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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / N2O - becoming first and leading crypto in the aftermarket car parts on: July 01, 2018, 06:11:56 PM
N2O Is a new PoS Cryptocurrency (they do monthly burns and buy-backs) that is going to become the leading & first cryptocurrency used in the aftermaket car parts, and eventually expand our reach to utilize Nitrous (N2O) in other ways (i.e. having race events accept payments in N2O). The aftermarket car parts business is $8 billion a year. We want to gain a small piece of that through partnerships with established manufacturers and distributors to accept Nitrous (N2O). We will approach that goal through an e-commerce site and mobile apps to aggregate that business— and eventually— be the go-to aggregate provider of aftermarket car parts. The whole infrastructure of such will be fueled by Nitrous (N2O).
That business segment tends to be behind many others in technology, so it could be an easy, but meaningful step in streamlining B2C and B2B commerce.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / TopBTC Exchange - Scammers - Please read on: June 13, 2018, 09:29:12 PM
Hello, please stay away from TopBTC exchange due to stealing funds from people and selling them. They've stolen 15000 APR coins and sold them on the exchange, this is the message from the APR team;

Official Statement regarding TopBTC (1/3):

Over the past 3 weeks we have been in constant contact with TopBTC and their Support Team. First it was to negotiate a decreased listing fee, then it was to help APR officially get announced as a listing, then to confirm the launch day pairing of APR/BTC.

To be fully transparent, the negotiated list fee was 8 BTC + 8 BTC of coin collateral; whereas, their publicly posted rate was 20 BTC + 20 BTC worth of coin collateral. The agreed upon rate was paid in full by the team:

BTC Transfer to TopBTC:

After launch day; however, unlike all of the other exchanges that APR has been listed on, TopBTC began having "issues" with user withdrawals and deposits. Just 2 days after listing, the APR Team received an email demanding we pay an additional 12,000 APR, or they will pause trading of APR on their platform. Here is the direct text from their email:

"Dear APR Team,
The loss for this bug is 12,000 APR TOKENS, you need to pay to below address and repair the bug before 3 pm, 15-06  UTC+8, otherwise, we will pause APR trading on our exchange.


They blamed losing 12,000 APR Coins on the wallet providing them a POS Reward. Knowing full and well that this is incorrect, we confronted them, asking them cordially and professionally to resume trading like normal.

They then blamed the loss of 12,000 APR coins on an “Engineer” who works at TopBTC, but still demanded 12,000 APR Coins. This drastic shift in their story was truly cause for alarm.

However, over the course of the last 6 days, they have been adamant that they will not resume trading and have gone ahead and paused withdrawals completely.

Today a 15,000 APR sell order was fulfilled and bots populated buy orders shortly thereafter (screenshots will be uploaded in a read-only channel on Discord).

Official Statement regarding TopBTC (2/3):

We have sent them the following email today:
“Hi TopBTC Support Team,

We demand a full refund of our listing price of 8 BTC.

The team has received numerous messages outlining a 15,000 APR sell that occurred today that vastly dropped the price of APR. Please see the image below.

None of our community have been able to correctly deposit or withdraw their APR from your platform since APR has been listed.

You have held APR Coin hostage on your platform and demanded 12,000 APR as an extortion attempt.

You have falsified statements publicly on Telegram, and here is proof:

APR has been in constant contact with you since the end of May 2018. There is no current update occurring on the APR Wallet and there was no statement made to you regarding one. You publicly lied to your community and our users.

This is truly disheartening that you have chosen to lie to the public, hold their funds hostage and essentially create a damaging listing for APR Coin through your platform.

Please provide a full refund of 8 BTC to the following address:

Please provide a full refund of both and delist APR from your platform.


APR Team”

Official Statement regarding TopBTC (3/3):

If they choose to not respond, we will be publicly sharing all information not only on our social media, but with platforms like CMC, CoinLib and other prominent price/volume/market cap sites. As a community we must stand strong and understand that APR is being traded without issue on all other platforms, and that the wallet itself has been issue-free since launch. At this time, we humbly ask you to remain calm and help maintain a positive atmosphere in all APR social media and community chats.

The core team of APR thanks you for your consistent and powerful support. Thank you for standing steadfast with the project and its community. We are confident that our voices will be heard and the project will continue to move onwards and upwards. A group of malicious and unprofessional people will not deter the trajectory of APR Coin. That is a promise.

APR Team

*Note: A separate channel in Discord will be created that will have screenshots of emails, as well as their falsified statements on Telegram to their community and our users, along with their 15,000 APR sell order screenshot.

Link to the 8 BTC listing fee:

If you want to see more proof, go to APR Coin on discord:

3  Economy / Speculation / Will BTC moon again? Yes. on: April 07, 2018, 10:02:14 AM
I'm very optimistic that BTC will return to above 20k$.

I've made a shitty chart that you can look at:
Looking at similar patterns, BTC will soon break the channel upwards and will slowly strike once again.. and again..
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