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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] QED: Rewarding Users in Lieu of, or in Conjunction with BCT's Merit System on: February 27, 2018, 04:03:32 AM


Introducing QED, a token having a sole utility (barring destined speculation on exchanges) fundamentally designed for Bitcointalk (BCT) users seeking monetary rewards for their quality posts in lieu of, or in conjunction with the seemingly difficult-to-obtain Merit (sMerit), of which the consensus by many voiced unfair distribution favoring ranked members, a sentiment we all may or may not echo.

QED is the acronym for Quod Erat Demonstrandum, loosely translated: "thus it has been demonstrated." Whether or not a better naming would've been prudent, it'll soon become apparent why the token symbol QED is a perfect fit.

QED is custom-tailored for low-ranked members on BCT feeling that their future earning potential has been severely severed by this forum's newly implemented Merit rewards program. Now they'll be able to readily monetize their posts while slowly earning Merit so to futurely participant in lucrative campaigns requiring a minimum ranking, of which a fixed number of Merit is needed to step up in rank.

Accompanied website forthcoming.


Although specifically designed for all BCT members regardless their ranking, QED can be doled to, or obtained from anyone possessing QED as rewards for informative posts et al. on or off this forum, e.g. to QED-accepting YouTubers for video uploads depicting the likes of how to fold an origami dragon or supporting artist like Sina.

Participants MUST purchase at least the minimum amount of QED in order to receive QED for their eloquent and elucidative posts. See Pricing below.

BCT will act as the launching pad in advancing the user-friendly intuitive concept until anticipated wider acceptance of QED is imminently achieved, e.g. across social media platforms (Quora, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


QED is an ERC20 compliant token launched on the Ethereum platform having the following vitals:

There is NO RESERVE. 100% of QED will be distributed at the low price points or as Bonuses outlined below, leaving on the table tentatively creating social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in advancing the cause.

A QED airdrop is not scheduled.


Foremostly, this is not an ICO nor will one be implemented. Pricing for purchasing QED is relatively straightforward:

  • $5 USD for a one-time purchase of 500 QED per wallet address
    • $5 USD for each additional 200 QED remitted to the same wallet address as above
  • $20 USD for a one-time purchase of 4,000 QED remitted to the same wallet address as above
    • $5 USD for each additional 500 QED remitted to the same wallet address as above

The strict pricing structure per wallet address helps assure a fair distribution of QED.

The lowest dollar amount that ALL participants would have to remit is $5 USD for their initial 500 QED. The highest initial dollar amount is $25 USD if desiring to futurely take advantage of having the ability to continually purchase 500 QED for only $5 USD, else you're locked in for purchasing additional 200 QED for $5 USD per wallet address; $30 USD at most if taking advantage of a selective bonus (below).

Purchasing QED:

Utilize one of the following cryptocurrency wallet addresses when conducting your QED purchase:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 1LjTfLy26Y5um8XZQ1MYQcQursqNnJZZD4
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0xb156b1f717f635bF83ab771Da119cb289F3126AE
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): qrv8y8dgavr8cwwxxpts5qqmz6vkpvul7gpq9rrgl4

Payment via other cryptocurrencies available upon request.

Orders should be placed on this thread where they will be recognized and provided a URL//TxID upon remitting QED. Orders via PM will also be accepted if users prefer such avenue for whatever reasons.

Please provide the following information in the expressed format upon conducting your QED purchase:

[b]Linked-to TxID verifying purchase:[/b]
[b]USD dollar amount remitted:[/b]
[b]Amount of [size=11pt][color=purple][b]QED[/b][/color][/size] purchased:[/b]
[b]ETH wallet address where [size=11pt][color=purple][b]QED[/b][/color][/size] will be sent:[/b]
[b]Linked-to Referral (optional):[/b]

The following example depicts what your order should look like (pseudo TxID & address for illustration purposes only; purchases can also be made via BTC or BCH):

Linked-to TxID verifying purchase: 0xbc72bf2b1d6ce4ad6ab4u1783dfb9f1019cfd3a8a9138c5818cbc5f4a9bld1c9
USD dollar amount remitted: $5
Amount of QED purchased: 500
ETH wallet address where QED will be sent: 0xf5627afYaf6f67a26ab8779dc70e973f9970eZa9
Linked-to Referral (optional): fr@nk

Please note that the Amount of QED purchased: you state will not include any Bonuses, of which will be adjusted accordingly on our end prior to remitting QED to your wallet address.


For first 200 patrons ONLY, the number of QED remitted to unique wallet addresses will be DOUBLED, corresponding to the package purchased as outlined above. The maximum purchase amount if taking advantage of this bonus is $30 USD for 10,000 QED: $5 USD for initial 1,000 QED (500 X 2); $20 USD for 8,000 QED (4,000 X 2); $5 USD for an additional 1,000 QED (500 X 2). The minimum purchase is $5 USD for the initial 1,000 QED during the bonus round.

The first 50 people providing a link to a TxID proving that they rewarded a token amount of QED to another person - assumedly as a reward for some informative post et al. - will receive a 500 QED bonus. This bonus is limited to one reward per BCT user account, of which the receiver MUST have priorly purchased the minimum amount of QED ($5 USD) as stipulated. Verified submissions may later be used as case studies depicting the envisaged concept in action.

There is a referral bonus, outlined next.

No other bonuses are scheduled to be offered.


To take part in the lucrative single-tier referral program, you MUST have purchased at least 500 QED for $5 USD. You may consider utilizing one BCT user account solely to take advantage of this offering, for there's no limit in the number of referrals used when onboarding new participants. Referral rewards as follows:

  • 1,000 QED to the affiliate
  • 1,000 QED to the person referred who purchases at least 500 QED for $5 USD

For now, your linked-to BCT username (Satoshi, theymos, fr@nk, etc.) will act as the referral code. New purchasers MUST include the [coupon] code in the Purchasing QED details (above) when buying their initial QED so that both parties will be credited 1,000 QED.

Astute users gaming the system will be tolerated when making precise purchases, including layering select bonus and referral rewards. Have at it! The practice won't affect the aforementioned "fair distribution" all that much, and by not deterring such, time won't be wasted in uncovering, then reprimanding those practicing deceitfulness.


QED will be available for trading on exchanges when at least 500 [BCT] users are participating in the program. Yes, QED can be purchased for speculation purposes only, bearing in mind that initial quantity is limited per BCT username per unique wallet address.

Will QED moon? Only time will tell.


On this forum (additional venues addressed later) as a user who purchased the minimum 500 QED for $5 USD, you're entitled to receive QED. To immediately make aware to other participants et al. that you're seeking QED for one, up to all of your posts, simply end your posts with QED doubling as a link, albeit not necessarily obvious to the untrained eye because it'll remain colored purple opposed to some shade of blue commonly conveying that the text is in fact a link. This was purposely designed so to not make the monetary request too blatant and, moreover, to be in compliance with any forum rules or guidelines pertaining to the frowned-upon practice. Ending a post with QED regardless its hue looks completely natural, especially if the post's intended context expressly proves some quoted text, thus a perfect fit (see clause containing "it'll soon be apparent" at the top of this OP).

Ending a post with QED works just as well when providing a mundane or in-depth answer to a question, coaxing the addressed poster helped in considering rewarding QED in kind.

Unless you intend on linking to your wallet address elsewhere, here's the code for QED, remembering to replace the URL of Satoshi's profile page with your own, the important aspect being the number following u= (Satoshi's # is u=3):


For BCT users, an ideal place to embed your QED wallet address is on your profile page. Simply go to your profile page where on the left you'll see Modify Profile. Click on Forum Profile Information. Scroll down until you see Other contact info:. Fill in the field as depicted in this image:

Thus the following (pseudo ETH wallet address for illustration purposes only) ...

Other contact info:     QED: 0xd591234ae421a3bcba99ZZ0da6d73674f2U192f

And/or you can most ideally embed your QED wallet address in your signature, predicated on if there is space enough according to your rank's allowable character count or your're utilizing the sig for some other [monetization] purpose(s). The most basic sig would look like ...

QED: 0xd591234ae421a3bcba99ZZ0da6d73674f2U192f

Obviously, one could link directly to their dedicated QED wallet address maintained on the Ethereum blockchain.

Eventually, BCT users may chiefly seek out other users who publicly display possessing QED, addressing any questions or concerns they have with the intent of hopefully being rewarded for their services as an adjunct revenue stream.


There is no escrow. Although this user account is new, I've been involved in the crypto space for quite awhile. We're only talking about a small amount of money that's being transferred in purchasing QED, and if JUST ONE intended order isn't fulfilled, the affected party would immediately label this endeavor a scam, thus ending it in a heartbeat.

That just about covers it. Any questions, please ask.

Summer Wylie

PS: This user account will only be used in advancing QED and helping others with unrelated matters whenever possible in demonstrating best practices on how the QED rewards program operates under real-world conditions.
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