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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][2nd Proof of Mining Campaign] Coin Magi | PoS-II | PoM|Unique BLK reward on: April 18, 2015, 02:52:31 AM
Original ANN-thread:

Freenode IRC: #magi  |   Skype: coin.magi  |   QQ group: 337678945  |   Email:

MagiPub | MagiPay | MagiMining (Discussion) | MagiDev | MagiCampaign

Website | Forum | Wallet Downloads | Source code
(wallet version:

Download CPU miner

Github: source code
Spexx's compiled package - Download, Beginner package, Speed controller
NeedIfFindIt's GUI Magi Miner - Auto-adjusting hashrate: 0.9.8 Beta, 0.9.8 Beta (no miners), source code
Our own compilation: Download from sourceforge
Running miner in a VPS [linux os]
Cygwin compilation (windows)
Compile and run CPU miner on Mac OS
How to run a minerd

# m-cpuminer-legacy-v2 (source code)
This miner (optimized V2) is the same as generic CPU minerd except an additional option flag "-e cpu_efficiency", that allows adjusting cpu efficiency between 1 - 100.
minerdlegacy -o stratum+tcp://pool_url:pool_port -u pool_user.worker -p password -t thread_numbers -e cpu_efficiency

Mining pool involved in PoM
(For a full list of mining pools see the original post)

Register PoM

What is PoM?

PoM - Proof of Mining; in simple,  the magi team rewards commensurate coins to every participant in this campaign, in accordance with your CPU hashrate invested into mining XMG.

PoM is also a built-in feature of XMG, thanks to the block reward design (see this link for more information). A detail explanation is shown below:

What is POM ?

Good question; no one was questioning this before, though we're talking "CPU mining | PoS-II | PoM | Unique BLK reward | [MagiPay]". PoM has more meaning (since we're advising 1st PoM) than a single campaign as done before (which was an approach to protect coin distribution):; some details here:

PoM - proof of mining; by it's definition, the more mining efforts being placed, the more rewards one gets. This is typically right in mining any coins, while it's particularly emphasized in Magi (on individuals' participation), because of the design of PoW block reward. A simple description of the block reward is that it decreases with increasing network hashrate, and may hit zero when network hash is significantly high. A consequence of this is big miners get frustrated. If one is familiar with the block reward (, you will see block reward could be easily hitting zero. A point here, which was also being argued among people, is who will exit if mining nothing? This is where PoM campaign will be functioning. The campaign will encourage people to keep mining by rewarding despite the amount of block reward. To understand the purpose of the PoM campaign , we can see what happens if we're on the opposite situation - what if generic miners quit first?: 1) big miners keep mining, 2) because of miners quitting, network hash getting low, block reward increasing, and big miners get rewarded more! So now you see PoM campaign is trying to protect the network and to ensure FAIR coin distribution.

To the individuals, PoM means one will receive better rewarding by long term mining. Provided that we, the generic miners, form a solid league, won't give up mining in any situation. One will receive less mining share if big miners are present since they have more hash weight over the rest of miners. It should be noted, however, that coin distribution is pretty much protected by the significantly reduced block reward, as much less coins will be mined in this case. At the time of big miners' leaving, network hash decreasing, not only one gets higher mining share, but also the block reward is high. Then you know why Magi can achieve the FAIRness in coin distribution.

Why PoM?

The XMG's block reward design has to bring the network hashrate into an equilibrium which would never go a very high or low number. Though the equilibrium state is strongly affected by the coin price, it is anticipated that the total hashrate could stay an appropriate level. This is a good feature to avoid huge waste of electricity consumed in the Bitcoin or other Altcoin's network. However, the weakness lies in the fact that one can gain reasonably high hashrate to dominate over the rest of the network. Although this is undesirable feature, we have taken a strategy, i.e., the PoM campaign, to avoid big-hash miners.

In general, people mine for profits, that means miners leave when they are unsatisfied with mining rewards.  

The PoM campaign encourages the persistence of generic miners by giving away a certain amount of coins to each participant. So one will receive mining reward plus PoM campaign reward. Even mining gets zero reward, one will receive the benefit from this campaign.

To the XMG network, we will have a fixed number of people mining around to compete the big-hash miners. In normal situation, people would quit after mining something without a reasonable ROI. This is primarily the reason of this campaign, and it is anticipated that the generic miners will maximize their shares.

What does "2nd PoM" mean?
The initial PoM (1st) is launched here:

About two months.

Participation & Rules
# Each participant has to register along with the bitcointalk username (registration:
# Each participant will need to mine in our official pool:
# Hard rule: your bitcointalk user must be registered before April 17, 2014 10:00 PM (EST) and be active; and you must be a Member.
   = If you aren't yet the Member, mange it to this level during the campaign.
   = If you are new to this world and just registered (so after April 17), please send us message.
   = If you don't like to use bitcointalk and have no plan to register a name, please email us:
# You muse mine with your CPU and total hashrate not exceeding 250 kh/s.

Pool rule is our official pool (created and managed by Historical) designed for PoM; mining hashrate higher than 250 kh/s is not allowed. Warning will be giving to people who put miners exceeding 250 kh/s, followed by account locking and worker removal if hashrate is not depressing upon warning.

We have a certain amount of pre-set funds available at this time, and intend to get more funds. The funds will be distributed into all of the participants. The following will affect the amount of coins one will receive.
# The number of participants;
# The reward will be proportional to 1) hashrate (up to 250 kh/s) 2) mining duration

(we will make sure the method of how-to-calculate soon)

PoM Funds
Funds raised up by donations (to be listed); total funds: 23,088.0 XMG
All further donations will be added up to the funds:

No deadline for participation
Earlier participants receive higher reward
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [Poll] Currency symbol for Coin Magi (XMG) on: March 18, 2015, 02:59:47 AM
Please suggest me additional symbol, I will add it to the poll list.

#1. Σ - Unicode


#2. C or C - Unicode (lunate sigma)


#3. Σ - Unicode (need change by adding a horizontal bar)



#4. C or C - Unicode (lunate sigma; need change by adding a horizontal bar)


[s]C[/s] [s]C[/s]

#5. σ - Unicode (low case sigma)


#6. Ȼ - Unicode


#7. Э - Unicode


#8. Ͼ - Unicode (dotted lunate sigma) by seeksilence (


#9. Ͽ - Unicode (reverse dotted lunate sigma)


#10. ₥ - Unicode


#11. Ṃ - Unicode by kondiomir (


#12. Ḿ - Unicode by kondiomir (


#13. ₰ - Unicode by kondiomir (


#14. ɯ - Unicode by ulfie (


#15. ʍ - Unicode by ulfie (


#16. ℳ - Unicode by ulfie (


#17. - Unicode by ulfie (


#18. by Spexx (code) (



#19. by dsyahputera (code) (

by jokowi
(I put vertical bar as one category)

#20. - Erkallys (


My opinion on the method creating the symbol:
  • 1st consideration: existing Unicode character (no need of changing)
  • 2nd consideration: existing Unicode character plus adding horizontal bar or html code
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [MagiPay] Payment gateway for merchants presented by Magi (XMG) on: December 09, 2014, 02:26:59 AM

This thread is to startup pre-registration for merchants who are intending to use MagiPay as its payment method.

What do you do if you are a merchant?

1. Reply to this thread and present your intention that you are willing to be a merchant using the MagiPay gateway;
2. A part of merchants will be selected to test MagiPay before the release of MagiPay;
3. Integrate MagiPay to your purchase system after the release.

What do we offer?

1. Early registrant (deadline: the MagiPay release date - end of December (ETA)) will enjoy lifetime free charge using the MagiPay service (including Phase #1 and #2/#3 as shown below);
2. The MagiTeam will massively advertise merchants (early registrants will have the highest priority) through our social medium, as well as via our weekly updates to be issued to the MagiCommunity.
3. We offer Magi bounties as an incentive for the earlier adoption;

What is MagiPay?

MagiPay is a payment gateway system developed by magi; its Phase #1 form will be similar to other existing systems. We will provide upgrade Phase #2/#3 with advanced features (curent under survey) and the fiat/BTC-XMG exchange. Additional charge is unavoidable in the latter; however, we offer free charge if you're an early adopter.

Phase #1: Basic functionality, e.g., buying goods online via using XMG

Phase #2/#3: Advanced features (survey, see below), e.g., inclusion of the fiat/BTC-XMG exchange

What is Magi?

Magi is a cryptocurrency which utilizes a unique M7M algorithm that allows ONLY CPU Mining. XMG also has at the first time implemented a particularly designed block rewarding system to enable FAIRNESS in the distribution of coins among miners. By removing the competitive nature of mining, XMG offers an even playing field for anyone looking to mine cryptocurrencies without expensive equipment.

Preview of MagiPay

1. A merchant creates an account at; after successful registration one can create a payment box;
2. issues MagiPay account details;
3. Integrate MagiPay to merchant's website;
4. Customer clicks the 'Pay with magi' button, MagiPay connects to server and requests for a specific payment box;
5. issues a MagiPay address and the total amount to be paid;
6. Customer sends coins to the MagiPay address;
7. Once the payment is received and confirmed, the server informs the successful payment;
8. After 1 hour upon the payment is received, the server automatically transfer the amount of magi to merchant's registered external wallet address.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [XMG] M7M CPU mining discussion thread on: November 16, 2014, 07:57:19 PM
This thread is to collect hash rates of CPU mining on the M7M algorithm (XMG, OP: This will facilitate us to make a wiki page.

Please post your CPU, hashrate, the miner (which compilation or compiled from source code), and any other means of improving performance you want to share.

M7M miners:
This includes Spexx and MarcusDe's compilations (generic). Spexx's software package is way of better.

Spexx's latest package:

MarcusDe full list:

For linux, compile from source code:

Estimate hash rate in kh/s (according to Spexx's research)

Locate your CPU in; divide "Passmark CPU Mark figure" by 1000 and then multiply by 3.6.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [XMG] Coin Magi - CPU mining guide on: November 06, 2014, 05:59:37 AM

Freenode IRC: #magi  |   Skype: coin.magi  |   Email:

MagiPub | MagiMining | MagiDev | MagiCampaign | Website | Downloads | Source code

The official thread of Magi (XMG) is here:

Coin Magi (XMG) utilizes a unique M7M algorithm that allows only CPU Mining. XMG also has at the first time implemented a particularly designed block rewarding system to enable FAIRNESS in the distribution of coins among miners. By removing the competitive nature of mining, XMG offers an even playing field for anyone looking to mine cryptocurrencies without expensive equipment.

A revised version of XMG's PoW mining algorithm ( has been done recently. This algorithm utilizes iterative sequential algorithm and numerical computation operating through GMP floating points to disable parallel implement, such as using GPU.

The following covers CPU mining through VPS and miners compiled by Spexx and MarcusDe. The guides were initially posted in the OP.  Guides here are still under updating...

# Minerd (source code)
   A simplified miner enclosed a few compilations: download link
   Spexx's guide and miner dowloads
   MarcusDe's guide and miner dowloads (generic miner)
   VPS mining, cygwin compilation (windows)
   Compile and run CPU miner on Mac OS
   How to run a minerd

[XMG] M7M CPU mining discussion thread: (please report your hash rate too)
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [XMG] Coin Magi - Updates on: November 04, 2014, 11:45:04 PM
Official thread of Magi (XMG) is here:

Freenode IRC: #magi

This thread keeps track of what's been done in the past as summarized below.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [XMG] Coin Magi - publication on: November 04, 2014, 04:41:26 PM

Freenode IRC: #magi  |   Skype: coin.magi  |   Email:

MagiPub | MagiMining | MagiDev | MagiCampaign | Website | Downloads | Source code

1. A network-dependent rewarding system: proof-of-mining (
A soft control of the network activity through varying reward in a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency is reported. Rewards are the necessity to incent the contributors activities (i.e., mining) in order to maintain the PoW network. Contrary to constant rewarding in a certain period implemented in most of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, we propose a network-dependent rewarding model system, primarily including two phases: 1) activities encouraging phase in which higher rewards are issued at higher network activities; and 2) discouraging further increase of activities by reducing rewards. The advantages of this system include 1) fair distribution of rewards among a variety of contributors, and 2) enforcing a limit to the network activity and hence the cost of maintaining the PoW network. This mechanism requires network contributors to show their participation in order to earn maximum rewards, i.e., proof-of-mining.

Available online now. Although arxiv is an e-prints, it has received paramount attention in the academy:
Begun on August 14, 1991, passed the half-million article milestone on October 3, 2008.[2][3] By 2012 the submission rate had grown to more than 7,000 per month.[4]
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [XMG] Coin Magi swap discussion thread on: October 12, 2014, 05:07:35 PM
Coin Magi ANN thread:

Coin Magi as a continue of prior project has to fulfill the coin swap task. We have taken cautions to carrier out this step, while it has turned out to be very tough to handle it safely and satisfactorily. For new miners and investors, we will make sure coins are in the safe hand and swap is carried out slowly. Please use this thread any discussion on the coin swap; specific topics include

1. Swap ratio

2. Swap time

The initial swap plan:
Coin swap will be done approximately in 5 months, with 5% swapped each week. The precondition of carrying out coin swap is not giving impacts on the XMG price. We may pause swapping any time if we see price degradation due to coin swap.  

So far 5% swapped, i.e., 45,349 XMG swapped; total coins in circulation (swap coin + freshly mined ) are 572,020 XMG. We will find an escrow to hold unswapped coins.

If you have suggestions on the above two topics or any other questions regarding the swap, please post and bring up your concern.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [XMG] MAGI | CPU mining | mPoW | mPoS | [MagiPay] on: August 12, 2014, 05:53:06 AM
Website | Downloads |  Exchanges | Forum | MagiPay | Mining | Features | FAQ

Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Youtube | Freenode IRC: #magi | Slack | Telegram
Launched on Sep. 15, 2014, 5:00 PM EST
( source; one wants to contribute submit a pull request)

m-wallet v1.4.6.2 - (05/17/2018)
m-wallet v1.4.5.3 - (01/06/2017)
m-wallet v1.4.5.1 - (12/30/2017)

v1.4.4.1 - (09/15/2017)
v1.4.3 - (08/24/2017)
v1.3.1 - (02/10/2017)
v1.3.0rc1 - (06/22/2016)
v1.2.0.1 Release (Hard Fork) - (12/31/2014)

MagiPay - Standalone Payment Gateway


A network-dependent rewarding system: proof-of-mining

Magi blockchain explorer
Pool Info: (by ex33s) (by ex33s)


Magi (XMG) is a PoW/PoS hybrid coin (mPoW/mPoS). Magi is designed with difficulty dependent mining reward for proof-of-mining (PoW) blocks in order to put network hashrate under a certain limit. Magi at the first time implements a novel proof-of-staking mechanism, to frustrate potential attack through accumulating a large number of coins and offline staking time (read more..). Magi is at the first concentrating on the low cost in maintaining its block system, for example, through cost effective mining devices. To this end, Magi, aiming at fairness, cost effective and energy efficiency, strives for every single effort to make mining be available to everyone, and provides an even playing field for people looking to issue digital coins without expensive equipment.

mPoW, the magi's proof-of-work (PoW) protocol, in addition to required computational works to be done to deter denial of service attacks, is also a network-dependent rewarding model system. The mPoW rewards participants who solve complicated cryptographical questions not only to validate transactions but also to create new blocks and generate coins. The amout of coins generated are constantly monitored by the mPoW protocol and tuned on the basis of an attraction-repulsion model: 1) incremental rewarding to stimulate network activities during passive mining phase, and 2) decremental rewarding to mitigate redundant mining sources during agressive mining phase. mPoW can effectively govern the magi's network and limit it under a certain scale, enabling the general devices to be capable of mining magi. ++ For details - A network-dependent rewarding system: proof-of-mining

mPoS, the magi's proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol, aims to achieve distributed consensus through operations in addition to mPoW. mPoS is designed such that it rejects potential attacks through accumulating a large amount of coins or offline staking time, either of which leads to security concerns. Similar to mPoW's operation, mPoS is constructed in accordance with the concept of the attraction-repulsion model. Magi hybridizes mPoW with mPoS, and integrate both consensus approaches in order to acquire benefits from the two mechanisms and create a more robust payment system. ++ For details - magi's PoS

 [MagiIntro Video] - What is Coin of the Magi?

 [Magireview 2017]

Symbol: Σ

Proof of Work (PoW)
Disable huge hash - Specific PoW block reward design to maintain the network hashrate and make mining available to CPU (more..)
M7M (v2) PoW hash function
Block time - 3 minutes
MagiQuantumWave (MQW) difficulty adjustment per block

Proof of Staking II (PoS-II)
Security enhanced - Variable coin age depending on the staking time (more..)
Minimum coin age - 2 hours
Interest rate - network weight dependent with maximum 5%;
Block time - 1.5 minutes
Block hash - SHA256
Maturity: 120
     (Set posii=0 in magi.conf to disable PoS-II)

Total supply: 25 million
RPC - 8232, P2P - 8233


GUI (m-cpuminer-qt): Windows 64, 32, Mac OS X, Linux 64, Source, Github release
NeedIfFindIt's GUI Miner: Makejar download (Windows), host download
m-minerd (m-cpuminer-v2): Windows 64, 32, Mac OS X, Linux 64, Source, Github release
Spexx's minerd: Download here (Windows), host download
Guide to launch the miner
Adjust CPU mining usage: "-e cpu_efficiency" between 0 - 100 (i.e., 0 - 100%)
m-minerd -o stratum+tcp://pool_url:pool_port -u pool_user.worker -p password -t thread_numbers -e cpu_efficiency

Block Explorer
CryptoID |

News & Guides

Android mining:
Mining guide Pi:
POS Guide:
Poolattractor pools:
Mining calculator:
Mining Orange PI:
Install Magi wallet on Pi:
Light Splasher Graphics:
Crypto Mining Blog:
Crypto Mining Blog:
Crypto Mining Blog:

Magi app:

1. The staking has "Not enough weight", what should I do?
For the regular PoS, "Not enough weight" means insufficient staking time. For Magi's PoS (mPoS), however, the cause can be correlated with the over-time staking. The latter is a typical issue raised by people from time to time. There is only one way to solve this which can be done via resetting staking from scratch: send XMG to another address in the same or another wallet. You may want to use the "Coin control" feature in order to select the input sources. Do not try to stake with a significant amount of XMG that mitigates the weight as well. Once this is done, remaining the wallet running shall gains some staking weights.

10  Bitcoin / Hardware / KNC Neptune (2nd batch) Refund on: June 06, 2014, 07:04:23 PM
Does anybody know whether KNC can fully refund upon order cancellation? and how long it takes? (2nd batch Neptune) Thx.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DNS seeds on: April 16, 2014, 02:11:19 AM
I am looking at the guide of bitcoin-seeder

Here is confusing to me:

Assuming you want to run a dns seed on, you will
need an authorative NS record in's domain record, pointing
to for example

$ dig -t NS

;; ANSWER SECTION   86400    IN      NS

I know how to set up name server and the web, but rather confusing about "an authorative NS record in's domain record, pointing
to for example"? So points to Is this necessary, why don't we simply use Someone can help me this out? Thx.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / So now premine becomes popular? on: January 26, 2014, 07:35:11 PM
What the hell is "[PMC] Premine! - 100% Premine / 100% Distribution - Mining TX fees only"? Why this kind of sh*t gets the focus? Is there a rule getting rid of this kind of post in this forum? Bitcointalk is filled up this kind of scam?

So what we pay for buying PMC gets into the pocket of the developers. Are you guys seriously considering that this is what you are investing? They get money, because you may lose.

Ok, another logic, you are expecting more profits than what you invest. See there will be some other people just losing more money. Is that simple? 
13  Economy / Computer hardware / Selling three ASICMiner Cubes [sold] on: January 22, 2014, 07:32:44 PM
I had a headache with my three ASICMiner Cubes (each 30GH/s to 38GH/s (overclock option)), and want to deal with them. If anyone wants it: 0.6 BTC/ea, or 1.5 BTC/all. (I bought 1BTC/ea in December).

I don't see any malfunctions in the cube. They just work great with the specified hashing rate. The following are what happened. If you are interested to them, just PM me or send me an email ( You can also give me an offer if you want. I am seriously dealing with them and will definitely deliver them to you.

The thing with them is that some of them randomly shut off, but if one runs standalone, it just works fine. Initially I used "Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold - 1200W Power Supply with 80 PLUS Gold Certification and Semi-Modular Cables" to power them. After some time (two weeks or so), one of them stopped working (plugging in and out just makes it work again). After searching online, I decide to buy another power supply, which plus the old supply did support them properly. However, an incident happened recently when I swithched the new power supply with another as I need to use the new one for other purpose. After this, however, some of them repeat the same problem. Even now the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold cannot support two at the same time. This is very weird to me. If the supply powers up two at the same time, both last for some time and then one (randomly) stops. I got an impression that my power supplies become deteriorated. When they are running, no "x" in the row on "Chips" in the web interface show up. The hashing rate is 30GH/s and can go up to 38GH/s when overclocked. So I am pretty sure they are working, maybe due to the settings or the subnetwork, etc. I just don't want spending time on them. If you want, I can also get the power consumption when I have access to them. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
14  Bitcoin / Mining / A question about pool workers on: January 16, 2014, 07:34:34 PM
Hi everyone, I have three GPU miners and I am wondering whether the number of pool workers affects mining efficiency. Is there any difference between using one for all, and each using its own worker (totally will be three workers)? Thanks.
15  Local / 挖矿 / btc on: January 08, 2014, 05:19:53 PM
16  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Is it worth to buy a 3TH miner (10BTC)? on: January 08, 2014, 04:29:46 PM
Hi All,

I am wondering if it is still profitable to buy a 3TH miner (10BTC) right now, and receive it in two months or so. Looks like there are lots of TH miners already out there. The difficulty could rise rapidly two months later. Thank you for your advice.
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Mining CPU only coins on: January 05, 2014, 06:49:04 PM
Hi all, Do you know which coins mined by CPU only? Someone said there are scrypt mining machine coming out soon, this may make GPU mining much less profitable. Maybe still chance in CPU mining? Thanks.
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