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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Educate yourself against scam and other related activities. on: January 15, 2021, 11:22:42 AM
This is just my friendly reminder among newbies in the forum for I know they are still in the stage of exploring the forum. There are really people work so bad that instead of doing right they do their dirty work by scamming other people. Well, you know how bad it will be if you will become a victim in their scam and other related activity. So, how would you avoid these kind of activity?

Even myself do not know how to isolate from those scam activities for it would be almost impossible with those scammers around working hard and that is why there are many reports on individulas and even millionaire's being scam. This is why we need to learn together to keep on  sharing the scammers activity and learn to it. I may not get worried of the scammers activities for I do not want to hold funds online.

But due to love of bitcoin, I want to keep it even ittle by little in every little ways. In order to avoid getting into being a victim of the scammers even how small the fund would it being it will be always important to us to keep secured.

So, I wanted to share some of my ways on how to keep away from the scammers,

1. Never entertain offers especially in investment which offers are too good to be true.
2. Beware of joining networking scheme or ponzi scheme investment.
3. Preferrably invest in bitcoin, because there are many fake and scam ICO. Even coins listed already in the exchange where some of it are scam so chose lesser risk when investing.
4. Always check sites that you are visiting for there are many fake and scam sites. Be keen and observe the characters of the link you are visiting especially about digital wallets and exchanges. Better to bookmark legit sites.
5. Some google ads are scam and you should know of it even it is being pinned as google ad in the search result. Google pinned ads are not credible and are subject for the scammers to take advantage by paying google and let their fake site to be pin on top of the other results. It should be reported.
6. Google play store has the same thing with google ads. They also accept fake apps like phishing app. It should also be reported so that google will remove it in their system.
7. If you wanted to invest huge then store your asset in a cold storage like hardware wallet and keep all keys and password back up at least in three different ways in case you lose your other keys or forget your password.
8. Never store your funds in a centralized exchange where you do not have hold of your funds. Also it would be easier for the hackers to access your funds.
9. Always use 2FA to access your funds to get more secured of holding your funds.
10. Keep always have bitcointalk forum for your reference in the scam activities. There are many reported scam activities especially in this section Scam Accusations. Beginners and Help section could also be a source of scam awareness and other related activities.

Well, there are still many things to learn in the forum. I admit that even in my 2 years of stay here I am still newbie in the world.of crytpocurrency. It has really a broad aspect and this is why I need to keep educated and thks forum will be a great help to learn. Hopfully I can even get a little help from other users as well.

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How many newbies at the current take into bitcoin investment? on: January 07, 2021, 02:36:27 PM
I had been an idiot selling always the btc rewards in signature campaign. I do like to encourage more users to invest in bitcoin but never had done all the things I said to myself like investing in bitcoin. I had several reasons why I made such poor decision making.

First, I had bought high bitcoin and sell low. It was a result of being panic that market will going to collapse and bitcoin will going to end.

Second, I do not believe other users when they say in regards to bitcoin market movement will do good ocer a period of time and instead follow my instinct resulted to the decision of selling it low to save some of my funds rather than getting none. But it was completely wrong!

Third, Emotions overflowed and my patience is low that it did not help me in the investment.

Fourth, After I get discourage I end up making another bad decision making in which I bought a scam token in the ICO. I did not learn my lesson well about scam ICO.

Now, I know that bitcoin will going to have a bullish trend since bitcoin market was 10K$. I had that feeling already but due to bad experience I never get the chance to prove again to invest again in bitcoin. Sad but now I had made a huge regrets not doing the things I do advise to others investing into bitcoin is good.

However, I had also read some posts of newbies being able to get the chance to buy bitcoin and now enjoy watching the market as it moves closely to 40K$. This is no ordinary event and I was not able to take part of it.

For the newbies and newcomers, How are you doing with bitcoin investment at the moment? You can vote in the poll
3  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin market ATH race prediction! on: January 06, 2021, 02:09:28 PM
I just wish to learn on your idea and discuss bitcoin ATH market. Just vote on what do you think bitcoin market ATH to be recorded.

I know that there are so many bitcoiners out there holding every little btc they will get. For now the thrill has been already started and that I am sure many out there had become so excited with the current market for bitcoin. Remember that this event is seldom to happen and bitcoin had experience this kind of event in the past few years. After some time of waiting here we are now making lots of confusions about how bitcoin market will move. Yes, all I can say is that bitcoin market is very unpredictable and hard to understand especially it will test out our patience.

In my case, I am a loser of bitcoin investment. I had already sell my small btc holdings earn from signature bounty. So sad, but this is life full of ups and down.

Anyway for those who are holdin btc lets make their life more fun and excitement by making bet predictions. I just made some poll not actually starting a bet. It is just that I want also to discuss with other with the great advancement of bitcoin has happening now.

What do you think of the bitcoin ATH market will be? Just vote in the poll.

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Will the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto show up and give bitcoin? on: December 20, 2020, 08:27:55 AM
The holiday season for the Christian is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The essence of this season is to give joy, love and gifts to show that in one long year despite of hardships, challenges and the conflicts among the people around could be reunite especially if within the family. So, this is why I am thinking also if it is possible for the bitcoin family especially to Satoshi Nakamoto to give love and share gifts through bitcoin.

Although we know that the account under Satoshi Nakamoto with silver coins below his account name is no longer active but with the slightest hope and possiblities that he could show up. I was thinking of possible reason with how possible that Satoshi Nakamoto will show up and these are the following.

Possible reason for Satoshi Nakamoto to show up,

1. It is christmas and time for giving off message, love and gifts.
2. This year 2020 is not really a good year due to pandemic. There are lot of challenges specifically in financial aspects. Many individuals around the world has lost their jobs usually the low income earners.
3. We had missed already Satoshi on his words of wisdom that had inspired bitcoiners to utilize the system the way he wanted to happen.
4. Many members here also wanting to get a news about bitcoin system if there could be possible upgrade especially that bitcoin has high transaction fees and to promote faster bitcoin network.
5. From the gamblers, a possible lottery jackpot staking bitcoin addresses to win the reward. We know that gambling business is one of the good reason in the utilization of bitcoin so it must be rewarded.

Anyway, whether he will going to show up or not it will not going to matter in my case because we have already bitcoin from he's legacy for us to enjoy. We have theymos that had been with us always here in the forum and that would do already good for us.

But, I still need to know the chance or possibility.

1. Is there a chance that before the year end there will be a sort of giving or sharing of bitcoin?
2. Is there a chance Satoshi to show up?

Lastly, I just wanted to greet Merry Christmas to all christians and non christians

"Isang Ligtas na araw po sa inyong lahat!"
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / prediction betting platform pros and cons? on: December 19, 2020, 11:26:50 AM
Good day!

I am writing to inquire about your opinion on prediction betting. I know that there platform that are promoting these kind of gambling activity and it became trending especially the trump vs biden presidential race. During the crowd sourcing both candidates have fair rating. These means that the election voting was so hard to predict and that betting was being created to show which prediction was right or correct. However, I do not know what platform could be good to accommodate these kind of  betting.

Now, that I had known a platform organizing these kind of betting I started to get excited in betting specifically now that the trending talk is all about the ALL TIME HIGH market price for BITCOIN. I had already see that there is already active prediction betting for bitcoin in the platform. Because I am new the said platform and I hqve some doubts and not sure if prediction betting platform is good. Before I could come up with a good betting analysis I have to ask about the cons and pros of a prediction betting platform. I have my own perception about the cons and pros of prediction betting platform below.

My list of cons and pros of prediction betting in a platform

1. No house edge instead service fee
2. Winnings does not come from the platform but from the bettors itself. Winnings will be coming from pools of bet from the opposing side minus the service ree from the platform.
3. Interested betting prediction are present like predicting bitcoin market price ALL TIME HIGH.

1. If betting platform is custodial meaning they had hold of your funds.
2. If betting platform has huge service fee.
3. If the prediction would not be good and does not interest the users.

Could you list your own and add some cons and pros?
What do you think about this prediction betting platform? Is it good for the gamblers?

I think this is the new way of gambling. Probably, I do not know the trends of gambling now.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Fake Electrum site and download Pinned by Google Ads! on: December 13, 2020, 08:45:24 AM
Good Day!

This would be my first time to report about a certain fake electrum site and download which is being pinned by Google Ads! At first I try not to check the site because I am in need of an electrum wallet for my desktop. As part of security check I did read the site and something was not right. So I began suspecting and browse another site to check and compare the results after using the google search engine. So, luckily I found out that the site of electrum bitcoin wallet I tried to download was a fake site.

So here is the screenshot I took from the fake electrum site which was being pinned by the google ads! I hope to get help to report this fake site. Thanks!

Google Pinned Ads!

image loading...

Beware of this Fake site below!

You can see the difference in the site if you will going to look closely on the letter "e"

The Fake sophisticated Site

image loading...

We know that there will be high demand to download free bitcoin wallet. So, always be careful guys!

7  Economy / Economics / My opinion on Inflation w/c affects greatly on fiat currency and how to beat it! on: December 07, 2020, 09:26:12 AM
Both fiat and bitcoin were considered as money. However, fiat currency is greatly affected by the inflation rate. So, I made some of my opinion in probable cause and how one could beat the inflation rate which greatly affected the fiat currency.

Let us determine what is inflation rate.

What is inflation rate?

Inflation reduces the purchasing power of each unit of currency, which leads to increases in the prices of goods and services over time. It's an economics term that means you have to spend more to fill your gas tank, buy a gallon of milk, or get a haircut. In other words, it increases your cost of living.
This is how the value of fuat currency being affected by the growth of the economy and because we are in pandemic it ia expected that most countries will be getting higher inflation rate percentage.

So how inflation rate could be identify and assess?

This is my opinion below,

First, know the worth of your country. It means the infrastructure, development, asset, investment and etc. Most rich countries had bigger infrastructure, better development and had bigger investments. This determine the value of the fiat.

Second, determine how much fiat money being printed or produce. This will also determine the value of fiat based on supply. The higher the supply of fiat currency (physical money) the lesser its capacity to buy.

Third, the value of economy always affected so it is not stable depending on the income of the country which has been called as GDP. Gross Domestic Product

How the inflation affect the fiat currency?

The lesser the income of the certain the higher it affects the growth of that country which also means that the country will have low ecomic growth and would be lesser in value. Inflation rate will depend on how much country had loss.

How to beat the inflation rate?
My answer could be thru
1. investing Gold
2. Investing in Real Estate
3. invest in bitcoin

Among the three options I had provided, bitcoin is the most unique because it has not been regulated and being i dependent by the growth of the economy. This is why we should continue bitcoin not to be regulated to be always independent among other currencies. At first I hate bitcoin because it has not been regulated but later it turns out that bitcoin does not need  any regulations.

Why is it good to invest in bitcoin?

Because government cannot rule over bitcoin system and the bitcoiners for we are independent and being in decentralized in manner. When you invest in bitcoin and keep it as an asset to sell over a period of time then you can beat the inflation rate that greatly affected the fiat currency. So, never should go for any regulations. We are all good without the government interfering the bitcoiners.

What should be the best thing to do as bitcoiners?
Educate youself to keep away from scammers, hackers and phishers. Make use of the bitcoin system and take advantage especially the volatility of the bitcoin market. Plan ahead of the things which you wanted to do and stick to it and never get intimadated with the market movement of bitcoin.

What do you think of investing in bitcoin to solve crisis and get away with inflation?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / How to earn merits? Stop asking this question frequently for newbies! on: November 29, 2020, 11:49:41 AM
How to earn merits?

This topic on how to earn merits has been used over and over again by so many users asking for merits or on how to earn it. The question is that why these type of questions had always ask and never end?

So, How we should stop users asking repetitive questions like on how to earn merits?

Getting merits a tough task?
Well, it depend on your attitude and skills. Getting merit is difficult because there are many users here that are deserving for it and the forum wanted to give it to those who really deserve it or to the users that are actually helping a lot for the forum and also to other users.
However, the issue here should not be all about how tough to earn merits instead it is how are you doing in the forum.

For example, Are you helpful enough? Being kind to other users? Responsive? etc....So what should you do?

Assess yourself!
If it happen that you were rewarded with 100+ merits in 120 days then I can say that you are an asset for the forum due your dedication, time, skills, knowledge or motivations imparted by the other users. This means that you are not a liability or adding problems to the moderators of the forum. But if it happen that you are receiving few or no merits at all then it is time for you to do something about it.

If ever you are asking the questions on what you should do to earn merits or how to earn merits then here is my own guide in how to earn merits.

My short guide on how to earn merits

1. Establish a posting habit or what you are in the forum like,
* Always report posts to the moderator using the report button to posts that are irrelevant to the OP
* share awareness and report scam sites, i.e phishing sites, hacking activities, fake give aways especially here in this section for awareness to every crypto users.
* Share your knowledge in cryptocurrency like you should not hold back on if you think that could help a lot of users here.
* Posts that are showing statistics are needing time to gather data and present it into a post but that kind of posts will be useful especially in future studies as reference for cryptocurrency or for the forum.
* Share motivational posts that will lift morale of other users just likely what I always did.

2. Bounty hunting shit posts vs. quality posts.
One of the reason why merit source not giving merits is because bounty hunting like posting social media links and other related stuff. Some merits source do not like it and expresses not to give them merits because bounty hunting will resort to shit posting. But, if you are a responsible bounty hunter you may still be rewarded depending on the quality of posts you provide. Deleting social media reports after the campaign projects end is called as responsible bounty hunting.

3. Establish a good attitude towards co-users here in the forum
I seen and read some bully posts that are coming from low ranks like member, jr. member and newbie in rank. We should all respect the people here by being not a bully. I understand that your intellectual capacity is higher than the others if you are thinking that way.
You see earning merits is not only by being a quality poster but also on how you establish yourself for being trustworthy, reliable and kind to other users.

4. Never think if forum to earn as a full time job.
If you are here just to earn then you can never get some merits because you are not after the learning instead you are only after the earning.
Reminders, earning here is good but it will not compensate daily expenses especially if you are a bread winner. You can earn huge here if you have the skills to which your service is needed and that you will get paid higher than other users.

5. Make a trademark and make friends here.
Personally I have someone sending a PM to me and told me that he was thankful of the support I gave or provided in my reply to his thread. So, get some friends here and never afraid to ask anyone especially if you are confused or wanted to learn something very specific. The forum is design this way that we can exchange our ideas and ideals that can help one another.

Do things that you think you can be helpful with or without thinking about receiving merits. Do not think of merits as something very important for you to learn. Learning is never because you are receiving a lots of merits. Merits is never a barometer to how much you learn.

Lastly, do not ask anyone here on how to earn merits instead do things that could help you learn without minding it. Many users here are good and they can reward it to you without you expecting to receive the merits. Just mind what you think you are doing right for the other users and for the forum and again do not expect anything else.

Some of my related posts,
Learning is unending process!
Tips to overcome fear crypto investment and reason to invest for newbies
What type of user are you in bitcointalk forum (your road to become legend)
Promote constructive criticism when doing posts or replies,
My bitcointalk forum review and motivational insights.
Ranked up to full member.
Good sections for newbie?
Boosting Morale for newbies. Giving newbie a merit.
Are you an asset or liability?
9  Other / Beginners & Help / Learning is unending process! on: November 15, 2020, 02:41:10 PM
Never stop learning, this is the best principle in life and I would like to share it especially to the newbie who were confused with bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Yes, I admit that I am one also confused when I was new in cryptocurrency but learning is possible by hanging around with the forum. The questions is what are the things that you should keep and learn? Here are some of my experiences that I like to share with you.

Basic things I learn and kept for myself about cryptocurrency!

1. I learn that cryptocurrency is not all about financial gain instead it is a way to financial freedom without the existence of third party service needed nor someone that will meddle or interfere when you make crypto specifically bitcoin transactions.

2. The best way to keep crypto is through offline wallet especially if it involve high amount of crypto stored in the wallet. Hardware wallet are the most common offline wallet used to store crypto like bitcoin and are away from getting hacked online which is rampant nowadays with most likely victims are being phished out with the important wallet details exposed or disclosed in a fake site.

3. Cryptocurrency is the best reserve asset that could beat inflation rate like gold investment. Sooner or later if crypto will be adapted to the community where most central banks are now making their own cryptocurrency. It just mean that cryptocurrency is a great deal towards digital currency.

4. There are many cryptocurrency introduced in the market but all of it are called altcoins. Bitcoin is the primary coin of these altcoins so it might be good to consider having bitcoin rather than the altcoins. However, altcoins can do good as well like bitcoin. Just know what are the good altcoins around that could benefit you in the applications of your daily life activities.

5. The best way to transfer money to another country is through cryptocurrency. It will receive directly to the recipient's wallet if being send correctly. Digital wallet are also being made for easy way access keeping it secured. There are many to chose from and I can even ask here in the forum of the best wallets to chose and the members to recommend.

6. Anonymous is a big key to a better and secure way of doing transactions. There are many bad people anywhere and getting anonymous will not help them noticing the amount and transactions you made. Doing transactions in cryptocurrency will not involve getting identity to the public like in those banks that you need to do KYC. KYC is dangerous to you because it might be use by others not the right way. As much as possible avoid getting into KYC (Know Your Customer). There are few exchanges and wallet appears to be asking for KYC and there are some that are not so chose well the best that suit you the best.

7. Cryptocurrency can change the world of transaction into digital form. This can get us real quick time doing transaction online without the hassle queueing to transact business. If this will be implemented then pretty sure that crowd will be minimize and that will make transactions more reliable, fast and easy.

8. Gambling could be done online using cryptocurrency. There are e-casino already everywhere even here in my place. Gamblers are happy for it to avoid getting a lot of spectators like in those traditional casino having the chips that is visible in the table and spectators will even ask a little for when you win. This can help getting into privacy and gamblers can gamble into the best experience they wanted to with cryptocurrency. There was a news O remember a guy winning huge in the casino that was shot dead while going home getting rob probably one of the spectators that has observe the guy winning lot of money.

9. One of the best gifts that could be given for the upcoming christmas and new year due to the current state of pandemic is financial asset through bitcoin or the altcoins. This we can help minimized the spread of covid19 virus at the same time able to provide smile in the face of the one receiving the gift.

10. The forum is the best forum to learn more about cryptocurrency. Hanging here around with other members with other users will help you to learn more and that you can also freely ask here without paying anyone. Just avoid newbie accounts that do PM and offer something. Remember that if it is too good to be true then avoid it as much as possible. Do not take the scammers bait. Remember also to check the trust ratings of the account for there are higher ranks being tag with Default trust members so being cautious is always the best thing to do.

There are many things to be share and learn especially here in the forum so do not hesitate to learn new things around. We do not know that one of these days that the things you are learning will come handy in the future. Hopefully newcomers can reflect or get some idea of my post.

Thank You!
10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Cryptoclub300 uses bitcoin as an option to withdraw money, A ponzi platform! on: November 11, 2020, 02:36:58 PM
Another ponzi scheme that is rampant here in our place. My friend ask me to join and invited into crypto investment (crypto trading platform). The process is that you will going to link your btc wallet and buy crypto pack in the platform. Little by little you have to sell your crypto pack until such you will get a 150% total accumulated from the money you invested.

However, you need to be quick to sell not getting your money stuck that can happen during their reset of their platform. All unclaim money will be given to you little by little over a longer period of days like it takes a year to accumulate the money that was not claim or withdrawn during the reset by deligently claim it in daily basis.

Of course if you are new and able to join this platform you will not be told and most likely everyone will going to lose first in the process of earning profit in the later part of the investment. I do believe that it will going to collapse sooner or later.

image loading...

image loading...

image loading...

They are even making an official announcement in their All it explain that their platform is really a ponzi invesment scheme.

image loading...

The Link to their site.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Tips to overcome fear crypto investment and reason to invest for newbies on: November 10, 2020, 06:57:07 AM
We all know that most of us failed in some of our investment may it small or big form of investment. Failing is part of becoming successful that we can be proud of one day. Failure is inevitable in the process of learning but do we need to fear of something when we fail? I guess we have the same answer and that is definitely we will not fear to get lose because that is part of learning.  

However, there are instances that we our fear conquers our intention to pursue in what we do like investing wherein this is something that we always wanted to get a good return. Right?

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investment
Cryptocurrency has a broad application in our daily life. It is not only focus as a digital currency for it depend on the crypto for its utilization. Others consider crypto like bitcoin as an investment or an asset where one could store bitcoin in cold storage for safety keeping making it as a reserve money like gold. So, if you wanted to invest, or think of crypto as an asset or something to which you are not sure then follow these simple tips below,

Tips to get the fear out when investing cryptocurrency based on my own simple analysis and what I have also learn in this forum.

1. Learn first the basic of creating wallet, transferring coins or buying crypto on exchange.
Chose the best wallet and exchange in your place or in your country. Try your first purchase or trade with small amount of money to test out the process. You can learn it by searching tutorials like in youtube or google on how to do it or better ask someone you know that could help you with the process.
2. Know when is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency.
Definitely you can observe it for crypto market is sometimes crashing or sometimes doing well. This is for the optimum profit you can get when buy cheap and sell when market is high or crypto became expensive.
3. Do your own research.
Before you invest it is ideal to conduct a good research. For me ideally when it comes to invest only bitcoin and other establish altcoins could do better in cryptocurrency investment like ETH and XRP.
4. Invest only money that you can afford to lose.
Never be afraid to invest but never also compromised the priorities you have in your life especially if you are a breadwinner in the family.
5. Hold or HODL,
This when market seem so bad after you invested do not get emotional with your money that are making potential losses. Remember that when you sell it out then you will lose not only with your money but the ability to enjoy the new trend or this technology that has to offer in you.
6. Do not be greedy,
If you feel like investing more then that could be a sign of greed but it is alright to invest more when you wanted. Just remember the the tip # 3 to only invest only the money you can afford to lose.
7. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
This is related to being greedy but sometimes it is better not to believe on everyone here when they say about things that they claim they are sure to happen. You can get a FOMO in that lead you to bad decision making.
8. High Yield Investment Program
There are many members especially if you have social media platform like facebook, twitter, telegram and etc. making a private message with you discussing about a certain program you can invest or project that yield high returns. More of it are scam so one must be careful not to engaged in any of them inviting you to invest.
9. Scam, Never trust anyone with your money.
Free giveaways, from fake people using the names and pictures of high profiles in cryptocurrency about a certain giveaways like if you give me 2 ETH i will send you 4ETH that will not going to happen and that is a scam.
10. Be careful with fake sites,
Fake sites could lead your important details of wallet to be compromised so whenever you will visit a certain site make sure that it is right or correct site. Others are bookmarking legit site in their browser for easy access and for security purposes.

Lastly, Do not forget to sell when market for crypto is good.

What is a good reason to join cryptocurrency investment

For me, cryptocurrency is like a financial literacy, an access for Financial Freedom away from the inflation rate that could hit the fiat currency. If you do not believe then try to assess the value of fiat currency now and before,

before 10 years ago
goody2x snack and ice cold watee
1 peso
5 pesos
transportation fare going to wet market
3.50 pesos
10 pesos
money I gave to homeless in the street
3 pesos
20 pesos
money I gave to my nephew
1 peso
5 pesos
cheap in during night life drinking sessions (tanduay)
20 pesos
50 pesos

See, these are only a few of example that all or mostly fiat currency are hitting with inflation rate a complete opposite when you get bitcoin as your asset or investment.

What do you think?
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / PRIZE OF FIGHTING Boxing’s biggest contracts revealed on: November 09, 2020, 02:26:55 PM
Some of the sport's top attractions have been given eye-watering guarantees when signing on the dotted line.

Canelo Alvarez - £278m
The Mexican star signed sport's most lucrative deal ever in 2018, when he penned an 11-fight DAZN agreement worth £278m ($365) spanning over five years.
But just three bouts and two years into the contract and Alvarez requested it be terminated as he split with DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions.
He still banked around £64.6m as a result of beating Rocky Fielding, Daniel Jacobs and Sergey Kovalev.
Canelo, 30, is now set to control his own career and return as a box office fighter, opposed to DAZN's streaming platform.
image loading...

Floyd Mayweather - £150m
When Mayweather came out of prison in 2012, he signed an exclusive six-fight PPV deal with Showtime a year later worth £150m.
But the American legend ended up taking home £340m thanks to the box office success of his fights against Canelo and Manny Pacquiao.
Mayweather, 43, retired after beating Andre Berto in 2015, but returned in 2017 to face UFC star Conor McGregor in a lucrative crossover event.
It was not included in his initial contract, meaning the £300m he banked after stopping McGregor in ten rounds means he earned about £640m while boxing on Showtime.
image loading...

Anthony Joshua - £100m
Joshua penned a new three-year contract with Matchroom Boxing in 2018, worth £100m, SunSport reported at the time.
Since then, Eddie Hearn's Matchroom signed a £760m deal with DAZN, who broadcast AJ's fights Stateside.
Joshua landed himself a career high payday last December, after pocketing £66m after outpointing Andy Ruiz Jr in their Saudi Arabia rematch.
The 31-year-old's net worth is now estimated to be around £90m, according to Sportekz.
image loading...

Mike Tyson - £90m
Promoter Don King claimed in 1990 that Tyson had a contract with Showtime that guaranteed him £90m ($120m).
His last fight on HBO was against Alex Stewart, before he had two wins against Donovan Ruddock as part of his fresh Showtime agreement.
But Tyson was jailed in 1992 after being convicted of rape and spent three years behind bars before returning to the ring in 1995.
Iron Mike, now 54, would re-sign with Showtime after his prison release, making around £215m more before retiring in 2005.
image loading...

Tyson Fury - £90m
In early 2019, Fury made the shock decision to postpone his rematch with Deontay Wilder to instead sign a deal with Top Rank and ESPN.
The contract was widely reported to be worth £80m as the Gypsy King had two tune up fights in the US before facing Wilder again.
He emphatically stopped the Bronze Bomber in seven rounds in a PPV which sold over 1 million buys in America and the UK combined.
Fury, 32, has two fights left on his current contract.
image loading...

What do you think of these pro boxers with biggest contracts?
Where could they invest their money now?

13  Other / Politics & Society / Retirement! on: November 09, 2020, 01:34:14 PM

1. one day you will retire. You won't be going to work. You won’t have office power any more. No influence or at best, a reduced influence. Your cash flow will also reduce.! Check retirement date on your payslip.

2. Always  go for your 30days annual leave. Whatever you do during your leave, is what you will be doing when you retire. If all you do is to sleep or watch TV, then that’s what you are likely do do in your retirement. Remember the book of Proverbs. A little sleep and a little slumber, so shall your poverty multiply.
Watching Big Brother Naija will not save you heartache in retirement. Learn a trade or a skill during your leave. It will come handy. Spend your after-office hours learning something. Don’t spend it sleeping, Gossiping, watching TV!! Same goes for your weekend. Make them productive. You will thank yourself for spending your time productively.

3. Invest for your retirement... your children are not retirement investment. Don’t bank on your children’s support or the support of friends or relations. That’s a BIG risk. It may not happen. Be ready to take care of yourself!! Everyone has his own responsibilities. They won’t be able to help you that much. You will also lose your dignity and respect if you adopt a life of begging.

4. Start a hobby early in your working days to take you along when you retire. Rearing chicken, farming or own a shop. Acquire marketable skills ( not useless paper certificates) Etc

5. Where shall you retire. Build yourself a home. Don't retire and start to rent a house or refuse to vacate government house. You will be at the mercy of your landlord at a time when your cash flow is not only reduced but unpredictable!!

6. Who shall be your dependants. By the time you retire, your children should be above 18, and self reliant.

7. Don't retire and stay in a big city unless you can TRULY afford it. You can't continue living in a big city after 60 with limited financial resources. The language and the hustle will be hard for you. Where possible, Relocate to a less expensive town where your reduced take home (pension) can go further.

8. Have property which can be rented or converted into cash. Have shares that pay good dividends. Plant cash trees. Rear goats, cultivate vegetables etc. these activities will not only give you income but will also keep you healthy.

9. Live a simple life. If you never built a house at your rural home, dont use your retirement package to build. It is unwise unless you plan to live there on a permanent basis or you are super rich and therefore can afford the luxury. The choice is yours.

Note that many of retirees die early because of the following:

1. They are Not mentally prepared to retire.
2. Lack of finances
3. They Lapse into Depression
4 They develop Hypertension/ Diabetes because of worries, anxiety and uncertainty "and financial pressures.


Source: Facebook,
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Responsible bounty hunters and also a member of bitcointalk forum, on: October 29, 2020, 02:39:44 PM
Is it wrong to become a bounty hunter?

I had been here some time already and witness different kinds of bounty hunting and learm to it. There are many kinds of bounty hunting that I know but only few forms of bounting I was able to join. I know that bounty hunting is also for bitter and for worst, for richer and for poorer of the rewards will be. I never get the chance to earn high in bounty hunting opposite to what I was expecting in earning a good rewards. It never did happen to me so far especially in getting good and valuable tokens.

But this post is not all about the bitter experience in bounty hunting for currently I was accepted to take part of a good project that pays in btc instead this is all about the types of bounty hunter and being responsible bounty hunter. There questions also that I am wanting others to reflect on below. So, here it is.

Does Bounty hunting bad for the forum?
Many users here are actually get annoyed with the bounty hunters. Yes, there are users like that because they believe that bounty hunters especially in the signature campaign only added the pile of post by spamming, plagiarizing and other forma of disgrace posts specifically to major board discussions.

To directly answer the question above, bounty hunting is never a problem to this forum. I have seen the opposite of what others are thinking of especially the signature campaign. For others wanting to remove signature campaign because of irresponsible bounty hunters taking part in the discussions with them and making off topic replies, plagiarize and etc. that will disgrace the content of the thread and the discussions itself. Actually they are wrong because it is not about the signature campaign but the irresponsible attitude towards bounty hunting. So, what I was thinking about it and made this post?

Some in their ideology about bounty hunters are wrong
Others are thinking that because of bounty hunters the forum was a completely messed. Hmmm, Yes they are half right. LOL. Actually bounty hunters were helpful in nature and there are others tha are not. As a bounty hunter what and at the same time a member of the forum should know how to be both a bounty hunter and a member of the forum.

There are two types of bounty hunters.

1. Responsble bounty hunters
2. Irresponsible bounty hunters usually bounty hunters that are lazy and are not doing their job well to promote cryptocurrency.

My own assessment of bounty hunters level of  classification in according to their skills and knowledge.

Level 1. Compliance to bounty reports bounty hunters
      -  A type of bounty hunter that are doing task on social media bounty reports and usually only after getting of rewards or tokens from participating ICO, IEO, STO, & DEFI projects. More newbie are like this and I know what they do is actually not wrong if they just know how to join a project and what project to avoid especially the scam projects. A member of the forum should not promote scam projects outside in different platform like in those socia media. These type of user forgot that they too are part and member of the forum which they should act accordingly and should join project responsibly.

Level II. Gambling enthusiasts bounty hunters
       - These bounty hunters are usually present in the gambling section and are active in starting a thread to discuss with. Of course what do you expect to a bounty hunter that do likes to gamble. Some of them were becoming sports analyst making predictions about upcoming sports events. I have seen a member that always open a thread about upcoming boxing matches.

Level III. Multi-Lingual bounty hunters
      - A type of bounty hunter that knows English and also knows other language as well. These type of bounty hunters can do manage projects that are translated to the language which they are task and post it in specific sections. The translation of the project from bounty thread to white papers are crucial to the success of the project. This is why they too get paid way bigger than those bounty hunters that are only submitting compliance of  social media reports. These type of bounty hunters will be a great help by lifting language barriers problem in the forum through translation.

Level IV. Technical Bounty Hunters
      - There are only few of them here that are working technically. They are able to join bug bounty to which a newly platform to be launched will be tested thoroughly by them making sure that there were no problems with the platform or the products to be launched.

Level V. Bounty manager hunters
      - A bounty hunter that hunting managing and promoting new project in the forum. Usually their time is dedicated in monitoring during the promotion of the projects and at the same time they are responsible in accepting applicants joining in the projects. I have known few good and reputable bounty hunter managers here in the forum and usually they promote campaign that pays btc.

Level VI. bounty hunters that are gifted with wisdom
      - A type of bounty hunter that has broad knowledge about cryptocurrency or are highly intellectual about cryptocurrency. They usually can answer anything about cryptocurrency and they are active in joining projects that pays btc like one of the long run campaign such as chipmixer. Most of highly intellectual bounty hunter are fast in earning merits and ranking up in the forum (if they started from newbie and now becomes legendary). They really are genius and capable of sharing post that will contribute help to the forum and the members itself. In short they are bounty hunters that are gifted with wisdom. These type of bounty hunters too could do task as what other bounty hunters that are being classified.

So, being a bounty hunter is never a problem if you know how to become a good member also in the forum. I had made this post in the purpose that others should see their worth not only as a bounty hunter but also to becoming a responsible member of the forum. We made mistakes but that shouldn't mean that we will not learn. Remember that MISTAKES CHARGE TO EXPERIENCE. No one is perfect but the irresponsible bounty hunter should always be corrected.

What do you think?

You can also check some of my relevant posts below that you could also learn from it.

Promote constructive criticism when doing posts or replies
What type of user are you in bitcointalk forum (Your road to become legend)
15  Other / Beginners & Help / What type of user are you in bitcointalk forum (your road to become legend) on: October 23, 2020, 03:40:07 PM
Is there any other way to rank up to legendary instantly?

It is always a dream whenever you want to be on top. Here in the forum I think most of the bounty hunter's wish is to grow and rank up to legendary. No way it could happen in an instant and it is a hardwork to achieve that good rank. There are few good members had proven this already and they are now legendary out of those few they were deligated to become a merit source after admin see their worth with their full support and great help contributed to the forum and the members.

As above mention those are the type of users that are exemplary and doctorate in earning merits. However, there are different kinds of users that I would like you to classify your self.

1. Exemplary users (doctorate) - Potential users to become legendary in rank in short period of time after achieiving required activity
I had seen few users that are doing well and are candidate to become legendary. Just like the other extraordinary users ahead to them they shown too great potential to becoming legendary. Some of them could become legendary in an instant for they are already qualified with the number of required merits and the activity. Others are already had the required merits but still making progress to increase their activity.

2. Potential to rank up in legendary but will take more time to achieve like having 200+ earn merits for now.
There are many  users now earning 200 plus earn merits and that is the good thing because they are also candidate to achieve the legendary in rank. This may take time for them but this should not be a problem because they can step up anytime and can earn merits in a small period of time for them to rank up to legendary in rank.

3. High activity low merits users or below 50 merits
There are some users that are like this with high activity but with low merits earn. However, I do believe that they still contribute a lot by participating active discussions and providing informations that are helpful in their replies. They could not get or earn had the chance to earn merit because their mostly of their post are from major boards discussion that aren't usually visible to the merit source. Still I do believe in them that they could rank up in the future and may able to step up and earn merits to rank up. Yet, still remember that even if will be difficult to earn merit mind yoi that rank is not a hindrance here to continue the things you wanted. As they say that whatever your rank is you can still contribute help and do good to other members and the forum itself.

4. High activity lesser merits earn below 20 merits earn
There are also users with high activity but lesser merits earn like below 20 merits. These type of user can have the slightest chance to get into the legendary rank. They do not care about getting rank up or it is relatively hard for them to earn merits due to some reasons. I could not blame too the merit source because they are fair enough in rewarding the merits that they consider rewarding merits even if your grammar is broken or in short you are not good in english. However this kind of users still contribute in the forum and that is by adding a pile of post in the forum and I could be hypocrite if not being part of it(probably). LOL!

5. High activity but no merits earn
Well, there are these newbie that until now they do not earn even a single merit but are good in making advises on how to earn merit in their posts. It so funny sometimes that their advises turns out to becoming their own medicine too. However, I still do believe that they contributed a lot like making a pile of shit posts in the bounty threads and other major boards of discussion with generic or off topic replies. Sad but this type of user has no future to learn about cryptocurrency.

I know that dreaming to become legendary in rank is all bounty hunter wanted. Many are being called but only few are being chosen depending on your performance towards contributing help in the forum and the members. Yet, the admin of the forum does not closes you to become a legendary in a instant and these are the following,

* Donate 10 btc as donator. Just send pm to theymos the admin of the forum and he will provide you a unique btc adress half green color in the last coin of your 5 gold coins below your precious name.
* Donate 50 btc and become a VIP. Same process to be done by sending pm to admin and you will get 5 gold coins below name with half purple color on the last coin.

More info about it check this thread Forum ranks/positions/badges/(What do does shiny coins under my name mean?)

I want to inform newbie how lucky they are today after some of the users here are willing to help by starting a merit giveaways thread and that will able them to rank up easily if they can do good here in the forum.

The question is for the newbies, What type of user could you be in the future? Do you want to become a legendary user? A donator? or a VIP?

For existing users with earn merits or no merits earn, What type if user are you basing on the category?

Note: This is just for fun guys but pretty sure that there are users will going to react violently. Still I can be thankful in their reaction.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Promote constructive criticism when doing posts or replies, on: October 15, 2020, 02:39:12 PM
We all have been told by the admin of the forum to promote constructive posts and positive criticism. This is the way theymos wanted to help newcomers to learn about cryptocurrency. This is also one of the reason why merit system was created to motivate everyone to contribute help and meaningful post for the forum.

Newbie attitude towards posting replies and making thread.
Many users here especially the newbie are interested and and wanting to learn about cryptocurrency. The interest usually grow resulting them to participate in the discussion making posts and replies in the application of the learnings they learn about cryptocurrency. Yet,  they are newbie and most of their posts and replies can be distinguish because of the half bake information being provided by them that shows generic or off topic replies and most of the time are type of misleading or confusing posts. This usually happen when newbie learn a thing but somehow manage to learn a little knowledge about a certain topic and then integrate that little knowledge in their replies and the result is shit posts. Thus, make it funny sometimes to read that other users here will making rude replies on them.

But what really other members has becoming?

Because of newbie attitude as mention above that they had gone shit posting of making replies (even if they aren't sure about it as long as they can increase their activity) that for them is alright. Isn't it?  

For newbie, NO it is not alright to make posts just to increase activity and just will make reply even if it is off topic or just a generic reply. This will make other users getting pissed off with the newbies resulting to rude replies and becoming bully. However, there are users that are actually bully already even from the start. It is in their attitude and there is nothing we could do on it unless they wanted to change their attitude towards other users here in the forum. What I mean a bully users are those who make rude resulting to negative criticism.

Negative criticism forum atmosphere
How could we promote when were so good in making negative criticism and making atmosphere of the forum not conducive for learning?
Whatever you are, whoever you are and wherever you are we know that each of us can contribute to crytpocurrency, to bitcoin, and to the forum itself may it be a newbie or high rank users. We always talk big to learn all things here in the forum before earning but we had missed something and that is our attitude towards constructive criticism.

What is constructive criticism?
It is a helpful ways in giving feedback, providing specific and attainable suggestions, give specific recommendations that could be easy to work out. Constructive criticism could be a strategic way for us to achieve our goals and that our objective is we want more users to learn about cryptocurrency by making it more into positive atmosphere towards learning cryptocurrency.

Benefits of constructive criticism,

All users here can get comfortable to ask questions in their posts, making a request from other users or help, and also more confident to give feedback to others base in their learnings and or experience. Constructive criticism is a way for us to understand other users and meet their expectation towards betterment here in the forum.

* This is why I would like to remind every users to promote constructive criticism that could change the coarse of learning about cryptocurrency.

* This post also should remind the newbie and to raise awareness on what are the proper way of making posts and replies.

* It is not proper to make posts just to increase activity by making off topic or generic replies, make it more sensible and put ideas that other could learn on it.

* Newbie should not be bullied instead they should be directed or reminded most of the time from negative behavior or wrong doings to change towards making quality and decent posts.

* To follow how decent post that has been created like to those reputable legendary rank users. I know some users I always look up in their replies like @DdmrDdmr, @Jackg, @Loycev, @CryptopreneurBrainboss, @cabalism13, @Charles-Tim, @fillippone and others that are too many to mention.

* To always abide the forum rules and regulations as another guide to make a constructive and decent posts.

Lastly we had to respect other users here remeber the poem Desiderata? that even the dull and ignorant they too have their story. To all newbie that has been also experiencing getting bullied change your attitude towards constructive posting habit. Make sure that you are aware and completely understand about the topic you will making the reply. But whenever when you still get bullied stay cool and do not forget that you are only doing the things you think you will be able to learn but mistakes is inevitable so we have to adapt and learn from it instead.

Well I have nothing against to some users but I am wishing all the best for newbie and low rank users towards their endeavors in learning cryptocurrency.

What do you think? Will constructive criticism work?

17  Other / Beginners & Help / Asking for a little help! on: October 13, 2020, 10:32:31 AM
I had been working a crowdsourcing in the gambling section and posted their to reward merit as well. However, i am short for merits so I guess the only thing i can do is to ask someone who could gave or reward merits on other users. If you think that their answers contributed help to the world of sports then giving a little bit motivation well do.

I am just hoping a little help but all will depend on you whether you will give merit or not. It was just to give more activity especially the gambling fans in here.

Here is the thread

BTW i include sleeping in the poll for those who are really not engaging in any sports. So sleeping will fall for them. 😂😂
18  Other / Off-topic / Crowdsourcing, I will reward merits as well to users I do like of their answers. on: October 13, 2020, 07:27:32 AM
Now that NBA is done this leauge. Players now can have a good rest especially those who had been into finals and championship game. Sorry basketball fans I will not include basketball in the option.

I just wonder to all members here on what are there favorite sports to watch and bet. I did include esports like dota 2 and other online games in the options so that we can also check how about the estimated number of esports lover here.

Sports is one of the best way to get away on our attention from these trying times of having the Pandemic. The purpose of this crowd sourcing is to check wether what really the favorite games of all time of the members in this forum. This may be an estimate or will not be accurate at least we will be able to see some figures. Maximum of 3 selection per user to vote.

After making the Option you can optionally answer the following questions to defend your answer or just say something about it.

1. What made up your mind to chose the sports you voted?

2. Do the sports you chose change your lifestyle? Yes or No and Why?

3. What could it feels when one day you will going to meet in person you idolized in the sports you like?

4.Is it possible that you will going to change the sports in the future? Yes or No and Why?

5. If you will be given 1 btc and ask you to quit following the sports you like the most, will you do it for 1 btc? Yes or No and Why?

Sorry for the other sports that was not being included for selection. I will be greatful to your votes and will give merits as well to promote activities in this section.

Edit - I forgot to mention that I include sleeping in the poll because other members here had no sports at all so this will be their choice.
19  Local / Pamilihan / kwentong pustahan lakers vs. miami 2020 finals road to championship on: September 29, 2020, 11:32:54 AM
Sino po mayroong bet jan lakers vs. miami. Lakers kasi kami at handang mg bigay ng plus 1 game para sa miami 20k po pera namin. Akala po namin mgkakadeal na kami sa miami na plus 1 game tapos biglang umatras yung pupusta sa miami for no certain reason kaya ngayon nghahanap kami ng miami plus 1 game.

Post ko lang dito hindi sa para mghanap ng pwdeng pupusta sa miami plus 1 game pero para makakahingi ng kwentong pustahan dyan sa inyo. Alam kong marami ang pupusta sa larong ito dahil dyan tayo masaya.

Anong kwentong pustahan ninyo?
20  Other / Beginners & Help / For newbies eyeing to involve in cryptocurency, be careful! on: September 25, 2020, 12:26:14 PM
5 Most Common Crypto-Currency Scams

ICO fraud/scam

ICO’s work just like a “head Starter” campaign, investors can invest in a small coin AKA Alt-Coins to help it gain value and become a substantial token/ coin.

All and all a legitimate way to invest in a company/ product, betting on the future of that product/ company. A real ICO will have a profile, a site and a founder, keep a close eye and a healthy dos of skepticism if you are looking to invest in ICO’s, look for clear communication (available support team, that the numbers on the site are available etc.), realistic product expectations (the product predictions are not exaggerated, notice deals that are ‘too good to be true’ ) and shady profiles.

When investing in ICO’s, if there is a doubt, take a step back, don’t be timid to ask ‘hard’ questions like ‘what your yearly forecast is? What this product/coin is for? What needs it will answer?” a dignified ICO will have this information available for their investors.

Exchange Scam

Many platforms offer to allow investors trade with their Bitcoin or trade on Bitcoin against other currencies such as the US Dollar, on a Forex model platform, whether they have a very strict withdrawal policy or they would ask you to deposit your BTC in their platform to never allow you to take them out, these exchanges seem to open in large amounts like mushrooms after the first rain. Many ex-Binary Option companies have moved their business to these types of exchanges, which should indicate the nature of thus exchanges. Some exchanges are legitimate, but just like the case in KuCoin; their domain was duplicated and many of their investors were redirected to use the scam platform, all the investors lost everything they sent to what they thought to be their regular exchange. When investing with an exchange make sure – clear communication (again, it’s very important to know you have someone to ask and consult with) and working phone numbers and lines, advise is given by professionals only! Don’t be shay to ask if your consultant studied finance and where, dos he have a license? what are the withdrawal policy? are you getting clear information? (it’s very easy to get confused when your account manager is talking in ‘technical terms’ but can he explain it in simple words and it will still sound logical?) At the end of a trading day – is it possible to withdrawal your BTC to an offline wallet? There are no stupid questions when looking for a legitimate exchange.

Payment fraud

 Like the case with Bitconnect; some platforms will allow you to take a loan to ‘borrow’ a Crypto-Coin for a set profit and other bonuses, Clients then are asked to purchase BCC tokens to keep the participance, naturally that got the token to increase in price. Reminding us the High Yield pyramid scam, where that only the first investors profit while all the others payed the price for that taken payout. In conclusion, the best way to invest and get in the Crypto-Currency world is to educate yourself and buy small amounts of coins from quality exchange. If something smells fishy, or if you are not sure if you’re in good hands; let it go. Better to take your time and feel confident of what you know then to fall a victim to another scam.

Impersonation Fraud

Decentralized money is meant to be personal, therefore many scammers impersonate to high profile investors, offering to work with your wallet to help increase the account for a fixed percentage, asking for the wallet address and user details. In result ether they hold the account as a captive, blackmailing the account owner to get funds out or to allow access to the account or just plainly steal the account whole leaving nothing behind to try and track them down. Never ever provide your wallet address/ key address to anyone! Your privet Key and wallet address is to remain privet. If you are approached by a ‘professional trader/investor” on social media such as Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ What’s Up etc. close, block- do not respond back, remember one thing; a real investor/ trader/ broker will not start ‘fishing’ for client’s, if an investor is that high profiled you should be able to find information about him online, and no respectful brokerage or investment house will contact client’s through social media.

Fake Free Promotion

Fake giveaway’s go’s hand in hand with the last criteria, impersonators will use promotions like free bonus, free counseling, free tokens/ coins to attract the client’s, everyone loves a free product, but make sure one free promotion will not come at a heavy cost; if you been lured by a promotion like this and get to a page asking you to make a deposit/ investment/ account activation first- do not continue, probably that deposit will be gone before you know it never to be returned.

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