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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scam Warning - Paul Revere on: January 21, 2015, 05:13:22 AM
Update: I scrolled through WoodCollecters posts and found this:

It is a Grizzly lathe. Piece of shit $600 unit. Nailed it the first guess from the little pic on the first page of this thread. ( I actually DO know about this stuff) Brand new even. Even the turning tools all look nice and new and pretty. Looks like he has figured out how to turn a weird looking bong and a couple flat discs to laser burn on thus far.

Would using something like this still be considered "hand-carved"? Honest question.  Huh

Sort of. I would consider this bong to be "hand worked". I would not call it "hand carved". That is a very specific thing, meaning you are taking hand chisels or scorps. etc. and carving the wood by hand. The "hand carvings" WoodCollector is charging big BTC for are definitely laser work. Turning some random shape on a lathe is not at all that hard, either. Making 4 legs for a table by hand on a lathe and having them all match exactly? That is a quite bit harder and takes some practice and skill. I went to school for and worked as a machinist , by the way. I worked Tool&Die for years, mostly making prototype pieces for GM. I minored in industrial woodworking, so I know how to set up and run real industrial woodworking machinery. I ran a production woodworking outfit for some years, and have since turned to homebuilding.
This is a card for when I had a shop in Golden, CO, ~25 years ago.

In the middle of his witch hunt against woodcollecter, Paul Revere made claims to be, well a lot of things, A machinist, and industrial woodworker, to have owned a production woodworking outfit, and now a home builder. When asked to present proof of his wild claims in which he is using as the basis for his opinions against woodcollecter, he refused to show any supporting facts requested as i requested listed below

Sure it is, as long as this is a witch hunt thread, you better post some proof that that is you. I want to see a picture with that business card with your screen name wrote on it in pen on that same flag background. A video of you building a home, a picture of your diploma from where you went to school as a machinist. The name of your instructor. The name of your home building company and a copy of your contractors insurance to show that you are really who / what you say you are.

In a failure to do so i charge you with fraud and claims to be someone whom you are not and using those false claims to aid another forum member in tarnishing the reputation of one of our best forum members just to benefit your buddy.

You are a LIAR and a Scammer, you have been judged and found guilty !!
2  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Help with key imports and finding the best client on: July 27, 2014, 01:22:47 AM
What is the best way to import a few million private keys into a single wallet? And, is there one client that is better for that and handling that kind of load than another?

We just had 3 servers crash collectively with a few million addresses on them and after trying to run the backup .dat files, they are all corrupt. Luckily we have a dump file in csv that has all the private keys backed up individually as it stores them after each address is used.

Just in case your scratching your head thinking what the hell would someone need or use a few million addresses for, a few of us have been running a private tumbling service for a few private clients on a now and then basis.

Thanks in advance guys  Wink
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Buy G-Blades and mini's for altcoins on: July 06, 2014, 01:35:39 AM
Yep, still here, just dont post much anymore as you could make a post simply stating the sky is blue and you are going to have about 200 idiots jumping on the thread singing "scam, scam, scam"

Anyways, i just watned to chime in quickly as since i left bitcoin and switched over to altcoins i had had a hard time finding hardware vendors that will take my altcoins in place of bitcoins and a few days ago i found a vendor that would take them, the crappy thing is they only sell gridseed miners ( mini's and g-blades ) but their prices were in line with all the more expensive stuff when it came down to $/Kh/s.

Here is a link to there website. They also have an affiliate link for those of you who want to earn some free bitcoins to buy a little miner with. The link IS NOT my affiliate link.

Those of you who are only here to be disruptive, you may do your thing now. For the rest, i hope you find this useful.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / General AltCoin Discussion on: June 27, 2014, 03:52:05 AM

I just read this article and it got me to thinking and i wanted to get some other peoples thoughts. (about the concept of diversifying not about the miner sale )

This C.E.O. made a statement that if everyone diversified their crypto portfolio across a bunch of different coins that it would make it a whole lot harder for our crypto transactions to be traced, tracked, located, and even worse stolen by governments. I would like to get some other peoples thoughts on this.

I had a vision, a "CRYPTO P.O.S. System" Something that operated like CoinBase and Cryptsy all in one. You walk up to a register and there is a touch screen kind of like self checkout. You select your crypto out of the some 150 currently being actively traded, and make your payment and move on. Kind of like CoinBase stuff on the front end. But on the back end it works like Cryptsy, it is connected to all the QT clients and pulls data from all multi crypto exchanges and averages them. So say you choose to pay in "X" coin, and X coin is worth .5 BTC. BTC is worth $500 and your transaction total was $1000, So your total was 4 "X" coin. On the back end it instantly converts off of a standing buy order somewhere on some exchange ( haven't figured that out yet ) into BTC which is then able to be cashed out. Or the merchant can withdraw the BTC, or they can opt to keep whatever form of crypto ("X") coin was paid and handle selling it themselves. Some thoughts on this would be nice as well.

Lastly, a Multi-Wallet, Kind of like armory but allowing you to handle several different coins in one wallet interface. granted the "yourcoin"d program still runs in the background, but it would keep a person from having to have 30 icons in their taskbar if they are constantly shuffling coinage between cryptos and stuff. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for the input.
5  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling 14 BTC (wisconsin, Iowa, Minnisota) F2F or WU only on: January 09, 2014, 02:05:48 PM
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Vs. Paypal - and PayPal is getting sued. on: January 07, 2014, 03:51:12 AM
Thread abandoned, Thank you to all of your support. but my time with bitcointalk has unfortunately come to an end.

I leave you all with a very funny youtube video for your comic relief.
7  Other / Meta / Has anyone else noticed their post count is not counting? on: January 05, 2014, 10:09:16 AM
Just noticed today that my post count has been stuck at 42 for like a week now. Is anyone else noticing that their activity count on posts is not functioning or counting?
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / BUYER BEWARE: BITCO MINERS SCAM on: January 05, 2014, 09:11:24 AM
What happened::
Myself and a group of members from our local bitcoin club had decided to do a bulk order of a minimum of 12 of theirh 4TH/s units ( ) . As we live not even 4 hours from the company we contacted them to do a local pickup. As there is NO record of them being an incorporated business in the state of Illinois, and the Chamber of commerce in Channahon, IL where they say they are located have No record of this business in town. One would have to be heavily insane to wire transfer over $150,000usd to someone with no proof of product or even proof of the business existing and seeing as it is a 4 hour drive, we decided that the only way to verify the company and product was to physically pick them up and pay in cash. Below, you will see the events that transpired while communicating with this company.

Scammers Profile Link:
None that i can find, although they do have some bogus 1 -3 post accounts of people claiming to have bough some of their smaller units with no other activity other than trying to promote the product.

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed:
They are attempting to scam us out of over $150,000 Luckily we did not send any means of payment after a very thorough investigation

Payment Method:
They claim that they will not accept anything but a direct wire transfer or bitcoin, and decline to use escrow.

Proof of Payment:
No payment has been made yet. although one of our club members is a retired detective and now private investigator as he is retired. Once we can get the name behind the head of the claimed company, we will be sending payment for 1 unit via bank wire transfer and on the assumption that they are not going to deliver, we are going to sue for $100,000 to make sure that they do not scam anyone else.

PM/Chat Logs:

Original e-mail January 4th 2014:

Good morning,

I donít mean to be the typical cynical skeptic but when I see 4TH/s available for under $13,000 a unit and you stating that they will be ready by January 10th. It raises a few red flags for me. On the bright side, I live only 6 hours away from your published address and I deal in cash. SO if this is in fact a legitimate product and is in fact going to be available in just over a week, I would love to drive on down and buy one or two of them from you in person. I donít buy into the pre-order game most manufacturers are playing these days. And donít send money to small companies with little or in your case no history. Its nothing personal. I have purchased over 100 TH/s worth of hardware the past few months and have not been scammed out of a dollar, so I just donít want to start now. So please. Let me know if this is possible. If this is in fact legit, I would happily take your whole office out for lunch for producing such an amazing product and an amazing price. I also am president of our local bitcoin club with over 250 members, so if it is in fact legit, I could probably return with orders for 10 or more of the 4 TH/s unit.


Reply Email: January 4th 2014


I understand your concern in this matter, but for security reasons, we do not allow visits. It may be possible but later, in 1-2 month, when we will end with bustle that is happens now because of nearest deadline of shipping of our Forcer 4TH/s miners from the first batch.

Best regards,
Brian Lewish

Sales Department,
Bitco Miners

My reply to them 10 minutes later:

Ok then give me another payment option. I will not wire transfer money without seeing a working product, just as much as you wouldnít send me the product on my word that when it arrived I would pay you. $13,000 is the price of a small car, you would not wire someone money for a car that you have not seen or been able to test drive. Send it COD, or start taking credit cards. If your company is really lacking in business smarts so much that they are going to lose out on $26,000 in sales over not allowing someone to stop by for 10 minutes to see the machines work and pick them up. Then there is not a doubt in my mind as well as anyone elseís mind that this 4TH/s miner is nothing more than vaporware or a scam. I could have $130,000 worth of these units sold on top of the units I want to buy for myself and have them sold the minute they are available. But nobody is spending a single cent until we see a working product. We have over 250 active members in our bitcoin group between Madison and Lacrosse WI. All within 5 hours drive from you or less, I have at least 10 guys who want to order at least one unit each when I return with working units to prove they work and are real, that is at minimum of $150,000 in sales for your company including the two I wish to purchase.

I really think you should re-think your decision to not let me pick up my miners in person, you could even have someone meet me somewhere with internet connection to show that the unit works. At a police department even if your that worried about it. I donít give a hoot if youíre selling them out of the basement at your grandmotherís house as long as it is a legitimate working product.  I hate to be the one to call a kettle black, but if youíre willing to pass up over $150,000 minimum in sales this month alone over something so minor as a local pickup on a unit or two to verify its existence and fucntion, there is not a doubt in the world that your product is 100% a sham, and I think that It would make a great project for this month for our 250 members to be sure and warn everyone with a pair of ears or eyes to stay away from your company in general. So lets be sensible here and find a workable solution, We have cash, we want to buy your machines, but we are not spending a penny until we verify their existence. You stand to make a very substantial profit off our sales if the units are real. Or we can spend hundreds upon thousands of man hours making sure that your scam does not make another dollar of the bitcoin community. What I was asking for is not unreasonable, and I certianly was not expecting the shady reply that I just got from you. Beyond that 1-2 months from now those machines wonít be worth half what youíre asking for them as there will be 6TH/s units for the same price in hand ready to ship, no pre-order. The only reason we are standing in line now to buy your units if they are real is because of the ROI before the march surge in hardware on the network.

Their reply an hour later:

We will not loose any sales.
Most of our customers are paying via Bank Transfer, we have enough demand on our products (even more than we can produce).

You are welcome to order miners from another company if you feel it is more comfortable with you.

Best regards,
Brian Lewish
Sales Department,
Bitco Miners

Additional Notes:

Now with all that, and having nothing to do on an idle Saturday afternoon we decided that since it was early we were going to take a drive to where they say they are located. at 27380 W Saxony Drive channahon IL. Roughly 4 hours later we arrive at that address (which does not really exist as Saxony drive is an access road behind a bunch of strip malls ) and find the following;  A doctors office, a dental clinic, great clips, a veterinary clinic, little ceasers pizza, some a dollar store. and a nail salon. Every retail location clearly labeled, no other buildings in sight on Saxony drive and we drove it from end to end about 5 times. So needless to say unless they have a top secret underground laboratory with a secret hidden entrance in the middle of a corn field. This business does not exist. Furthermore after a full day exhaustive search there including a search through an irs database. wouldn't you know it. there is not a single person in the entire united states named Brian Lewish who has ever reported an income in the past 50 years.

And to end with, we have notified the IC3 ( ) in the united states and already received a reply that since December 19th they have received over 20 complaints from people. To make it even better, we were politely informed by a sweet old lady on the phone @ the IC3 that as they are claiming to do business overseas as well that they have already passed the case along to the FBI and their anti terrorism department for further investigation based on the nature of the reports.

To aggravate matters worse although i am already sure they are aware, we are notifying the local police department on Monday so they too can launch a formal investigation.

Case Closed Bitco Miners is a scam

Now please feel free to talk smack and be sure and leave some negative trust comments for me while your at it.
9  Bitcoin / Group buys / [100 available] Transparent group buy 400 GH/s for 5k each on: January 04, 2014, 04:50:20 AM
Manufactured by: Shenzhen Semtong Technologies Co., Ltd.

Pics and specs can be found here:

Now, why this is a transparent group buy: I have nothing to hide about where i am getting them, nothing to hide about what they are, and no man in the middle nonsense. I have two of their 200 GH/s units that i wanted to try out from them already just to verify they were a legitimate company, and hired an agent in china to go to the factory and take pictures / verify they have working units and a history of selling them.

The only catch, They recently recalled about 250 of their 400 GH/s units as they were found to have a cooling problem, They are resolving this by installing liquid cooling blocks. They have about 180 or so units left to fix and ship back out, then they will be fixing their current stock with liquid cooling and shipping them. Oh, and they come with a 220v PSU, but i plugged my 200gh/s units into 120v and they worked just fine.

I have been guaranteed a ship date on the 100 i pre-ordered of Jan. 23rd. and paid more to have them shipped DHL freight instead of EMS since it will be 3 pallets of miners. so they estimate 3-5 days shipping to the USA. Then i estimate the same time frame in shipping from me to you. I will ship to anywhere but back to china. if you live in china, just go buy one from the manufacturer.

Shipping: $64 to anywhere in the US or Canada
             $188 to the UK or anywhere in Europe (includes customs fees)

These units have their CE and all other stickers so they will not have issues in customs.

Price is a FIRM $5,000 per unit and payment is via either Bitcoin or T/T, If you do not want to use either of those payment methods, the ones that do not sell on this group buy i will be listing on ebay for $7,000 each. (note: i dont want to hear about it, i am an ebay troll and have sold tens of thousands in overpriced hardware to the bitcoin insane, in all fairness i did offer them to you on this thread for $5,000 prior)

If your paying via bitcoin, i am not doing escrow. i did not mark these units up to cover expenses such as that and had to sell a ton of my own BTC to get the $500,000 to bulk order 100 of them to get the 5k price per unit.

Message me for a payment address.

Note: This is not the thread for you discuss your view on miner pricing and whatnot, there are already homes for posts like that so take it elsewhere.


10  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-12-31 Bitcoin Lemonaid stand on: January 01, 2014, 12:18:02 PM
Well, not really super "press worthy" but the papers publish almost anything these days so it was worth a share to show just how far bitcoin has reached. These girls are going to grow up to do great things for sure. I tried to scan the QR code but the photo distorted it or my QR scanner app sucks, can anyone work their magic and get the address for me? i have to send them something for their creative efforts. it was really inspiring to see this.,kAsDjz9#1
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin National Television Commercial Contest on: January 01, 2014, 10:41:14 AM
Good day to all,

I am going to keep this short, simple, and to the point. My local bitcoin group had a discussion about marketing bitcoin to the nation as a whole, after weeks of talks about mediums, the message, etc. we have settled on only 1 decision and that is that we are going to use T.V. as our medium and will push to launch a national bitcoin commercial. After a conference with spot runner ( a TV advertising broker ) we have settled on our "package" and have decided to run a 27 day prime-time campaign across several channels.

We are NOT seeking funding from the community for this. Most of us in our local club are more so well off with bitcoin and although in Fiat it might seem like a large purchase, for most of us who mined these bitcoin years ago, it is a small investment in a long term strategy.

After much discussion, we have decided that we ourselves are not truly entitled to by ourselves send a message on behalf of bitcoin. So we have decided to open a contest then hold a final vote.

What we are looking for is a 29 second (high def) video commercial to tell the United States about bitcoin. Our goal with this commercial is to reduce the number of people who say "HUH"? when you say the word bitcoin. Beyond that we are not placing any restriction on your message, and all entries will be accepted and considered but please remember, the purpose of this is to introduce people to what bitcoin is in 29 seconds, and hopefully the message is strong enough that we can get them to type "bitcoin" into their google search bar. .

Please refrain from asking for bounty, or payment, if you win, your ad will be on national television on someone elses' dime. that is prize enough.

Legal note: if you win this contest and your ad is chosen you will be required to sign a contract authorizing the use of the video for a national ad campaign.

Please submit your entries in the for of a direct link in this thread. We will announce the final 3 for vote on February 1st 2014.
12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Is anyone selling Bitmain U1 and S1 for Fiat? on: December 28, 2013, 03:40:00 AM
I dont know about the rest of you, but i am not going to be the buy who in 5 years paid a million bucks for a pizza, and have already learned a hard lesson about buying hardware with BTC. So i am asking, since all of the group buys are anti-fiat, Does anyone know of anybody selling Antminer U1 USB's and or S1 180GH/s units for cash? Besides the band of morons who are asking $7,000 for them on ebay.

Links to legitimate sellers would be appreciated. Thanks guy's
13  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Group Buy] 200 gh/s in stock now USA only, arrives in 5-7 days. on: December 26, 2013, 06:20:08 AM
Well guys, i figured i would take a shot at a group buy for the Visionman Prospector 200 GH/s miner. I just got mine today, and gave it a shot to call the sales rep in California to see if i could get us a group discount, and after an hour of negotiating this is what i got.

$4,650 Shipping included, USA only on the delivery.

They have units in stock in California but to buy those units are full price, the minimum order for the group buy price is 20 units, and they will ship direct from Hong Kong 5-7 days to your front door.

I do not want to hold any money from anyone, and don't want to deal with a ton of different payment types and conversions. So i have decided NOT to take any money until the 20 units are sold. He did say i could get a little better discount if i was able to get an order for 50. but i am not sure we will even get 20 with the amount of trolls and kiddies that think mining today is all about ROI in 3 months and have absolutely 0 idea of what bitcoin is really about.

So for now, through the next week, i am just going to collect names of people who want to buy one or more units. If we can get 20 spoken for, we can discuss what you all think is fair and safe as a means of payment. Please message me if you want to order one. Full product details can be found here.

Current Slots filled:

1: TerraHasher
2: TerraHasher

On a closing note, if your one of those idiots who thinks everything BTC is about ROI in a short amount of time, please feel free to firmly plant your face into your palm and refrain from posting in this thread.
14  Bitcoin / Project Development / [BOUNTY] PCB designer & More, for project ToFu ( For dead V2 blades ) on: December 24, 2013, 07:11:27 AM
Got a dead V2 blade?
Me too !

Ladies, Gentleman, and lower earth dwelling life forms, It is with great pleasure that i announce the start of what i call project ToFu. What is to follow is probably a page of me rambling trying to make this all make sense. So to start off on the right... or is it left...... foot, i will summarize first then get into detail.

What we need: An experienced PCB designer well known in the community. ( * this is me winking at you Mr Teal and Chip Geek )
                      A community accepted Escrow holder with a proven track record of delivering what is pomised
                     The backing of the bitcoin community holding those dredded dead V2 blades or AM chips.
                     Someone to help me write the assembly instructions
                     An experienced software / firmware developer

The Project: Design a PCB for a 2 AM chip DIY USB miner.

Now the story, explanation, and endless ramble, feel free to stop reading whenever you want. Just donate to our designers. Smiley

How many of you are holding dead V2 blades? How many of you have noticed the sudden up-rise of posts with people having problems with dead V2 blades? How many of you like zebra cakes? ok that last part was for my own fascination.

At last estimated count just on this forum alone, i estimate there are about 5000 viable chips on dead V 2.01 boards floating around these days, and that number increases daily. The one thing i see in common with every post about a dead blade on this and other forums is the want to find a PCB for our viable chips, and the kicker is THERE IS NONE..... True, you can spend days triaging your board, make several posts on the forum, hope, pray, cuss a little, wish, then finally cuss some more, put it in a box and then on a shelf. or if you are like me, you pray to find another dead Sapphire miner on ebay for a couple dollars and you harvest a chip and fix the USB miner. But the truth is for the majority of the community, once you have a dead board it gets put up, or sold on ebay for pennies on the dollar in hopes of getting back a small part of your investment.

So what is project ToFu?

Project ToFu hopes to harness the collective knowledge of a great community to resolve a common problem that many of us are suffering from. Project ToFu aims to design, prototype, and test a DIY kit, and instructions on how to harvest your ASIC chips from your dead V2 blade and assemble a 2 chip USB miner which is viable to start (slowly) mining bitcoin again and reclaim a small portion of your investment on your original purchase.

What the final product aim's to include:

1x PCB board ready for you to start to assemble
1x shopping list for parts you will need to order to finish the board ( hopefully with item numbers from digikey )
1x assembly manual giving you step by step instructions on how to harvest your chips, and assemble the board
1x micro SD card containing the firmware for the board
1x project ToFU thermal color changing sticker for your heat sink.
You will need to provide your own chips.

People and positions we need to fill:

Escrow Manager: This person will hold the donations as they accumulate towards the bounties we will offer to a few of the key developer's needed to complete this project and then release the bounty once their portion of the project is complete. The escrow manager must have a long and well documented history of successful escrow transactions and must have the full support of the community. The Escrow Manager will receive 2% of the total bounty/donations received for their services.

PCB Designer/Engineer (s): This person, or these persons will be the lead designers and engineers of the PCB itself, The PCB designer(s) must have a well document history in PCB design involving bitcoin ASIC miners, and must have a fair amount of time to invest into the project / design of the board. This person / people will receive a yet to be determined bounty payment for their time and services.

Firmware Designer: This person will be in charge of coding the firmware and drivers for the Project ToFU DIY board and must have experience working with ASIC firmware. This position will as well receive a yet to be determined bounty payment for their time / services. I myself will be helping with this in my spare time, but will require no payment for my time.

Instruction manual writers: These people will all collectively work together to write a simple, small, step by step instruction guide for how to remove chips from bad boards, and how to assemble all the components of the new Project ToFu USB miner. These positions are volunteer positions and we will rely on the community to help get this step done.

Graphic Designer: This person will be in charge of designing a logo for project ToFu, this logo will be used on the packaging and the color changing sticker for the heat sink. This position is a volunteer position and we will again rely on the help of the community to find a suitable logo for our little pet project.

Donors: Any and all of you that can contribute even .00000001 BTC to the bounty pool to reward the lead designers, Once we settle on a person to hold our escrow, a donation address will be set up, as well as a donation mining account on BTCguild where you will be able to donate even 10 minutes of use on your miners to help the cause. all mined donations will pay directly to the escrow address. More details to come.

If you are interested in filling any of the positions above, please message me with your qualifications (and payment requirements if it is a position with bounty)

Now for every pre-teen's favorite game... NO not 7 minutes in heaven, get your dirty minds out of the gutter..... 21 QUESTIONS

Q: Why a USB board instead of just a new 10.7 GH/s design?
A: The several chip design is what got us in this situation in the first place. a small cheap DIY USB will be easy to assemble, easy to diagnose if there are problems, small, and have very few components to break, and in the worst case scenario if it does break, you lose two chips a very little hashing power. Also, USB's make great gifts to help attract new people to bitcoin. Besides, lets face it, the more hashing power and nodes we keep in our control and out of the hands of cloud mining companies, the more control we have over keeping bitcoin the way it is.

Q: How much is this going to cost me?
A: We are hoping to keep the cost of the Project ToFu kit between $10 and $15 usd. or free. lesser the actual PCB, its up to you.

Q: How do we know this isn't just a way for you to make money?
A: Because i am not selling these, In the end we will all either go in on a group buy from a PCB manufacturer to have the boards made, or leave it to others in the community to have them made. this whole project will be open source, and if you know a PCB manufacturer you will be able to have them make the board for you, but rest assure you will pay a ton for 10-15 boards where as a group buy we can probably get the boards for a few dollars each. Furthermore, for testing purposes, someone has to pay for rapid prototyping on the board to test them before finalizing the design, that person will probably be me, and a few other donors i am sure.

Q: When do you expect to have these done?
A: I have no idea, we have just launched this project today 12/24/13, and are still looking for designers, engineers, and programmers. I will update as each spot is filled.

Q: Why did you call it Project ToFu
A: because we all have a ton of blades that are Totally Fu**ed

Q: (Reserved for your questions)
A: ( Reserved for answers to your questions)

Q: (Reserved for your questions)
A: ( Reserved for answers to your questions)

Q: (Reserved for your questions)
A: ( Reserved for answers to your questions)

More updates coming soon, If you are interested in helping fill any of the needed positions, please message me directly and we will get something figured out.

Donation address will be posted once we find an escrow manager.
15  Bitcoin / Hardware / What to do with dead V2 blades on: December 21, 2013, 03:10:41 AM
Well, over the past few months i have acquired a good number of V2 blades that are dead, many that i am sure still have good chips on them, they are just having other issues. Not hashing, constant yellow light on the ethernet port, not seeming to get power even bypassing the fuse, etc. Rather than just scrap them knowing there are still plenty of good components on them, i figured i would reach out to the community and see if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with them or if there is still some way to make something usable out of them. The ones that had obvious problems i have already combined parts to make working boards, but i have a good few that i have no idea whats the real problem, and no idea what to do with them to make something usable out of them.

Any suggestions would be great.
16  Economy / Computer hardware / Selling some mining stuff on: December 18, 2013, 06:27:32 AM

I have a few V2 ASICminer blades (3) [EDIT]

For now to test the waters i am going to sell 1 ASICminer blade first and see how smooth that transaction goes. Asking price for the 1 blade is $250 and i will take paypal or Bitcoin. Shipping will be $12.95 as i will only ship USPS priority mail with signature confirmation and fully insured for the selling price. This is half the price of e-bay so if your going to cry about shipping just go buy from e-bay.

If the first sale goes smooth i will list sell the other 2 blades, [EDIT]

Do not bother inquiring if you have negative trust or if your name shows up in any scam related thread. Any other questions, either post here or message me.

Shipping to the USA only. i will not ship over sea's
17  Bitcoin / Mining support / V2 blade, Yellow light on ethernet? [Bounty for resolution] on: December 17, 2013, 03:08:12 AM
So i got a V2 blade that has a solid yellow light on the Ethernet pulg. I can connect to the blade just fine via web browser. and i got it configured correctly, it is not restarting, no X's on any chips. but not mining. Did a factory reset, and re-configured. just sits there with its yellow light on and is not hashing. I have spent about 2 hours trying to figure it out and cannot get anywhere with this.

Any of you who have tinkered with these boards on a component level have any ideas? The green light is flashing like the rest of them are. just this 1 has a solid yellow light.

If you can tell me whats up, and help me get this fixed i will pay a .1 BTC bounty for your troubles. Only if you can provide an answer with resolution. Please dont link to other threads, i have read and tried them all that is why i am starting my own.
18  Bitcoin / Mining support / HELP !!!! Finding hanrun hr961160c ethernet replacement on: December 13, 2013, 01:26:58 AM
Ok, so long story short, i bought yet another V2 blade from ebay, and this idiot, worthless piece of crap, moron, crap for brains seller decided to ship it in the original tiny little box which any of you who own them know is like wrapping them in paper and sticking a shipping label on them. Needless to say the board showed up busted. 2 chips knocked off, and the Ethernet busted off. Now lucky for me i have spent a lot of time repairing boards with SM components. i got the chips put back on. but the legs were totally busted smooth off the hanrun hr961160c SM ethernet port. i tried to modify the port and expose enough of the pins to solider it back to the board. but just cannot seem to get it to work because there is soo little to work with, and i cant be sure if which connection is either not solid or open. Please before you get into your speeches.  I have been repairing boards for local miners since the V1 and USB came out, and have done over 100 boards to date very successfully. I have never had to find a replacement hanrun hr961160c for one before, and for the life of me cannot find any place that sells them in the USA. So this is me reaching out to the vast knowledge of the Bitcoin community and asking for help. Can you please help me find one of this things so i can get it ordered.

I dont want to hear about "send it back to the seller" trust me he is for sure getting his due treatment. I am not the one a person wants to cross.

so again, please, if you can find a legit link where i can purchase one or two of these hanrun hr961160c SM Ethernet block from the USA help me out. might even through some BTC your way. i have searched for 4 hours now. 
19  Bitcoin / Mining support / v2 blade... Problem? on: December 12, 2013, 02:47:28 PM
Ok, i am not quite sure if this is a problem, signs that a problem is coming, or a blessing. I have 23 V2 blades hooked up to 3 different backplanes, all 3 with different model power supplies. they were all new out of the box still in the original anti static plastic when i got them, and are not even 2 weeks old. for the past 5-8 hours when i check in on them i see that about half of them are now performing at between 11 GH/s and 12 GH/s (see image below) it is not any particular set (backplane) that is having this issue, i have some on each backplane that are doing this, and i also have two different network switches both 16 port, so the switch isnt causing the issue because it is happening on both. i have checked the voltages, resistance, wattages, all are within specs. Can anyone give me any input on this? i havent changed anything since setup, just the daily power off resets that i do every 24 hours by unplugging the rigs totally and then plugging them back in.


20  Economy / Scam Accusations / SCAM DO NOT USE THEM on: December 12, 2013, 10:06:58 AM
Another,, and a dozen other blah scam website.


This comapny has the same domain info, nameservers, and whois guard protected domain info. all posted below. also website is less than 2 weeks old. DO NOT TRUST THEM

Domain Name: GERSICS.COM
Creation Date: 2013-12-06 10:04:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-12-06 10:04:00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrant Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Registrant Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Registrant City: PANAMA
Registrant State/Province: PANAMA
Registrant Postal Code: NA
Registrant Country: PA
Admin Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Admin Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Admin City: PANAMA
Admin State/Province: PANAMA
Admin Postal Code: NA
Admin Country: PA
Admin Phone: +507.8365503
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +51.17057182
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Tech Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Tech Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Tech City: PANAMA
Tech State/Province: PANAMA
Tech Postal Code: NA
Tech Country: PA
Tech Phone: +507.8365503
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +51.17057182
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
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