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1  Economy / Speculation / In about 8 days Bitcoin will finally lock in SegWit on: August 02, 2017, 08:47:07 AM
.. a step forward we waited for more than 2 years to see!

And what do brave bitcoiners do? They mourn about a new Altcoin.

What a joke.
2  Economy / Speculation / The simple truth is.. on: May 03, 2017, 12:35:07 PM

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HF seems imminent with 41,7 % BU Blocks right now on: March 19, 2017, 02:16:51 PM
today:    41. 7 % BU Blocks  vs.          23.6 % SW

As soon as we cross 51% BU Blocks a HF is very likely.

Do you realise that once 51% of blocks are signalling Unlimited (according to Coindance today it is 33.3%) then the very first block mined by an Unlimited miner who cares to create a block of any size above 1 MB, will create a fork. BU miners will be able to follow that fork. That fork will be invalid for Core miners.

The reasoning from some BU community members is that everyone will be sensible enough to wait until something like 75% of blocks support BU, before a miner creates such a block. I ask anyone following the whole scaling debate from both sides, are coordination and cooperation the hallmarks of this situation?

The moment we reach 51% of blocks signalling BU, a whole new opportunity opens up for manipulation, for example for a miner to take a short position on Bitcoin and then mine +1MB blocks, before a more sensible threshold is reached.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoin SHORT TERM Chart or Price Ticker App/website on: May 21, 2014, 01:38:31 PM
Hey guys,

Is there ANY website or phone app out there which provides a comparable Altcoin Price Index/Volume Chart with LESS than 12/24 hrs time index  (2-4 Hrs for example) ??
Im searching now for hours and cant find any. Its always the 24hrs or 12 hrs minimum.  Huh

5  Local / Altcoins (Deutsch) / [BC] Blackcoin on: April 09, 2014, 03:54:56 PM

BlackCoin ist ein reiner Proof of Stake-Coin, ausser in der einwöchigen Distributionsphase, in der Mining möglich war und er ein PoW/PoS Mix war.

Warum Blackcoin?

u.a. deswegen:

- Alle Coins sind jetzt gemint und verteilt (gute Distribution), folglich keine Preisbelastung durch Mining.

- kein Premine!

- geringer PoS-Zinsauszahlung (1%) dadurch sehr geringe Inflationsbelastung

- leistungsstarker Multipool (aktuell 3.2 GH Scrypt, 20.90 TH SHA256) mit guter Auszahlungsbilanz, der PoW-Coins minet und am Markt gegen BC verkauft. Hierdurch ist eine
  stetige Nachfrage vorhanden und der Kaufpreis steigt langfristig.

- sehr aktive Community mit vielen Projekten (Bitcointalk-Thread mit aktuell über 700 Seiten). BC ist in den USA derzeit extrem im Rennen und schwappt jetzt langsam in   
  andere Crypto-Communities über

- dadurch solider nachhaltiger Aufwärtstrend statt kurzfristiger Pump&Dump-Muster. [siehe:]
  Der ideale Coin für längerfristige Invests.

IRC: #blackcoin

Startdatum: 24. Feb 2014

v1.0.3 changelog

    benutzerfreundliche und sichere Möglichkeit, die Brieftasche zu entsperren, screenshot:
    modernen Transaktionsbehandlung (wie im Bitcoin-qt 0.9)
    kleinere Korrekturen

v1.0.2 changelog

    Staking-Anzeige in GUI, screenshot:
    Option zum Deaktivieren des Stakings (zB blackcoind-Staking = 0)
    kleinere Korrekturen

v1.0.1 changelog

    Behebung eines Hard Fork in Block 5000
    rpc call getmininginfo korrigiert
    backport a couple minor fixes from bitcoin
    kleinere Anpassungen

Prämien (Community Bounties)

Medien und Publikationen


     Blockzeit: 1 Minute
     Schwierigkeitsgrad Retarget: jeder Block
     Nominal Stake: 1% jährlich
     Mindesttransaktionsgebühr: 0,0001 BC
     Gebühren werden an die Miner ausbezahlt
     Bestätigungen: 10, Laufzeit: 500
     Mindestzeit Staking: 8 Stunden, keine Maximalfrist
     P2P-Port: 15714, RPC-Port: 15715

Proof of Work (abgelaufen)

     Algo: Scrypt
     Block-Reward: 10000 BC, keine Halbierung
     Maximalhöhe: 10000 (danach wird das Netzwerk PoW nicht akzeptieren)
     P2Pool Quelle:


    Linux 64-bit v1.0.5.1 AV check
    Windows 32-bit v1.0.5.1 AV check
    Mac v1.0.5  AV check
    Mac wallet provided by instacash, accepting donations to BF3AYX1tGXWwgUaHoPxGjYG9ajj9g8L3Uz
    Source code

Bekannter Bug: Wenn die Wallet nicht beim ersten Mal startet, einfach noch mal probieren.



Exchanges: is closing, withdraw!


Multipools mit BC-Auszahlung:

Spenden für Weiterentwicklung: B8gZqgY4r2RoEdqYk3QsAqFckyf9pRHN6i


     Wass muss ich tun, um über PoS-Staking BCs zu verdienen?
     Halten Sie Ihre Wallet entriegelt online. Staking ist auch mit verschlüsselter Wallet über die Eingabe eines Befehls über die Konsole möglich. Bitte für Einzelheiten das 
     Forum besuchen.
     Wie werden die Zinsen berechnet? # Compound_Interest
     Ich verstehe immer noch nicht wieviel ich über PoS verdiene!
     1% pro Jahr
     Wie hoch ist die Anzahl der Coins?
     Nicht festgelegt
     Was passiert, wenn meine Wallet offline ist? Verliere ich dann die Zinsen?
     Sie verlieren Transaktionsgebühren und zusammengesetzte Zinsen (Compound Interest). Die Nominalzinsen werden aber gezahlt, wenn einen Block gefunden wird.
     Warum sind die Staking Zinsen so niedrig?
     Weil es so geplant war.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Cryptsy Trading Block Scam and possible Security Leak on: March 12, 2014, 12:28:02 PM
Hi everyone,

I was Cryptsy-User for a few months now and never had a problem with them (except daylong deposit times for coins).

Last week I was trading Auroracoins at Cryptsy while they were shooting up to 0.149. I made some profit buying in at 0.122 and selling a few times around 0.133 and to 0.14. The hassles began a few hours later when I realized the coin was not going up anymore and therefore likely about to drop further. I intended to sell at 0.135 but my orders where not executed anymore - even below the listed buy price, and disappeared from the list. Instead the orders where deleted from the system and then kept reappearing, but were not executed. I checked my system for errors, disabled the API-Access, used another browser, another computer - without any effect. The next hours I had to watch the coin value going down and down while I desperately tried to place sell orders, but canceled orders kept vanishing and reappearing again in the system while new orders were not executed.  Since I was unable to do anything, I at least recorderd a clip with my smartphone:

After hours, one order was finally executed (dont know why) when the value already dropped down to 0.9..

Possible Security Leak: My canceled orders kept reappearing in the balance, adding the total amount of BTC to the double amount (value+held for orders value):

Since Im not a scammer, I didnt try to make a withdrawal - but I wonder If I had been able to withdraw 16+ BTC from my Acct with an actual true balance of 8 .3 BTC during that event. If that happened to other Cryptsy users too or hackers exploit this weakness...or it already happened and they suffered loss and are running a fractional reserve now, who knows.

I sent 3 Mails to them outlining the issue, including further proof, the last one wednesday last week:

Hi Cryptsy Team,

Attached you find a set of screenshots as further proof regarding my blocked trade at cryptsy yesterday, after I already sent you a short video of the event yesterday.

1. The screenshots 12,13 and 15 show the already cancelled orders reappearing, as you can already see it in the video I recorder with my smartphone (note the system time and time of order execution )

2. Screenshot 9 shows my correct Balance at 6.11 pm (CET) which is about 8.34 BTC (AUR + BTC, not involving  other coins I hold which I was not trading yesterday).

3. Screenshots 16 and 17 shows incorrect Balance of 16.3 BTC  (double value!) at 6.57pm , since canceled orders are apparently calculated within the Balance.

the whole bug occurred from yesterday afternoon and went on for hours. In the meantime,  trade value of AUR went down from 0.135 (where I was still in the profit zone since I bought in at 0.122-0.124)
to 0.09 (!) until a sell order was finally executed after hours (for whatever reason). Due to this bug, no sell order was executed before even when they were listed in the system below the buy price.

I was finally forced to sell for about 6.5 BTC, not only losing my gain but adding a loss. half lucky at least, since the loss would already be 50% at the coins value today. I find it appalling that this error never appeared all the months ago while I was trading other Coins with lower volume at Cryptsy. Also the error didn’t appear all the time while the AUR value shoot up to 0.149. It just started hours later when it sank back to below 0.12.

Please let me know how you will handle this event. I suffered a substantial loss due to this manipulation/bug and will fully cooperate with you in case of any further information requests/investigations.
In case I don’t hear anything from you within the next days, I will have to escalate this matter to the Bitcoin community.


Until today, I didnt hear a word from them. I therefore declare myself being officially ripped off by Cryptsy, losing about 1.8 BTC due to fraud executed either by them or by a third party exploiting a security leak in their system with or without their knowledge.

Think twice before you trade your coins there.
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Access to Group Buys Forum on: December 04, 2013, 03:12:37 PM
Hi there,

I just got myself registered to participate in Group Orders. Unfortunately there is no access to the Group Buy Forum for new registered users.
Can someone please advise?


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