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1  Economy / Collectibles / [SOLD] 4 2015 U.S. Silver Eagles on: December 13, 2015, 09:12:26 PM
Hello, for sale are 4 2015 U.S. Silver Eagles. Each coin is 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver. $1 face value.

$20 per coin. Each coin comes in a protective plastic sleeve. Includes free first class U.S. shipping and OgNasty escrow.

International shipping and insurance may be worked out if desired.

Feel free to ask any questions and make offers. I will offer a discount if you purchase more than one coin at a time.

Best regards,

2  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 1922 MS-64 Peace Dollar | NGC Slabbed, Graded, Verified Serial Number on: December 06, 2015, 07:40:12 PM
Hello, I am looking to sell a 1922 MS-64 Peace Dollar, NGC graded and verified.

$50 in BTC at the Bitstamp market price.

United States: Free priority mail shipping.

International: 0.01 BTC (Warning: This is not insured. If you would like insurance, we may work something out.)

Escrow: I will cover any escrow fee up to 3%.

Serial number: 1858413-042

Best regards,

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [XRDN] Project Radon - Rebrand update released - Hard fork at block 338000 on: May 17, 2015, 08:03:07 PM

Introducing Project Radon

URGENT: The rebrand is now in place. Hard fork at block 338000 in less than 48 hours. Please update your wallets using the links below. A new announcement thread will be created soon. New thread. This thread will be locked after the successful hard fork.

Project Radon is a series of digital currencies which will comprise the Radon platform.
Previously, multiple attempts were made to launch Radon into the mainstream, utilizing multiple different methods. That work has led to the current state of the project, being led by tm2013 and jj12880. Project Radon will have the end goal of building the blockchain-based, Peer-to-Peer Radon Platform.

This platform will meet a large number of your everyday digital needs, including:
  • Near-Instant Payments
  • Decentralized Web Hosting and Browsing
  • Decentralized Cloud Storage
  • Funds Security, Voting, and much more!

Current Applications

The first blockchain of the project, xRadon, was launched on May 16th, 2015. This chain has been tested and has been very stable since launch. xRadon will be the primary backbone of the platform, as well as the distribution method for Radon tokens. Being listed on two exchanges, with Bittrex being in our sights, a goal for the moment is price stability while we finish the alpha development & release of stage one. xRadon is very rewarding to stake currently, yielding 5 coins per block, as well as the potential for more lucrative rewards in the future. A roadmap for the project will be released soon.

xRadon Specifications

Symbol: XRDN
Initial Supply (Distributed via Scrypt PoW): ~1,000,000 coins
HiPoS Rewards: 5 XRDN per block, decreasing by 10% each year.
Inflation: ~3 Million coins in circulation by the end of the first year, with many inflation prevention methods planned before then.
Block Time: 40 Seconds ~ 1 Minute
Reward Maturity: 60 Blocks
Minimum Stake Age: 6 Hours
RPC Port: 27914

4  Economy / Lending / [Insurance service] [New] tm2013's Bitcoin Lenders' Insurance Pool on: May 06, 2015, 03:00:50 AM
Hello all on the lending thread, I am back in the action, but this time with a service.

The concept is simple: Create an insurance fund for lenders in case of potential default.

Starting plan:
--0.1 BTC per month.
--Up to 75% of the loan being defaulted on.
Range of Coverage:
--If there is not enough funds in the pool, you will be paid out once there are.
Qualifying defaulted loans:
--The loan must be negotiated in public and bitcoin/pgp signed.
--5% of the insurance pool per fiscal quarter. May be lowered at any time if this is deemed too high.
To be qualified for this insurance, you must meet the following requirements:
--Be a well-known or well-trusted lender
--Meet the above requirements
--Pay to the pool address your monthly fee while stating your TXID of the payment in a PM.

Insurance Pool Address: 1KbWAJ68AWNALveSWCsgDRb1wxSem7YuQz

If there is anything I should add or modify, or if you would like to apply/discuss rates, please do so below.

Thank you and best regards.

Well according to Vod, me suggesting this idea implies I am a scammer.  The thread is now locked and please do not send any coins to the address. Thank you for voicing your comments.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [Scrypt Soon] [RDN] | RadonPay | RadonShare | Instant, Anonymous, Feeless on: April 26, 2015, 04:04:27 PM

The Next Generation of Cryptocurrencies has Arrived

RadonPay and RadonShare is a new and revolutionary platform for wealth and file transfer.
Our goal is to achieve the creation of a platform which will bring about:

The Feeless, Instant, and Anonymous Transfer of Wealth Around the Globe
The Free, Instant, Anonymous, and Decentralized Sending, Receiving, and Encryption of Files Using Blockchain Technology
A Free and Anonymous System of Goods Exchange Using Blockchain Technology
Many Other Features Planned, All Extending the Hand of Internet Privacy and Freedom

RadonPay & RadonShare ICO Started
Voting ended. A PoW Token Distribution Method Has Been Chosen.
ICO Ended. Buy Wall Placed On MasterXChange. This Wall Will Be In Place Until The Launch Of The xRadon PoW Token.
Specifications Decided for the PoW Token of xRadon.

・Radon Team・

・RadonPay Specs・
Total ICO Supply: 409
Block Time: Instant
TX Fee: 0

・RadonShare Specs・
Fee: 0
Delay: Instant
Encryption Layers: One Layer Standard, Dual Encryption Coming Soon

・xRadon Specs・
Algorithm: Scrypt
Block Time: 1 Minute
PoW Reward: 50 Coins until the end of PoW at block 20,160 (Approximately two weeks).
HiPoS Rewards of 25 coins per block starting at block 2,880.
The HiPoS Reward will stay at 25 coins per block until they drop to 5 per block at height 30,240. From 5, the reward will half every month (43,200 Blocks).
Block Maturity: 60 Blocks
Min Stake Age: 6 Hours

・ICO Specs・
The ICO has concluded per the previous announcement due to FinCEN regulation compliance. A buy wall has been placed for any purchased xRadon. This buy wall will be in place until the launch of the xRadon PoW token. The exchange of the xRadon ICO token and PoW token will occur at the same time.

We Look Forward to Bringing This Next Evolution of Crypto to the World With All of the Community.
6  Economy / Services / Renting a x13 mining rig on: April 16, 2015, 07:20:15 PM

I would like to rent 1 gh/s of x13 hashing power for 10 hours for 0.24 BTC from a trusted member. There is a lack of x13 rigs available for rent on the general market, so I'm left to come here.

Best regards Smiley
7  Economy / Services / [Hiring] Looking for a coin developer [Hiring] on: April 13, 2015, 07:41:19 PM

I am looking to hire a coin developer.
PM for details.

Cheers Smiley
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Crave to Blur Burning Service on: April 13, 2015, 02:15:15 AM
Want to get some BLUR asset on the cravecoin blockchain before the GUI is released?
Well wait no longer!
I will burn your cravecoin to BLUR on the crave blockchain and send you the BLUR, which you can then access when the GUI is released.
The earlier you get in, the more BLUR you receive.

Fee: 2 Crave
Format in PM:
-Amount of Crave you wish to burn
-Address to send your BLUR to.

A PM will be sent with a receiving address once you fill out and send that form.

Best regards Smiley

Crave ANN:
9  Economy / Lending / [Service Closed] | Offering Microloans | No Collateral | Low Interest Rates | on: February 27, 2015, 04:36:13 PM
Hello all,

This service is now closed, thank you to all who participated Smiley
Once all loans have been repaid the thread will be locked.

All loans are to be re-paid to this address: 1BmVuBb13i71MG1FYrNnYPTJArfudgdLeZ

Active Loans

6 Active
Amount: 0.04 BTC
Rate: 25%
Due: March 9th

Amount: 0.02 BTC
Rate: 15%
Due: March 11th

Amount: 0.06 BTC
Rate: 10%
Due: March 10th

Amount: 0.03 BTC
Rate: 20%
Due: March 6th

Amount: 0.01 BTC
Rate: 15%
Due: March 13th

Completed Loans

4 Completed
Amount: 0.032 BTC
Rate: 20%
Due: March 2nd
Paid: 0.0384 March 2nd

Amount: 0.025 BTC
Rate: 20%
Due: March 6th
Paid: 0.03 March 2nd

Amount: 0.02 BTC
Rate: 5%
Due: March 4th
Paid: 0.022 March 3rd

Amount: 0.052 BTC
Rate: 15.38%
Due: March 6th
Paid: 0.06 March 5th

Paid the majority of the loan (0.23-ish), I ended up waiving the remainder of the loan.

A positive trust rating will be left at the completion and re-payment of the loan taken out, and vice versa for a defaulted loan.

PM me if you have any additional questions/requests other than what is described here.
Best regards Smiley
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