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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Another Open Source project accepts bitcoin donations: Otroslogviewer on: March 14, 2014, 04:57:45 PM

Happy to see this fine tool getting some fresh work and now accepting donations in BTC. FOSS and BTC are delicious pairings, IMHO.

Wake up Jimmy Wales! People are literally saying "take my money, please" an you are still riding the fence?
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Escrowing the Gox Account info & Operate the exchange as non-profit? on: February 28, 2014, 01:25:38 AM
I in no way support the notion of fucking with the block chain or any sort of rolling back what happened with Gox.

But I do think there remain possibilities of recovering some of the funds for account holders. We simply dont know the truth behind why it's shuttered and there are some interesting theories floating around.

Some of which point to the possibility that the a decent proportion of the btc might still be in the wallets, or might be tied up due to legal / law enforcement demands. Those both leave the possibility that we might see something back some day.

What I havent seen discussed is that Gox almost certainly still has accurate account balance info for customer accounts. The more time goes by the more likely it would seem that data could be lost or buried in legal mess.

At a minimum, I would like to see that data set in the hands a neutral party or perhaps the Bitcoin Foundation ASAP. The small chance of recovery along with knowing that some dispassionate 3rd party knows the balances of account holders would be a good thing.

Perhaps accounts that have an existing btc withdrawal address can be stripped of personally identifying info before they are sent to escrow. The presumption is that someone can sign a message on that address to prove ownership. Accounts without btc withdrawal addresses might need Mark to whip up some php to let them set a valid one.

Stripping it of PII might be good in that it means the escrow party doenst have the complete client list to make Gox less valuable to a potential suitor and means the account holders dont have to trust someone else with their info.

Long term, I wonder if Mt Gox could be run as a low overhead, low fee exchange in a non-profit way until it recoups the current account holders balances?

Maybe it doesnt even need to touch fiat, which would seem to be a high bar in terms of compliance and operational overhead. If it only allowed trading between alts and btc it might be autonomous and useful enough to recover some of the balances for people.

They were rumoured to have LTC support ready and we know the trading engine worked well enough over the last few years. It shouldnt need much in the way of maintenance.

Possible?  Insane?

3  Economy / Speculation / insane bid at BTC-e on: March 05, 2013, 09:55:31 PM
Anyone else see the insane bids at btc-e right now?

5000000000.0000009 @ 38.188
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Google doesnt exactly say No to bitcoins as payout option for Google Checkout on: February 13, 2013, 09:01:49 PM
On a whim and in the tradition of trying to keep the pressure on the established players to support bitcoin, I asked Google Checkout when they would support bitcoin for seller payouts.

The response wasnt yes, but neither was it a "no way". I was pleasantly surprised at the "maybe someday". So...we may be beyond the phase where "they ignore you".

12:53 PM (1 minute ago)
to me

Hello XXXXX,
Google Checkout currently doesn’t provide payouts using Bitcoin, though we may introduce this feature in the future. We’ll take your feedback into account as we move forward with product development.
We always welcome suggestions for how we can improve Google Checkout, so please continue to send us your comments in the future.

The Google Checkout Team
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [WARNING] Fishing attempts for MtGox Account Verification info on: May 19, 2012, 05:24:10 PM
I got the following email last night. The wording is decent but the links embedded dont point to the real MtGox. Yes, my email does appear in the leaked Gox account info from last year.

Hope nobody falls for it...Note that quoting it here doesnt show the actual urls that were set in the html email sent, I put those in parens after the link targets in the msg.

Be careful out there!

MtGox Support via
10:42 PM (11 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mt.Gox user,

Your account is currently pending review, please visit (pointed to:
For those users who have had their accounts marked for review, an explanation of why were are implementing these security measures can be found here:

Security Measures Explained (pointed to: )

�Verified� Accounts are eligible for monthly/daily transaction limits of up to 5 times the monthly limit and 10 times the daily limit.

In order to apply for the �Verified� account status please attach a copy of the following documents:
- Your government issued photo ID (passport, permanent residence card or driver�s license) and
- A scan of either your monthly utility bill (power, phone, TV, gas, water, etc.) or a certificate of residency issued by your local government.

The Mt.Gox team
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Decade old counterfiet "super dollars" are magnets for crime & terrorism on: February 24, 2012, 08:52:02 PM
 via Time Magazine.

Superdollars, and the untold billions of (electronic) dollars spent combating them could be the wake-up call that finally forces us to think more clearly about the costs of physical money. If killing all cash strikes you as a little too radical, consider for a moment what it would mean to get rid of high-denomination banknotes. Who would be most inconvenienced if Washington were to outlaw $100 and $50 bills tomorrow? Cartel bosses in Juarez, Mexico jump to mind. So do human traffickers in China and Africa, aspiring terrorists in Afghanistan, wildlife poachers, arms dealers, tax evaders, and everyday crooks who hold up mom and pop groceries. And, or course, North Korean government officials.

Also mentioned on /. with surprising little of the usual vitrol when bitcoins are mentioned.

For every small increment of shady financial dealings that bitcoin might make a wee bit more convenient, there is vastly more volume and more dangerous stuff already going on with hard currency.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / JP Morgan has significant investment in FPGA & GPU systems on: December 16, 2011, 05:27:23 PM

meh or dun dun dun?

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BTC for opensource project donations? on: October 31, 2011, 06:32:31 PM
With all the talk and good ideas about driving adoption I'm surprised there isnt more discussion of how to get open source development projects to accept BTC for donations. I see that Diaspora is accepting now and I'm sure there are others but I have to think that given the tech savvy nature and where BTC is at in it's maturity that more projects should be able to accept donations in BTC.

What's stopping them? Awareness? Is it really that much easier to setup for Paypal donations? What can we as a community do to make it easy for more developers to accept donations in bitcoin?

I'd be willing to contribute 100 BTC or so to a open source development fund that could be offered to be spread across the first x open source dev projects that setup a prominent way to accept BTC as donations. I suppose there would have to be some kind of qualification process to be sure I was contributing to projects that actually had some momentum and worth; not necessarily for bitcoin projects, though.

I also fantasize that someday freelance job finding sites like oDesk or eLance would someday accept BTC as a means of paying for services.

Anyone else have ideas or motivation here?
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Are TradeHill withdrawals happening? on: August 07, 2011, 06:31:20 AM
Has anyone gotten a successful withdrawal from TH in the last 48 hours?

I've had a withdrawal via Paxum in process for going on 40 hours, have sent 2 support requests and have heard nothing back.

I had deposit via Paxum take more than 36 hours that I submitted on Thursday and only got a "sorry, it's processed now" from support once it finally happened.

There is nothing in the TH UI that warns of the delay but there is a scary looking blog post that mentions them having to haggle with Bank Of America and possibly changing banks.

What bothers me most if the lack of upfront communication and response to support requests. I'm very frustrated with there singular support via Paxum and am having no issues with Mt.Gox and CampBX via Dwolla. I think this might be the end of my using TH if this doesnt clear up or at least get some serious commission reduction for those who had multiple transfers delayed beyond the 24 hour commitment they continue to make in their UI.

10  Other / Off-topic / Stuck USB stick with 500 it gone? on: June 23, 2011, 05:36:02 AM
2 days ago I was delivering a USB stick with an GPG encrypted wallet to a customer for exchange. I wanted to do the delivery the next morning when I was going be in their part of town anyway but the customer insisted they needed it right away and I kinda owed them the favor of an after midnight delivery to the nightclub they worked at. No biggie, I'd couriered other packages to them there so I thought it was cool. Plus, they were gonna let me slide another week on a payment I owed them.

Anyway, the parking lot was full and I had to find a spot around the corner in the underground parking lot of a nearby business. I've blown too much money in that club on booze and women and squandered lots more on pool games, so to remove all temptation I left my wallet in my car and headed out with just my keys and the USB stick in my pocket. Because the street level is reserved for emergency vehicles and monthly paid parking, I had to go down two levels to find a spot. I parked near the elevators and noticed a couple of shady dudes hanging out near the stair well on the other side of the garage, smoking blunts and throwing bones. Oh, well, I'll only be a minute. wallet and ride should be fine I think as I head to the elevators. I can prolly get one of the bouncers to walk back with me and the bundle I'll be taking for the BTCs.

Turns out, the elevators are shut off that late at night. I gotta walk past the guys rolling dice at the stairs who are polite enough to tell me they shut the elevators off at 11pm as keep a brisk pace for the stairs.

About half-way up to the exit, through the long echoing concrete stairwell, I hear the more bleary-eyed of them asking in loud drunken slur what I'm doing in here this late and then something like "yeah let's check it out"....I can hear them coming up the stairs.

I panicked. If I had my wallet on me I might be able to bribe them off with the $100 or so that's in it, but all I've got on me is my keys and this USB stick that's worth close to 10 large and my customer getting antsy at the other end.  I start running for the next flight of stairs to the alley exit....when fuck me if one fast little bastard hasnt made it all the way around and is coming through the door above me with 2 more coming from below.

I knew they would shake me down and I had visions of them stealing the USB or worse, smashing it rage because I didnt have the blow or cash or whatever they were hoping to find. I didnt know what to do but I knew I had to do it fast....I swallowed the USB.

It barely made it down and was gagging me as it tried to make it's way back up....they didnt know what to think. I think they thought I was having a seizure or something and just split as I stood there clutching the handrail and spewing out gobs of stringy spit as the jagged USB stick kind just hung there in what felt like the middle of chest. make a long story short, I finally made it into the bar and had to belt down a couple of beers while I told my customer to fuck off for making me come out here so late with such a shitty neighborhood around. I told him he could have his BTC once it passed and that there'd be an extra 10% if that didnt happen before Wednesday.

The problem is, it hasnt passed. I've been shitting into my bathtub and put a big screen over the drain to catch the USB while washing it all down, but nothing. I'm fucking sick of Total cereal and prunes and had enough coffee to keep an interstate truck driver awake for 2 days. Nothing. I'm starting to worry the stick is dissolving inside me at this point.

I went to the emergency room and told them I think I swallowed something bad but didnt say what. maybe a battery or something. They took 5 hours to decide to take xrays and....nothing. They gave me some laxative and said to check back with my regular doctor.

I'm so screwed. The customer thinks I'm lying to him and the guy who I'm delivering for is equally sure I'm fucking him over. At this point if I dont get the 500BTC to my customer in the next 3 days I'm not going to have an ass to shit anything out of.

Can anyone please help me?

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