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1  Other / Meta / Bitcointalk account hacked, recovered on: July 16, 2018, 09:46:19 AM
My Bitcointalk forum account was hacked this moring at 8:22 AM( +2 GMT ). An yopmail adress mirroring my own email adress (using the same name as my email adress but using the anonymous passwordsless email. I don't know what private messeges were sent as i've seen that no posts were made.

"Your Bitcoin Forum ( email address was just changed from (my email)  to by IP address If you did not do this, then you can visit the following link within 14 days in order to lock the account:"

Which i didn't do since i used the same yopmail adress to change password, then i changed the adress on the forum. I don't know if they brute forced or used my secret question answer. In any case, i felt the need to make it public since i don't know what the account was used for during these hours. I recovered it a few minutes ago.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ICASH-illicit CRIMINAL take-over rename to PURA - Gmail conversation with "DEVS" on: August 24, 2017, 07:41:45 AM
The so called developers made a 5 day window of swapping coins WITHOUT announcing it in the OP of the ICASH thread.

IT is all a big robbery. I myself owned 2 million and before they self-moderated the thread there were others who were complaining they are not replying to their swap requests. They offered to swap 300.000 out of my 2000000.

 I refused accepting around 250000 USD loss at the current made-up price, which would have probably been lower if i had taken their " offer ".

You will see in the conversation below how they invoke many lies as arguments.

I have also sent a PM to mprep regarding this and the fact that the topic became self-moderated at the same time when they were "taking-over" = stealing the assets of many people.

While the same people invoke the lie that they could not modify the thread OP and ANNOUNCE THE SWAP BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT THE THREAD'S OWNERS. You can see this in the below conversation which was copy-pasted from my g-mail account. This and many other lies and false arguments.

The ICASH blockchain was perfectly functional, there were absolutely no problems with it outside the fact that YoBIT was basically sabotaging trade by by locking their own wallet, a fact which can lead to further speculation.

Here is my conversation with the "DEVS" of the PURA take over.

Late swapper LARGE SUM icash
Exposing Numbers <>
Aug 13 (11 days ago)
to icashofficial

I have a large sum of icash, around 2m. Regarding the late swap, you've written on the website that you will handle larger amounts and provide compensation for them.

I see myself cornered as is, as the OP of thread had no information on this swap and such i must add that i cannot afford to lose anything with my icash which was a certain long term investment.

I saw that some people on the thread have complained that they did not receive a reply to their e-mails regarding swap, even though they were ( and still are ) within the one week window that was seemingly provided.
icash official
Aug 17 (7 days ago)
to me
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there was info on btctalk thread and ther is no point of trying to slide Your own lack of interset in Your investments on others. ALWAYS check daily Your investments and keep track what is going on.

I can swap You 300 000 and thats it because there are others who need help too.

Send 300 000 to this address - iSLFUy2c9kjuVe4D3S1hioH5T1MKy54RTZ

And send me Your PURA address..

If there is leftover funds after late swapper then i will contact you to swap more.

Exposing Numbers <>
Aug 18 (6 days ago)
to icash
I'll have to reject your offer, because accepting it would mean accepting your final statement, which is :

        If there is leftover funds after late swapper then i will contact you to swap more.

I am the rightful owner of approx 2 million icash which was promised to swap after the so called 5 day swap

        there was info on btctalk thread and ther is no point of trying to slide Your own lack of interset in Your investments on others. ALWAYS check daily Your investments and keep track what is going on.

I'm not trying to slide anything, the opening post was monitored and no mentions of this swap appeared in it.

A few questions regarding the authenticity of the swap :

Why are there no mentions of any kind of this swap in the Icash bitcointalk thread first page  ?

Why was the swap duration only 5 days, especially in the situation where you made no mention of this in the OP, while at the same time moderating the thread and blocking others from commenting on it ?

Why have you replied my email on the 18 of august and not 5 days before, during the so called extension period ? Is this a tactic to make me accept an unfair offer of swapping only about 15% of my total coins, while i myself would somehow agree to leave the rest to you ?

How does your explanation stand , in which you say

        I can swap You 300 000 and thats it because there are others who need help too.

Suggesting that you can swap only 300.000 out of two million, while the total amount of coin is the exact SAME as Icash, and was all minted by you and by bringing as an explanation that "others"need help too basically implies that you're taking from me 1.7 million because you don't want to give "others" their own swapped coins which you owe them through you statements regarding this swap, and in order for them not to complain of you selling the coins that you owe them, you are giving them the coins that you owe me. That doesn't make any sense, fair sense. More can be said here.

How can it be explained that you can't swap enough, if there were the same amount of coins minted ? Leftovers from what exactly ?
icash official
Aug 20 (4 days ago)
to me
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There is nothing unfair about it. There was nothing on the icash page BECAUSE WE ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVS of icash. If you want to be mad about anyone then try to contact those people. We only opened an opportunity for people to come over to our network. Who missed the opportunity - is stuck on icash chain.

I was proposing an alternative to Your problem but You did not want to accept and just kept suggesting that everything is not fair.

It is not our responsibility to look out for peoples investments. In the first place - i would NEVER buy coins that have github that was last changed 3 years back and has 0 active devs. If i do - i make sure i understand what is going on..

We are not responible for anything else than just setting up our own network and giving out people an option to swap. was the place for this swap and thats it.

After the original swap was done - exchange side we had a suggestion that we leave 4 million PURAs for late swapping. Just in case. We left this amount out of burned coins.. So this was the amount we had for late swappers. We had no need nor obligation to do so BUT we decided we help some of the people out... but You now missed the opportunity to swap Your 300 000 too so there is nothing we can do about anymore.
Exposing Numbers <>
Aug 20 (4 days ago)
to icash
I see you have not answered any of my questions in a transparent manner.

I will however make public all our conversations. And i have a few people from bitcointalk whom were scammed the very same way.

Good riddance.

Oh, and the old chain ? I'm taking over. Let's see what you burned.
Exposing Numbers <>
Aug 20 (4 days ago)
to icash
Sorry pal i just got robbed of 45.8 BTC so what losses your scam inflicts on me will only help me get support to get icash on track and preserving the original name - which you deturned while scamming people of their possession, in your so-called take-over.

It's a matter of principle. I just put my money where my mouth is at, by refusing your scammy offer. You just stole other people's money.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Release the hounds : 45.8 BTC stolen - CRIMINAL sticky pls on: August 02, 2017, 07:27:37 AM
If you can, please make this a sticky , people NEED to be warned and i need to find someone to recover 150kusd and get 75kusd for it (Relative to current BTC + BCH prices )

I got robbed of 45.8 BTC (and BCH so total = 150000$) after installing the executable from

I was running multisig but both on the same PC. First i ran the portable electrum.exe from but when it did not load my wallets *NOTE : the ones that had BTC in them ,it loaded just fine any other wallet ) - I don't want to hear opinions on my stupidity

After it didn't work i downloaded last version of electrum from

I'm wondering how the F is it possible that after 2 years of this thread no one has taken down and/or announced the US. authorities fbi etc about it.

I'm in Romania and have no wish to deal with this legally, which will probably get me nowhere.

I  am willing to split the rights on the BTC with whoever is capable of recovering them via detective+legal means.

This is the transaction :

As i said , I don't want to hear opinions on my stupidity, this is mostly a warning and hopefully a way for someone to make a healthy 75000$.
4  Local / Market / Vand ANTMINER S2 cu sursa stock (Enermax 80Plus), 1022gh/s 1th/s on: February 04, 2016, 02:59:52 PM
Bucuresti cash sau BTC, provincie BTC cu escrow sau prin curier cu transportul platit in avans prin BTC.

850 RON cu sursa

450 RON fara sursa.

1640 2 bucati

850 2 bucati fara surse

Amintesc ca sursele sunt enermax revolution 87+ 1000w. Nu au molex-uri dar se pot adapta avand muulte pci-euri de 12v.
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