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1  Economy / Service Discussion / MtGox Investigating Downtime on: April 21, 2013, 02:43:51 PM
They posted this on their facebook and twitter.
2  Economy / Speculation / Gox Should Halt Trading on: April 10, 2013, 05:12:42 PM
EDIT April 11: They finally did it! They finally but in a market cool down halt to trading to alleviate the lag garbage!

EDIT 2: I'd like to state that when I originally wrote this, I meant temporary, as it, 10-15 minutes max to sort out the lag and then let trading resume. I don't think turning off trading for 12 hours in beneficial. It seems Gox bad communication is an issue here as they have stated they are upgrading their system today, yet also call it a market cool down. So which is it?

EDIT 3: April 13. The brief cooldown killed the 50 minute lag in about 10 or so minutes, exactly what I was hoping for. I think this is a very good temporary solution to deal with the lag problem until they overhaul their trading engine and entire system.

This is irresponsible. To allow your service to get this gummed up and full of this much panic inducing lag is completely unacceptable and counter productive for Gox's own business and BTC as a whole. When this lag gets this bad its time to take off the pressure, let the shitty ass lag sort itself out and resume later. Seriously lame gox.
3  Economy / Speculation / Failed Super Dump? New Daily Highs on: February 08, 2012, 01:15:16 PM
Have we just witnessed a failed super dump? The price was climbing when this dump happened. It hit 5.75 and bam the sell went through. It appears that it was a big player attempting to use trendlines and TA reports to drop the price only to have the market respond by continuing to climb just as if the dump didn't happen at at all.

New daily high of 5.83 as I write this. Too early to call... but I hope this keeps up.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Unimpressed by MtGOX Slow Funds - 48 Hours and Counting on: June 03, 2011, 05:38:41 PM
It has been almost 24 hours since adding my substantial funds to MtGox. I missed the latest rally, and am rather frustrated by it. I heard about Bitcoin when it was at 7, and after substantial research went through the process of wire transfers that took a week. I could have bought in at 11.5 yesterday when I added funds to mtgox, now I'll be lucky with 15. I realize things may be busy, but this is a tad crazy. I received an email almost 11 hours ago saying my funds had been processed, yet nothing appeared in my account. Then the rally to 14 began, and I sat back annoyed. I realize this comes with the Bitcoin territory, waiting for funds to transfer, but having uploaded my funds to mtgox nearly 12 hours before the rally to 14, and now still waiting after 24 hours,  I'm disappointed.

Anyone else having this problem?


It has now been 48 hours since transferring my money to mtgox. 36 since being told my funds were processed and would be added to me account shortly. I again... missed the rally to 17. I am putting thousands into Bitcoin, and right now this is like watching money burn.
I understand things must be busy, and it is only one guy so I commend him for the effort, but come on.

Anyone else wait 48+ hours?
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