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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / style website for Altcoins on: February 16, 2014, 07:57:21 AM

Is there a style website for Altcoins, where people can exchange fiat for an Altcoin like Quark directly?

I once bumped into a site like that, but don't remember what its called.

Any help?
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Are there plans to shift the Bitcoin decimal point to the right? on: January 11, 2014, 09:45:58 AM

Bitcoin has passed the $1000 mark at least 3 times now. At the same time, while Bitcoin isbeing adopted by small shops on the high street, ordinary people on the street who are accustomed to talking about money in integers rather than decimals, find it very odd (not user-friendly) to count zeros for a cup of coffee. Let's face it 0.00176 BTC as a price-tag for a cup of coffee doesn't make sense to ordinary people as much 1.76 BTC.  Not to mention the amount of confusion those zeros create.

My question is:  are there any serious plans or work being done to shift the decimal point 3 digits to the left?

NB: please don't confuse this action with suddenly increasing in the supply of bitcoins, like the process that is known in economics as "printing" or even devaluation.  Whoever had 5 bitcoins will now have 5,000 bitcoins and the total nominal supply will go from 21 million to 21 billion.  It's just a process of shifting decimal points to make currency more useful in every day transactions.   
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Help with PHP to call address balance from Quark blockchain. on: January 09, 2014, 11:06:19 AM
I'm building a website for crowd-funding various Quark-related projects -- similar to Kickstarter. 

The person who proposes a new project enters a new wallet address for that project.

So for each project I want to display how much has been raised thus far - i.e. the latest balance of that wallet address, like we see here under the "Balance" column:

So, for example if the variable is QXSyzkDG8NjdA9X32pVdt5tQvMfRJrk3ns , then it should display 335,177

Can someone please help me with PHP code for this?

Thanks in advance!
4  Other / Beginners & Help / MultiBit: I've just lost 15 in BTC that didn't propagate &another $88 is locked on: December 06, 2013, 11:30:37 AM
Hello everyone,

This is my 4th day in Bitcoin world and I'm already very disappointed and frustrated in it as a currency!!!  One can understand it  especially when you loose money down the drain.

First thing first:  I went to and installed MultiBit Wallet. Then I went to and bought 0.15 BTC for 115 just before the Chinese news were announced and BTC lost 30% of it's value  Shocked

Transaction #1: Then, I moved 0.081 BTC from to my MultiBit wallet on desktop.  
Transaction #2: I decided to invest 14-15 long term in some small up-and-coming coins, so I initiated a payment to .  That payment never arrived:  it permanently said that it has been seen by only 1 peer.
Transaction #3: I have received 0.00006 from some website for watching ads (just wanted to test)
Apart from a non-propagated transaction #2, what's more, is that Multibit was showing that I have only 0.0006 BTC available,, completely ignoring my 0.081 BTC payment.  

After 1 day of waiting and nothing changing, I decided to follow some of the advice on this forum: backup the wallet, uninstall MultiBit and reinstall Multibit.  Result: the unconfirmed transaction #2 (15) to has disappeared from the list of transactions.  My only transactions showing are the ones that I have received : #1 and #3.

So now Multibit is again telling me that my balance is 0.00006 BTC ! So how can I get my 0.081 BTC Huh ,  I really want to put some money into and to buy some other coins.

PS: very frustrating: 0.081 BTC might be some insignificant digits, but for others it's a lot of hours of work!!!

UPDATE: just to confirm that my transactions are true see
So , now I need to make that 0.081 BTC appear as part of my MultiBit wallet's balance,which currently reads only 0.00006BTC
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