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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Squeezing more hashes per sec from HD 6770 on: November 30, 2013, 01:57:48 PM
Hey guys.
I have a ASUS HD 6770, which is pretty old but I still can't get anything better to mine.
I'm mining a scrypt altcoin, and I'd like to know what I could change to get a better hashrate.

I use BFGMiner with the following .bat:
bfgminer.exe --scrypt -S opencl:auto -o -u username -p password -w 128 -I 14 -g 1 --no-longpoll --thread-concurrency 8192 --shaders 1792

I leave intensity to 14 when I'm using the computer, I switch to 17 when I'm not using it.
I get 161 kH/s with stock clocks (850 MHz, 1000 MHz).
Tried overclocking the memory to 1200 but the hashrate actually decreases.
Increased clock to 970 but crashed after 20 mins.

Anyone got some tips?

2  Other / Beginners & Help / P2pool fee on: June 13, 2013, 02:08:27 PM
Hey guys. I recently setup a P2Pool node for Bitcoins and I was wondering how to put a fee.
I know that I have to use the -f parameter, but where do the bitcoins go?
How can I be sure that the fee is working correctly?

Thanks and sorry for my noobness.
3  Local / Mercato valute / [VENDO] Inviti a tracker privati (siti torrent) on: June 16, 2011, 06:30:16 PM
Vendo inviti ai migliori tracker privati!

(x1)BitGamer -> 0.38 BTC
(x3)IPTorrents -> 0.28 BTC

RevolutionTT è un tracker generale, con film, musica, giochi, ebook. Ma soprattutto ha molte episodi di telefilm
BitGamer, da come si intuisce dal nome, è un tracker privato solo con giochi. ISO per PC, GBA, PS3, Wii ecc.
IPTorrents è un tracker come RevolutionTT, solo un po' più facile da usare e con molti film.. film di quel genere con tre X.

Se volete vedere con i vostri occhi gli inviti, mandatemi un MP (:
4  Bitcoin / Mining support / Temperature problem on: June 15, 2011, 08:25:58 PM
Hey guys. I have a problem.
I installed HWMonitor to check temperatures, since I was getting abnormal temps with Afterburner.
Here is a pic..

Who says the truth?

Thank you.
5  Other / Obsolete (selling) / [HOT!] Torrents invite (IPT, RevTT, BG ecc) [HOT!] on: June 11, 2011, 04:56:29 PM
Selling torrents tracker invites!
I have:
(x1)BitGamer -> 0.38 BTC
(x3)IPTorrents -> 0.28 BTC

RevolutionTT review:
For those of you who don’t know about RevolutionTT - in a nutshell they’re a general/0day tracker for both scene and P2P releases. RevoTT (or RevTT) remains one of the great 0day sites in existence; a must-have tracker for just about every torrenter. Instead of boring you with current tracker info, we’ll explain some of RevoTT’s strongpoints on a personal note:

• Is one of just a handful of trackers that has a bonafide SSL (https) tracker (in addition to site SSL browsing). Great for those who want to hide their BitTorrent traffic from their ISP, or from anyone else snooping in on the downloads.

• Similar to TL and IPT, RevoTT has a ton of peer activity so maintaining a good ratio is easy. Everything is well-seeded, with loads of leechers on all newer torrents.

• Indexed 18,000 torrents at the beginning of 2009 - today lists 25,500 (a 42% increase).

• Had an Alexa traffic rank of 26,212 back in January 2009. Today; ranked at 19,654.

• Unlike most 0day/general trackers, RevoTT doesn’t offer invites automatically to its qualifying members. Invites need to be requested through a designated forum link (traditionally, just 1 or 2 invites are given out for each) but mods/staff are generally very quick to approve invite requests.

• Good source for Pr0n. Not shy to index adult content, and currently lists nearly 3,000 torrents (11.3% of their overall torrents are in the adult categories). Unlike large dedicated adult trackers that index clips and other nonsense, RevoTT generally sticks with just Scene/P2P releases only.

• Great Request System. Scratch that: RevoTT has an unbelievable request system. If you seek it and ask, more likely than not that some uploader will fill your request - no matter how obscure. And it won’t cost you a data ‘bounty’, either - although we should note that only PUs and up are able to make requests. Noteworthy, torrents tagged [REQ] make up nearly 4,000 torrents on the site (15.5% overall are requested torrents).

• Largest torrent: 126 GB. Remarkably, 10 of the 20 largest torrents are filled requests (packs, of course).

• Oldest active torrent: Added on April 10th, 2006.

• In-house encoders/P2P groups. Maybe a bit of a risk for us to emphasize, but it’s true that RevoTT is home to uploaders, encoders and P2P groups - many of which can’t be found anywhere else. We can’t elaborate any more on that, aside from the fact that special content sets RevoTT apart from many other general trackers.

BitGamer review:
One of the best trackers for games out there that you can find.
There are over 40,000 users.
They are offering freeleech, so easy to build your ratio up and easy to maintain a strong ratio because most torrents are easy to seed.
Invites only. So you need an invite to get in to the tracker but its somewhat easy to find one. You can get an invite from a power user or an upper class user there.
No bonus system.
They have popular games with good pre-times and download speeds are good as well.
There are over 8,500 torrents as of Oct 07 2010.
The site is well organized and well managed.

BG is an awesome tracker. If you love games, you should get into this. The speeds are good and the rips are usually great as well. This tracker has a lot to offer as far a content and extras over all a good thing to have.

Speed 8/10
Content 8/10

IPTorrents review:
IPTorrents is an excellent general/0day tracker for everything including movies, music, games and software. t's a newbie's dream tracker, sure it can't compete with SCC, TL, RevTT and others, but this baby is one hell of a tracker! Let's start...


*DO NOT Invite users from banned countries. Inviting users from any of the following countries will result in both the inviter & invitees accounts being banned:-
Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

Payment method: BitCoins

If you want proof, just ask and you will see via TeamViewer :]
6  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Quanti MH/s fate? on: June 05, 2011, 03:30:24 PM
Ciao ragazzi, io con una HD5770 faccio 185 MHash/s
E voi? Smiley
7  Bitcoin / Mining / Some newbie questions about pools on: June 03, 2011, 07:36:16 PM
Hey guys. I started mining like 10 days ago, but today I decided to join the forum. I have some questions, here they are:
1) I'm currently mining at Deepbit, but I don't like the idea of fees. Which pool you guys suggest me without fees? What about BTC Guild and
2) I'm mining with my HD 5770 at 186 hashes/s, at a maximum temperature 82 degrees (celsius), is that bad?
3) Which would be the best card for performance/price?

Thank you!
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