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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / stop listening to false news on: February 06, 2018, 06:11:09 AM
The current "crash" is caused by one bad "news" after another.   A lot of them are the false or twisted truth.

For example, today, once again "China Full ban crypto".   What the...    Why is it causing another crash??  Why is it even "news"?

It was already banned in China back in September 2017.   All trading platforms suspended trading in September.   Anyone from China who still trade Crypto must be using foreign platforms.   Sure, they reported that China added all crypto exchange sites to Great FireWall.   So what?  These people have VPNs!   When I was in China, everyone who visits foreign sites use VPNs.   Yes, China banned VPN as well a long time ago.   So what?  Everyone is still using it.   Just like ignoring the traffic light is illegal in China, but at every intersection, you will see people ignore the red lights... the truth!   Just because it is "illegal", does not mean no one will do it.   

So just this (one) news of China banned Crypto, it was repeatedly used to crash the Crypto market (4 or 5 times).   Do not fall for it!
1.  Summer 2017, China banned ICO.
2.  September 2017, China banned crypto trading.
3.  November or December?  China became unfriendly to crypto mining (Large-scale miners moved oversea already)
4.  January 2018.  China banned websites of foreign crypto exchanges. (VPN!!!)
5.  Today, "China Full Ban Crypto"...  (Really?)

So what is next?
"China really ban crypto"?
"China really full ban crypto"?
"China really really full ban crypto"Huh
"China will jail anyone who trades crypto"Huh
"China will execute anyone who trades crypto"?
"China will nuke every country who trade crypto"Huh??

Stop spreading this nonsense.    What's done was already done in September 2017.   Nothing has changed ever since.  NOTHING really changed in the last 4~5 months.  

Yellow journalism at its best.  

Same goes for Korean and Indian news.   South Korea did not really ban crypto.  Just one guy wanted to ban it.  It was not approved, nor implemented.   So far they have only added regulations that people can no longer trade anonymously.   So what?   Didn't Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex etc. US-based platforms all require our IDs and photos?  

India also did not ban crypto.  Just a minister made some unfriendly speech toward crypto.  No real "ban" whatsoever.  

From the look of it, someone or some groups are trying hard to make the prices go down.   The sad thing is, people are falling for it.   The same China "news" was used on 5 occasions to cause the market crash while nothing was really changed or happened.   Korean news was used on at least 2 occasions.    

The bottom line is, let's just ignore all the stupid "news".   Use our brains.   Not hearsay from yellow journalism.   It is getting annoying to have every little "news" to impact the market price.  
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