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1  Bitcoin / Mining / (Experimental) pident a pool-biased blockchain representation on: July 29, 2011, 10:06:58 PM
Hello there. This thread is about pident, a pool-aware, opensource Blockexplorer-like tool.

Main features

  • Pool-related functionality: browse blocks found by a certain pool, show the list of blocks with the pools that found them and see the pools' sizes relative to the whole network.

  • See detailed information about any address, transaction or block: just like you would with another Blockexplorer-like tool.

  • Full tonal compatibility: pident can operate in decimal or in tonal mode. You choose which one you preffer.

Other features

  • Factoids: not-so-useful interesting statistics about the blockchain, like the block with the biggest fees, biggest transaction, average size of a block, etc.
  • Opensource: pident is released under the Do What The Fuck You Want license. It's basically less legally ambiguous public domain. You can run your own pident instance locally, play with the code, You're free to do anything you want, for any purpose!
  • Blockexplorer-compatible URIs: most of the URIs are compatible with Blockexplorer, so you can compare both tools by only changing the domain name.


  • This tool is still experimental, it may break at any moment. Although I do most of my breakage on the testing version, it's better for you to be warned. Please don't use pident if you need a reliable service (for example, links in your pool statistics).
  • Performance may be poor: I am running this at home with my poor upload bandwidth. Please don't hammer the server with lots of automated requests. If you need to, I'd rather you run your own pident instance locally (and I may even help you do so).

Try it !

If you need support, or have comments, you can post on this thread or send me an email ( Thanks!
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Bitcoin RPC interface: sendfrom & tx fee on: May 10, 2011, 01:18:38 PM
Is it possible to explicitly set the transaction fee when transferring bitcoins with the "sendfrom" command ?

Also, is it possible to force the client to take the transaction fee only from the <from> account, and not from any other account ? The default behavior is very annoying in an application where every user has an account on the same wallet, and can transfer coins from/to it.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / CUDA Client on ArchLinux - the easy way on: October 01, 2010, 07:43:54 PM
I made a PKGBUILD for Bitcoind with CUDA support thanks to eurekafag's makefile (although I had to adapt it a lot because Arch deals with CUDA very differently), and of course nelisky's patch.

The PKGBUILD is there :
It basically installs CUDA (it will take a very long time), fetches revision 155 of bitcoin, compiles the daemon and installs it.

However, the latest version of CUDA requires very recent Nvidia drivers, so you will have to install them first using this PKGBUILD (it installs both nvidia and nvidia-utils at the same time) :
These drivers won't work with xorg-server 1.9 so don't upgrade yet and keep 1.8 installed ! Once you installed the new driver, reboot to load the new kernel modules.

When everything is installed, starting and stopping bitcoind is as simple as this :
/etc/rc.d/bitcoind-cuda start
/etc/rc.d/bitcoind-cuda stop

You can add it to your DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf for absolute convenience.

The daemons runs as a separate user (bitcoin, with uid and gid 8333), so to interact with it, use sudo and set the datadir too, for example :
sudo bitcoind-cuda -datadir=/opt/bitcoin-daemon-cuda getinfo
You can alias it obviously, it will save you a lot of typing.

And, last but not least, here is a little screenshot to show it's working. I get approximately 10k hashes per second with a GeForce 8800 GTS.

As far as I know, maintaining this should be fairly easy if nelisky maintains his patch of course.

Any donations accepted to 14hSU3uAaXHQkomxRym5ALfAeKuZEdrjyL.
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