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1  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] $450 CAD for BTC (bank transfer) on: April 14, 2013, 04:57:39 PM

I'm looking to make a trade of $450 CAD for BTC at cavirtex prices at the time of the trade. I'll be sending the money via bank transfer from a TD Canada Trust account.

PM if interested.
2  Economy / Lending / Looking for a loan $500(CAD) worth of BTC until (4/15/13). 515$ paypack 2 days on: April 13, 2013, 02:45:45 AM

I'm looking to loan $500 (CAD) worth in BTC as soon as possible (before Monday, if possible). I keep 90% of my funds in mutuals and unfortunately it takes time to pull out; time which I'm not particularly interested in waiting. I'm looking for someone who's willing to lend me $500 worth of BTC ($ will be considered at the exact time of the loan) according to cavirtex prices until Monday (4/15/13), or 2 days from now, in exchange for $515 CAD.

I'm looking for a loan from a single individual, not multiple parties. The single individual will make $15 (willing to negotiate) profit for this loan.

I have only positive reputation on these forums and I'm willing to provide any information required prior to the loan in order to make the sender feel comfortable. Additionally, I have a reputation to uphold professionally (software engineer, author for Packt Publishing, freelancer), and am fully willing to disclose any necessary information if required.

EDIT: I'm eager so I'm willing to go as much as $50 profit on the fiat trade (BTC -> CAD) receive ($550).
3  Economy / Services / WTB: Years worth of server hosting on: September 19, 2011, 03:08:43 AM
I'm interested in purchasing a server for 1 year.

This server should allow me to upload my server to host for my clients to connect to. The server will be updated/compiled regularly so I'll need to at the very least have an interface that allows me to start up/stop the server manually. I'd prefer a minimal interface as to not have to pay the extra cost of an RDP server. The server can be windows or linux, as long as it's got a JRE installed or if I'd be allowed to install it during my time with the server.

If there's anyone out there renting out servers and finds these conditions in accordance to their ToS, please reply here or send me a pm with your packages ranging from 1 month(for a testing period) up to 1 year if the trial suits my needs.

P.S location is not so much an issue, but I am looking for something relatively quick with reputable uptime.
4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Address transactions via json on: September 16, 2011, 09:45:27 PM

I've got a small project I've been asked to work on that involves fetching data from the block chain but in this scenario, it's not efficient to keep an updated block-chain on the end-users device.

I've done a few quick google searches but haven't come up with any web-services/sites that supply JSON involving block-chain data. I'm wondering if anyone is aware of one out there that supplies all of the ordinary involving addresses sending/receiving, tx's, etc. If so, a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated so I can talk to whoever is in control of the service to make sure this is alright with them.


5  Economy / Currency exchange / Looking to buy 40 bitcoins @ $4.2 via EMT (Closed) on: September 16, 2011, 08:58:30 PM
(Updated 07/10/2011)


I'm looking to buy 40 bitcoins via EMT at $4.2 per bitcoin or $168 in total.

I will send first if you've got more rep than me, if not I'll be receiving the bitcoins before I make any payments.

Sale has been completed with Als Pawnshop.
6  Economy / Lending / 10 BTC loan request {rep loan} payback is 11 BTC on: August 20, 2011, 09:43:50 PM
I am continuing to provide somewhat of a "service" of rep loans.

I am looking for 10 BTC as a loan, which will be held in an offline wallet. By September 2nd, I will pay back the 10 BTC + 1 BTC interest.

I have multiple mentions in the honest trader's thread (including my first rep load). I am accepting these loans from newer members who are attempting to gain some rep in the honest traders thread. The payback date is rather far from the loan date to mitigate scammers as in most cases scammers aren't willing to wait a week or two in order to begin their scamming.

Not a bad deal if you consider your bitcoins will be safe for two weeks and you will be earning 1 BTC interest.

PM for more details if required.

EDIT: I am also willing to base the loan on the cost per BTC if you wish. There is no chance that you will lose money in this case, but at the same time you might not make as much in the case of a BTC price rise.
7  Economy / Lending / 5 BTC Loan {rep loan} on: August 14, 2011, 12:57:11 PM
I'm looking for a 5 BTC loan that will be paid back on friday. I've got rep in the honest traders thread and the purpose of this loan will be to build more rep.

address is: 1FCF9XYRCxpMjd1RnMQD5jtnawhVjWq1MJ
8  Economy / Goods / [WTS] COD:WaW & farcry2 keys, 1 BTC each on: August 12, 2011, 11:53:20 PM
Titles says it all. Lower repped trader goes first, no if and or buts.
9  Economy / Services / Android developer LF small/odd jobs on: August 10, 2011, 02:46:19 AM

 I have found myself a little bored lately and have decided to offer my services in development of simple smartphone apps while some of my partners are taking time away from projects. If you've been thinking or have ever considered ideas for smallish or even personal apps that don't quite fit your needs when it comes to the markets selection, I am willing to create these for you for a limited time. I am not looking for a job that will take too much time to complete as I'm only doing this as a filler for my current free time. If you're unsure of how long an app may take, you can send me the details which you'd require for this app and I will give you an approximation of how long it will take me (I work a full-time job as well).

Payment-wise, I am not motivated to do this for money so maybe a few BTC will suffice (again, pm me info on what you're looking for before I give a definite answer). Just keep in mind, "you get what you pay for," so while I am giving up a small amount of my time/efforts for a small amount of BTC, the visual aspect of the app will most likely be rather generic.

Some simple app suggestions could be:
- a statistics calculator for some activity you're taking part in
- a live wallpaper including images of something/someone you're interested in
- a simple game for atari (or some other vintage system) you may have loved playing but can't find anywhere
- or even something as simple as a widget

There's plenty more I am willing to do including services you may need in regards to trouble shooting or lending a hand to your own project, etc.

Send PM for more info or to otherwise get in touch.
10  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [WTS] Package deal, wow account + age of conan(cd key). 4 btc on: August 07, 2011, 02:22:33 PM
In my final attempt to dump all of these cdkeys/accounts I don't want anymore, I'm putting up a "Package" including my World of Warcraft account:

And I'm even going to throw in an Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures collectors addition cd-key. 4 BTC. If you want any individually:

WoW- 6btc
conan- 1.5btc

You can re-sell them if you want.
11  Economy / Marketplace / DiamondPlus Scammer on: August 07, 2011, 02:05:53 AM
I think this conversation speaks for itself... Don't do business with DiamondPlus (Ken on skype)

[9:51:15 PM] Ken: Hey Jay
[9:51:18 PM] Ken: I got your Add
[9:51:20 PM] Ken: how can I help ypou
[9:51:46 PM] jay schr: you pm'ed me about the bitcoin trade
[9:51:57 PM] Ken: Yeah thought so
[9:52:03 PM] Ken: Okay your looking to buy 1 right?
[9:52:04 PM] Ken: 14.50?
[9:52:11 PM] jay schr: 1.5 at $14
[9:52:20 PM] Ken: 1.5 okay
[9:52:27 PM] Ken: sure do you have your bitcoin wallet
[9:52:33 PM] Ken: all the blocks downloaded
[9:52:33 PM] Ken: already?
[9:52:47 PM] jay schr: That's the only way I roll.
[9:52:58 PM] Ken: lol
[9:52:58 PM] jay schr: address is 156GUUFABHHgMY9NW1MiXyW1tt8a1yNc1b
[9:52:59 PM] Ken: Okay cool
[9:53:09 PM] Ken: Alright so are you gonna be paying through PayPal?
[9:53:25 PM] Ken: Received transactions: 0
Received BTC: 0
Sent transactions: 0
Sent BTC: 0
[9:53:26 PM] jay schr: indeed I am
[9:53:29 PM] Ken: Your wallet seems to be new
[9:53:32 PM] Ken: Okay sure
[9:53:36 PM] jay schr: the address is new
[9:53:38 PM] Ken: So my email is
[9:53:45 PM] Ken: Do you mind sending the payment as a gift?
[9:53:45 PM] jay schr: let me pull up my original address
[9:53:57 PM] Ken: I''ll send the BTC right after I recieve payment and verify it
[9:53:59 PM] jay schr: 1GffzQvwd5eZy47xP2Ea7n4NuDGW6sYocB
[9:54:00 PM] Ken: as a gift ofcourse
[9:54:09 PM] Ken: Okay so which wallet
[9:54:11 PM] Ken: do you want me to send it to?
[9:54:16 PM] jay schr: they're both to the same wallet.
[9:54:27 PM] Ken: Okay I c
[9:54:44 PM] jay schr: If I am going to be going first, I'd like to see some rep that you've built somewhere, if you don't mind
[9:54:56 PM] Ken: Just search my name
[9:54:58 PM] Ken: on the Forum
[9:55:01 PM] Ken: I've been a member for a while
[9:56:29 PM] jay schr: registered june 29th, 40 posts. have you made any trades is what I'm more interested in.
[9:56:38 PM] Ken: Yeah got scammed just yesterday
[9:56:42 PM] Ken: by The Middle Man
[9:56:51 PM] Ken: I went first and lost 1 BTC
[9:56:51 PM] jay schr: I've already gotten positive feedback for trading, if you don't mind I'd rather have the BTC sent first.
[9:57:00 PM] Ken: No sorry.
[9:57:11 PM] Ken: Thats not going to work
[9:57:12 PM] Ken: Been there done that
[9:57:16 PM] Ken: Scammed over and over again
[9:57:23 PM] Ken: I can assure you I'll send the 1.5.
[9:57:29 PM] Ken: I just need you to send the payment as a gift first
[9:57:32 PM] Ken: its standard procedur
[9:57:34 PM] Ken: Ask anyone on the forum
[9:57:48 PM] Ken: and I'd like to think I have a positive rep
[9:58:11 PM] jay schr: I'll take a shot in the dark, $14 is not much anyway I guess...
[9:58:31 PM] Ken: Cool.
[9:58:52 PM] Ken: Just make sure to send it as a gift and I can promise you you'll get your BTC in less then 5 minutes
[9:59:12 PM] jay schr: Why gift?
[9:59:21 PM] Ken: So it's undetectable
[9:59:38 PM] Ken: and you can't file any unauthorized claims
[9:59:45 PM] jay schr: what's the email?
[10:00:55 PM] Ken:
[10:01:50 PM] jay schr:
[10:01:54 PM] jay schr: don't think so.
[10:02:19 PM] jay schr: you've got bad rep as far as I can tell. If this trade's going through, i'll take the BTC before I send the money.
[10:02:21 PM] Ken: Whats this
[10:02:23 PM] Ken: its not loading
[10:02:47 PM] jay schr: It's a post claiming that you are a scammer, with you claiming the OP is a scammer.
[10:03:23 PM] Ken: Yes. I just told you ive been scammed
[10:03:23 PM] jay schr: If you want to build rep on the forums this trade may help as I will be posting in the honest traders thread, otherwise we're done here.
[10:03:24 PM] Ken: Ive been scammed twice
[10:03:26 PM] Ken: in 3 days
[10:03:32 PM] Ken: Im not making it a third time
[10:03:33 PM] Ken: Sorry.
[10:03:39 PM] Ken: Either send the money first as a gift payment
[10:03:40 PM] Ken: or good bye
[10:03:45 PM] jay schr: that's fine. have a nice day...
[10:03:52 PM] Ken: Haha fuck you
[10:03:53 PM] Ken: thief
[10:03:54 PM] Ken: reported

I was put off by the email he gave me in which to send the money due to the first few threads bringing up scammer reports. After seeing them I decided to let him know that I request the BTC first in which he told me "fuck you, thief, reported".
12  Economy / Marketplace / LF Web Dev for bitcoins games for smartphones on: August 06, 2011, 04:45:42 PM

I am looking for a developer for some small projects in regards to Android BTC games similar to minefield, number guessing etc. Let's face it, people have much better things to do while they're sitting at their computer than playing mini-games for relatively small profit, which is where smartphone games come into play. People will be much more likely to throw a few bitcoins into their account if they're able to play with them while waiting for a bus, doctor's appointment, or anything else that involves down-time. There's so much to do on a computer that it is easy to forget about these mini-games, but it's a different story for smartphones.

I am looking for someone who is able to create the server-side aspects of the mini-games (user database with fully functional bitcoin deposits and withdrawals). This doesn't have to be anything too fancy as it won't be where most of the "action" takes place, but it must be secure.

This is a non-paying position, though all profits made will be divided between the developers equally.

PM for more details if interested.
13  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB 1.5 BTC [ CLOSED ] on: August 06, 2011, 12:59:48 PM
Looking to buy 1.5 BTC for $14 CAD. I will be using paypal.

I have made 1 successful trade via these forums so far (in the honest traders thread).
14  Economy / Goods / WTS: Total War - Shogun 2 CD KEY 2 BTC on: July 31, 2011, 08:07:24 PM
As the title says. Unless you've got a relatively high post count and various reputable transactions that you can prove, I will require BTC being sent first.
15  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Level 85 WoW account. 6 BTC on: July 31, 2011, 07:39:43 PM
I had stopped playing WoW since a couple months before the zul aman/zul gurub patch. My main is a level 85 enhance/ele shaman with very nice gear for it's time. There might be one other 85 on the account, but can't quite remember. There are multiple level 80's and a few other mid level toons. Reply to this thread or send me a pm for more details, I'll see what other information I can get out of the account as it has been frozen for quite some time. A price in BTC will be decided upon finding someone with interest in buying the account.

Link to armory

If the trader has high reputation, I will give the account info first. Otherwise I would like to receive the payment upfront.

This account is worth much more than I'm selling for via BTC. I don't use it anymore and am just looking to get it off my hands. This account sells for $90 according to if you plan on re-selling it.

EDIT: This account also comes with 5 level 80 alt's and various lower levels. Level 80's include DK, mage, hunter, pally, druid.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Blizzard Entertainment & Bitcoins on: July 09, 2011, 04:12:41 PM
Greetings Bitcoiners,

I am currently attempting to convince Blizzard Entertainment to start accepting bitcoins as a payment method for their online services. I have talked to a couple people @Billing and so far it seems that they think it would be a great idea with the basic facts I've given them. I have yet to talk to someone higher up than their CSR's but I was told that the message would be passed along. My next move is going to be writing them an e-mail stating why they should accept bitcoins and am going to try my best to have all of my information as accurate as possible so that this may become a serious consideration on their part. I will keep the community informed, but in this topic I would just like to have a discussion on the impact this may have on bitcoins.

I realize that this could turn out to be a waste of time as bitcoins in it's current stage is "small fish" while blizzard entertainment is draws the line for gaming, but it is worth my best shot at the very least.

17  Economy / Goods / [WTS] EN9600GT 512mb on: July 08, 2011, 02:12:50 AM
I would like to sell this card as I do not need it anymore. It isn't the greatest card out there, but it still manages to play some newer games on decent settings depending on whether or not the rest of your pc is alright.

I mainly want to sell this just to say I've sold something for Bitcoins. It's the fanless(heatsinked) version, it's been used by me for about a year and a half but never OC'ed or toyed with in any way shape or form. No fan so dust hasn't been an issue. Temps have never been a problem, no artifacts, etc etc. Just have to slam this into your computer and you're good to go. The only thing missing is the original box/cd(gpu *only*).

I am accepting offers. Apparently this card still sells for ~$100 on ebay to give an idea, but I'm willing to accept less due to the fact that I just want to make a bitcoin sale.

PM for more info or to setup a deal. Pictures available upon request.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mining not worth it? Maybe not but... on: June 25, 2011, 02:25:12 AM
I'm not going to go on a rampant speech about the economy or math driving BTC's value/difficulty/etc. I'm just simply posting to mention that back when Bitcoins were first being generated, they were worth less than a 100th(or more) of a dollar(penny?). The electricity cost to mine bitcoins outweighed the payout back before anyone really knew about the coins just like they do now in the present. My point is that bitcoin mining, for most people, will cost more while you're mining than that of what you're paying to mine them. The investment from my perspective is not what you spend on the components to mine, but it is also the electricity and anything else you may pay for while you're mining. Bitcoins is not meant for short-term payoffs by anymeans unless you are able to go out and spend a huge chunk of cash without having to worry about whether it comes back to you or not. Most people aren't like that, so most people are scared off by the large increases in difficulty.

My point is, if you have found yourself doubting the large pay-offs you were depending on while you were first reading about bitcoins and just starting to get into it, don't just drop bitcoins all together. Mine some coins, whether it costs you or not. Mine enough that you don't leave your bills through the roof or in debt due to buying equipment. You can leave professional mining to others, but you don't have to drop it completely. Past events have successfully proven that bitcoins have the potential to grow rapidly, so why give up on bitcoins just because you aren't able to quit your day job on the spot?

If you truely believe in what bitcoins is about but absolutely cannot afford to mine anymore, then don't. But perhaps convert your next few purchases to BTC if you plan on buying items readily available in BTC. If you are here in the first place, you must believe that they have some potential. In this critical time, bitcoin is not simply just an experiment. This is the *bitcoin movement*, so do your part and support the coins in anyway possible.

That is all.
19  Economy / Goods / 1 shogun:total war and 1 Dirt3 Cd Keys on: June 25, 2011, 01:49:59 AM
I've got brand new, never seen daylight keys for the two games listed in the title. These are both dx11 high end games that come with the brand new radeon cards as packaged games. I've got a few of them and seeing as how I've gotten more than I need, send me a PM if you're interested in either of them with the BTC you are willing to pay.
20  Bitcoin / Mining support / 8pin pci-e connectors. on: June 25, 2011, 01:46:34 AM
I am wondering, I've picked up a few more 6970's tonight. My power supply has failed me as it comes with 2 6+2 pins, 2 4 pin peripherals and about 10 sata supplies. I've been able to connect 1 6970 no problem, leaving me with 1 6+2 pin pci-e, 1 peripheral (after connecting my IDE HD) and 9 sata after connecting my larger HD. I've been able to connect 1 of the 6+2 pins to the second 6970 and have a single 4pin peripheral left over. The 8pin adapter that comes boxed with the 6970's has two female connectors per 1 8pin adapter. That seems like overkill in the case that each additional 6970 I add would require 3 4pin peripherals, 1 6pin and 18pin.

My question is, does the 8pin adapter (seriously?!) need 2 4pin peripheral connections in order to power these things? Or would 1 4pin peripheral supply enough power to the 8pin pci-e adapter. If it doesn't, this is either one ridiculous power sucking card or I'm missing something else all together.. Any help would be appreciated so that I could at least get the 2 cards running tonight. Otherwise I suppose I will just find a bunch of splitters tomorrow to keep well stocked.
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