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1  Other / Meta / Deleted Posts?! on: February 26, 2015, 09:09:11 PM

What just happened here? The owner of the thread just deleted everything (I know cause I got 49 messages about the posts deleted).

Should/will theymos put them somewhere so we can read them? (I think it was a scam)
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Rootcoin!! Mining goes live within 24 hours! on: August 14, 2014, 02:50:19 PM
Launchdate: 15th august 2014 - 02:00 PM  (UTC)
ALGO will be scrypt

I am announcing my cryptocurrency project named "RootCoin" [ROOT]. This is just an (my) economic/technical project/experiment.
Please inform yourself about cryptocurrencies and their risks before making any investment (money, time, hashingpower,..).

RootCoin is in final development stage. This is my first own cryptocurrency-project and
i am going to do this as a fulltimeproject by myself. I ve been involved in a couple of altcoins and
also did/am doing a lot of contract based work within the cryptocommunity.

IRC: #rootcoin
Chinese QQ Group: 385168018   |   310988665

RootCoin will be an oldschool scrypt PoW/PoS/PoI coin with a 4-stage-distribution model:

Stage 1: Proof of Investment
Stage 2: pure PoW -> first 10 days will be pure PoW
Stage 3: hybrid PoW/PoS -> 2 weeks will be a hybrid PoW/PoS stage
Stage 4: 10+ PoS  -> after that the PoS system will be generating blocks for +10 years (total of 68,950 ROOT will be generated with PoS in first year)

algorithm: scrypt (community voting)
blockreward: 99 ROOT
total coins: 3 million coins
blocktime: 5 minutes
PoS reward: 3%
rpcport: 27377
qrcode support

i will reserve 33.3 % of the total coincap for an 1st preinvestment-stage which we call Proof of Investment.
200 investment packages, containing 5000 ROOT will be sold for 0.25 BTC each, representing 0.1665%
of the total coincap per package and generating a total amount of +50 BTC. The last 50 packages will be
sold for +50% of the initial price to provide a benefit for early investors.
90% of this funds will be transfered into an public wallet and only used for project-related investments.
10% will be used for the dev-team.
The Proof of Investment stage is performed public in this thread (escrow accepted).
If you want to join the initial distribution of ROOTCOIN please drop me a message in this forum or through e-mail.
Anonymous investment also possible. The rootcoins will be delivered as a private-key or wallet.dat a couple of hours
before official release. I can also transfer the coins AFTER the official launch to a provided ROOT-address.

Due to high demand and multiple requests we decided to launch a
2nd Proof of Investment stage with 100 packages.
The final specification is: 50% PoI, 30% PoW and 20% PoS


investors list: (2nd PoI stage)

zan1,        1.50 BTC
MaxOnBit,    0.7574 BTC (f68d6079ead038a76c0929e52ee5f3bf57116c706d38fe50270c6141fc5a03ef)
Saberu,      0.58 BTC (489acd3b6f9ee487ff65fa15436fd6cc2bee09b60f530512b36889d5422be4ad)
enunrom,     0.25 BTC (0e59aa2f33a1c059b2420650bdd3ee773218ce64342801dcb000d798b81452a7)
anonymous,   7.00 BTC (d7fee34a7e5a363d1c23467b248e53f5a1c3a76261ece66a128348bc43441f04)
anonymous,   5.00 BTC (e01a64742b1240669950e67444c9957bcf8e5c84398b76f495a8196c0a00797d)
anonymous,   8.00 BTC (7ebc89f9d7ef7e9dabfa2c1d35e52b4cf4108a98799786a11807b78cfa1a7ad2)
anonymous  , 0.50 BTC (85e5e2d8669fbda670208ea63dd17220287215fd30c91d28b865b654f291f061)
MixPioneer,  1.00 BTC (d7e03de67f37ba268211e854e8bf7c1a17b6d5462b6d4d1f1a244b0e59b6ba32)
BTCspace,    6.00 BTC (61b011c2818fcb292ac06f4c7d9eb834ac35d8e8e952bd8d4abdbd8e5f7be6c9)
enunrom,     0.25 BTC (878fc53f6d4fbec5967f970eb197f23d49a4117ebceb4d7e0eb8da2ef7990ec1)
damiano,     1.00 BTC (a32393d712bf18763903f80f4ac872f9cef74ebf9e977d3fa2b573671be40f98)
saberu,      0.22 BTC (aa4ebfa036846c72332b5fde46b6378cb0658ce125f8d361b62515541698bc85)
qtgwith,     4.00 BTC (0f3c91651c7f14ae385986848ddf723246522b79244c7cd0c84c5f7a89879372)
anderson705, 0.7021 BTC (ea99ed03e833fb8eb780ace9d3993961b7b06a74853ac5b53d88f19c5e1a2616)
tobeaj2mer01,1.00 BTC (a433c510705173500d43fa1e25b822ef99f7f79e0001cbf8113a18379c7e5773)      
Primitive,   1.00 BTC (32981796fb238141daa1f7a7b736ccdb0ef404469e12108480f16dde6d1c8378)
anderson705, 0.374 BTC (cf51fb9f9f2c93d825ba28910cb6bfd85d963d4665d4ae688ba7746d2b775fa2)
Primitive,   3.00 BTC (785f97f71d3192b376f9f38aab5495d5a3f423c835dcf65a816085401d4b0bfb)
qtgwith,     1.00 BTC (2c8a69e38467a1236e86dc8bbd8cb21b061c42dbb308f04dc77d4c8ec7808ad7)
kufan,       0.4395 BTC (79d14e90eae6f5a982ac86b95907cd33daf4ed754c058c70f9936fa0fd696bb4)
IGFU,        0.50 BTC (2db01bf184c194f62aa833b31405d12efa1db9693ab38769cfc8407f1815b350)
zoomerP80,   1.00 BTC (ce6714c396575cd5df901f6646cc28d1f4f46e7c0bfffb2b919ad105c87d4fec)
PondSea,     0.50 BTC (bd0e5a102753b63004935d394d6bae3453ab878ee64d07d1b6da250014495cdb)
anderson705, 0.202 BTC (0dea2b39af5fa2020c916c25cbeedcb3fb83f1df1e6acce16c3ee76422719040)
eyarg,       0.25 BTC (0dea2b39af5fa2020c916c25cbeedcb3fb83f1df1e6acce16c3ee76422719040)
Saberu,      0.25 BTC (20427a4c7ea1702e28263bda81bf1b56661538330c4e4206bdfc542ea1411d7f)
Saberu,      0.75 BTC (dd5e29e0c48635ef9c078593fec04e14839c76725c870126ad11825138e0465b)
ht518,       2.00 BTC (e43ee9f049a874a183945fc2eeb8aa6d6554db173b6d5c4b76b4902af2c18878)
kenboy,      1.00 BTC (60d3d6213eac882eac3e79cc2046cda6fb80d1f548a7c3ac1a4409c0dbd1ce1e)
qwerty923,   1.60 BTC (530aa7283195768ba892b8d62aee2b476caf2503ecfec3355becfcc931cdcd03)
anhpt192,    0.50 BTC (49bae8ec3153b18f7c5f2d17beb4e406e8c3fb60529fc32bfcba9e722337a3e7)
eyarg,       0.25 BTC (708b3452f39f71af777f6acc6932d10c700014d16766e619219b494eb4514400)

Hash: SHA1

this is the BTC address for the investment payments:  


Version: GnuPG v2.0.25 (FreeBSD)


investors list: (1st PoI stage)

TrollboxChamp, 4.00 BTC (69b483af810459edf2d106e94e60526110177ea86e549f2c46d7885e670886f2)
t95,           1.00 BTC (d43e551fec5dc836713ffdc805054a980b5b78c221a3f056a103b9e6c47c5045)
Vampiro4L,     0.50 BTC (c8c0d93efbebbc714c0db0518034142cbf3093fd41108e8f6f9846ebf925cbdf)
anonymous,     5.00 BTC (7f1529273daec35ddb97d89081e8f7cd44a2af734fff5d5f0ac07f4f89345e0c)
anonymous,     1.00 BTC (18d086a12de11cb461df158f06c85ac3b135461b98dcd979c7d6a71bd13b5398)
xinweiwei,     0.25 BTC (a7954d062b607b14c7db91da3385402766fda8d3401def1f79c252370c7295fc)
Cornett,       1.00 BTC (de8a8f7cb0d4b0c479d0eafda74898d39ebbea9cfde40adaa29c0dfa9ab1eee6)
Cornett,      2.00 BTC (97b187515236beb171bf635b2d0e35188a03aa1efd758a19e9e65f615a2dd145)
jonni21,       0.25 BTC (62ad2990194e79e0740a05077b641ce83f761e6d6c044dbd9cf98a75539c199b)
Eleonore,      0.25 BTC (e9373c65a18016c4b13f5167b436ac5843cc8e76ccab075341ba8992c16cafe7)
deceit,        1.00 BTC (5a0b1e2786cccb90e3708981507d76131e443f8d7e56ce5bb60192009ba6b1b3)
btminer8,      1.00 BTC (283723ce502a4a4cbac3e6f80e3b7d68887b3136871018881526863d7935988f)
anonymous,     0.50 BTC (5fd32adb08e86b9429f0c54ee564dd8e05d01fdc917e4a6bdb14b826c5c85863)
eastwind_ja,   0.25 BTC (7ec00187ee073f8a42843076d2119ae3a056b53987d87bf3ebfe5f853ae16fb7)
studio1one,    2.00 BTC (ccaef5cd8ff630bc9de55b2bf64ce9e79270b2813eb6cdd9b993b9f65acbf74c)
Nutzfleisch,   0.25 BTC (b0dda5a4bf90f409fef4a957762031c4849f62fd04e0d218d6950728dbdb369c)
jonni21,       0.25 BTC (f9849f934487eb6d371cb14020ff1fcf3b4512d4c5f8ba7a138b587c2ed81d18)
anonymous,     0.25 BTC (eb49cf9df30d09d3f567ffb17501a5977b57972d134d9c7f5376f036f73046bb)
TrollboxChamp, 1.00 BTC (859f03be9c763410b5d35b2974cf5f5b0636de1ac04ad8da91ea7c864dcbd48e)
Collegestudent,0.93 BTC (9e7381920913c11ecbebb298845ebb9bcc57eeda5bd75b60ece38c52e9d94a0d)
Collegestudent,4.07 BTC (c08237ac37b0af19dd1ffd23a85e9f1af05ac49bce11e72029a263ec96179be4)
drippx,        1.25 BTC (910b5a4cd982014ebaa702da0c0f5af7d2baa1ad00e08b2fbd64466d41fa1e3b)
viperbite,     0.50 BTC (9cb1b61c27c9c45bab2e48f50ac50e6628449dfb5762adc0102bcd7c0ee1727f)
shadowduck,    2.00 BTC (3ed521df5ea3103e525707a22be402075a93008b67ed55b3f376ddad5c451a7f)
pigheadbig,    1.00 BTC (677e1d1ed61af40b0b91cebe955c98c1473d8993690493e839e33f390734c8e9)
daxiake,       0.25 BTC (897b91ee62c9028986e7d4436a5155febb29b7b9ae793abf83b503603faeec21)
daxiake,       0.25 BTC (c0dc13480f45e978d426b4a85e2e1574cf5f4837a3b1ce0422f7435f9abe0823)
r95222,        0.50 BTC (3e1475f50178013f8530df923022f203a801622daab036e2c2963a2b8bb0e916)
saberu,        0.25 BTC (2296817b7df8b8ddb3b978330ca6073451420d678553e130502cb3fe70a16ae0)
leozhenping,   0.50 BTC (2f1d29c75bf7a6ef4565f460bcbd1598ae3f210e1a29ba297133f21e7bd34f9e)
iZzZ,          0.50 BTC (f9c4c90886c6693d22da91033678c42738e5523f4ed5bfe4870542ab78a5ea90)
leetrump,      1.00 BTC (c2bb2653476a3544d2640a7de48b1f853457b41513dcb49837bced57d03d8aa7)
cyberhacker,   3.00 BTC (9449e9dfdfb6b41fb1021dfa8b4d12f350da9618e77945eabbd41f63f6795653)
aa417444103,   1.09 BTC (45927bd28740581bbaf0a61220f15dea3544a1ddadc894f06d452ce6452aa2c8)
cawson,        1.30 BTC (7db7618fb20a7083a1c8e1331ba887edd5383166552154fe1925a43c65af43fb)
cawson,        0.20 BTC (b9351fa12483fb690ece13508c5aa1c6b0ee33f1b97ae83bab0b0c387ce4df05)
huanghao2008,  1.00 BTC (b6ea23370c883a81761bd9c500d87094fd79644681b3434d6043922efeae69b9)
huanghao2008,  1.05 BTC (ff35338347a137ad2f4f16790b208b5c0bf23bbb05437a077d74d834b086aa28)
oilgoose,      4.00 BTC (f93be73ff44911adb1d0972d06bd1ffd634121ff3a8cd0f70cbe5ee0637f507b)
liyuxuanfc,    0.25 BTC (83f2ee198649d7173c14d630b2ed77feaa82745b7d05d1e4890538a21011afb8)
zifcom,        1.00 BTC (f8c4f8535b1dce1542a7e03078614f11ce77cf1e87c3461faf76305a0455878e)
crimealone,    0.50 BTC (0590dc0a3c7fc32841496f738e1e17e778781448a290187fc9e53e4a36c670e2)
mingzi1521,    0.50 BTC (8ba61abb47f3f064053102b7495091046221eb95e72c7f112a678005663da80d)
robinf,        0.50 BTC (6709a49caa2ad957d9a545ac84064312469ca946a8ea412dde80de7de0282617)
Lpingui,       1.50 BTC (55be29f4b0efdfd88334226ccc4c6ff02096729dea2cd0743256422ccde60eee)
a7594li,       0.50 BTC (e1bed57b12380134d853acda7dff3c5ecb67275964cd74ddb1f73929f7332184)
aigareth,      0.50 BTC (d4d2ca03e7aaddb0eb04437a278f4ee7758469aa9a48920920195061aaecb630)
stoneone,      0.25 BTC (1a94fbf420c6971c42c0568347cf653d5c0b20e25eb2e38abb4bda987a0289d6)
spring.yu,     2.00 BTC (7815981d99dcac9918b54cd6dbb5d9d85b852e984da57ac68e11a9a0316e152b)
ning_aric,     1.00 BTC (389bb45e6261fcc81f65b958c19cb5d87944c431dbfbcaeb255b6b96716a5344)
mydearvoice,   0.50 BTC (c1644bbef79fb347121931cb38caad74e6ee1e563665d94e19f1ae05c100706e)
qwerty923,     0.40 BTC (30ea3dc7d82966b0e6d0acc2e06ee1880cea88963ac405412c39fd2b43f0d917)
jioy,          0.50 BTC (becd695d307fa7e43bd36e24299fccbc2c721150141b44c4f821d5ec0bdb9918)
U,             0.50 BTC (ff87abe033ce95a0a5fddf401a4c4e03c9a1aac75fd0ababbbe42e05a3abfba7)
tobeaj2mer01,  0.75 BTC (cb57c6812c6257a9b4b09d0facf4eaa13ef056667e62aa400435388032ea060c)
loveyouforever,0.50 BTC (142ef3fb8ac7ded2e4db330138537eba9d3587efd9a78a9905734c1869c7e9de)
jioy,          0.0098 BTC (91b499638527e9bc8148cc36b518d5588f428b6810895cb8707ad8146f7bfc7f)
wwdz99,        0.2500 BTC (8918ff4a52678353a4450be4e009ee2065e7bc117683e6e4a33c2ffe0b57cc74)

Hash: SHA1

this is the BTC address for the investment payments:  


Version: GnuPG v2.0.25 (FreeBSD)


Launch: On the launchdate ROOT will be ready with wallets for OSX, LINUX, WINDOWS. ANDROID coming soon.
Blockexplorer and official mining-pool will also be provided at launch.

innovative anon-tx feature: BitKey™
RootCoin will provide a totally new and unseen anonymization technology. The new RootCash™ system
is in final testing stage and it's wallet implementation (beta-version) will be released 2-3 weeks after launch.
BitKey™ is going to be an secondary channel for transactions. The idea behind it is that an anoymous transaction
won't be an transaction which is traceable through the blockchain. Example: you want to transfer 100 ROOT from A to B.
Client A will automatically transfer the coins to an public address and then send it's encrypted private key with the
100 ROOTs to client B. Finally client B will have received the coins from client A without making an real transaction.
Users will be "identified" through a public key and a boradcasted RootCash-index with all clients/keys.


economical feature: BurnPool™
BurnPool™ will be a new kind of multipool. Users will be able to choose between two mining-options.
First option will be payout in RootCoins. Second and NEW option will be to multimine RootCoins
which get "burned" automatically by transferring them to an "proofen unspendable" public-key.
So with this step coins get burned, the coincap minimized and the value higher.

Translations: 0.01 BTC per translation (translation has to meet our basic requirements)
Articles: 0.02 BTC per article (article has to meet our basic requirements)
Website: 1 BTC (incl. domain, hosting, unique content) - [work in progress]

We are hiring a JAVA/JS/AJAX developer with min. 3 years work experience.
Please contact me for more informaitons. (This is a fulltime position)

future plans:
  • rootEX™ - p2p exchange [85% progress]
  • rootBay™ - marketplace  [15% progress]
  • rootOS™ - CryptOSystem  [15% progress]

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Supersend on: June 26, 2014, 03:01:11 PM
New anon tech. Whats everyones opinion?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Mammothcoin!!! SUPERSEND within 24 HRS! on: June 25, 2014, 09:37:07 PM
MammothCoin anon features going live within 24 HOURS.

MammothCoin using the great SuperSend technology

For information about the SuperSend technology, please reference to SuperCoin thread
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypt attempts to topple DRK. (New mintpal coin) on: June 16, 2014, 02:19:14 PM
Cryptcoin is in the process of implementing a completely unique anonymous transfer system.

One which will ease all concerns DRK's has brought about.

Mintpal insta-add:
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Mammothcoin!!! on: June 09, 2014, 10:42:14 PM
It reminds me alot of jackpotcoin!

Very similar scaling rewards....  Great coin to invest or mine! Get in early!!!


7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Mammothcoin!!! on: June 09, 2014, 10:36:49 PM
It reminds me alot of jackpotcoin!

Very similar scaling rewards....  Great coin to invest or mine! Get in early!!!


8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / MammothCoin...Superblocks (worth 2 btc already!) on: June 09, 2014, 03:22:10 PM
New x13 coin with superblocks! Rewards halve every 10 days for the 60 day POW phase.

Just added to bittrex!


MammothCoin (MAMM)

Key features:
- X13 PoW/PoS
- Anonymous Wallet (to come)
- True random superblocks
- PoW/PoS independent, thus very stable
- Extreme fast transactions (average 45 seconds)
- Limited time PoW mining (about 2 months), then will be pure PoS
- Coin required held only 1 day before PoS interests generated



- 60 sec PoW block time
- diff retarget each block for PoW
- Initial payout will be 200 coins per block
- True randomness, no cheat from big hashpower such as multipools
- Superblocks:
- Every 12 hours there will be a block with 20X normal payment (initial 4000 coins)
- Every 5 days there will be a block with 250X normal payment (initial 50000 coins)

- Block payout will be halved every 10 days
- PoW will be shut down after 60 days (will be pure PoS coin afterwards)

- No coins kept for charity  
- 15 sec PoS block time
- diff retarget each block for PoS
- minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
- maximum hold for PoS (over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 60 days
- Variable PoS payout:
 - 1st year:  50%
 - 2nd year: 25%
 - 3rd year: 13%
 - 4th year: 7%
 - 5th year: 4%
and subsequent years: 2%

- Total coins (including PoS) will be about 25,000,000.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DISTRO DEBIT CARDS! FULL POS!!! on: June 01, 2014, 12:30:51 PM
This is a new coin with a ton of features and announcements in the pipeline. The coin is currently only available on bittrex. This will obviously change soon.

Go to the thread and apply for a debit card!!

This is an opportunity to mine or invest in a new/cheap coin which will continue to be developed for years to come.

Either way you will be hearing this name a lot in the future!

Media Bounties:

2000 DISTRO for all written articles on DISTRO.
5000 DISTRO for each promotional video on DISTRO.
50 DISTRO for each Tweet / Facebook post about DISTRO.

The dev team is already very proven through their other crypto ventures!

RAXE.IO  (Dev teams business) (only exchange) (ANN thread)

Here is the debit card mockup:

These will be black steel. Much like Black American Express cards.

There is a POS-multipool up and running already!!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / X11 FPGA and BANKcoin on: May 18, 2014, 01:42:24 PM
The chinese x11 fpga miners have dumped bankcoin to a very cheap price right before POS comes.

Check it out!!!!

This will be the new trend for x11. Cheapest coins will come right before POS from miner dumps!!!!

Easy profits... 100 mill coins only 250 satoshi volume growing constantly!
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Shibecoin Council! on: May 06, 2014, 11:07:23 PM

Introducing: The Shibe Council!


            I am proud to have the honor of introducing the Shibe Council. The Shibe Council is an organization comprised of community leaders from all corners of the Shibecoin community, the developers of the coin, and soon, major merchant partners. The purpose of the Shibe Council is to promote ShibeCoin, grow the community, organize charitable events, and ultimately grow the value of ShibeCoin. The Shibe Council will act as a liaison between the community and the devs and will help to ensure that ShibeCoin remains an active, modern, and valuable coin for years to come.
            The Shibe Council will meet in public at #shibecouncil on freenode. All decisions made by the council will be in full view of the community, and we encourage everyone to participate in helping to decide the future of this amazing coin! We have some big plans in store already, but are also seeking ideas and inspiration from the community as we push Shibecoin forward.
            The council will be founded with the contribution of the last unallocated coins from the pre-mine, a total of 200,000 ShibeCoin, as well as a cumulative donation of 100,000 ShibeCoin from members of the council.
            As our first initiative, we are reaching out to the community in search of a world class logo! We already have the classiest wallet in crypto, having the classiest logo will go a long way in setting us apart from the pack! We will be pulling all of the excellent logos already submitted from the thread, as well as seeking other logos from any interested designers. We'll then put them to a vote, and award the designer of the winning logo a handsome 50,000 ShibeCoin prize!
            Now, all we need is YOUR help! If you'd like to contribute a logo, simply post it in the Shibecoin announcement thread on Bitcointalk. We'll be pulling all of the logos and putting them to a vote in our IRC channel at #shibecouncil. The tentative deadline is Friday at 11:59 PM GMT. We can't wait to see what the community comes up with! We'll also be announcing more contests VERY shortly, as well as other exciting news regarding the ShibeCoin multipool, and more!!

Please join us in IRC  #shibecoin and #shibecouncil !!!
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SHIBECOIN to MINTPAL! on: May 06, 2014, 12:14:39 PM
Please help us reach mintpal!

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Shibecoin on: May 05, 2014, 04:20:00 PM
Is this the answer to multipools for my fellow Dogecoin lovers?

POS//Multipool-resistant coins are probably the only Alt-coins likely to survive and or thrive through the scrypt-asic onslaught.

EDIT: Added for comedic value

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / CAI switching to POS! on: May 02, 2014, 04:36:15 PM

Transition to PoS Update 5/2/2014

How will the transition take place: Detailed

all three developers working on Client for PoS, the clients staked successfully with all three. We are still on schedule for tomorrow.

Once the CAIx PoS clients are released we will setup a trading pair on Coinswap. CAIx will be traded 1 for 1 with CAI, no trading fees, and no withdrawal fees. We will pay a fee to Coinswap for doing this service so that exchanging your CAI to CAIx will be completely free.
Coinswap no longer requires a withdrawal address to perform transactions, you have the option to leave coins on exchange till the CAIx wallet goes up on other exchanges or transfer to your new CAIx Client on your computer to use for PoS generation. We asked Coinswap to provide detailed instructions on how to perform the swap with screen shots, which they will do. After we release the source it will take Coinswap a few hours to setup the trading pair. The exchange will last till all 1.6 Million CAIx are exchanged.

Marketing: A very important aspect of every project, will commence today and will last a few weeks. We have delayed this long enough now, and with a great progress so far there is no reason to hold back. Our marketing team is ready for us to push forward on social networks and in the crypto community.

Multi-pool: As soon as mining for CAI is finished we are ready to roll out our profit switching multi-pool. The multi-pool would create extra volume on exchanges and take out the lower sell orders and create an upward moving trend on prices.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / University Coin! (UVC) on: May 01, 2014, 10:12:22 PM
Check it out!!

We're targeting a specific demographic with this coin.

If you would like to become an ambassador for this coin at your local college please contact the dev!!!

A global awakening of cryptocurrencies has begun across College and University campuses worldwide. The younger generations are starting to wake up to the global issues that are becoming increasingly evident due to food prices, gas prices, and more generally the cost of living. In addition, the job market has suffered in recent years offering limited opportunities to motivated and intelligent individuals.

Only 20M will be produced during POW!

Very profitable to mine currently.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / University Coin! (UVC) Most profitiable to mine! on: May 01, 2014, 07:18:53 PM

Join us to make the most of your scrypt mining rigs!
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Remember the days! on: April 30, 2014, 04:04:34 PM
18  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] GRIDSEEDS! 110$ each! on: April 29, 2014, 05:06:33 PM <-----Farm.

Ships same day if possible.

 BTC only! ESCROW available through reputable escrow only! (you pay fees)

Shipping will be @ rate no markup!

Will sell in any amount. 1-80. (have 80 for sale as of now)
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cinni! Here to stay! on: April 25, 2014, 12:51:24 PM
I would like to inform all of you to join us over at Cinni. We have just started something amazing. This coin is a fine-tuned POS monster.

I am looking to get a group of dedicated miners on the multipool.

Once these new asics hit. Our price will rise very quickly as a result of this.

Have you guys seen the new 72mh chinese asic for 11,500. Would be great if we could get a few of these on our team.

People who held their mined blackcoins from the bcmultipool and sold @ the top earned about .7btc/mh/day.

We can easily do better. Cinni at 150k is most certainly possible in time and would mean 7x profit for all coins mined under 20k.

We have history on our side and the future is bright!

I have 30mh dedicated to cinni multipool
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Changing playing field (market) on: April 25, 2014, 12:58:42 AM
POS coins are taking over the top 10 volume. This is no coincedence. Cinni has become a star overnight.

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