loan.

You can request refund of the loan at face value anytime.
Redeeming bonds may take some time to liquidate positions or procure more BTC if no liquid BTC is available.
5  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] GPT.YABMC - YABMC Pass-through on: January 25, 2013, 01:28:51 AM
    Hello everyone,
    It looks like there was a lot of YABMC shareholders wanting to use BitFunder.
    I thought it would be nice to still give them that chance.
    If you hold shares of YABMC and would like to transfer them under this pass-through then transfer them to user Graet and contact me on the forums with how many shares, and BitFunder account name to deposit them into.
    There is no fee on any dividend pass-through.

    This is a pass-through of the newly re-listed YABMC.
    There are no additional pass-through fees on this asset.
    When/if dividends are issued on the origin asset, they will be passed through exactly.
    If you hold shares of the origin asset and would like to transfer them under this asset then transfer them to user Graet and contact me on the forums with how many shares, and BitFunder account name to deposit them into.
    Should any voting be done at the origin, a matching vote will be made available here ending an hour prior and we will vote as a group.
    Best wishes
6  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] premature on: January 22, 2013, 01:37:13 AM
    Hello everyone,
    jumped the gun
can't delete own posts in this thread
    Best wishes
7  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] GPT.ESecBTC - ESECURITYSABTC Pass-through on: January 19, 2013, 02:10:37 PM
Hello everyone,
I have decided to get in on the fun and setup a pass-through.
I am only making a small amount off of posting the share on BitFunder.
There is no fee on dividend pass-through.
Why am I doing this? I have seen a lot of people who prefer to use BitFunder over btct's site.
In fact, from what I have seen it is pretty evenly split. I may even do another PT depending on interest and requests.

This is a pass-through of the ESECURITYSABTC bond from btct.
There are no additional pass-through fees on this asset.
When dividends are issued on the origin asset, they will be passed through exactly.
If you hold shares of the origin asset and would like to transfer them under this asset please contact me on the forums for now.
Should any voting be done at the origin, a matching vote will be made available here ending an hour prior and we will vote as a group.

Best wishes
8  Bitcoin / Pools / Pay On Target: New High variance payout System Offered by Ozcoin on: December 18, 2012, 11:13:44 AM
Pay On Target

In an effort to bring some fun back to mining
and offer a high variance reward system to those that like a gamble.
You get more for shares of higher difficulty, meaning you get a big reward if you're the block finder.

We are offering a unique NEW payout system:
 Pay On Target

where higher value shares are paid at a higher value following this formula

B = Block reward - Pool fee
D = current difficulty
X = cap, currently 5*DNEW
work difficulty = difficulty pool sends to miner (see variable difficulty)
share difficulty = difficulty or target of share submitted to pool after hashing
a = a variable currently set to 0.8 but share value will be capped at 5*D

Pay On Target Pool fee will be set at 2% NEW

As always over time everything should even out to a 98% PPS rate BUT there isn't much time till GPUs become unviable, it is possible to come out ahead if you are lucky.
So I will ask "do you feel lucky? well do ya?"

IMPORTANT: POT will only be available on stratum servers.
You WILL make a loss if attempting to mine on getwork/ecoinpool servers
Stratum mining node addresses listed on "Worker" page on site.
This is a Per Account setting - if you want to split miners over payout methods feel free to make a second account Smiley
Set Pay on Target radio button on User Account -> Pool Options

Who to blame
ckolivas/conman for the idea
organofcorti and Meni Rosenfeld for help and advice on the more technical aspects and formula.
Blaksmith for coding it
Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated Smiley
Me for thinking it could be fun, give our stratum servers a good loadtest and attract some miners to Ozcoin.

Please consider this an initial trial period, we have done many simulations but reserve the right to change parameters. Please check this thread for updates regularly. Once the
trial period is over no further adjustments should be needed Smiley

Best wishes and best of luck to all.

POT calculator, thanks to kano

Note: No Merged Mining available on Stratum servers
9  Bitcoin / Pools / Who is turning off? on: November 28, 2012, 09:49:03 AM
So what you doing?
been lots of speculation
would be interesting to see some numbers from miners
I plan to continue my GPUs and Fpga's till ASICS arrive
10  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / 104BTC of TXN fees - thanks - but why? on: October 05, 2012, 01:50:35 PM

someone/thing screwed up

to clarify
those 3 txn, one is for 3.xx btc with a 9.xx btc fee, a 21.xx btc txn with a 21.xx fee and another txn with a 64BTC fee

Miners on Ozcoin thank this generous person
I'm just curious to know how it happened, testing software? trying to add non standard fee? operator error? Smiley
11  Bitcoin / Pools / Curious - Why do regular miners still mine proportional pools? on: October 01, 2012, 04:04:20 AM
It is a well established fact that proportional is a flawed payout method.
"Strategic miners" mine the most profitable part of a round then hop away somewhere else leaving the dedicated "regular miner" to "finish the block".

Proportional appears to be the fairest method and is often chosen by new pool operators unaware of how exploitable it is or the "hopper tax" they expect their regular miners to pay.

I really don't mind where people mine, I'm just curious if it is lack of knowledge, lack of care about income or just what Smiley

I expect the hopper community will come up with some fud to try to counter my claims - they were very vocal when my pool changed from proportional to a fair payout system.
Appendix B
Pool-hopping in proportional pools
shows the detailed maths
IMO the whole PDF should be required reading by anyone planning to open a pool Smiley

12  Bitcoin / Mining / is innacurate on: September 29, 2012, 05:43:23 AM
This has come up so many times I think it is time for a sticky, something like

obviously people are interested in who is generating blocks - I sure am Smiley
BUT looks at the 1st relay which may or may not be the actual miner.

Quote from: gmaxwell

Jesus. Why does everyone freak out stupidly every time someone notices an instance of a bunch of misreported blocks on The relayed from fields are frequently wrong and if you understand how it works you won't be surprised by this.

I've locked this thread. The relaying activity of is interesting; but it's almost certainly not mining blocks at all. Start a new thread that doesn't begin with the erroneous assumption that the relayed by field means anything reliable please.
Though generally it is through lack of information , you and I might understand how " relayed from fields are frequently wrong " but obviously newer miners or people that haven't explored Bitcoin as much as we have may not. Perhaps a sticky with some explanation could help these people understand?
Now it is locked the last thread on this will drop off the page....and the next one will be started :/

For useful info on where the blocks came from I use takes longer but they verify where the blocks come from rather than use a "best guess" method.
at best should be used as a guide - it certainly is not definitive

Best wishes
13  Economy / Marketplace / Information needed on Bitcoin business on: September 27, 2012, 02:36:53 PM
in #bitcoin-dev some discussion of the foundation is taking place

slush raised an interesting question - I would like to put it to the wider community
<slush1> well, better question: How many bitcoin businesses are *real* companies? Wink

I registered my pool as a business shortly after opening in June 2011.

I figured it would be harder for my government to shut the pool down if it was legally registered and following regulations/tax laws etc than operating unregistered and avoiding regulation and tax.
I also thought it could be seen as a commitment to continue - it takes time and money to properly set up a business and more time and money to wind it up (in my country anyway)...

So I'd be interested to hear from Bitcoin business owners, tell us if you are or are not a registered business and why you have chosen your course.
For unregistered businesses do you have plans  on how to continue if you're government does take a hard look at you and your operations.

Bitcoin users can have a say on whether they prefer to deal with a registered business or an anonymous nick - or just don't care Smiley

Would prefer if thread could stay on topic

Graeme Tee
Ozcoin pooled Mining Pty Ltd
ACN: 152 509 272

14  Other / Meta / Mining and Pools subforums on: August 27, 2012, 11:48:44 PM
top 10 pools stickied has been removed
GPUMAX thread (~9 months) suddenly gets moved to services - should this not apply to other non-pool mining services too

any mods care to share whats going on?
what policies have changed?

not complaining, just feel some feedback/info from moderators would help forum users understand what has changed.

P.S.The thread in the pools section has some good ideas - but no moderator input
15  Bitcoin / Pools / Top 10 Pools stickied? on: August 26, 2012, 03:14:44 AM
Where did it go?
Where was the notice it was being removed?
16  Bitcoin / Pools / [ANN]Ozcoin to introduce fees on: August 08, 2012, 03:56:43 PM

To ensure the stability and long term viability of Ozcoin it has been decided to introduce a 3% fee in the near future.
We will do a mass mail out to all members 7days before the fee is introduced, consider this early warning Smiley

This decision has not been taken lightly and will ensure Ozcoin's continued stability and needed development is done in a timely manner.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors and volunteers that have supported the site so far, without you we couldn't have come this far Smiley

Best Wishes
Graeme Tee
Managing Director
Ozcoin Pooled Mining Pty Ltd
ACN:152 509 272

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Repost : A Message to the Litecoin Group From Danny Maddox in San Francisco on: July 28, 2012, 08:33:08 AM
this was posted in the newbies forum - in case an yone doesnt look there i reposted here Smiley

I apologize in advance for such a long post but I think it will explain a few things. I would have posted in your main forum but I discovered I am limited to posting only here in the novice section.

On Thursday morning I started getting bombarded with lots of Facebook messages and friend request from a quite a few people that I didn't know. Like most people would do I ran an antivirus software scan thinking I had an FB virus or something. The next day I received three very strange rambling calls at my place of work and on the fourth time what sounded like a middle aged man made some statement about messing with people's money and that I probably shouldn't  start my car from too close a distance. After the previous third call I activated our system's record function and the entire fourth call was captured. The SF police upon hearing the playback dispatched a bomb squad and determined the call to be a hoax after spending an hour examining my car, nonetheless a Felony Terroristic Threat charge is being investigated.  All the detectives will tell me is that the phone number was positively identified to a person in another state and they are moving forward with charges via the FBI. That same person apparently acquired what they thought was my cell phone number but reached my 11 year old daughter instead. The things he said to her are beyond deviant especially when said to an 11 year old. A different police jurisdiction is handling that issue but it appears to be the same individual.

Earlier this morning Friday I accepted a friend request from one of the many received  since Thursday and the person explained to me what was going on, pointed me to this forum and I have spent most of the day trying to grasp what a cryptocurrency program is and catching up on the history of this. After doing a little digging on the persona known here as BCX or Bitcoin Express and claiming to be a woman named Kaley Wu I possibly can shed a little light on this and hopefully convince you people that you have the wrong person and will voluntarily stop terrorizing me, my family and quit harassing my co-workers.  My name is Dan Maddox, I am from San Francisco and I have two children, an 11 year old daughter whose mother died when she was 1 year old from an aggressive form Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma and 3 year old son with my current wife.

Ten years ago before we were married my current wife, an Asian woman was stalked to the extremes by a guy she never met but had corresponded with a few times via email when she still lived in the Philippines. After this guy completely turned bizarre in his emails my wife stopped responding to him and he didn't take well to it. He sent more than 100 unanswered emails, but eventually he stopped. She didn't hear from him at all for almost two years till she started corresponding with me as apparently he was monitoring her emails because he had her password. This guy cyber terrorized us both after we were married  from early 2005 to mid 2009. His name name is Paul Holcomb and he is from Punta Gorda, Florida originally. I have no idea where he lives now. This guy is a highly skilled network and security engineer so faking IP's, VPN and cracking security isn't an issue for him. He has a fixation with Asian women and has setup numerous Asian women profiles in the past to harass us. He has numerous times cracked our emails, Facebook and many other online accounts.

Mr. Holcomb's preferred method of terrorization is using the internet as a weapon. In 2009 only after legal action against his hosting provider was I able to get a blog taken down that was being penned in my wife's name and persona. Just like here on Bitcointalk Forum, it was a drawn out personal war against a passionate group of people that drew a retaliatory response in a very big way. He set everything up in mine and her name so it could be tracked back to us. This person has also posted on numerous anti-semantic and hate group boards as me and has triggered retaliatory responses from other groups in the past. It is happening again. In all cases above the police are unable to conclusively tie anything concrete to him so nothing ever happens. He was arrested in Los Angeles in 2009 but never charged.

Kaley Wu is a fake persona.  Kaley Wu has mimicked my educational history as I did attend Baylor earning a Business Degree and an MBA in Marketing from Stanford.  I am an Online Marketer, Adwords Specialist and I know squat about programming. I don't have the expertise to engage in crypto anything much less your program here.

This person as Kaley Wu has tried numerous times over the past year to get me to accept a friend request and I still had one pending, so I accepted it which allowed me to look around their account. I was able to see and screen shot this person's whole account. It is entirely mind boggling to the level this person has created a fake account with more than 80 friends that are indeed real people and seem to interact with her from time to time. Close examination of the wall history shows that no one knows her too well but chats with her quite often about the kind of things you would in a public social setting with nothing really too personal. I spent a lot of the day looking up all 85 of "her" friends and found 3 that I could tie back to this forum definitely and three others possibly. I will be contacting the three I identified via the private message function of this forum.

As someone who has an analytical eye and an outsider looking in, I am amazed that people as smart as you all are were so fooled by this person. Kaley Wu claims to have been one of the earliest coin miners but only registered on this forum in June 2011. Internet research easily shows bitcoins and mining have been around since 2009. Why a first time appearance in 2011 on the main forum? I spent all day literally, the last 14 hours of my life sifting through this trying to understand it all. None of it makes sense as to why this person is a pseudo celebrity here. Since Mr. Holcomb is indeed a highly skilled technical person I do believe that he has an interest in this, but when the relationship turned combative, he stoked it to the explosion point so he could further use it to harass me and my family. Paul Holcomb might have attacked your coins, but Kaley Wu sure as heck didn't. I have no idea where the several photos of the very pretty woman in her FB came from but I doubt her name is Kaley Wu. I certainly don't think this girl even knows about it.

I am asking you people to please stop terrorizing me and my family. One person is definitely going to jail. I can assure you that when a major city's police department responds with a bomb squad they're not going to drop it. When someone calls an 11 year old girl sitting in a public school summer program and threatens to rape her in the most violent way possible because supposedly her father was messing up there online program and the teacher listened in, that isn't going to be dropped either.

Of the three I have positively identified from Kaley Wu's Facebook, one of you lives in Miami and works for a Twitter Vendor, One of you works as an IT Sys Admin in Los Angeles and one of you works for Google. Two of the three possible identified lives in Melbourne, Austraila and one in Phoenix, Arizona.

Personally I would like for this to end right here. Please remove my personal information from the forum and quit harassing me, I did nothing to you. As a professional marketing executive with an MBA and a person that has quite a successful history with startups and major online companies I can assure you that this type of behavior being so well documented and Google indexed in a publicly accessible forum is powerfully devastating to your startup venture and will make serious investors run. Please don’t allow Mr. Holcomb to damage your program any further by tricking what I think is a good group of people into making silly mistakes in the heat of passion. Your anger is wrongfully misdirected and causing real world pain to innocent people.

I suspect since Mr. Holcomb's game has now been played and he has been exposed both to me and the community here, he will simply evaporate. That is his usual modus operandi. Once again I ask that this community here on the Bitcointalk Forum please leave and my family alone.

Dan Maddox
San Francisco, California

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ATTN Litecoin GPU Miners - Scrypt support for cgminer on: July 12, 2012, 11:22:40 AM
A lot of people have wished for a better Litecoin GPU miner (I know I have).
After some discussion with cgminers developer (again Tongue )
"<conman> because I support bitcoin as a concept, although I can be paid to make ltc mining work but it would cost 100 BTC as a sponsored job"

With Litecoin's recent rally and the uncertainty for GPU miners around ASIC and BTC this could be a boon for LTC miners.

So who is up for it ?
I'll start by pledging 10BTC

If there is enough interest I will put up a wallet address for people to send BTCs for the bounty.

I'll put this here too
1RnULoG3fTcaHuXhnpDFTnuCTiNHLw1SM for those waiting for an addy

This is my "escrow wallet" and all funds will be forwarded to ckolivas at an appropriate time Smiley

currently 80 of the 100BTC has been sent or pledged

I'll put this here, look past this for more up to date info. I will try to update the original p[ost to make it easy to find Smiley

cgminer now has scrypt in main branch
for latest version Cheesy
19  Economy / Service Announcements / WeExchange on: June 06, 2012, 06:12:49 PM
Hi Bitcoiners,

Just reserving a thread for the upcoming

Also to introduce our forum support account - WeExchange

Best wishes,
Graeme Tee
WeExchange Australia, Pty. Ltd.
ACN: 152 308 239
ABN: 30 152 308 239
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Ozcoin Pooled Mining's Newbies Thread DGM 0Fee PPS 5% fee on: May 09, 2012, 04:38:10 PM
Ozcoin Pooled Mining Pty Ltd
Opened 7 June 2011

Now offering PPS at 5% fees

We have purchased and setup for www ssl goodness Cheesy

Features include

    USA, Europe and Australian mining servers
    Double Geometric Payout Method Fee free - optional Donation
    Pay Per Share 5% fee
    Long Polling and Low Stale Percentage
    Custom built Web Frontend
    SSL Certificate
    Extensive Individual and and Pool Statistics
    Email notification on idle miner
    Email notification on payout
    Share validation waiting period 120 blocks,
    Instant payout, pay invalids for 5%+ donors
    Automatic and full Decimal Payouts. Script runs every 10 minutes
    Friendly active IRC channel #ozcoin or via site based Web IRC
    Awesome IRC bot with many useful commands
    IRC "Donors Lounge"
    Merged Mining of Bitcoin and Namecoin
    Automatic onsite conversion of NMC to BTC available:)
    Per worker option to disable NMC longpolls
    Bitcoin only mining on port 8331 (all servers)
    Port80 mining
    Hall of Fame
    Ozcoin cross platform desktop widget for cool forum avatar Cheesy

 Advantages of Double Geometric Payout Method

   Hopping-proof, low-variance reward system
        This method offers steady income per share similar to PPS. We take the risk of long rounds and pay even when the pool buffer runs out, so we appreciate donations to keep this service up and running.
    Double Geometric Variables
        f=-0.25, c=0.2, o=0.8
More Information about this method can be found here

 Pay per Share
5% Fee
Note: Merged Mining and Donations are disabled for PPS method.
Current PPS Rate:0.00002741 BTC

 Our vision:
To encourage BTC use in Australia and throughout the world by supporting miners and other BTC enterprises.
We feel that a strong growing community will help us overcome any obstacles for BTC and we are here for the long run toward real world use of BTC - not for a quick buck.To this end we feel that transparency is vital in our project and will endeavour to provide as much information as required for this to become possible.

Please note a valid email adress is required for registration.

Getting Started
1. Register an account with  
2. Once activated login and go to Worker . Setup your workers.
3. Then at Pool Options Enter the address of the wallet you would like your payments made to and your amount for automatic payout, Namecoin wallet address or auto conversion to BTC and preferred donation amount and Payout method.
4. Join your miner to the pool:
hostname: Ports 80,8331 and 8332 available on all mining nodes
Username: <yourname>.<workername>  Password:<workerpassword>
5. Start your worker. On first connection it can take your client a few minutes to "connect" and download the work units.
6. You're done! Check out the pool Statistics to see how the pool is doing .

NOTE: Some miners prefer not to Merged Mine we have made port 8331 available. Shares submitted to port 8331 are only submitted to bitcoind and no NMC longpolls are sent.

Questions, (positive) criticism/suggestions welcome  Smiley

Best Wishes
Graeme Tee
Managing Director
Ozcoin Pooled Mining Pty Ltd
ACN:152 509 272

Site donation address 1Gzcbs8dDYzf16qFWKHc5kWKuH8nji3pVt
Donate hashes -u ozcoin.donate -p p
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