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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 💲🔥🔥✅ [BOUNTY]⚡️[ICO][YOUTUBE] ⚡LaborCrypto - Empowering Freelance Ecosystem on: July 18, 2018, 07:09:45 PM
2  Economy / Services / What if there is a place better than UPWORK and ? on: June 27, 2018, 03:52:57 PM
We are incredibly proud of our purpose and mission to transform the freelance marketplace into a fairer system for all – together WE thrive.
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3  Bitcoin / Project Development / LaborCrypto’s Approach - Freelancer in good hands on: April 09, 2018, 03:06:17 AM

The LaborCryptoTM leadership team developed and manages ChoreReliefTM, a North American gig marketplace for household services that focuses on providing consumers more control over their budget and time and empowering workers with a suite of resources to build a business. ChoreRelief’s ideals, people-first principles, and disruptive nature are intrinsically embedded in LaborCrypto.

Since developing and launching technology consisting of iOs and Android apps and a worker dashboard, our team built a marketplace of 10,000 North Ameri- can users with 30% growth each month in just a few months.

While building the ChoreReliefTM ecosystem, we always believed the key to user loyalty was creating enough value for all user experiences, but we also identified critical problems within the freelance labor marketplaces. We created value for the consumer
by allowing them to name their budget, control their time, eliminate the noise and wasted communications and reduce the transaction to a quick painless and affordable solution.

However, one major problem remained, which could not be solved without adopting blockchain technology and incorporating cryptocurrency to the ecosystem. Hence, LaborCryptoTM was a natural evolution of ChoreReliefTM - a step closer to our goal of empowering the masses and leveling the playing field to accommodate consumers with a limited budget.

Our Talented Team
LaborCryptoTM benefits from our Team Members’ experience & knowledge across different business areas. Each and every one of the team members represents the spirit of LaborCryptoTM: driven, committed, and acutely aware of LaborCrypto’s potential.

More info and the White Paper can be found on

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / LaborCrypto - THE GLOBAL FREELANCE PEER TO PEER ECOSYSTEM THAT SHARES REVENUE. on: April 09, 2018, 02:56:28 AM
Together, WE Thrive
Check out our white paper posted on the website

Our Philosophy, the Opportunity, and the Road Ahead

“We are all contributing to a world we would rather live in, a world where we are in control, a world we feel we deserve, a world where the vast majority of people love what they do.”


Gig Economy Experience + [Suspicious link removed]puting Decentralization
LaborCryptoTM is a light touch administrator in a people-powered freelance work ecosystem. Our algo- rithms match users with other users to hire and promote freelance work. LaborCrypto is the next iteration of ChoreReliefTM a successful platform that streamlined gig economy match-making. LaborCrypto is using that successful experience and applying the power of blockchain smart contracts to decentralize corporate power structures and give more economic power to the freelance workers and those who hire them.
We, at LaborCrypto, think differently and believe in challenging the status quo and giving power to freelance workers. We believe that our biggest shared value is to have real control of every important facet of our lives.


LaborCrypto embraces the responsibility of being a platform where consumers and freelance workers thrive together because they share similar values and are both stakeholders in the ecosystem. LaborCrypto strives to take out the costly middle-men and rent-seekers that inhabit much of the gig economy to allow consumers and freelance workers to interact directly, benefitting from that interaction and the overall value of the platform.


We believe that each one of us gains real control over our lives when:
• As a Consumer, you decide that hiring help would be a better use of your resources;
• As a Freelancer, you go out on your own to be your own boss, to expand your horizons, and test your limits;
• As a Stakeholder (only available to Consumers and Freelancers) you want to be a part of something that will make the world a better place and increase how much money you make by working through the platform.


The gig economy is all around us, and most of us participate in it. Millions of people use Uber, Lyft, Task Rabbit, Fiverr,, UpWork, and many other worker-consumer matching applications. Those platforms suffer from various deficiencies. Most have astronomical service fees, offer low pay to the freelancers, and the users have to pay for the transactions.
Few have real brand loyalty, and because of the low pay and high feels, have difficulty retaining top-tier freelancers. Those applications do little or nothing for the more than 3 Billion people around the world that do not have access to banking. Other worker-consumer applications do not have a built-in dispute mechanism which leads to people being left unpaid, and consumers not having recourse in the event of a freelancer’s misconduct.
This is where LaborCrypto comes in...

LaborCrypto will be using the expertise of its founders and applying blockchain (Distributed Ledger) technology to make a freelance hiring platform that is decentralized, has extremely low fees, allows for the unbanked to make and store money, and will have a built-in arbitration process. Additionally, LaborCrypto will share 50% of collected fees and advertising revenue with all token holders that are actively using the tokens and their memberships in the LaborCrypto marketplace. There will be no inactive shareholders that earn money based on the work of others. This combines the advantages of an employee-owned company with the advantages of being self-employed!
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