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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / I got scammed on alibaba trying to buy Bitmain Antminer D3, Must Read! on: August 22, 2017, 07:13:22 PM
Hi All,

I got scammed on trying to buy a Bitmain Antminer D3. The reason I am posting this is to alert everyone of the amount of sophisticaton
these scammers use and hopefully by this experience you can try to avoid this situation. Also I would to ask you to check my bitcoin wallet address 17zBkbJm6gpz5rkzaB7eTBi3oYmkTMkSzi for verification and trace the bitcoins to his first address and the other addresses he/they forwarded the funds.

Scammers wallet address: 17NYyaoMBQrgsUHqZdTuFGe2nvMF8nPCn5

The process:
Date (08/22/2017)

I browsed through available products on and found products posts like "Bitmain Antminer D3 (Factory Direct)" and I though these maybe have been used for cloudmining by Genesis and others.

Finally I found one product posting that looked the guy knew what he is talking about the description was spot on no mistakes, misspellings, it looked reliable.

I contacted the seller and he was asking the price of $2500 USD with Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin/Etherum/LiteCoin. The seller seemed authentic with (4 years) Gold Member Status. I asked him if I could pay with Visa card but he said no and repeated the payment methods mentioned above.

Being an honest person myself I tend to trust people the same way I think they should trust me, unless I really make an effort and try to have the though guy hat on. So I accepted the deal and purchased the amount in Bitcoin which was transferred to my Blockchain wallet a few hours later.

I re-established the contact with the seller and he was still online, I transferred the bitcoin amount of 0.621025 to him hoping to get my Antminer D3 and mine some Dash for real. During the conversation he was always answering quickly but as soon as I transferred the amount his replies became more reluctant and finally he stopped replying.

Moments later the product page was removed so I could not find the product at the sellers mini site.

Date (08/22/2017)
I tried to contact the seller through alibaba but he was still unresponsive so I opened a dispute of type offline transaction and attached the conversation history and product link, proof of payment as attachements.

After sometime of trying through google, linkedin and skype I managed to get hold of the seller through his skype id and he told me that his account has been hacked and he has updated the dispute notifying of the this fact.

Proof of transaction

I would like to continue mining some coins, if you can feel free to donate a small amount to me so I can recover some of my losses from this awful, stupid experience. My new address from same wallet is:1NYWQz63FheTqis2Eg2S8CC4kRbXGkF2La.

Many Thanks,


Transcript: Communication between me (buyer and seller on
Buyer(2017-08-21 09:24:52)

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:25:19)
I am interested in orderin 1 unit, when can i get it?

Seller(2017-08-21 09:25:57)

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:26:03)
somewhere in europe

Seller(2017-08-21 09:26:21)
Delivery takes just 3-4 days to your home doorstep through FedEx,DHL,UPS shipping courier services.  

Seller(2017-08-21 09:26:38)
Antminer D3 COST...$2,500 each unit including shipment to your home address

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:27:14)
sounds good, but is it already available, cause people mentioned 1 st batch in september...`?

Seller(2017-08-21 09:27:35)
We are now  shipping

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:27:57)

Seller(2017-08-21 09:28:04)

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:28:45)
are you shipping from eu to me ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:30:18)
I would like to buy one, how do I pay? And can I trust you Smiley

Seller(2017-08-21 09:30:33)
We accept payment through WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM transfer, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM & LITECOIN. Which one would you prefer ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:35:49)
you there?

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:36:14)
is it possible with visa?

Seller(2017-08-21 09:36:32)
We accept payment through WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM transfer, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM & LITECOIN.

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:37:32)
I think bitcoin in that case, is this transaction insured by alibaba, cause someone could take my bitcoin and I receive nothing

Seller(2017-08-21 09:40:56)
This is our 4yrs in service , i think our reputation is more important to us

Seller(2017-08-21 09:41:10)
it is our responsibily to deliver what you paid for

Seller(2017-08-21 09:41:24)
And i also think that is why we are here  to do business globally

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:42:07)
Ok, please send me a quote for Antminer D3, I will order today, with receipt proof of payment

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:42:37)
paying with bitcoin

Seller(2017-08-21 09:43:45)
To order, your valid deliver  address is required to process your order. Full Name: Full Address: City: State: Zipcode: Tel: E-mail: Unit: Country:

Seller(2017-08-21 09:44:39)
0.621025 BTC

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:45:43)
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:45:59)
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Seller(2017-08-21 09:46:30)
tel number :

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:48:32)
Tel: +xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Seller(2017-08-21 09:48:48)

Seller(2017-08-21 09:49:07)

Seller(2017-08-21 09:49:09)
0.621025 BTC

Buyer(2017-08-21 09:51:10)
Ok, I am just getting some bitcoin will let you know when I have transferred

Seller(2017-08-21 09:53:26)

Seller(2017-08-21 09:53:37)
Shipping notification , SMS or E-mail

Seller(2017-08-21 09:53:45)
which one would you prefer  ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 10:01:55)
shipping notification, sms please

Seller(2017-08-21 10:05:07)

Buyer(2017-08-21 10:09:39)
Have now bought bitcoins, I am waiting to receive the bitcoins

Seller(2017-08-21 10:11:56)

Seller(2017-08-21 10:27:34)
Done ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 10:30:25)
Just spoke to xxxxxxx, It will take up to 1 hour to receive my bitcoin, guess we have to wait

Seller(2017-08-21 10:30:56)
ok, no problem then.

Seller(2017-08-21 11:41:26)
Ready ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 11:46:18)
Just checked, she said my bitcoin purchase is confirmed should receive shortly

Buyer(2017-08-21 11:46:34)
I was wondering, does it include PUS

Buyer(2017-08-21 11:46:36)

Seller(2017-08-21 11:46:50)
yes of course

Buyer(2017-08-21 11:46:57)
ok, good Smiley

Seller(2017-08-21 12:25:52)
ready ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 12:30:40)
nope, still waiting

Buyer(2017-08-21 13:01:54)
I will be back in 2 hours, hopefully I get them by then

Seller(2017-08-21 13:02:43)

Seller(2017-08-21 14:46:54)

Buyer(2017-08-21 14:48:56)
I just got back, will contact them now

Seller(2017-08-21 14:49:17)
You have not receive  it yet  ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 14:53:54)
these guys are slow, can't belive this (

Buyer(2017-08-21 14:54:52)
if u trust me, you can ship it I will transfer btc to you today or tomorrow, I am honest

Seller(2017-08-21 14:55:33)
I have no problem about that but my MANAGER

Seller(2017-08-21 14:55:50)
What cause the delay from the seller of BTC ?

Buyer(2017-08-21 14:58:41)
she says, there liquidating partner has set status "ongoing" and she is waiting for them to contact back

Seller(2017-08-21 15:00:40)

Buyer(2017-08-21 15:45:29)
ok, I got the bitcoins

Seller(2017-08-21 15:46:04)

Seller(2017-08-21 15:46:45)

Seller(2017-08-21 15:46:48)
0.621025 BTC

Buyer(2017-08-21 15:48:45)
I have sent you, please check

Seller(2017-08-21 15:49:19)

Buyer(2017-08-21 15:57:15)
did you get?

Seller(2017-08-21 15:57:52)
yes just now

Seller(2017-08-21 15:58:12)
i will inform you with  the shipping information

Buyer(2017-08-21 15:58:27)
ok, tracking number would be nice

Buyer(2017-08-21 17:34:16)

Buyer(2017-08-21 17:34:42)
can I get a receipt, proof of purchase

Buyer(2017-08-22 08:38:41)
good day

Buyer(2017-08-22 09:05:49)
are you there?

Buyer(2017-08-22 09:34:13)
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